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Throwback Aoki Peeing in a Club for stepTV of the Day

I found this video on my computer, and it made me laugh. It is from 2008 when Steve Aoki wasn’t selling out stadiums, but was playing shitty night clubs, where I would come out to hang, drink his vodka, hit on his groupies, and sometimes, video him peeing for stepTV, a video project I probably shoulda never quit, because internet video is way more relevant than writing nonsense no one reads…but since I was born to fail…it’s totally expected…

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Dirty Topless Dancer at the Folsom Street Fair of the Day

This dirty dancer is the next Patrick Swayze…

This was sent in to me by my very very very sexy hispanic friend who I want to fuck but she won’t let me…she won’t even send me nudes, or let me masturbate to her on facetime or skype….which is so strange because I ask her to see her spread ass pics on the regular…maybe she needs romance….

The kind of romance this big girl who is raging out with her gays is getting at the Folsom Street Fair this past weekend….an event filled with all kinds of gayness…and apparently some lesbian titties too…sure not the kind of lesbians I saw playin catch in the park at 10 am…all wholesome and lesbian…but the hardcore kind who probably rips off cock…unless she has one….it’s San Francisco people…anything can happen….

It may be shitty quality, but you get the point.

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Not So Erotic 50 Shades of Mechanical Bull Ride of the Day

This 50 Shades of Grey shit has ruined 40+ year old women’s lives…it is making them hate their husbands….because their husbands are uninterested in fucking them…probably cuz they are a fragment of what they were when they got married….you know after the kids and shit….

It is also opening women up to light bondage, and shit they may have not been into, even though I thought all 40+ year old women were into the freaky shit since being post pregnancy, menopausal and bored….but I guess I don’t hang with suburban 40+

Well, it’s gone so nuts that middle aged girl are grinding their cunts against anything they can to see if it still feels…like this lady we shot on a mechanical bull going nuts…like shit was her boyfriend…or at least an awesome vibrator….

Marriage is boring, aging sucks, but not as much as if this goes viral and this postal worker, cashier, mom and granny gets seen in a whole new slutty light….

stepTV is back.

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Chick in a Bikini has Drunk in Public Pee of the Day

Here’s a video some insider leaked to me from a tour bus parked outside some concert this past summer. It is of some tight body chick taking a pee in public not knowing the band, or people with the band are videotaping the entire thing. It’s pretty fucking amazing but I mean when is drunk hot enough pussy peeing in public not amazing….so watch it…

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Paris Hilton’s Desperate Ex-BFF Speaks Out for Drunkenstepfather of the Day

I unfortunately met Paris Hilton’s BFF, Brittany Flickinger, when she was doing some cross Canada bootleg tour, where clubs would pay her next to nothing to show up, whether it be a couple hundred bucks, gas money or a hotel room, all on a quest to stay relevant.

I told her about the site, she had never heard of it, but was willing to do a video because she needed to get her side of her irrelevant story no one cares about out there. Apparently, she is being slandered in the media as Paris promotes her new BFF show, because the most common question asked is what happened to the last BFF, I mean isn’t a BFF Forever…it’s fucking name of the show you liars…

Paris doesn’t actually care about these people, she just cares about the money, I mean the concept of the show is so bad, you can’t have a soul to participate in it and dropping her fake BFF and needing a new BFF for season 2 just comes with being a vapid hooker….

Well the ex-BFF is upset about it. This is all too confusing for me. But more importantly…none of this actually matters…

But when it’s the only thing on your resume, I get why this twat went on about how Paris was all over her for 6 months, always wanting to hang out, always wanting to be seen together, and the BFF failed to realize it was all a fucking lie and part of the promotional machine that is Paris Hilton.

The second she did what needed to be done, she dropped this bitch like she should, because this bitch is just a latch on fame whore, obviously, who would compromise herself and her dignity to be on a show called Paris Hilton’s BFF to get into the limelight…a light that she got addicted to and is realizing now is a light that is fading fuckin’ fast, if not already burnt out…

So instead of going back to wherever she is from and shutting the fuck up about it and waiting for the world to forget this lapse in judgement, she’s doing an interview with me…and if that isn’t a sign of how sad and destroyed she is, it is a sign of how pathetic she is.

Upon telling her she is a worthless latch on piece of shit when she rejected to get naked on camera for us,she went from not being Paris’ BFF to not being my BFF. In fact, her manager threatened to have me killed, we didn’t get that on video.

