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Sam Jones Talks Vagina Chart on the Streets with Russell Simmons and Other Pervs of the Day

A lot of people have the wrong idea about me. Mainly feminists. They think I am the root of all evil and that I hate women, sure I make fun of vapid girls who exploit themselves, but encourage, support, offer advice, and I am friends with regular girls who aren’t these attention seekers on a quest to be a hot model, or actress or whatever it is all these idiots I write about do..

The truth is, I actually love women…real women, inspiring women, entrepreneurial and hard working women, good mothers and fucking leaders and anyone who puts a little effort into doing good and making a difference beyond stripping down for a camera for some money before fucking a rich guy for security…

The women I mock on the site, are the Feminist enemy, not the guy who mocked them…so in a lot of ways, I am a feminist too, I just go about it from a way better angle…

So in loving everything about women…I am all about their vaginas…Some guys like ass, some like tits, some like asshole, some like legs, some like blondes, some like Black girls…I like vagina…all vagina…

So a year ago I put out THIS VAGINA SHIRT ….partially as a gag for dudes to ask girls in bars what their number was…leading to sex and love…so that I could be like Match.com and celebrate all the marriages the site is responsible for….

But it turns out, girls actually liked THIS VAGINA SHIRT because it was empowering that pictures of vaginas they don’t normally see in porn were being celebrated…

It was like “you don’t need an inny to have a pussy or to sit on my face” kind of thing…you don’t need to have labia reduction to celebrate your pussy, embrace your pussy, and if you don’t want to, let me embrace it…with my mouth…

My good friend, Sam Jones, liked the message of THIS VAGINA SHIRT and took to the streets of New York to ask people about vagina, all while celebrating her vagina…and I’m really happy to be part of something so fucking relevant, amazing, inspiring, all based on the one thing I like…pussy.


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Happy July 4th, From #stepGIRL Talula Wilde and Chris Vongsawat of the Day

Video genius Chris Vongsawat who you can find on INSTAGRAM put together this little Fourth of July, Independence Day, July 4th, Firework show starring the lovely and talented #stepGIRL TALULA WILDE …topless and in her lingerie in New York City’s Times Square…because sometimes all you need is a Canadian to show you just how free you really are..

It’s our own take on FREE THE NIPPLE

I am sure you’re celebrating it your own way somewhere, probably a trailer park filled with canned corned and discount hot dogs, maybe fireworks that will kill at least one of you because you made it out of dynamite to impress everyone, but I hope it is just as naked, but definitely not as hot.

I think this is probably the best Independence day video of all time. Take that Will Smith.

See it on Vimeo

One more time…

Model Film: Talula Wilde @ stepGIRLS from Chris Vongsawat on Vimeo.

Show your grandmother and other friends how patriotic you are by sharing it

See it on Vimeo

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DrunkenStepfather.com Went to the AVNs of the Day

6 Months ago…I went to the AVN expo and Award show , for what was probably my 5th or 6th time, not because I get paid to be there, my flight and hotel are not subsidized, I don’t even like or watch porn, but porn seems to be the only industry that really accepts me and appreciates me…and gets what I do , and in turn I like and appreciate porn back….

Not to mention, the experience is hardly that sleazy, if anything it’s just laid back and funny as fuck. The Porn girls happen to be some of the most fun, playful, even intelligent girls I know, and I’ve met most of my porno friends at the expo…

The real interesting thing is the fans, weird people, normal people, handicapped people, curious people, sometimes even celebrity people, who role through just to see what is going on…and what it is all about…because despite porn being some of the trashiest filth produced on earth, it is a huge industry, people are addicted to it, people watching hours of it every day and it crosses all borders, boundaries,nations and ethnicities, it unites people who like to jerk off to video of people fucking or doing other weird shit….and that to me is interesting enough to attend..

I brought one of my good friends who happens to own a camera with…and this is the video he put together of the footage…and it made me laugh, reminded me of some ridiculous we saw, ridiculous we experienced, and friends we saw and friends we made we made…

So to the crew at AVN, maybe we’ll be seeing you at NEXT YEARS SHOW …if not we’ll remember this year’s show thanks to stepTV …

If you watch the video you’ll see all kinds of familiar faces, from Ron Jeremy to Vince Neil, Dave Navarro, Evan Stone, Machine Gun Kelly, to homies from MYFREECAMs every fucking porn girl int he industry and some dude who dances like Michael jackson…


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DrunkenStepfather Presents On Set with Asa Akira of the Day

Her name is Asa Akira, who is primarily known as a writer who has just released her first book called “Insatiable” that you can buy her book HERE

More importantly, she’s a pornstar….one of the best there is and I am not just saying that because we have been friends for as long as she’s been in porn, or because she says that I inspired her to get into porn, something I assume she tells all the websites she cheats on me with…but something that makes me feel proud because porn has been good for her…

Well I finally got off my ass, went to see her fuck on set, because why the fuck wouldn’t I go watch my porn friend fuck on set when I am invited to, and the fact it took my 6 years to make happen is ridiculous.

