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Taylor Swift Tit Manipulating the Media of the Day


Taylor Swift is the fucking worst, but more importantly, she is such a really good con artist. Her marketing team and her brand are so on point that she can get away with murder, or in her case PUSSY murder and she gets celebrated. The story gets spun in her favor. She’s the hopeless romantic, young and making mistakes, who sings aspirational and relatable shit for other loser chicks out there…

While the truth is she’s a vapid, money grubbing, cheating whore, with a terrible personality who is terrorizing the world through her lies…

It’s like she can cheat on a dude, dump a dude, and dude disappears while going out in public with another dude romanticall…and the world swoons…instead of saying “damn she’s fucked like 50 people, that’s pretty slutty”….not that I care if a bitch fucks 50 dudes, but I do think it’s a little strange to play hopeless romantic when your public dating history, the history you want us to know about, is more filling your hole with new cock every few months…

You know behind the media lie, bullshit story, there’s a lot of other cock we don’t know about that has filled this moneymaker….

I just don’t like liars…but I do like sluts…even when they pretend they aren’t slut…so …here she is holding hands with new cock…with tits…being pushed out with purse strap..purse strap titty boost…



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The Taylor Swift is a Slut Post of the Day


I don’t know who Tom Hiddleston is, but apparently he’s a big action star in action movies who is now getting action in public by or from Taylor Swift, as part of her master plan, because a bitch this famous only participates in contrived and strategic things.

She was recently in a fake relationship with Calvin Harris. that I assume is contrived garbage that involved a lot of contracts because everyone she fucks is a puzzle piece in her master plan, because at her level, with all the money her name and her sex life makes her…on a career made on love and survival into new love…very relatable emo shit…that makes her come out the hero, the survivor the “you go girl” girl…

So it would make sense that she hire an actor for this divert from anything that could reflect badly on her, like that she’s a cheater, or a terrible person…because you know…and I know…and we know…she is…

The media is lies, but one thing that is for sure is that Taylor Swift loves penis in her twat, she just builds a storyline around it – to make it less slutty – in a world where an empowered woman can’t own her slutty because it may destroy her brand – of hopeless romantic – even though that’s all bullshit.

Yes. I just analyzed Taylor Swift being a slut in public for her fans…who feel her sadness…nonsense…

The joke in all this is that Calvin HArris is pissed about how things are playing out – and unfollowed Taylor Swift, Deleted their posts together, tweeted “It’s about to go down”…and even unfollowed her brother Austin…because that’s what insecure DJs do when their girl’s disrepect them in public like that – but dude makes 100 million a year and should remember to NEVER DATE THE A-LIST –

NEVER DATE THE A LIST – they are the fucking worst…go for the C-List broke bitch…my god…who fucking cares about Taylor Swift…how could you be into anything about her – if you have your own money and career and don’t need her for what she’s good at…making money…

He’s been posting Rihanna pics, because I guess they have a song together and he’s trying to get the revenge – but it’s all so fucking dumb…glad I wrote about it…but I prefer staring at Rihanna tit ..

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 1.18.48 PM

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Taylor Swift’s Single Boring No Ass in Leggings of the Day

swift (4)

Looks like Taylor Swift may have danced her ass off…maybe her no ass is part of the reason Calvin Harris actually left her, he has a ton of fucking money from a bunch of hit songs and doesn’t really need to put up with some Diva bullshit, when he can in turn fuck way hotter, younger, more eager, poorer, hungry fro his cock hoping it will get them pregnant so they are set for life – making him their job – rather than part of a marketing program….dude got the press, dude made 100 million dollars off one song, why put up with this shit, or shitter, or lack of shit and shitter….in tight pants…

It reminds me of a drunk bitch I saw yesterday, who was in leggings and who had no ass screaming at her husband, hitting him, causing what would be a scene in these leggings that were sagging to her knee, leggings sagging to the fucking knees like a hip hop skate kid, because she had zero fucking ass, and I didn’t really feel bad for him for being yelled at a bitch who has no ass and was unaware of her no ass to the point of her wearing leggings – which you shouldn’t do when you have no ass – I felt bad that he had to be seen in public known for the guy that fucks the no ass…which was the real fucking scene that was being caused…


