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Man Lights is Wife On Fire Playing at the Gas Station of the Day

This is pretty bad…even for the inner wife-hater in all of us…

Some idiot named Austin Dawkins from Georgia was playing with a lighter while filling his car up at a gas station, because he’s so crazy, and life in Georgia sucks for people like him, who need to step up the excitement by being breaking the no lighter rules…rules he quickly learned why they exist…when his girl went up in flames…probably disfigured…and definitely not very happy about the whole thing…making home life pretty miserable for the rest of his life…and not just from changing the bandages…but from her not getting over it…because as you may know…women don’t forget when you tell them they are fat…14 years earlier…let alone when you lit them on fucking fire…they say he’s faces criminal charges, and it is safe to say, he probably sure as hell hopes he gets locked up, as to not have to deal with the wrath worse than prison rape…an angry burnt up wife…

Pretty crazy video showcasing just how stupid some of us are…

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Some Skank in MI Nudes of the Day

Her name is Alicia Ann Lynch, but goes as @SomeSkankinMI, because surprise she’s a skank in Michigan…and here you were thinking she was just a performing artist on some higher level of consciousness who was being ironic in her name…you know maybe even some kind of lesbian feminist trying to prove a point…but no…she’s just a skunk..possibly a stripper, maybe even a cam girl, or jut an attention seeker…who likes showing off her body cuz it gets her more followers…

Well…she POSED AS THE BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING VICTIM and 1000s of people went nuts on her…forcing her to delete her twitter…but not before some pervert downloaded all her nudes…that pervert wasn’t me…I’m the pervert who re-uploaded them to this site to make a story out of her attention seeking behavior…because I guess she didn’t have a dad…and now we call all wait for the sex tape….because she’s pretty much a porn bitch and taking dick would be in line with her hustle…

Here are the pics…

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Houston Stripper has Miscarriage Twerking of the DAy

Twerking is fun and games until some ratchet ass famous stripper loses a fetus….

This Houston Stripper, who is actually a bit of a low level celebrity on the internet, had a miscarriage when twerking…and I find that fucking hilarious, because I have no soul, but also because the world doesn’t really need anymore fatherless kids who will grow up to be criminals…

Here’s the story:

Last Wednesday, as the young performer was reportedly twerking on stage, she began to bleed profusely.

When Blaze left the stage, witnesses allege, that she went in to a convulsion. The paramedics were immediately summoned, transporting her to the nearest emergency room, where she was reportedly given a transfusion.
The self-described “pole assassin” and proclaimed “Queen of Houston” was reportedly treated for a miscarriage.

That’s not to say strippers can’t be good moms, no wait…that is to say that…either way, here’s a Vine she posted…saying she’s sick…you know…cuz she just had a miscarriage….

I call publicity stunt…Here are some random pics of her

I know what you’re all thinkin’ if only Twerking made Miley suicide.

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North Korea has a Suicide Bomber Corps of the Day

This is refreshing…I mean I always felt like the arab variety of suicide bombers lacked a certain level of discipline, organization, uniform…you know it just wasn’t official enough, almost seat of the pants, wingin’ it, committed, but not quite equipped with government or military issued bomb packs, with the nuclear logo on them, so people know they have a self destruct button…

I guess that’s not quite as exciting as two Minutes of Driving in Barnaul Russia…where the people are insane….because they are in Russia.

This is pretty dramatic drive. The World has gone nuts.

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Pregnant Bitch Gets Rodney Kinged By the Cops of the Day

You can look at this from a few angles. The first is that cops are assholes and they assert force, usually unnecessary, and focus on the wrong issues, usually while breaking the laws themselves…but that’s a given, that’s why we call them PIGS and that’s why we hate them, they are fun killers….

Black people can look at this as Racial profiling, these white cops just have it out for black people, and they were such assholes they tackled a bitch…

Or you can see it for what it is, bitch and her friends caused a scene, whether pregnant or not, the cops came to diffuse situation, bitch attacked the cops despite being pregnant, and they tackled her, and now they are trying to milk it for all they can…calling it racial profiling, obviously, calling it unneccesary force, obviously, yet so many pregnant people, black and white, asian and indian….haven’t been tackled by the cops…these people deserve it.

I think she woulda been better off having a miscarriage, rather than an emergency C-Section, cuz people like this breeding is the fucking worst, and no not cuz they are black, but cuz they are ghetto as fuck and their kids will perpetuate that shit…provided it doesn’t get shot in a drive-by.

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Mos Def Force Fed Guantanamo Style of the Day

What better way to have a morning coffee, than to do it to a video of Mos Def getting forced fed like one of the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, many are not even guilty of a crime, all are getting tortured in horrible conditions everyday because anything goes in Guantanamo, shit’s off American soil…

I am all for the protests to close this facility down…and I guess so is Mos Def, and he’s doing something awesome to get it out there.