BONUS – Here is Brittany Flickinger on a rant that makes pretty much no fuckin sense because she’s fucking crazy….I think this is her acting but I’m not sure….

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I am – Daydreamin’of Some Break Dancers of the Day

You probably don’t remember my stepDAYDREAM videos, because anyone who reads the site now, probably didn’t read it a year and a half ago. I’d pretty much throw up random videos I took of random things but as days turned into months and months into years I got lazy and stopped bothering. Even last week, I saw an inuit prostitute rockin’ out on her discman and I thought shit that’d be good for a Daydream video, because who’d fuckin believe I saw an inuit with a discman rockin’ out, but I didn’t grab that video, I fucked up and instead got this one of some break dancer doing some breakdancing. This is a new start to an old trick and I hope you guys get down with it….and if you have any videos of obscure shit you’ve seen, send it in and I’ll use it as if it was my own…..because that’s the kind of guy I am.

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Pornstar Pinky and Her Big Black Ass in a Pink Dress of the Day

That last thing that I fee when I see this video of Pinky is that I want to fuck her. She looks more like someone I’d expect to tell me that my credit card is not actually my credit card when at the pharmacy trying to buy 1000 dollars of lactose to cut my meth with. You know, the kind of ass that makes me want to go on a diet and that makes that diet easy because it turns me off of fucking food. Her ass is too fucking big and if you put that shit in some sort of police line-up I’d expect it to be an ass that takes up half of my fucking seat on the bus and breathes fucking heave and not something people like to see getting fucked or naked or any of that, but for some reason that I’ll never quite get, people love the shit, so when I got this video of her short legs and huge ass, I figured I had no choice but to post it…I mean, that and that fact that she’s being so fucking creative wearing a pink dress when her name is Pinky, that’s almost as innovative as the pink weave she’s rockin….all this is time better spent doin’ sit-ups.

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Meggan Malone Teaches You How To Throw The Dice of the Day

I don’t know if you remember an amazing moment in this site’s history, when Vivid contract girl, Meggan Malone taught you how to dance , but she I do. I watch that shit on repeat, over and over, almost on a nightly basis because she says the site’s name in it. That means she knows I exist and that’s better than any porn she’s done.

Well, she’s back, and she brought her amazing fucking ass to the internet today and lucky for me, she said my site name as she throws the dice and that works for me …

If you want to see more of my internet girlfriend in action, you know, when she’s not staying up into all hours of the night having cyber sex with me and typing my site URL over and over again, she’s in the “Deeper Throat” TV series on Showtime Saturday nights at 11:30pm or in an actual porn movie called “Strictly Conversation” available at Vivid .

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Some Chicks Shaking Their Asses Like It’s Their Job of the Day

It’s Friday, we’re all tired of working, not that what I do is really work, but more an addiction to sitting on a computer because it makes for a good excuse not to do other things in life, but I figure what better day to post this very EXCLUSIVE video of some no name stripper sluts who were hired to spend 3 days in Vegas at the Adult Expo to stand by a booth and shake their asses. Sure shit happened a month ago, but I’m slow on the uptake, whatever the fuck that means, I just hear people say it and wanted to drop it like it’s hot.

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I am – Daydreamin’ of a Tied Up Bitch of the Day

I used to do a feature called “Day Dreamin’”, I haven’t done one in a long time because I was watching TV at a friend’s house and some motherfucker used the song I used in a TV commercial, leaving me at a loss about what to fucking do about postin’ these videos, but I’ve got over it and had this video from the Adult Expo that happened a couple weeks ago of some girl and her handler with ropes….cuz there’s nothing like day dreamin’ about a tied up bitch, because you know it’s harder for her to escape.

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Nina Hartley’s Old Ass in a Thong of the Day

Here’s a shitty video and some picture of Nina Hartley’s ass. If you don’t know who Nina Hartley is, then you are an idiot. She is a 50 year old Jewish old school pornstar who has some crazy fucking booty. She is one of the longest running pornstars who seems to like what she’s doing, she hasn’t killed herself with a drug overdose and she hasn’t got the AIDS virus, so she’s the kind of experience slut all you young sluts should look up to as your idol.

She is educated, she is a feminist who thinks sex is something women give to men and she’s on some kind of quest to legitimize what she does and make it have a bigger purpose, even though no matter how many words she says to explain herself, I just can’t make out what she’s saying because her mouth is full of cock.