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Taylor Swift’s Wedding Crashing of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 11.40.23 AM

It’s safe to say that someone is trying to divert attention away from her let’s say “abortion” and break up – to still focus on Taylor Swift, since she likes all eyes on her, because she decided to crash a fan’s wedding, that I think is a downplayed account of a very calculated, organized, planned stunt to get a couple of instagram pics…instead of addressing break-up rumors with DJ who I’m sure fucks a lot of other girls on the road – Calvin Harris….the creator of Rita Ora…not that any real scandal of her ass fucking fetishes will ever come out in the public, this bitch is powerful and the NDA that fucker had to sign was probably really fucking intense…she’s not going to ruin her image and career for some random UK cock….no way…because she realizes more than anyone there is no such thing as love, it’s just a solid way to sell albums and get in the press…and that at her core she’s just a whore…

But here she is at a wedding that isn’t hers, in some silly publicity stunt, not because she’s naked, but because you know she’s a whore and we like whores. Except maybe Taylor Swift. That bitch is the worst.

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Taylor Swift is Single and the Fucking Worst of the Day

I guess Taylor Swift Terminated the pregnancy that my very reliable source told me she was pregnant…and I still believe that she could be…because I would hate to be seen as anyone who promotes fake information…actually, I wouldn’t mind that – my entire existence has been trolling…and I’m really into her being pregnant because now that her and her DJ who she pretended and acted so in love with – despite him being a DJ who tours at clubs and is surrounded by young horny girls – making him not loyal at all – but more a “I can’t believe I’m rich from this, I was always so awkward and now that I fuck Taylor Swift all the girls want me”….kind of guy…are broken up – she’ll be forced to raise a bastard baby –

Unless she already terminated the pregnancy…

Oh how great it would be to be in the inner circle and to know exactly what is happening to her uterus….coupled with all the tactics used to troll the world…into loving her….

But I’m just like everyone else, watching her complain about FROGS in an instagram video she posted a week ago!!

Here’s some bikini romance staged bullshit to perpetuate her lies…

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Taylor Swift Still Pregnant of the Day



I announced that Taylor Swift was pregnant a long time ago, I said I had very legitimate sources who told me she was pregnant, I said that she’s been getting bustier slowly because of that pregnancy, she just hasn’t announced that pregnancy….no one believed me…

Maybe they think I’m a lie, or a joke, or a hack who doesn’t know what I am talking about, and I am…but over the years, I’ve broke countless stories that are sent to me – and no one even bothers noticing…and not just sex tapes…real life stories of cheating and fame whoring…you see because I like making Taylor Swift Pregnancy announcements about me…

The truth is…she may not be pregnant, but she’s thicker in the GUNT…that WOMB is Swollen, she’s wearing a sweatshirt to cover it..and she’s got bigger tits popping out as part of the diversion…

Sounds pregnant enough to em…


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Taylor Swift – May Still be Pregnant at a Club of the Day

I don’t know why Taylor Swift is dressed all crazy in this lace covered romper, but it looks like I could have been right about the maternity gear for a pregnant girl, a story that is terrifying to write about, because Taylor Swift has trademarked her name and if she wants can sue any blog who writes her name in a way she doesn’t like being written about…

I guess I could give her a nickname like “slutty country star who go too famous and rich for her own good by going pop only to annoy everyone who hears her music because she’s the fucking worst – yet still exists because the machine just gets bigger and bigger, other celebs suck up to her, and no one seems to think she is singing a one sided version, anti men version, of her being a sex addict”…

I don’t know why she looks like Taylor Mosen with that bleached hair and black outfit, but maybe she’s going through hormonal issues…from the pregnancy…new look!

