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stepNEWS of the Day

I forgot I had a website for most of the day….so here’s some shit going on in the news….a few hours late….

Prostitution Bust in Polk Co., Florida

44 pimps and prostitutes were busted in a Florida police sting

Grandpa Jonas Falls on Stage

While celebrating his 70th birthday on stage with his grandsons at Jones Beach in New York, Papa Jonas took a tumble.

YouTube Deleting Porn Disguised as Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana Videos

Women Protest for Topless Rights in Venice Beach, CA

Women at Venice Beach protested their right to go topless at the beach.

Caught on Tape: Thugs and Security Guard Battle at Medical Marijuana Clinic

Two men were caught on video pulling a gun on security guard at a medical marijuana clinic when the guard fought back.

Dare to Bare it All, Go Topless Protest

A topless protest was held in Austin Sunday. Noted as National Go-topless Day, several dozen protesters took to Congress. Those in attendance say it is unconstitutional for men to be able to go topless but women cannot.

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here is the news – I’ll spare you the commentary….cuz I realize that I am that guy who talks too damn much all the time…and I know I get annoying…so even in explaining why I don’t wanna do commentary…I ended up doing commentary…so just watch the clips of the world we live in…

Correction Officer Tazed After Arrested On DUI “I Wanna Hammer Fist You!”

Video shows a high ranking Vermont corrections official being Tased during a drunk driving arrest last year. Corrections Officer Barry Mulcahy becomes increasing agitated throughout the course of the video, verbally assaulting three different officers. He is eventually Tased.

Baltimore Firefighter Assaults Transvestite Prostitute with Hammer

Crazy Looking Dad Arrested for Throwing Remote Control at Son

Scott Lackey was arrested for throwing a remote control at his 8 year-old son because his ADD was getting on his nerves

Lowes customer bitten by rattlesnake in AZ

He was only looking to landscape his lawn when an Ocala Lowes customer got the fright of his life after being bit by a pygmy rattlesnake.

FDA Approves 5-Day After Pill

Pair Want to Put Breathalyzers in Bars

Two Wisconsin college students say they want to keep drunk drivers off the roads. They have come up with an idea they say will work — breathalyzers in bars.

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here is some stories that are standing out in the news…

German Pop Singer Gave Boyfriend HIV
A German Pop Singer is accused of knowingly infecting an ex-boyfriend with HIV

Man may have faked death to avoid trial
SALEM, Mass. – Massachusetts authorities are searching for a man they say faked his death to beat charges of driving without a license.

Man used webcam to peep into homes
BROOKLINE – Police arrested a man for allegedly pointing a webcam into the windows of homes.

Man Accused of Soliciting Teen Online
Friday the 13th was an unlucky day for a Houston man who prosecutors say wanted to have sex with a minor.

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here’s some bullshit going on in the news – if you care…

Woman Wakes Up To Find a Man Snapping Nude Pics of Her…It wasn’t me but I wish it was…

Man licked woman’s foot at bus stop
WALTHAM – A 19-year-old man accused of licking the foot of a woman waiting at a bus stop faced a judge today.

Strip Club Open Despite Court Order

Some residents of West Babylon, Long Island, are furious that an infamous strip club is still open for business in their community even though a court agreement ordered it to shut down.

86-Year-Old Sexually Assaulted

An 86-year-old woman is recovering in the hospital after she was attacked and sexually assaulted inside her southwest Detroit home. Family members say two men broke in Saturday in broad daylight. They are asking witnesses to come forward.

90-year-old Detroiter Says She Was Raped

Police are looking for the men who allegedly raped a 90-year-old woman. That elderly woman is still in the hospital.

Mother Denies She Prostituted Daughter

A disturbing local case is putting the spotlight back on Houston as a major hub for child sex trafficking. Police say a 14-year-old girl was forced into prostitution by her own mother and grandmother


Uplifting German Popstar Story to Inspire You

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here is some shit going on in the news, cuz it’s never too late to realize or accept that we are all doomed….

Man wants to legally change name to Boomer the Dog

Gary Matthews, a PA man petitioned the court to change his name to Boomer the Dog and even dresses up as a dog when walking around his neighborhood

Orgasm Ride

Girl Gets Really Turned On By An Amusement Park

Phila. Woman Claims Donald Duck Groped Her

The web site Smoking Gun has obtained a civil suit that claims a Philadelphia-area woman was groped by Donald Duck at Walt Disney World.