We did a little interview, it’s probably the best stepTV has ever been, and she was shooting some Asa Akira title WICKED PICTURES

All this to say, she’s the best and you can listen to her DVDA podcast I’ve never been invited on that she does with Facebook Billionaire David Choe HERE

GOOD times….

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Throwback Aoki Peeing in a Club for stepTV of the Day

I found this video on my computer, and it made me laugh. It is from 2008 when Steve Aoki wasn’t selling out stadiums, but was playing shitty night clubs, where I would come out to hang, drink his vodka, hit on his groupies, and sometimes, video him peeing for stepTV, a video project I probably shoulda never quit, because internet video is way more relevant than writing nonsense no one reads…but since I was born to fail…it’s totally expected…

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Dirty Topless Dancer at the Folsom Street Fair of the Day

This dirty dancer is the next Patrick Swayze…

This was sent in to me by my very very very sexy hispanic friend who I want to fuck but she won’t let me…she won’t even send me nudes, or let me masturbate to her on facetime or skype….which is so strange because I ask her to see her spread ass pics on the regular…maybe she needs romance….

The kind of romance this big girl who is raging out with her gays is getting at the Folsom Street Fair this past weekend….an event filled with all kinds of gayness…and apparently some lesbian titties too…sure not the kind of lesbians I saw playin catch in the park at 10 am…all wholesome and lesbian…but the hardcore kind who probably rips off cock…unless she has one….it’s San Francisco people…anything can happen….

It may be shitty quality, but you get the point.

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Not So Erotic 50 Shades of Mechanical Bull Ride of the Day

This 50 Shades of Grey shit has ruined 40+ year old women’s lives…it is making them hate their husbands….because their husbands are uninterested in fucking them…probably cuz they are a fragment of what they were when they got married….you know after the kids and shit….

It is also opening women up to light bondage, and shit they may have not been into, even though I thought all 40+ year old women were into the freaky shit since being post pregnancy, menopausal and bored….but I guess I don’t hang with suburban 40+

Well, it’s gone so nuts that middle aged girl are grinding their cunts against anything they can to see if it still feels…like this lady we shot on a mechanical bull going nuts…like shit was her boyfriend…or at least an awesome vibrator….

Marriage is boring, aging sucks, but not as much as if this goes viral and this postal worker, cashier, mom and granny gets seen in a whole new slutty light….

stepTV is back.

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Chick in a Bikini has Drunk in Public Pee of the Day

Here’s a video some insider leaked to me from a tour bus parked outside some concert this past summer. It is of some tight body chick taking a pee in public not knowing the band, or people with the band are videotaping the entire thing. It’s pretty fucking amazing but I mean when is drunk hot enough pussy peeing in public not amazing….so watch it…

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Paris Hilton’s Desperate Ex-BFF Speaks Out for Drunkenstepfather of the Day

I unfortunately met Paris Hilton’s BFF, Brittany Flickinger, when she was doing some cross Canada bootleg tour, where clubs would pay her next to nothing to show up, whether it be a couple hundred bucks, gas money or a hotel room, all on a quest to stay relevant.

I told her about the site, she had never heard of it, but was willing to do a video because she needed to get her side of her irrelevant story no one cares about out there. Apparently, she is being slandered in the media as Paris promotes her new BFF show, because the most common question asked is what happened to the last BFF, I mean isn’t a BFF Forever…it’s fucking name of the show you liars…

Paris doesn’t actually care about these people, she just cares about the money, I mean the concept of the show is so bad, you can’t have a soul to participate in it and dropping her fake BFF and needing a new BFF for season 2 just comes with being a vapid hooker….

Well the ex-BFF is upset about it. This is all too confusing for me. But more importantly…none of this actually matters…

But when it’s the only thing on your resume, I get why this twat went on about how Paris was all over her for 6 months, always wanting to hang out, always wanting to be seen together, and the BFF failed to realize it was all a fucking lie and part of the promotional machine that is Paris Hilton.

The second she did what needed to be done, she dropped this bitch like she should, because this bitch is just a latch on fame whore, obviously, who would compromise herself and her dignity to be on a show called Paris Hilton’s BFF to get into the limelight…a light that she got addicted to and is realizing now is a light that is fading fuckin’ fast, if not already burnt out…

So instead of going back to wherever she is from and shutting the fuck up about it and waiting for the world to forget this lapse in judgement, she’s doing an interview with me…and if that isn’t a sign of how sad and destroyed she is, it is a sign of how pathetic she is.

Upon telling her she is a worthless latch on piece of shit when she rejected to get naked on camera for us,she went from not being Paris’ BFF to not being my BFF. In fact, her manager threatened to have me killed, we didn’t get that on video.

BONUS – Here is Brittany Flickinger on a rant that makes pretty much no fuckin sense because she’s fucking crazy….I think this is her acting but I’m not sure….

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