I don’t know if she’s actually pregnant, but some reputable people have mentioned it in passing the last 3-4 months and I just assume that they are right, why would they lie or make that up, it’s not like I talk to people about Taylor Swift or dig for Taylor Swift gossip, her pregnancy only affects me in one way and that is that I can hope she dies in child birth, or disappears with her constant attention seeking for a while while raising the baby…you know…like Beyonce did….or like J.Lo did…just fade out gracefully…

So even if they were right about her being pregnant, she may have vacuumed it out, like a good Christian who likes making money, only to disprove my claims…but I’m pretty much a hack and no one believes what I write anyway…in fact…no one reads what I right.

I think I see GUNT…but if she was pregnant, I can’t imagine a club in NYC being the best place for the fetus…so it may just be dinner…

Either way, she’s the worst.


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Taylor Swift Probably Not Still Pregnant of the Day

Taylor Swift 7

I’ve been saying that Taylor Swift is pregnant…because I was told she is pregnant by more than one person who would know that Taylor Swift would be pregnant…but I guess she’s not pregnant…because she’s posted this bikini pic and as you know 3 month pregnant girls don’t wear bikinis when trying to keep the shit secret…

It is Gigi Hadid’s 21st Birthday and it amazes me that we live in a world where people like Taylor Swift don’t only exist, but excel and make so much money of idiot fans, all for producing garbage content…to the point where they are not only richer than fucking god, or more powerful than god, and not just based on their egos alone, but based on the adorning fans throwing their figurative panties at them…makin’ it rain on them…without their stripping…

Seeing her escorted out by security, you know to keep her safe, would be far more interesting if there was an assassination in progress…I mean if you’re gonna have crazed fans…make them fucking count…

Garbage…but I think she looked better when she wasn’t Taylor Momson hair…what’s this “edgy” new look…cunt..

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 1.26.15 PM


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Taylor Swift for Vogue of the Day


I was talking about Taylor Swift the other day, I was telling someone that the site traffic is dying hard because no one cares about what I have to say, everyone is on social media, the blog format is dead, I didn’t adapt because I’m traditional, and I should have probably created more of a media company I could sell for 40 million dollars, instead of one worth 5 dollars. It would probably be the same amount of work.

They told me that I need to break a story, and I told them that I have broken stories over the years and no one cares, even this month I’ve been told Taylor Swift is 2-3 months pregnant and not telling anyone…and when it does get announced no one will credit me for breaking the story…perpetuating my life as a loser…

I realize that not everyone wins like Taylor Swift has with her genius marketed music to the masses, that isn’t even good but that doesn’t need to be good…focus on a fake broken heart because we all know rich vapid cunts don’t have hearts they just have the ability to spin stories to their benefit…

At the same time, Taylor Swift really wants to be a model…so much so that she hangs out with them, she works out with them, she’s got skinny legs and is tall like them, but just can hack it as a model…walking Victoria’s Secret runway like she craves….even though being a model doesn’t require much more talent than being a big enough asshole to make poses and model faces for a camera…or on the runway…which I guess she still gets to do, case in point, these VOGUE pics…but she’s got this billion dollar music career that she will never break free from so that her modeling work gets any stamp of approval…she’ll always be a popstar posing, which is nice to know bitches like this don’t get everything they want while sitting on their pile of money…because they’ve already fucking won at life…

Either way, possibly pregnant unless she miscarried, trying to model because she’s tall and skinny and hangs with models, source of music that makes me want to kill myself…in Vogue…for Mert & Marcus.

The highlight along with her being as slutty as Taylor Swift gets is that her shoes remind me of this skinny bitch doing a drunken, drugged walk of shame at 7 am outside my house today. She was a stumbling gift from god that I didn’t have time to offer to save…with my mouth…yes Taylor Swift in Vogue is about me.

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Taylor Swift Hot Ass of the Day


My favorite thing about Taylor Swift is that the cock who has rumored to have knocked her up like she Megan Fox for the Third Time with David from 90210 to trap him and save their family or some shit…by the same cock that has fucked Rita Ora and probably a handful of a lot of groupie bitches while living the superstar DJ life….a dick that is probably less traveled than Taylor Swift’s vagina, she’s fucked everyone but markets it like it’s a broken hearted failed relationship…poor Taylor Swift…dirty genitals…

I actually don’t like anything about the probably pregnant Taylor Swift…not even her her flat as fuck and we know how flat fucks are… ass…

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Taylor Swift Pregnancy of the Day

Taylor Swift (28)

About a month ago, I mentioned that Taylor Swift is pregnant.

