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I am Peter Jenning’s re-incarnate…or maybe I’m just Katie Couric’s dead husband back from the death trying to compete with her in bringing the fucking news to America like it matters….even though despite anything we do, we’re all gonna fucking die a horrible fiery death in the wake of World War III, at least that’s what I read in my fortune cookie in my dream last night, yes, I dream about Chinese Buffets when I’m asleep, I’m fat get over it…..and apparently, I’m also a fucking prophet…

Here’s the news….

Fight at Denny’s
CHICOPEE – A brawl breaks out at a Denny’s in Chicopee after a woman asked a stranger to pass the maple syrup. Cuz these white people are the calssiest ever…..

Pizza Delivery Driver Saves Woman’s Life

Mother Beaten with Brick by Teenagers
A Raleigh mother has undergone several surgeries after she said she was attacked by young gang members and beaten with a brick.

Drunk Mom Crashed with Kids in Car
A Phoenix mom has been arrested, accused of driving drunk with her kids in the car and crashing it.

Mom: Library Book Describes Sex
When Rose Schifferdecker opened a book from the children’s section of the Carrollton library, she couldn’t believe her eyes. She said it describes sex

Austin Police Department Releases Video of Red Light Crashes

Woman attacks roommate over thin mints
A Florida woman is under arrest, accused of attacking her roommate over a box of Girl Scout cookies.

Tampa mom makes son wear sign
A Tampa mother is defending her decision to stick her teenage son on a street corner with a sign that said, among other things, “GPA 1.22 … honk if I need education.”

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here is the stepNEWS….who needs to cover real news that matters like the Americans killed by pirates or Earthquakes in New Zealand that made the sheep shake harder than a Muslim party in the countryside, you see cuz Muslim can’t jerk off or fuck before marriage, so they turn to the farm for feeling nice….No Racist. O

I like to focus on the crap….American crap….cuz I believe we’re doomed….

LESBIAN Softball Coach Accused of Sexual Battery
Haywood County high school softball coach and teacher has been charged with sexual battery against a student. Chanda Frank

Japan’s Crazy Fucking Zoo Training Video’s Gotta be a Joke

A Sacramento reporter and photographer are attacked while covering a murder investigation in Natomas.

Girl punched in alleged bullying attack
MANCHESTER, N.H. – A 12-year-old girl was allegedly punched in the face during an alleged bullying attack.

Texas churches begin welcoming gay teens cuz they are desperate….
SPRING, T.X. – Some churches in the lone star state have now begun welcoming gay teens to worship.

Bus driver suspended for throwing coffee
An MBTA bus driver has been suspended for allegedly throwing coffee into a passing vehicle.

Pizza Delivery Woman Saves Lives

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here’s the latest in stepNEWS…which I haven’t figured out why I call it the stepNEWS…considering it’s not news about the site…or really anything I am involved in….there is a flaw in my naming…I must have been drunk…while I figure it out, watch these news clips…that aren’t stepNEWS…but by the looks of it Fox news…

Video Shows Suspended Coach Hit Player
The Holy Family University men’s basketball coach has been suspended after a player filed a police report because he claims he was assaulted during a January practice

Doctor plows through liquor store front
SEEKONK – A local doctor was charged with drunk driving after allegedly crashing his SUV through the windows of a Seekonk liquor store and then trying to steal beer.

Indictments handed down in sex ring
A dozen people suspected of working in a sex-trafficking ring in Central Florida have been indicted by a federal grand jury.

CT man charged with hate crime

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here’s some of the latest news – cuz I’m the new Regis motherfuckers….brining the nonsense everyfucking day with a cartoon like swagger…

Feds Break Up Sex Slave Ring – BOOOOOO!

A modern day international sex slavery ring has been broken up right under our noses. Since 1999, federal investigators say young Mexican women and girls have been smuggled into an east Houston compound, then forced to work as prostitute

Firefighter accused of drug dealing cuz He’s a Real Hero….
ichard Desimone is a Newton firefighter, but police say the 42-year-old is also a drug dealer who resorted to violent threats because he was trying to collect money owed to him.