UPDATE – Here are a couple young girls getting the Mos Def Feeding Tube without the theatrics…but Guantanamo Bay, despite its cool name, is still trouble…

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The Worst News Story You Will Hear Ever of the Day

This story will make you fucking sick….at least it made me sick and that’s why I am posting it. I just can’t believe shit like this happens, then I remember that horrible things happen all the time, that people are fucking sick in the head, and that often times when they are ghetto looking girls, who live in a trailer park, who are single mothers to begin with and who were probably raped as a child themselves, they will do anything for love…like let their convicted pedophile boyfriend have sex with her 4 month old and kill her…

What the fuck…

It’s too bad the government controls your text messages and phone calls and the messages the media send you…but they don’t control shit like this from happening…

It’s horrible…

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Nude Internet Model Arrested for Public Nudity Pics of the Day

Here is the story.

An internet model who runs one of those teen model sites you may or may not remember from the early 2000s, before cam girls and everyday girls on facebook existed, got arrested for public nudity, but not just any nudity, nudity at a Catholic school…Lincoln Pius X campus…a school she once went to, reminding us that Catholic School girls are naughty, posing on the school’s football field, her leg hanging in front of the school’s motto — “Restore All Things in Christ” — and with a crucifix dangling. Cuz Catholic girls are “freaks”. I used to bang one who would read the bible while I did her from behind, and another one who would fuck religious artifacts, like crucifixes and statues of Mary and shit. Weird.

Apparently she was charged with Public Nudity, because the law in Nebraska, where she is from, states that women are not allowed to show their nipples.

It’s obviously a publicity stunt, that’s why I don’t really care about the story, the models name, but someone emailed me the pics, and I like naked pics, so here they are.

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Newborn Baby Rescued from Sewage Pipe of the Day

China, the land of third trimester abortions, are now the leader in fourth trimester abortions, even if fourth trimesters don’t exist and are just you killing your baby after it is born because it is either inconvenient and gets in the way of your factory job, or worse, is not a boy…..middle America high school proms are pretty upset about being overthrown.

This is a miracle video of the baby being rescued alive shortly after being born and flushed by its mother, thanks to neighbors complaining about crying.

Next fucking level insane….

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The Woolrich Beheading in the UK Insane Footage of the Day

Holy fuck. This is fucking insanity.

To Somalian dudes beheaded a British Soldier and after the murder they talk to the camera to justify what he did, apologizing to the women who had to witness it, even though people in their country witness this all the time…..then pulling some Anarchy, fuck the government, they don’t care shit, so we chop of people’s heads shit…..only to walk back to the Soldier he just killed….

Here is the news story:

One man is reported dead and two others injured amid reports of a shooting incident close to the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich this afternoon.One witness reported seeing a man beheaded in the street in an attack by two men.

The report also said that police officers opened fire after the attack in John Wilson Street in Woolwich.

There were reports that shots were fired after an apparent sword attack near the army base.

Pictures posted on Twitter appear to show two men lying on the road in Woolwich.

The air ambulance landed at the scene and paramedics treated victims in the street.

David Dixon, the head of Mulgrave Primary School, told the BBC that he walked out of the school gates and saw a body lying in the street. “We shut all the gates and made sure all the children were inside,” he said.

Mr Dixon also confirmed hearing gunshots.

The Metropolitan police would only say officers had been called to reports of ‘an assault’ on John Wilson Street.

Wellington Street has been sealed off and an air ambulance has arrived on the scene.

John Wilson Street is currently shut in both directions between Artillery Place and New Ferry Approach.

Twitter user Boya Dee writes an account of the incident online. These details have not yet been verified.

He wrote: ‘Ohhhhh myyyy God!!!! I just see a man with his head chopped off right in front of my eyes!

‘Oh my God!!!! The way Feds took them out!!! It was a female police officer she come out the whip and just started bussssin shots!!

‘Mate ive seen alot of s*** im my time but that has to rank sumwhere in the top 3. I couldnt believe my eyes. That was some movie s***.’

The two black bredas run this white guy over over then hop out the car and start chopping mans head off with machete!!

‘People were asking whyyy whyyy they were just saying we’ve had enough! They looked like they were on sutn! Then they start waving a recolver

‘Then boydem turn up!! Woolwich feds didnt want it… They had to wait for armed response.. Helicopters everyting…

‘Then thats how u know they were on sutn cos they actually went for armed feds with just two machete and an old rusty lookin revolver

‘The first guy goes for the female fed with the machete and she not even ramping she took man out like robocop never seen nutn like it

‘Then the next breda try buss off the rusty 45 and it just backfires and blows mans finger clean off… Feds didnt pet to just take him out!!

Here is the beheading video….this is a serious what the fuck is wrong with the world…and why the fuck do these assholes thing this is going to accomplish anything positive….