Marinated Cat Rescued at Traffic Stop

A Buffalo, NY man was pulled over by police who found a cat marinating in his trunk as the man planned on eating the cat

Parents Arrested for Buying Son Sex Toy, Sending Him Porn in PA

5 adults were charged with giving porn to an 11 year-old

Baltimore Man in Jail for Faking Seizures to Get Out of Paying for Restaurant Bills

Andrew Palmer was sentenced to 18 months for faking seizures to skip out on restaurant bills

Son Learns of Mom’s Porno Past at State Fair

A woman was shocked to discover that her second grade son came home with provocative photos after he went to the local fair

OH Man Caught Sneaking in Homes to Cuddle with Women

Michael Philips told police he was a ninja when caught breaking into apartments to cuddle with women while they slept.

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stepNEWS of the Day

Today is probably the weirdest day in stepNEWS history. Sure the shit has only been going on a few months now, but seriously, this one left me feeling uncomfortable…Enjoy the insanity…..

Armless Man ‘Throws’ Out First Pitch at Tigers Game – last time I checked, throwing a ball with your feet is called kicking, and kicking is for soccer so shit should be disqualified…

Reading Woman Arrested After Holding Fetus and Baby Remains in Cooler…I prefer to keep fetus in a jar in the closet that I like to use to reflect on my parenting skills….and it’s a great party starter whether alone with a woman or with a group of people…cuz nothing says party like “Wanna see my fetus in a jar”…

MA Man Had Pea Plant Growing in Lung…this is just on another level of weird that makes a paranoid motherfucker like me think I have plants growing in my lungs cuz I always inhale my food…that’s part of being fat…Scary.

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stepNEWS of the Day

I’ve been sucking today. They are filming a movie outside my house and I got models all over the fucking place. It must be for a hip hop video, you know keeping things gutter with big booty bitches in thongs, but I don’t really care what it is for…I’m loving it…like the fat bitch from Ohio loves Mcdonalds….and figure I deserve lazy staring at fat asses too…

Here is the news….

OH Woman Fights McDonald’s Employees Over McNuggets

A Toledo, Ohio woman was told that she couldn’t order Chicken McNuggets because the McDonald’s was serving breakfast, so she started fighting employees at the drive-thru window and was arrested for vandalism

Drunk Driver Drives Himself to Jail
James Hubble, Ohio man called 911 to tell the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office to let them know that he was driving drunk and wanted to turn himself in rather than wait for officers to come get him at the roadside and drove to the Sheriff’s Office.

Stripper Drags Man to Death Under Car
An Ohio stripper dragged a man to his death in Ohio while driving

PA Woman Uses Dirty Diaper in Road Rage

A Western Pennsylvania woman threw a diaper at another car and then smeared it across the back window in a fit or road rage

Caught on Tape: MBTA Attack in Dudley

Cop gets a cane to the head

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here is some shit going on in the news to inspire you to do stupid things to get noticed cuz it works….

Drunk, Pregnant Woman Tries to Rob Taco John’s with Hammer in Wisconsin

Ovulating Women Buy Sexier Clothes
A study shows that ovulating women buy sexier outfits to look more attractive than other women.

Caught on Tape: Man in China Jumps In Front of Train in Hope of Internet Fame
A Chinese man hopped on train track while taping himself to make a viral video and become famous

911 Call from Base Jumper Stuck on Mountain Side
A man had to hang 600 feet overnight after

Former Miss USA Accused of Shoplifting
Shannon Marketic was accused of shoplifting from a Target store when she walked out after purchasing her items. She says it was an honest mistake, while store security says they were just doing their job.

Baby Hitler Parents Lose Custody Case
A New Jersey appeals court says a couple who named one of their children after Adolf Hitler should not regain custody of their three children.

Arkansas Residents Warned Not to Skin Wild Hogs in Heat, Weather Guy Upset

Man Fights w/ Neighbors over Underwear Display in NC
Clyde’s underwear display is getting mixed reaction in downtown Salisbury, North Carolina. He’s the owner of “Off Main Gallery” and an artist. About a week ago, he duct taped a pair of men’s underwear to the front of his shop. Clyde says he did it because he didn’t like his neighbor and says she’s not a big fan of his either.

Vanessa Marcil: I Get Cold Sores (Tells the world she has oral herpes)
Vanessa Marcil lets Wendy Williams know that she gets cold sores and the mistake that led to meeting her husband

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here is a glimpse into what is going on in the news….some may make you laugh…others may make you cry…and some may even make you want to jump off the roof of your local office tower because you don’t have any confidence our race will survive our lifetime….Enjoy…

Dog Saves the Life of Diabetic Drunk Man By Chewing Off His Toe
A drunk Michigan man who had an infected toe due to undiagnosed diabetes passed out and while he was unconscious, his dog chewed his toe off. That ended up saving his life.

