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Korean Banana Smoothie and Other Videos of the Day

Cops Throwing Around a Woman in 2015

Interesting Builders of the Day

Japanese Carnival

Police Dog VS Trainer

Olympic Torch Fail

Tire VS Mechanic

Fishing Girl of the DAy

Swimming with a Python….what…

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Couple on the BEach and Other Videos of the Day

Guy Watching 9/11 Video on Plane –

Russian KFC Knockout

Car Waiting for Owner in the Most Annoying Way Ever

Dude Chokes Out a drunk Guy – Unprovoked

Girls Taken Out

Keepin’ Warm – By Cathing Yourself on Fire

Scooter Fail of the Day

Parent with baby Escalator Fail of the Day

Dude Shot on Venezuelan Bus -WTF

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Armless Man Rages and Other Videos of the Da

Bus Cruises Through Traffic

65 Year Old Knocked Out in Unprovoked Attack

Woman Stripped Bottomless

Drunk Guy Thrown in Kiddie Pool

Cop SHot By Thug

Cop Does Not Shoot Suspect Because He’s Not Black

Pokemon Player Hits Cop Car

Man Shoots Wife With Toy Gun – Over and Over again…


Naked Women Protest

Bar Man’s Jagerbomb Record Breaking Trick Pour….It’s actually pretty good…

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Transfeminine Canadians and Other Videos of the DAy

KO at Walmart

Bride Faceplant

Runner Nuts VS Pole

Garbage Day in Taiwan

Clever Thieves

Stripped for Sleeping with Married Man

Husband Interrogates Naked Wife with a KNife

Punished for Sleeping with Married Man

Woman Tries to Breast Feed Co-Worker

India Wipers

Hot in Saudi Arabia

French Ppl Throw Trash where Killer Died

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Old Man Getting a Double Blowjob on the Balcony at the Waldorf Astoria – a Hilton Hotel and Other Videos of the Day

Casual Public Oral Sex

Horrible Fight

Dancing in the Street…

Dog Attacks Man – Crazy

Cat on the Back of a Scooter

Sewage Pipe Bursts at a Family BBQ

Man Eating Baby Mice

Man Not Scared of Bear

Look at this Racist Donald Trump Supporter Going Crazy

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Top Gets Ripped Off and Other Videos of the Day

Angry Wife Catches Cheating Husband…

Crazed Guy Shot by Cops

Cop Beats a Dude in Calgary

Cop Dragged at Traffic Stop

Firefighter Caught Under the Bridge

Asian Escalator of the Day

Police Chase of the Day

Nice Cops – Nice

Guy Gets Beat

Spencer Tunick’s Naked Blue People….

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Disturbing Footage from Nice France of the Day

A video posted by Mehmet Yavuz ???? (@themehmed) on

I was sent this video over facebook – that was posted to instagram – and that is really fucking disturbing to me.

I take real issue with people who attack innocent people who are out having a good time. People who are unrelated to anything remotely related to whatever inspired someone or a group of people to tear down a street and take out and kill over 60 people….it makes me fucking sick.

I just don’t understand how as rational thinking people, we do this to each other, it seems like such a waste of fucking time, you can hate people without going this deep..and if it is for religion, it’s such misinformation – you know since God doesn’t actually exist – it’s even worse…

This hate filled world, this violent world is totally a human thing, but I think pacifism is pretty human too. Just fucking mind your own business, stick to yourself, and fucking stop hurting unsuspecting people….just ridiculous….

I am posting this – because I am so fucking disgusted by it…

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Woman Takes Shit in Broad Daylight and Other Videos of the Day

Husband with Knife Intrrogates Naked Wife

Made in China – Motorcycle

Japanese Police VS Biker Gang

Cat Watching Rats Fight

Fan Tries to Extinguish Olympic Torch

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Ain’t No Party Like a Saudi Party of the Day


Some Saudis, including but not limited to the Ministry of Defence Prince Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud, Prince Mohammed bin, Nawwaf bin Abdulaziz, Sons Sheik el Ahmed and Sheik el Sabr had a yacht party in the Mediterranean as they do…surrounded by bikini clad “model” looking women who are there for their personalities….it’s just a coincidence the guys are all massive billionaires…

There’s no secret that these rich Muslim guys from repressive to women countries use their money for sex parties in mansions….and hotels they rent out, it’s just what they do…being billionaires..who know to use that oil money right…because everyone likes to have a good time!