I am not influential enough for anyone to take me seriously when I write FACTS.

I can think of 15 – 20 times where I called out a crazy exclusive that I got from the front lines of Celebrity….

But No one fucking listens to me.

The past month, notoriously SKINNY Taylor Swift thwarted my claims by wearing fitness clothing, going to the gym, etc….because the first 3 months don’t show…

But going into MONTH 4….she’s having a harder time covering it up….

Taylor Swift (32)

That said, Taylor Swift is Pregnant….TO SEE THE PROOF CLICK HERE

There was some lame event called “iHEARTRADIO” Awards, they are the biggest Radio station owners and really the people responsible for you knowing all that annoying as fuck pop music you sing along to – because they are exposing you to it without you knowing…

Taylor Swift dressed slutty there…

But there were other sluts there….LIKE SELENA GOMEZ..

To see the pics CLICK HERE

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Taylor Swift’s Cheesy Romance Continues of the Day


I don’t know what marketing campaign Taylor Swift is trying to pull off with her “romantic getaway”…up on some “instagram model romance”….but it’s cheesy as fuck.

I guess the opportunist realizes people who follow her want this. They are all lonely and pathetic losers who can’t find love or who get mistreated by love which is why they support her stupid music and believed her victim thrown away by every man she got busted fucking, when you know the guys she was fucking probably have a very different story about the sex addict….a sex addict who dates party dudes who fuck lots of people alos…and the whole thing smells like herpes….


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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Bikini Vacation Porn of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 1.27.22 AM

I guess Calvin Harris decided to secure his K-Fed of Taylor Swift, by showing her bikini body off to the world…saying “look my 2 x 4 of a girlfriend is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and has been working on her booty, hopefully via pregnancy, because I need that Child support check for when the world realizes 40 year old DJs are pathetic, lame, and creepy. It’s also a good diversion from all the hookers I fuck on the road, if I post her pic, it’s like I don’t stick my dick in everything with a soul, since I am dating something without a soul and it gets exhausting trying to pretend to care about her money grubbing scam, until 50% of that money is mine, which is the goal”….

At least that’s how I read into this cheesy, but not as cheesy as being a DJ bullshit pics….

All I smell is the Herpes all these fuckers have…

All this to say, what’s with her weird instagram booty pose, this is Taylor Swift, the conservative slut in high waisted shorts…what the fuck is she instagram modeling for..oh right..the DJ…Weird.

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

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Taylor Swift’s Pregnancy Fitness of the Day

I heard a rumor that Taylor Swift is pregnant…and that Karlie Kloss, despite her hopes and dreams since Taylor Swift is a good sugar baby, the kind you befriend and let play barbie with you, because she’s a more solid client than Victoria’s Secret, and throw a kid in the mix so guaranteed income comes into the mix for the next 18 years…solid..


But at least they have the shitty poetry of their gym…to hold their cheesy mainstream bullshit rich as fuck lives together…

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 3.45.18 PM

The charmed life…


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Taylor Swift’s Cameltoe of the DAy


Pregnant Taylor Swift has a rocking cameltoe – which isn’t rocking in a good way, but more rocking in a Taylor Swift kid of rocking way…

Taylor swift is wearing tight and inappropriate pants – probably pantyless but you never know when you factor in the power of her pussy, not just because it is rich, but because the thing can eat it’s way through anything like that old knife infomercial – she cuts through concrete….so fabric isn’t a challenge for it at all…

I know I’ve said it before and it has been appropriated by all the copycats who steal obvious played out jokes…that her pussy is hungry because it is eating these pants, probably because it’s not full of dick the way it likes to be…Emptional eating but vaginal…

You know all her love songs aren’t about one guy that broke her but rather dick as a concept, so many dick, that involves as many dicks as possible …

Rumor is she’s 2-3 months pregnant…can anyone confirm or deny?

Here are some of her lyrics that were written about dick:


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