Metro Police Investigating Fight
The Metro Police Department is investigating an apparent fight between two teenage boys that has been posted on the internet.

Woman claims site violates basic rights – Stop Whining – The Internet is the Futre…

YPSILANTI, M.N. – A Michigan woman is extremely offended after a picture of her mom was posted on a controversial website.

Caught on Tape: Naked Burglar in FL
Caught on Tape: Naked Burglar in Florida

Caught on Tape: Bus driver attacked in Florida

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here’s the latest stepNEWS…probably stuff you don’t care about…even though it’s your world and you need to embrace the shit….and I’m just trying to make you a better person…educating you with these life changing clips…cuz I care about you and your future….and knowing this will help you integrate into society you socially awkward school shooting woman hating motherfucker…

Banksy Makes Los Angeles His Canvas
The mysterious artist known as Banksy has apparently decided to use the City of Angels as his canvas. Artwork from the legendary graffiti artist has been popping up throughout the city.

Sexy Vietnamese Cafes Revisited
There’s not a lot on the menu… or on the waitresses… at Cafe Lu in Santa Ana. Drinks served by hot gals in bikinis and high heels… it’s a formula for success at several Vietnamese coffee houses in the area. Check it out.

Mom’s public punishment stirs debate
A Tampa mother is getting attention for some unconventional parenting. Some cheer her approach as tough love; others question whether it’s too much.

Teacher Suspended Over Facebook Posts
Sometimes honesty isn’t always the best policy – especially if you’re blogging about one of your students. That’s what a teacher found, but she stands behind what she wrote.

Freshman Brought Gun to School Over ‘F’
Students at Millennium High School in Goodyear are shocked and shaken after finding out a freshman brought a loaded gun to school.

Brown reveals he was sexually abused
Sen. Scott Brown has revealed he was sexually abused as a child several times by a camp counselor and has detailed physical abuse by a stepfather.

Fans Riot After Canceled Deftones Concert in Bangkok

Teacher who fought with student fired

Michigan Teen Killed during Craigslist Meeting
Police say a Hazel Park teenager was robbed and fatally shot during a meeting to purchase a phone he found on Craigslist

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here’s the latest news with my amazingly lazy commentary attached cuz I know you really care about my opinion on world affairs and idiots doing idiotic things…I mean if you didn’t why would you be here? Oh right, for further reason or justification as to why you should kill yourself….That’s sad. Smile friend. Don’t let the world get you down. It can’t be that bad….Brighter days are just around the corner…stop being so serious….

Here’s the news…

Irving, TX police dashcam video shows the dramatic measures one officer took to stop a wrong-way driver on Loop 12…..

Desperate, Probably Fat, Definitely Pathetic Woman Traveled Overseas to Marry Inmate cuz she scared to be alone…and cuz she’s clearly unstable…and dude clearly has nothing better to do with his time than hustle crazy puss giving him attention….

Houston Pastor Accused of Groping Teen and when you are God’s representatitve, it should be legal, cuz God is above the law…and God Told Him to do It. Don’t you know that America…

CBS News correspondent Lara Logan was recovering in a U.S. hospital Tuesday from a sexual attack and beating she sustained while reporting on the tumultuous events in Cairo. That’s the price you pay to get the exclusive career woman…maybe you shoulda been a housewife…little miss ambition…I call this a publicity stunt…maybe she should have been respecting the local customs in a burka…maybe this proves Arabs are insane.

Video: Snowmobiling Down Detroit Highway
While many of us chose to stay inside during this month’s big snow storm, others went out to play. However, cruising down the Lodge on snowmobiles is not only dangerous, it’s against the law.

Pot Can Affect Sexual Health
Dr. Steve Salzman joined us once again to talk about medical headlines and answer some of your questions. We talked about energy drinks and new findings about their dangers and marijuana’s effect on men’s sexual health.