Here is a tweet from one of the witnesses….

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Syrian Heart Eating of the Day

Here’s a video that is going viral of a Syrian rebel eating the heart of a soldier, because he was instructed to, or something equally insane, in efforts to make a point, that even when you aren’t a Zombie, you can show a motherfucker who is boss when at war….

Makes me wonder where the world is going…I mean is this human instinct? Is this the shit we are programmed to do? Should anyone really be doing this or acting like this under any circumstances? Is the fact that they think they are doing this for god cause for concern?

I mean to me this is just the beginning of the fucking end…and this shit…is nuts.

In the video, Abu Sakkar, a founder of the rebel Farouq Brigade, begins cutting apart the body of a dead Syrian soldier.

Then, according to Reuters, he addresses the camera, saying: “I swear to God we will eat your hearts and your livers, you soldiers of Bashar the dog.”

He eats the heart of the dead soldier, while the crowd behind the camera cheers “Allahu akbar” (“God is great”).

The video is branded with the logo of the Syrian Truth Facebook page.

I hear it’s good source of protein…

We’re all fucking doomed….

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Olivia Sprauer aka Victoria V. James is a Bikini Model and Fired Teacher of the Day

Olivia Sprauer aka Victoria V. James is some fake titty teacher who was moonlighting as a bikini model / topless model….who got fired from being a teacher because I guess the slut moms who let guys cum in them in order to make annoying babies don’t respect women who their baby daddies would rather fuck teaching their annoying autistic babies….

Here are a bunch of her “modeling” pics….her fake titty bikini modeling career, that I am pretty sure won’t be taking her major places or really going anywhere after all this press.

She’s just one of those fake titty, barmaid looking, cheesy chicks who hangs with dudes on steroids with tribal tattoos, who think she’s hot and is willing to get half naked to feel hot….There are so many girls like this….and they usually work for free.

This publicity is not going to land her in Victoria’s Secret…. but it may get her into porn….I mean she looks the part…I guess dreams can come true when you crave male attention and fail at your “safe” “normal” job….

I would pay her 10,000 dollars to shoot a porn for me….maybe I’ll need to wait til we get a little closer to rent day to make that magic happen. You know when she’s a little more desperate and my micropenis fetish porn doesn’t leave her feeling too damaged and degraded….

ALl this to say, when I was in school, my teachers were busted old ladies, I wish I had access to this kind of pussy to get random spontaneous boners to while doing math….

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Charles Ramsey The Guy Who Saved Cleveland Girls of the Day

In case you’ve been sleeping, which I have, there were some women held captive the last 10 years in Cleveland who were rescued today, thanks to this guy Charles Ramsey.

The story would be weirder if it wasn’t in Ohio, because everyone I know from Ohio is a bit of a sexual deviant, but in Ohio, it is almost expected.

What wasn’t expected was how awesome the interview with the hero of the story would be…

He’s got some awesome lines. From eating his McDonalds, from saying his neighbor’s got huge testicles, to saying he knew the white girl had problems when she ran into a black guys arms, all on national TV, his glorious moment of glory, his 15 minutes of fame as a hero crackhead who I am sure will be remixed and autotuned for a year to come because it deserves it. His quotes, his camera presence, all fucking glorious. Someone get this guy a talk show. Seriously.

Here is the 911 Call

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LOLZ of the Day

Here’s the best news story of all time, or at least from today, of a dentist obsessed with pulling teeth for no reason, he just gets started on one, and keeps on fucking going, in what is some solid OCD. According to the people involved, they didn’t even have anything wrong with their teeth, the dentist is just some freak with a tooth pulling fetish, who I am thinking may not even be a dentist, but that just makes the story better….I would probably have the same issue if I was a gynecologist, but instead of pulling things out, I’d be stuffing things in….

The real kicker is the dental office is called “Amazing Family Dental”….because really it is amazing.

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Waco Fertilizer Plant Explosion is Insane of the Day

As you know, there was an explosion at a fertilizer plant in or near Waco Texas. Not sure how many people are injured or dead, but I do know that there’s video of it shot from a car near by, that blows my fucking mind….I mean this is some serious scary shit. It’s like out of a movie, only real life. Crazy.

I am wasted in a bar, but here’s hoping none of you or your family or your friends are involved in the second explosion of the week.

Here’s a picture of an apartment near the site of the blast – Doesn’t look too promising that this explosion has no casualties – Accidents like this shouldn’t happen. I mean a fertilizer plant, seriously? That’s what bombs are made out of, shouldn’t they have safety measures in place. Crazy.

Here are a few pics of the clouds – it’s like a horror movie – or post apocalypse – people are obviously saying this is related to Boston. Who knows at this point. All I know is it’s not good and seems like a war zone, in a where’s the next explosion gonna be. Not good.

UPDATE at 12:08 am – 60 Dead, 100s Injured.


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