I don’t really think it’s a big deal that they can be with half naked chicks in bikinis, but the women in their country wear bed sheets to the beach, if they are even allowed to the beach..

I am just interested in who the girls on their ridiculous yacht is. What is their story. How did they end up there.

Are these the girls from Instagram I’ve heard about who let these guys shit on them for private jet flights and yacht photoshoot pics to maintain their lie?

Or are these just the daughters and sister and friends of these people who use the family money to live like normal westernized sluts…

Either way, it looks like a good time…so people need to take their lead and start having a good time. Good Times.

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Naked Girl in the Bronx Dancing and Other Videos of the Day

Dude Jerking Off at KFC

Thugs Steal All the Chicken at KFC after Being Denied Service

Facebook Live – Shooting

Gas Station Explosion

The Penis Cloud

Kid Hit By Car – Survived

Gang Attacks Man with Swords

Dude Trying to Escape Arrest

Centipede Crawls Out of Ear

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Pervert Busted at Walmart and Other Videos of the Day

Car Wash Guy Goes Insane

Man Shit Himself in Broken Elevator

Bull Fighter Gets Killed…

Garbage Truck Fire

Dude Sprays His Bitch

Drunk Walker of the DAy

Girl Tantrum Because Dude Ate Her Pizza

Chinese Truck Driver of the Day

Black Lives Matter Guy is Preaching Brilliance….like “Kill Cops”…what the fuck is wrong with America…

Strong Girl and her Big Strong Girl Boobs

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Naked Girl in the Road and Other Videos of the Day

Elevator Fail in China

Horse Possibly Dies at the Horse Race in the Philippines

Dog VS Gopher

The UFC Weigh-In Where She Got Naked is Good – Worst Porn Ever – but Good

Lizard Sees its Reflection

China’s Media Released a US Bathroom Sex in the Shower Video

Israeli Swan Dive!

Stranded Scuba Diver Records Final Thoughts While Stranded 6 Hours – He Was Saved – What a Drama Queen

Angry Man Doesn’t Like Poeple Filming

Attempted Cop Strangulation

WTF China Driver

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Migrant Vendor Gets Kicked in the HEad and Other Videos of the Day

Hot Swedish Runner Face Plant – THe Way TOu Like Her….

Dog Saves the Chickens

Police in Spain Save Dog

Thieves in Capetown

Baltimore Dirt Bike Gangs…

Lamborghini Crash…

Drive-By Shooting Fail

This Subway Ad is in My Heart forever – This is My Third Time Posting it…

CHinese Hooker Slideshow..

Hamptons House Party – Trashed House Due to Midget Wrestling

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Topless Woman Stripped on the Street and Other Videos of the Day

The Swedish Man Who Has Sex with the Forest

Creepy Children’s Attraction

Kidnapping Attempt..

Bathroom Clown Scare Mask…

Woman Stabbed During Robbery

Police save Suicidal Man

Louisiana Black Killing

Girlfriend Live Streams Boyfriend Getting Shot

Dog VS Robber

Woman Stripping Over Purchase Dispute

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REfugee Masturbating on a Bus in Sweden after assaulting a 13 and 16 year old girl…and Other Videos of the DAy

Topless Protestors Against Bull Fighting…

Drunk Girl on the Plane is Amazing

Wife Catches Husband Cheating

Shark Fight!

Naked Man and the Air Conditioner

Cockatoo Refuses to Eat Broccoli

Illegal Immigrant in a Suitcase

In Case You Missed It – Subway Slut

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