Italian Prime Minister ordered to stand trial for paying for underage prostitute

Off duty Memphis cop arrested for pulling gun on wife and her boyfriend cuz she was being a whore wasn’t enough of an excuse…He probably shoulda just killed them and used his cop knowledge to cover it up.

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here is the latest news that you don’t care about – cuz giving you useless information is what I do….and will probably continue to do…even though I should probably just post pornography…you sick sick people….

Mail-Order Bride Business is Booming
The recession has led to cutbacks, layoffs, and lost profits. But even in the down economy, there’s one business that’s booming — the business of love.

Woman: Video Proves Deputy’s Guilt
A Harris County Sheriff’s deputy is in the hot seat on grounds he engaged in some unnecessary rough housing while apprehending a woman at a Target store.

Haynesworth Accused of Sexual Abuse
A police source tells FOX 5 Redskins’ Albert Haynesworth is the subject of a sexual abuse complaint.

Dogs sniff out cell phones in prison
There’s a stash of cocaine and a stash of dope hidden somewhere in a south Orlando warehouse. Ozzie will find them, and it’ll be just another day on the job for the lab mix.

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stepNEWS of the Day

It’s Valentines Day. A perfect opportunity to ignore your woman…and go out and take advantage of the women who will be frequenting random bars, depressed that they are alone today….

So what better way to do that than to use these genius stepNEWS clips to break the ice….

Hey did you hear that they say “there’s an app for everything,” but many parents may not know what young people can see on their phones. Not all apps are innocent. Fox 2 showed parents what their kids may be exposed to on most smart phones including racy photos that are so explicit, we can’t even show them on TV. Bottom line, parents beware!

Hey did you hear that a loophole may allow for the hiring of people with criminal pasts.

Hey did you ss the new security footage that shows a man police believe is targeting children. He’s a suspect in three sexual assault cases dating back to November. The most recent involved an attack on a 12-year old girl in Bradenton.

Hey did about the man whose teenage son nearly died from alcohol poisoning, now a Detroit father is warning parents and other teens about the potent concoction known as “Southern Lean.” It’s a combination of vodka and prescription cough syrup the teen bought on the street.

Hey did you hear that innocent people are being attacked for no reason at all. The video are all over YouTube and police across the nation are starting to take notice. It’s a game that many fear will become the latest teen trend.

Did you hear about the two Houston women are suing a rapper who put them in a music video without their permission.

Did you know that a Harris County man is accused of sexually abusing at least two children who attended his wife’s daycare in Katy.

Did you see the grammy Newscaster who couldn’t fucking Speak?

But be sure to close ever story by reminding the bitch how desperate she is and how badly she needs to suck your dick in the bathroom before you go home to your wife with a box of chocolates….

Cuz that’s just the good thing to do, cuz without your dick humanizing her, maybe she’d kill herself…You’re a savior man.

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here is the latest in stepNEWS…I am sure you’ve all been waiting for this shit all day…you know cuz it is your favorite feature I do here…that’s why I get all the fan mail about this shit…and by fan mail I mean requests to stop posting the stepNEWS cuz you want more tit…

Burglars Steel Bike from One-armed Man
On Tuesday night thieves stole a specially equipped bike from a one-armed man while he stopped in a convenience store.

Butt Implant Suspect May Be Transgender
Police cleared one person on Thursday in the death of a British woman after a butt injection, but they may be looking for a fake transgender doctor in the case.

Disabled pitcher cut from baseball team
Stan Patterson says 16-year-old Anthony Burruto is a great athlete who has been recognized by ESPN. Stan designed Anthony’s prosthetic legs and recently video taped him pitching.

Sometimes the news is about teaching us what is right and wrong – so here’s my Public Service Message of the DAy

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stepNEWS of the Day

Like Barbara Walters, I bring the hard hitting journalism, but unlike Barbara Walters, I don’t have a hot dried up vagina that looks so big but feels so tight due to lack of lubrication. It’s all about the friction people…

Here is the latest stepNEWS…

Harry Baals is the Best Named Building Ever

Adult Film Awards Draws Protesters
It’s award season… and that includes the porn industry. The XBIZ Adult Film Awards were handed out at the Palladium in Hollywood. The ceremony also drew a crowd of protesters promoting safe sex even though condoms fucking suck…

Naked Driver Hits Center City Pedestrian
Philadelphia police are on the scene at 17th and JFK Boulevard after a bizarre accident involving a pedestrian and a woman not wearing any clothes.