TX Teacher Accused of Sex w/ 12-Year Old Boy

Caught on Tape: Ohio Man Tasered After Beating Pregnant Girlfriend and Resisting Police
A violent Ohio man who beat his pregnant girlfriend was tasered repeatedly by cops when he became violent

Caught on Tape: Chase Shows SUV Slamming Maryland Cop Car
Police chases happen all the time, but few end like this one. The chase started in Montgomery County and ended up in Prince George’s. Inside the SUV, three teenagers all suspected of robbery.

Detroit Cops: Teens Beat Blind Man, Stole $600
Detroit area authorities say as many as seven teens beat a blind man with his own cane and robbed him of $600.

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here’s some bullshit going on in the news…too keep us going….cuz in my old age, I’ve been staying close to home getting drunk and despite the voices in my head being fun…I am not around crazy people nearly enough for my liking, this laziness is gonna be the death of me…and stepNEWS is as good as it gets…..enjoy.

Thief Caught Stealing from Church During Services

A Kentucky man was able to steal laptops from a church during services while security cameras rolled

Teens Sentenced for Showing Hidden Cam Sex Tape

Woman Tied Up and Robbed, Types with Feet for Help

Amy Windom, of Atlanta, used her feet to type for freedom after a home invasion robberty

Semen Attack Suspect Charged Again

Montgomery County Police say a man arrested for throwing semen on a woman in July is also responsible for a similar assault that occurred at another store in November 2009.

OH Woman Posed as Teen Boy, Won’t Be Charged w/ Felonies

A 16 year-old girl was upset to learn that a teen boy she dated was really a 31 year-old woman and felony charges were dropped by prosecutors even though the relationship started when she was 15.

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stepNEWS of the Day

Lots of news today…Maybe posting this is getting idiots inspired to do stupid shit to get famous the real way…not the bullshit hollywood way….so catch up on what’s going on…

Man Arrested for Exposing, Touching Teen at ‘Short Pump’ Movie Theater in VA

Disabled Teen Gang-Raped in Basement

It might just be one of the worst Chicago crimes you’ve probably never heard about. It involves teenagers, charges of kidnapping, and sexual torture– all in a South Side basement.

GA Librarian Fired for Not Calling Police on Masturbating Man

A Doraville, GA librarian was fired for following policy and not calling police when a man was caught masturbating while using one of the library’s computers…you will like when you see the tranny they interview

OH Woman Posed as Teen Boy, Won’t Be Charged w/ Felonies

A 16 year-old girl was upset to learn that a teen boy she dated was really a 31 year-old woman and felony charges were dropped by prosecutors even though the relationship started when she was 15.

Russian Woman Uses Breasts to Paint
A Russian woman in St. Petersburg, Russia uses her chest to paint and is gathering a active following

Caught on Tape: Thief Gets Baking Pan to Head

Caught on Tape: Drunk Cincinnati Woman Calls 911 Four Times Looking for a Date

CA Couple in Jail for Asking Teens for Urine

A Sacramento man and wife are behind bars after asking neighborhood kids for urine so they could be a drug test

Masked man attacks woman with hatchet in Florida

A woman said she was robbed by a masked man with a hatchet this morning. The robber kicked in Tabitha Faulkner’s residence and stole $300.

OH Dad Arrested for Pushing Stroller While Drunk

A Mansfield, Ohio man was arrested for operating a stroller while intoxicated and now he’s asking for forgiveness

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here are some videos to really make you appreciate the world we live in. You know in a grab it by the balls and lick the shaft like….no homo…seriously guys….sucking the world we live in’s dick isn’t gay…shit doesn’t even have a gender…

Feces Mom’ Lands Back in Jail

The mother accused of putting feces in her sick child’s feeding tube has landed back in jail.

Man Arrested for Spraying Semen on Woman in Supermarket Parking Lot aka – My New Fetish….

As a woman was leaving a Maryland Giant store a man sprayed liquid on her back. An examination revealed the liquid was human semen.

Someone says ‘shit’ on live TV! Oh NO! Call the Christian Fundamentalists….

Caught on Tape: Snooki Falls Down on Bike

Cops in Seaside Heights, N.J., arrested “Jersey Shore” cast member Snooki on Friday afternoon, according to reports. Law enforcement sources told TMZ that officers took Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi into custody for disorderly conduct.

Atlanta Man Attacked by Beaver

An Atlanta man says he was recovering Friday from an arm wound after a beaver attacked him near Lake Lanier.