I don’t want to underestimate her life work, but let’s be real for a minute, you get fucked on camera, you have been getting fucked on camera for close to 3 decades and that makes you a slut, whether you are smart or intellectual about shit or not.

Here are the pics to make up for the shitty video, speaking of video Nina Hartley is still in “Mature Porn” and produces some instructional videos, because if there’s anything this bitch knows, it’s how to take a cock and eat some serious pussy…,

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Best StepTV of 2008 of the Day

I figured we should re-cap stepTV since no one watches the shit even though it’s the heart of the site, I’m just too lazy to get out there to video tape, but in the back of my mind drunkenstepfather is a video site, so here’s a few videos that were put up this year for you to watch.

Meggan Malloy Dances for DSF.com

Passive/Aggressive Sex Rejection

Rapist Training Video

Hot Biker Slut

N.E.R.D Has Make a Wish Foundation Retard Dancers

The Baldwin Brothers Are Drunk

Tila Tequila (Thinks She) Is a Video Star of the Day

American Beauty Queens

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Meggan Mallone Dances for DrunkenStepfather of the Day

After writing this website for years, I finally convinced a girl to get naked and do a video dancing for me. I started the site hoping to get girls topless, that didn’t work out too well for me, but in the back of my mind, I always thought someone would be willing to take her top off for me, but that didn’t work out for me either, because it turns out people don’t give a shit about useless sites, but that all changed today with this AMAZING video of Vivid Star Meggan Mallone doing a little dance for us topless.

The video was sent in by the people at Vivid to show me they care, it is directed by porn producer/director Shylar Cobi and I feel like I just won the lottery and that all this typing actually had a fuckin’ point. Yes, tits are enough for me, I have low expectations….so take that every teacher and ex girlfriend who told me I was wasting my time and that I was destined to failure. To think all these years, I believed you, or pretended to to justify my drinking…

Either way, this is just a Christmas miracle…I guess Santa does exist and isn’t just some creepy dude at the mall….

Either way, watch this hot/funny video to brighten up your day….Here’s the SFW Version….

Here are some older pics of her because she’s hot….and I am in love….

And Check Out More on Viivd Because They Own The Porn Industry….and Gave Me This Gift…..

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Passive Aggressive Sex Rejection of the Day

I will tell you why this long drawn out video none of you will watch is funny and that is because of the back story I can pretty much guarantee behind this and that is that dude meets a girl and builds up the courage to invite her out on a date, she agrees because she’s not all that hot or used to boys taking the traditional route of trying to wine and dine her. So he puts on his favorite blazer and she dresses up as classy as she can and they go out to a restaurant for a bite to eat. He orders a bottle of wine and tries to get her drunk thinking it’ll make the fuck easier to secure, but doesn’t realize she’s running all these different ways to get out of the awkward moment that’s bound to come where he tries to get in her pants, so she does what any passive aggressive girl who is unsure of herself and scared to offend or rub the guy the wrong way after he so kindly tried his best to fuck her. So she fakes that she’s sick and can’t walk and dude tries to play nice about the whole thing, knowing she only had one glass of wine but still unable to accept that she won’t fuck his lame ass, so he holds her hair, feels her tit a bit all while she sits there about to be sick, but never actually getting sick, because she’s not sick and it’s all just part of her master fucking plan to not give up her vagina despite how badly she probably needs it. To make things worse, bitch is so prude that no only will she not let herself get fucked but she doesn’t know that real drunk people about to be sick is a lot messier than this, with a lot more spitting and dizziness and a lot less put together. Good job though, maybe you can take your acting to The Hills or some shit…..Either way, watch the video because I thought it was funny and it’s my site so I can post what I want to, even if it is shitty original content….

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Rapist Training Video of the Day

If you’re a chachi motherfucker and acting like an asshole while smoking your expensive Cuban cigar to draw attention to yourself that didn’t work because you didn’t get you any stupid bottle whore pussy, you should do what every smart sexually frustrated 9 to 5 millionaire does when they see a blow up doll on the street being used as some kind of prop at an Asian bachelor party, and that’s beat it up like the whore that it is, then give it a little diddle because you like vagina. Maybe one day, you can make to the big leagues and do that to a real woman, but only if you’re lucky I guess. You sick fuck.

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