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Naked Woman Climbing on Cars and Other Videos of the Day

Pervert Filming Up Women SKirts

Chef Hacks His Female Co Worker…What The Fuck

Aboriginal Fighting

Guys Beat Gas Station Clerk

Truck VS Train

Female Store Worker Deals with a dude

Crazy Guy Dangling from Crane

Walmart Shopper Tries to Steal Police Cruiser

Weird Insurance Scam Fail

Roof Collapse!

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Trumps Botox Face VS an Eagle and Other Videos of the Day

Pregnant Wife VS Husbands Car

Chinese Men Beat a Woman with a Chair

Dude Steals on the “hover” Board

Cops Returning Shopping Carts

Spit on Face Massage is Fucked…

Car Accident of the Day

Rats VS Restaurant…

Smart Camel

Zombie Nativity Scene is Genius of the Day

Husband Does Wheelies when Driving Wife and Kid

Drunk Guy Slams Himself with Beer Door

Megan Fox, SFW
School Girl Megan Fox for TMNT Terrible Sequel of the Day

Naked Man on Drugs

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7/11 Shopper and Other Videos of the Day

Pogo Stick Faceplant

Christmas Shopping of the Day

Racist Dude Films Dude Sitting Next to Him TO Imply Terrorism…

Naked Girl Walks into a Church…

Hostage Taker – Offs Himself…

Women Arrested for Sex with her Nephew

Store Owner VS Robbers Uses Walking Stick

Machete VS Stick Fight

Horny Pomeranian…

Couple of the DAy – Arrested at the Strip Club

Chick Fight!

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Chick Fight Titties in the Mud and Other stepNEWS of the Day

Girl Sucker Punches Downs Syndome Dude

Naked in Casablanca

Kid VS Trampoline Cage

Car Mirror Thief Gets Instant Justice

Kids Beating a Dog in Bag

Bgggar Counting His Cash

SUV runs Down People and Unscatched Woman Takes Bite of Pizza and Walks Away

Security VS Shoplifters in Walmart

Strip Club SLap

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Naked Lady Dancing to Church Music and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Shows Her Bush on Top of Car

Stripper Gets Slapped Outside Strip Club in Houston

Truck Crushed By it’s Own Cargo

Wine Bottle Face Smash

Passing a Kidney Stone…the Musical

Man Tries to Kill Himself By Slamming his Head

Store Owner Suplexes Theif

Girl Gets Punched in the Face During a Fight

Big Girl VS Little Girl

Art Basel Miami Beach Installation Piece – THe Bank Robber Shot…and Killed

Two Guys in Baltimore Caught on Fire – For the Festival of Light

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Woman Wants Fresh Cookies and Other Videos of the Day

Man Shot 7 Times Outside a Gay Club in Australia Because Gun Laws..and Muslim Extremists…

Drunk as Fuck Girl in Vegas…

High School Kid Fight…

Women Beats Girls Cuz They Classy

Powerline Chilling

Woman Falls in a Well

First Person Shoot Out

Beer VS Truck

Detroit What?

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Naked Man Gets Tased on Highway and Other Videos of the Day

Road Rage in Panama

Husband Sets House on Fire….Drives Motorbike Into It

Treadmill Wood Transport

300 Whales Wash Up in Patagonia

Baby Goat Hop…

Monkey VS Motorbike

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Vagina Perfume Prank….and Other Videos of the Day

Festive Walmart Employee Brawl

When Two Trucks Collide

Man VS Train….Spoiler Alert – The Train Wins

Prison Escape of the Day

Dude Gets Shot on CCTV in Conencticut

Old Lady Scares off Robbers

Man VS People Buying Lotto Tickets with Food Stamps


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Sex on the Porch of a Restaurant and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Woman Walking in Snow

Popeyes Chicken Restaurant Robbery Fail

I am not the fat mexican man stealing beer in texas but I should be

Police Chase Ends with Car Slammed in Pole

Cop Enters Kung Foo Mode

Man Stabs WIfe – Gets Stoned and Beaten by Crowd

Naked Man Pulled from Chimney

Elderly Woman Shop owner VS Robber

Obama Goes 11 Minutes over the Stop Talking Buzzer

A Man Recreates Hyperdrive with a Snowstorm – Because People Have Star Wars Fever