Butt Implant Victim Wanted Hip Hop Career
The U.K. tabloid The Sun has the first images of the British woman who died after a silicone injection at a Philadelphia hotel, and a motive for why she wanted a butt implant procedure.

Teen strangles mother while driving, killing her before car crash
A bad crash shuts down a valley intersection and a car’s passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. Now there’s a twist in the case as police say it wasn’t the crash that killed her. We all have family issues!!

Boy fires rifle into neighbor’s home
A 10-year-old boy may be facing charges for allegedly firing his father’s rifle into a neighbor’s home.

Adult store launches ‘guns for toys’
HUNTSVILLE, A.L. – An adult novelty shop in Alabama has come up with a sexy way to prevent crime.

NY Rep. Lee Sends Sexy Pictures to Woman, Resigns
A married New York congressman accused of sending a shirtless photo of himself to a woman abruptly resigned his seat Wednesday, saying he was quitting because he regretted actions that had hurt his family and others

Texas woman finds razor blade in ice cream cuz it’s a good way to make money….

Detroit Teacher Busted for Drugs

Trick Shot Quarterback Johnny McEntee
Johnny McEntee may not be the starting quarterback for the University of Connecticut football team, but he is definitely becoming a star off the field, becoming a YouTube sensation with his amazing trick shot football throws.

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stepNEWS of the Day

I’m like the morning paper, only far less credible. I’m like a morning show, only not so early. I’m like CNN for retard perverts, drunks and virgins. I’m the Huffington Post of all things useless. Only no one else thinks I am. So I guess I’m really just some asshole putting up videos no one will watch of some crazy shit going on in our crazy world….

Here is today’s stepNEWS…

Woman Reportedly Dies From Butt Implant – Too Bad it Wasn’t Coco, Kim Kardashian, or Any of the Other Bitches who Waste My Life – But Instead just Someone Inspired by Their Fame…Kim Kardashian is a Killer.
A woman visiting Philadelphia from Great Britain died on Monday after she had a procedure to inject silicone into her buttocks.

Woman Talks About Butt Injections
Fox 29 spoke with a woman who had a procedure similar to the one that may have killed a British woman at a local hotel.

Church OKs iPhone confession app cuz they are desperate….
The Catholic Church has given its seal of approval approval of an iPhone application called Confession.

Turkish bus crash caught on tape
Passengers on-board a local bus in Turkey got the shock of their lives the other day

Kiddie Porn Search Ends in Shooting
The scene on Cheryl Street in Osceola, Arkansas on Tuesday afternoon left neighbors in disbelief. Sources told Fox 13 that several law enforcement agencies, including the FBI were executing a search warrant regarding child porn.

Sex with Prostitute Gets Officer Fired
The call should have been routine but it turned out to be x-rated. Atlanta’s police chief told a city personnel board Tuesday, why he had to fire a young police officer after that officer had an inappropriate encounter with a young woman.

Teacher Charged With Abusing Students – With a Face Like that – Just Being Alive is Abusive to the Rest of Us….
Montgomery County police have charged a first-grade teacher with choking, kicking and punching her students.

Woman Given Abortion Pill By Mistake
A pregnant Colorado woman may lose her baby all because of a drug mix-up.

Baby Put in Freezer, Dad Gets 10 Yrs
A judge has sentenced a Chandler man to 10 years in prison for putting his 7-month-old son in a freezer.

Handbag Granny Fights Off Robbers
A handbag heroine fought off robbers armed with sledgehammers as they attempted a smash-and-grab raid at a UK jewelry store, Sky News reported Tuesday.