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here is some shit going on in the news to keep everyone inspired….

Woman who almost got raped in the Projects has the best brother ever…..

Man Charged for Prostitution Ring

A Minneapolis man is accused of running an operation that connected prostitutes with “Nice Guy” customers at Minneapolis hotels.

Married Woman Talks About Sex with On Duty GA Cop

A married woman speaks about her affair with a Georgia police officer while he was on duty. Now the wife and her husband want the officer off the job.

Vanilla Ice Jumps Car Through Fire Into a Pond

After months of planning Rob Van Winkle (Vanilla Ice) jumps a Cadillac through fire into a pond, underwhelming everyone watching.

NY Congressman Anthony Weiner Flips Out on House Floor

Rep Anthony Weiner loses his cool on the floor of Congress while talking about medical care for 9/11 emergency responders

Caught on Tape: Dancing Robbers Hit Two Stores

A bizarre team of robbers, possibly strung out drugs, takes to dancing during a crime in Dallas.

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stepNEWS of the Day

The biggest news that happened to me was when I looked out my window last night at 3 in the morning and some long-legged, probably barely 18 year old girl was passed out in a thrown out chair, stood up and took a piss on the sidewalk, with people passing her by, only to pass back out in the chair someone had thrown out, cuz maybe their grandmother died on it or some shit, and here this girl was…Shit made me fall in love with the ghetto I live in all over again….

But apparently, the world doesn’t revolve around me and my stories, so here are some things going on in the news….

Teen Convicted for Hitting Classmate in Face with Ax
The 16 year old from Hanover sliced the face of a classmate with an ax in a tractor supply store. He has been locked up since October, and will now be kept in juvenile confinement for 2 years.

Teen Says MySpace Date Led To Stabbing
A 17-year-old Fairfax County girl wound up in the hospital with stab wounds after arranging a date on MySpace, the social networking site. The girl told police she was also raped.

Denny’s Worker Behind Bars for Spiking Drinks
In a Spotsylvania County Denny’s, a worker is put behind bars for spiking the drinks of two co-workers with bleach, acting on a grudge he had with them.

Naked Man Attacked Outside Richmond Bar w/ footage
A witness filmed a naked man who was stumbling in the street and was then attacked outside of some bars in Richmond.

PA Teachers Accused Of Eating Kid’s Lunch
Are teachers at a local school helping themselves to free lunches? That is the accusation at one Philadelphia school and a whistleblower says she was fired over it.

Man Accused of Urinating on Boy
A man is accused of a disgusting act at a public pool in Saint Clair Shores. According to Saint Clair Shores Police, he showed his private parts to a seven-year-old boy in the bathroom near the pool. The man then allegedly urinated on the little boy’s shoulder while the child was using the urinal.

Engineering the ‘Ideal Breast’
You see them on runways, in catalogs, and at the beach. Public fascination with breast size and shape has fueled America’s plastic surgery industry.

Teen put Lysol in mom’s Kool-Aid
A New Hampshire teenager was arrested after allegedly putting Lysol in her mother’s drink.

LA Bondage Club Arson-Murder Suspect Arrest
The body of a man in his 50s was found inside a burned-out bondage club near Los Angeles International Airport, and a man recently fired by the club was arrested on suspicion of arson and murder.

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here is some of the goods going on in the news…..

Darth Vader’ Robs Bank on Long Island

A man wearing a Darth Vader mask and cape robbed a Chase bank branch on Long Island on Thursday, police said. The thief entered a branch in Setauket at 11:30 a.m. and demanded money from a teller. But instead of using a light saber, “Darth” threatened the teller with a semiautomatic gun.

Hilarious! Tennessee’s Next Governor?

Basil Marceaux, or as he calls himself BasilMarceaux.com, may be the last and only hope in the upcoming Tennessee race for Governor.

Man Flashes Woman on Beach

A man who works as a social worker was arrested for indecent exposure after asking a woman to take his picture and then flashing her.

Man took photos, exposed self to kids

Police are looking for a man they say is taking pictures of kids at a local park – and that’s not all

Man Gropes Woman at Brooklyn Laundry

A 19-year-old woman was folding her clothes at the Laundromat she goes to every few weeks. This past Monday morning, she was attacked, groped by a man who also rubbed up against her.

Rape Victim Says She?s Being Stalked

For two hours he raped her repeatedly in a field. That was more than a year ago. Since then he’s been stalking, taunting and threatening her on Facebook.

CT Man Attacks Women with Baseball Bat

A Connecticut man attacked two ex-girlfriends with a baseball bat when found out they were meeting to talk about him

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