Dog Saved From Drain in a Land that Eats Dog…Maybe this is Urban Farming

Sneaky Dog Stealing TOilet Paper

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Festive Walmart Shopping and Other Videos of the Day

Man Exposes Cheating Wife…Romance Isn’t Dead

Man Threatening Staff at Burger King Taken Out

Driver Uses Passenger to Hide Plates when he missed Turn..weird…

Filipino TV Star “Pastilla Girl” Mother Getting Shot Close Range…weird

Indonesian Lambo Crash – Aftermath Dude is Texting

Man in Turkey Catches Himself on Fire

Driver VS Construction Front Loader That Took Its Backend Off

Dude Takes a Metal Pipe to a Fist Fight – Loses

Overcrowded Train in Dubai – Ends in Death – at least he was Smiling

Brazilian Bar Fight Ends Well..

What is this…Brawl….

Hospital Bed Fight

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Greek Hookers are the Black Friday Deal of the Day

We’re all looking for deals, especially on Black Friday, especially when it comes to sex…and it seems like the best place for Sex at a discount in Greece…all it took was a Financial crisis…

According to the Washington Post:

When the economic crisis began in Greece, the going rate for sex with a prostitute was 50 euros ($53), the London newspaper quoted Laxos as saying. Now, it’s fallen to as low as two euros ($2.12) for a 30-minute session.

Prostitution in Greece is legal, which makes it even better, no consequences…but possibly AIDS, which as Charlie Sheen has taught us, is not a death sentence…

I mean 2 dollars for 30 minutes when all you need is 30 seconds…is fantastic savings, I’d just hate to see how banged out theri vaginas are…especailly considering vaginas in Greece are actually assholes…as the Greek and their bountiful olive oil natural resources – invented modern Anal sex along with math and other things…

Either way, Greek Hookers are the Black Friday deal of the Day…

And here’s Maria Menounos – the only Greek Hooker I know..

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Rapping Momma of the Day Titty Flash and Other Videos of the Day

Fat Chicks Fighting in the Grocery Store

Creepy Fucking Accident

Asian Girl VS Thugs…

Insane Accident

Motel Robbery Fail

Putting a Cobra Down Friend’s Shirt

Teacher Taken Out in High School Fight

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I give Thanks For Sex in Brooklyn, the stepNEWS and Other Videos of the Day

Store Front Strip Poker in Manhattan

Shitty Driving Situation

Man VS Electricity

Woman Taken Out at the Wedding by the Bride’s Wedding Car

Thanksgiving Fight in Philly

Cops in Delaware Break Into Mark Reedy’s House…with a Search Warrant..When He Was Not Home and Kill His Tail Wagging Dog….

Cops Chasing an Old Drunk Guy

Thanksgiving Beer Run

Man Gets Knocked Out and His Pockets Get Emptied…Humanity!

Happy Beach Dance!

Topless VS Tear Gas

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I Give Thanks for LA Public Transport and Other Videos of the Day

Apparently This is a WWE Stalker the WWE had a Restraining Order on – Getting Shot by the Cops for being a Wrestling Fan

Palestinian Terrorist Armpit Hair After Being Taken Out for Trying to Stab Israeli

Fat Guy Steals Little Boys Ipad

Weird Accident where Driver Gets Run Over By

Man Skating on Street Ice

Masturbation on the Bus

Dancing Bird…

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Naked Women Breaks Into Hotel Rooms and Demands Sex and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Robber Gets Caught

Black Woman VS Black Cops

Turkeys Shooting Russian Plane Down – Because Turkeys are Mad About Thanksgiving Slaughter

Turkeys Shooting Russian Pilots Who Ejected from Plane – Because Turkeys Are Mad About the Thanksgiving Slaughter

Close Call in California

Orphan Kangaroo Loves her Pouch

Kid Doesn’t Know How to Cross the Road

Suicide of the Day

Ship Loses Anchor Chain

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