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Waffle House Brawl and Other Videos of the Day

Hey Hipsters…get a Bee Beard

Flaming Bag Pipes for Christmas

Man in Turkey Shoots and Kills Brother in a Law and Mother In Law at the Hospital…LOHAN wasn’t there to save them

Naked Guy on Top of Public Bus

Dog Says Final Goodbye to Owner – Super Sad…

Naked Guy on the Bus

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Man Kicks a Girl Down the Stairs and Other Videos of the Day

Wheel Barrel Fail

Terrible – Driver Falls Asleep and Drifts into a Truck…

Crane Falls in Korea…

Nevada High School Student Gets Shot in the Shoulder…

Woman with Breast Cancer – Humiliated by TSA

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92 Year Old Goes to Meet 11 Year Old for Sex and Other Videos of the Day

Sex Fail of the Day

Insane Motorcycle Accident –

Angry Fat Woman Road Rage Ninja….

Fiery Crash in Florida Police Chase

Car Jacker VS Cop SUV

Cop Gets Fired for Threatening a White Teen – Because Teen Said “Fuck the Police” –

Dude’s Last Seconds of Life – Crazy

Girl Taken Out by Wave

Thief at the Police Station….

Little Kid Takes Over Dad’s Car when Dad steps Out of Car – and Runs Over People

Truck – Gone Backwards at the intersection..

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Creep Looking up Skirts at Walmart and Other Videos of the Day

Ghetto Bitch Threw her Cat off a Third Floor Balcony for Social Media – While Her Ghetto Friend Lifed…This is theFucking World We Live in….and It Makes me Very fucking Mad…..her name is Tikeemah Lassiter…she must be Shot

The Man Who Spins Bike Wheel on his Asshole

Man Eats Spaghetti with his Dogs

Don’t Fight with Robbers with Guns while on Dirt Roads

Chinese Car in the River

Chinese Bentley Disaster –

Clerk Fights Off Armed Robber

Robber Punches Woman in her Apartment Building – Nice Guy

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Subway Lovers and Other VIdeos of the Day

Crazy Crackhead with Knives Gets Tased

Large Naked Woman Thrown Out of a Truck

Classy Chick Fight…

Drunk Fat Bride at her Bachelorette Party Acts Like All Women

The story: Tammy Krahne, Tammy Foster, Tammy Galetto. – This fight started because another girl at her bachelorette party was getting hit on by a guy and not her, even though she was the one getting married! Prior to going out drinking this on this night, she crushed up some pain meds and snorted them. This was shot about a month before her wedding to her third husband.

Man Punches Kangaroo in the Face to Save Dog

Husband and Wife Fight

Chinese Tits in a Fast Car

This is Fucking Dark….Pregnant Dancer Shot Dead in Punjab for Not Dancing with a Dude

Guy Saves Dogs

Skydiver Dies – Must be Terrible Last Few seconds…

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Disabled Guy Gets Hits By a Car After Trying to Meet a 14 Year Old and Other Videos of the Day

Elevator Technician Not Too Good at His Job

Guy Getting Called a Home Wrecking Dude

ATM Stealing Win

Idiot Films Himself Speeding – Ends Up in Accident

Car Vs Red Light Runner

Woman Jumps In Front of Truck and Lives

Never Touch a Man’s Hat

The Mom Who Tries To Look Like Barbie

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Country Singer Getting Flashed and Other Videos of the Day

Life can Be Unfair

Old Trick…

Cat VS Climbing Wall..

Lion Attacks a Man…

Hockey Player Hits Referee…

Roof Fail…

Cop VS 17 Year Old

Runaway Tire..

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Tough Guy VS Girl – WTF – and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Models – Hairy Bush

Man Chopping Off His Own Finger…

Weirdest Breast Feeding Video Ever….

Dan Bilzarian Titty Breasts…

Motorcycle Chase…

Prison Mannequin Challenge…

Man Steals a Bucket

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Teacher Bitch Slaps Student and Other Videos of the Day

Creepy video of Brazilian Soccer Team Before Plane Crash

GIRL Peaces the FUck Out When Her Dude Gets Shot Outside a Club

German Pedo in Thailand…

Dolphins VS 49ers Fan Brawl! What the Fuck…

Turning Car Around Fail

Expert Collapses on TV

Woman Crosses the Street like a Gangster

Reindeer Tested for Pizza Delivery in Japan – They Must Be Trolling Us

Gay Pride in India Sounds Like Customer Support….

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Black Friday Lives Matter the Video of the Day

I don’t know about you but JCPenney has the effect on me, and not just on Black Friday – but on EVERYDAY…because it’s such a fucking pile of shit – it makes me want to mall brawl…

I feel like it would be a disservice to Cyber Monday, the day you can shop from the comfort of your own home, that may not be comfortable, like in my case it is filled with mould and a fat bitch who ruins my life and fills the toilet that doesn’t flush up with feces….but that I still prefer over the outside world….to not show you black friday brawl video – to remmeber what was – three days ago…

The best black Friday Joke I heard was “black Friday, but they already have a month”….oh internet…you salty devil….

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Creepy Creeper and His Tickly Fingers and Other Videos of the Day

Interesting Truck Driving

e cig Explodes in Man’s Pocket

Weirdest Man Fighting Woman in Shanghai Subway – I Guess They Aren’t Martial ARtists

A Couple of Idiot Hipsters Steal a NEw Orleans Manhole Cover

How to Crash like an Aussie

Typical Trump Supporter of the Day

Just a Monk and his Strong Crotch

Two Drunks Harassing Women

Lil G in Chicago

70,000 Zombies at a Mass Zombie Wedding

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Drunk Guy Makes His Scooter Getaway and Other Videos of the Day

Dude Taken Out by an Unmanned Scooter

Idiot Burning the FLag Catches Himself on Fire

Idiot on a Motorbike

Grumpy Cow

Drunk Ninja

Balcony Fail in India

Florida Man Ran Over His Brother

Hand Feeding a Coyote

Maggots in JUice

Iranian’s VS SNow

Motorcycle Accident

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Woman Gives Thanks While MAsturbating on the Train and Other Videos of the Day

Jungle Sex by a Peeping TOm

Car VS Truck’s Payload

Dude Jerking Off at the Hair Salon

Bro VS Stuffed Animals

Dad Pulls Son’s Tooth Out With AUdi

Thanksgiving Nightclub Shooting in LA

Grandma Shoots the TV Because She’s Mad at her Soap Opera

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Tit Slip on Italian TV and Other Videos of the Day

Racist Guy at the Grocery Store

Florida Man Driving Home from a Strip Club Falls Out of Truck and Runs Over Himself

Woman Gets Saved From being Slaughtered by a Crazy

“PEDO” Busted by Facebook Users…For Going to Hang with a 14 Year Old…

Girl’s Epic Bike Jump

Dumb Car Accident at the Gas Station

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23 Gucci Bags Get Stolen in Florida and Other Videos of the Day

Australian Spider VS CAr

High School Brawl for Thanksgiving

Just Jerking off in Class

One More Time…

Tuk Tuk Wheelie…

Migrants Fail of the Day

Trans Woman Wants Millions of Straight Guys Into Trans Women to Admit It….

Russian Dude Stabbed Himself Out of Jealousy

Jet Aborts Landing Due to Wind

Disturbing video of cops killing a 15 year old on LSD

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