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Dancing Plastic Surgeons and Other Videos of the DAy

Wreckage from the Train Crash in Jersey This Morning

Car Gets Sandwiched

Japanese Company has a Party in a Chinese Restaurant

Chinese Engineering….

Golfer Attacked By Bird…

Sex Offender Tries to Shank Prosecutor

Dude Who Got his Dick Stuck in Wedding Ring for 2 Days

Bikini Model Taken Out by Wave

Naked Activists

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Pepe the Frog is the New Swastika of the Day


The Anti-Defamation League has named Pepe the Frog….a meme you’ve seen everywhere and probably wondered what the fuck it was over the last decade of internet…as a hate symbol.

This is a pretty funny story, that I assume is a staged bullshit story, in a 4chan or Reddit troll that made it into the mainstream media…or maybe 4chan is filled with racist internet trolls, making the site some hate group who make racist memes that the Anti-Defamation League doesn’t think are funny ..or maybe the joke behind Pepe…is that he’s not a joke…

But what I do know is that I always hated Pepe the Frog and I always hated seeing him in Memes so I’m glad someone is trying to take the fucker out….

“A cartoon frog tied to anti-Semitism and racism that has become an unofficial mascot of the alt-right has been added to the Anti-Defamation League’s list of hate symbols, joining the ranks of the swastika and the Confederate battle flag, the group said on Tuesday.

The frog, known as Pepe the Frog, did not originally have anti-Semitic connotations, the league said in a news release. The meme proliferated in outlets such as 4chan, an anonymous online message board, and the social media site Reddit, and morphed into a symbol associated with anti-Jewish and bigoted ideas, the release said.”

The alt-right, a movement of extremists that uses white-supremacist iconography and mixes it with pop culture, co-opted the frog cartoon to appear with a Hitler-like mustache, wearing a skullcap or a Ku Klux Klan hood, the league said, adding that the images were used “in hateful messages aimed at Jewish and other users on Twitter.”

This is the world we live in….












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Tourists Grabbing Lady Boy Breasts and Other Videos of the Day

Bouncer VS Frat Boy

Kangaroo in the Toilet

Security Guard Stabbing

Drunk Dude’s Face VS Door Knob

The Baby with Three Genetic Parents

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Cement Truck Driver Steals Women’s Underwear and Other Videos of the DAy

Creep Presses Boner on Girl on Subway – it’s a Cultural Thing…

Girl Beat After Sleeping with Married Man

Moral Police Cach People in a Fuck

Naked People Dancing in Union Square

Metro Cops Beat Man

High School Teacher Catches Student on Fire

Guy Stabs Girlfriend in Store – Then Stabs Himself to Death…Wow

Semi Truck Vs the Median

Bamboo Through the Heart – But You’re Too Late

Guy Gets Beat on the Bus…

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Old Couple Fucks in the Park and Other Videos of the DAy

Woman Avoids Suicide Jumper…

Woman Arrested Twice in One Day for a Dui

Selfie with a Snake – Fail

Trashy Woman Causing a Scene…

Killer Amusement Park Ride

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Naked Women Posing and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Who Can’t Get her Newports

Girl VS Football to Face

Woman VS Mall Vendor She Robbed

Performer Checks Dude Penis Size

Fat Man VS Wedding Car

French Teacher and her Big Tits of the Day

Taxi VS Dude at Airport

Watermelon Carving in China

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Australian Junkie Gets Australian Blowjob on Train and Other Videos of the Day

41 Second Rubik Cube Romanian 6 Year Old – Training for the Circus

Couple Defend their Paper Towel During a Home Invasion

Dude Jumps off a Tower…for 80k Viewers…

Tram VS a Woman

Man and Woman Rob Compton Gas Station

Topless Store Clerk

Car Robber…

Cop VS a Robber

Teacher Makes Students Destroy Phones in Water…

Naked Woman Busted for Sleeping with Husband

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Junkie’s Daughter Tries to Revive Overdosing Mom and Other Videos of the Day

Argentine Women Undress in Protest

Pervert Called Out by Crowd

Mechanic Run Over by Tractor

Russian Drinks a Bottle of Vodka to Avoid Drinking

Pedestrian Fail

Reporter Assaulted…

Man Pulls Out Dick Out in Elevator…

Dude Kicks a Woman off Bike

Teacher Kicks Student out of Class for Being a Trump Supporter

Jeep Drives Through Crowd…of Black Live Matter

Female Employee Beaten During Robbery

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Homeless guy Attacks a Truck and Other Videos of the Day

Jerking Off in NYC Traffic

Rapper Named Famous DEX Beating a Woman

Student Fights Teacher

China Genius Way to Remove WASPS

Cow Kills a Man After Kicking Him….

Woman Walks Between Police Shot Gun and the “perp”

Cop Talks Football to Get Suicidal Man off the Bridge

Excavator Fail…

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The Labia Doctor and Other Videos of the Day

Sloppy Latina VS Cabby

This is Crazy

Man Plays With Breasts in Elevator

Dog VS Kangaroo

Suicidal Kid

Car VS Post

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Sex in the Classroom and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Junkie

Homeless Guy Getting a Blow Job

Racist Woman at the Airport

New York Performance Artist of the Day

Mom Rear Ends Her Son

Woman Who Wants the Meatball Sub

Guy Takes Laptop to Face

Man Tells Fortune by Touching a Woman’s Breast

Woman Runs Over 3 Kids in a Parking Lot

Laguna Beach Pool Drop

Kid Gets Slammed by a Bull

Close Call Cop

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Naked Junkie VS Traffic and Other Videos of the Day

Nice Guy Saves Kitten

Driver Saved from School Bus Crash

Brilliant Road Crossing

89 Year Old Man Gets Robbed in Atlanta

Idiot Films a Drive By Prnak

Interesting Trespasser vs a Tree

FLy Sex – With Good Black Commentary

Beer Pipeline

Emergency Plane Landing

Car on the Ferry

Police Shoot Dog…Horrible

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Woman Shits on Venice Beach Boardwalk and Other StepNEWS of the Day

Customer Killed in Hair Salon

Naked Man in Hotel Hallway

Apparently this is a Muslim Sex Predator – Getting Beat

Driver of the Day

NYC Tranny of the Day

Dogs Eating Heroin – After it was Thrown into Doggy Daycare…WTF.

Asshole Wall of the Day

Woman Punches Lawnmower Driver – Gets Run Over

Machete Fight Club

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Husband Beats Cheating Wife and Other Videos of the Day

Midwife Films Water Breaking

Father and Son Bond while Beating Dude with Baseball Bat

Car Rams into Gas Pump

Crazy Dude of the Day

Guy Kayaks Through Drainage Pipe

Cop Gets Road Head

Car Explodes

Scooter Driver VS Debris

Deadly OverTaking

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Swerving Cop in Indiana Getting a Blowjob and other stepNEWS of the Day

Facebook Lives a Deadly Shooting in Walmart Parking Lot

Insane Balcony to Pool Jump

Naked in Ukraine

Woman Steals Purse from an 85 Year Old

Naked Bikers

Man Hacks Woman in Head for No Reason

The Beer Juggling Contest

Fucked Up Motorcycle Accident

Female Prison Worker – Attacked by Inmates!

Dude Dies when Someone Jumps on Him Cliff Jumping

Charging Great White

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