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here’s the news because I know you white trash hick pieces of shit are too busy watching Nascar and wrestling lawn furniture when you’re not watching Will Farrell movies instead of keeping up with current affairs.

I help you be a better person…

Dentist’s red flags ignored
A dentist now charged with writing prescriptions in exchange for sexual favors has a long history of substance abuse, records show, a history that at least one former patient wished the state had noticed sooner.

Human Smuggling Game App Draws Criticism
A game developed by a Boston-based tech company that allows users to drive a truck full of immigrants through the desert and try not to have them tossed out is drawing fire from some immigrant advocates.

Deputy stops alleged ‘one-armed bandit’
An Orange County Sheriff’s deputy responded to a bank robbery call at the Fairwinds Credit Union at 6329 W Colonial Drive. The suspect, described as having a prosthetic arm, was stopped before he could flee the scene.

Christina Aguilera trips before singing National Anthem

Fred Durst King of All Austin Trash?
What’s in a name? The city says there’s a lot to gain from re-naming their Solid Waste Services Department, but it looks like Austinites will have some fun at their expense.

Dismembered Body Found in Freezer
A woman’s body was found stuffed in a freezer and her 19-year-old son has confessed to the crime. What’s the big deal, a lot of kids don’t get a long with their parents….

15 Face Charges After Prostitution Bust
Fifteen people were rounded up in a prostitution bust in the District. It happened Saturday after police served a warrant on an apartment building in the 3100 block of Georgia Avenue, NW.

Seattle strip club fights to stay open

Murder suspect’s odd defense
Could sleep deprivation and Red Bell be a plausible defense?

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stepNEWS of the Day

I’m dealing with a beautiful hangover, one that makes me feel like I may have died last night and that now I’ve entered the gates of hell, a feeling I get most of the time I am at home, which is most of the time.

It’s an inspiring day.

Here is the latest stepNEWS…

Canadian Accused of Biting Man’s Ear
A Canton man is missing part of his ear after a night out in Plymouth, and a Canadian MONSTER is now facing criminal charges…In his defense, eating ear is a Canadian Arctic custom that goes back many centuries…along with hunting baby seals and living in igloos….

Bodies locked in freezer, then buried
The State Attorney’s Office in Polk County just released a startling audio interview with a woman who had two dead bodies in her freezer for more than a year. Good times…

“Bath Salt” a Dangerous Narcotic?
On December 23rd of 2010 at 4AM, veteran Tippah County Sheriff Deputy Dewayne Crenshaw was shot and killed responding to a call.

146 Priest Abuse Cases Settled For $77M
A $77-million settlement has been reached for 146 people who say they were sexually abused by Diocese of Wilmington priests. It’s times like these I remembered being molested by god….

Police: DUI Driver Rammed Police Car in Philadelphia
Police accuse a man of trying to run down several officers while drunk overnight in Fishtown.

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stepNEWS of the Day

You hate the stepNEWS, I’m glad the stepNEWS is back, I win cuz I have the power of running the site, so you’ll just have to watch them, or leave the site…

Police say man exposed himself to teen at Plymouth library
PLYMOUTH – A 49-year-old man stands accused of exposing himself to a 17-year-old girl inside the Plymouth Public Library.

Six teens arrested for bullying attack in PA

MN woman tried to mail puppy

NY man builds 35 foot snowman

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stepNEWS of the Day

I feel like the stepNEWS is the single best post on the site. I mean sure these celeb bitches are okay to look at and to laugh at, but the real shit going down in the news with real people is a hell of a lot more interesting, alarming, scary and hysterical…It’s like these motherfuckers don’t make 24 million dollars a year and are pulling shit far more ridiculous than Charlie Sheen sex parties, which are funny, but obvious…but nothing compared to cumming in yogurt samples or any of the other good clips below with their amazing local news writing for jokes…so you should like this post more and celebrate its return…

NM teacher locks student in cage

FL woman calls 911 for manicure emergency

CA woman gets new voice box

KY police officer writes ticket for 7 year-old boy

Sink hole swallows snow plow truck in GA – End of the World is Coming…

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