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Taylor Swift has Long Legs of the Day


A day is not a day, unless you look at Taylor Swifts Legs….which contrast nicely against her Donkey face…because you know, if she was in an anthropomorphic world…or movie…those teeth would be set on an awkward and clumsy long legged donkey…but instead they are on some hack of a popstar that has very little to offer, but who everyone loves, because she positioned herself strategically through country music and playing the victim, like every girl I have had sex with…but at least they are actually victims…I wouldn’t want for anyone I respect to live with that…which works out nicely…because I don’t respect anyone who has sex with me, I’m more the “I can’t believe you’re doing this, or allowing me to do this, what the hell is wrong with you”…

Not that that has anything to do with Taylor Swift and her mastermind of how the media and popculture works…in a “everyone is my friend, I’m so awkward, that’s why I collect models for Barbies”….kind of way….

To See the Rest of the Pics –

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Taylor Swift Has No Sex Appeal for GQ Video of the DAy

I guess the LOL of the day is Taylor Swift confidently posing and making seductive sexy model faces…that are obviously forced for her awkward, zero sex appeal, bullshit romantic tween love song career…but you can tell she wants it so bad…she wants to be a Victoria’s Secret model she abducted, adopted, locked in her basement to either steal their souls, or maybe make them teach her everything she knows…because she had no childhood, and they are her interactive toys…who she can learn everything she needs from…but despite being a calculated, formulaic, contrived act that has worked because America is lazy…she still isn’t something I’d ever jerk off to…and even if I was fucking her, I’d probably have my eyes closed while thinking about everyone who isn’t Taylor Swift to cum…even though she’s the biggest act around, that everyone is attaching themselves to…she just can’t give me a boner…but I guess very little can…thanks to importance…but she can’t even stimulate my brain into wanting to sex offend her..and I’ve sex offended inanimate objects..something I think Taylor Swift may be…

You’ve already seen the pics…

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Taylor Swift for GQ of the Day


Taylor Swift did GQ…

I guess, Taylor Swift is no longer the awkward little country girl from Nashville, raised on a Christmas tree farm before convincing her family that she could be an international singer/songwriter…despite barely having talent…and it worked…weird right? Seems like there must be a conspiracy behind this brand.

She’s trying to get a male audience, as a sexual being, with sex appeal, who has sex, and who has been having sex since her first cheesy tween love inspired love song….she just made sure to call the guys she fucked boyfriends, even if it lasted 2-4 weeks…it resonated better with her fan base…

So as she plays the wholesome, good girl…while she hangs out with coke head, slut models…and really everyone in between…that image has remained safe and sound…pure and innocent…even if the kind of guys she dates are touring DJs who go to massage parlours…her camp will shit all blame on them…to protect the billion dollar brand….

If I cared, it’d almost be amazing how well they executed this girl….

It’s not to say they knew this would happen, or that they knew they’d be here now, putting her on to the men’s market, now that the women’s market has connected to her and loved her…to have her blossom into a woman…like her model friends that dudes jerk off to…but there was a lot of calculating, planning to make this happen…without her coming across as the slut she is, the whore she is, or the desperate puppet she is….

I am the kind of guy who would fuck anything, and she’s thin and has long legs…but I still see zero fucking sex appeal and don’t get why they are even trying…but I guess they know more about media manipulation that I do…so we’ll just go with it…

What I am saying is that she’s go the sex appeal of a flacid penis…useless to the hetero man who owns it, and to the girl who is trying to fuck it…all orgasms will come from other places…despite having all the parts in the bedroom availbale to theoretically make orgasms…

We’re still a long way away from seeing her pussy….but at least she’s not the weird girl in a high waisted bikini anymore…evolution…right…

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Taylor Swift Face of the Day


Let’s take a moment out of our busy unemployed lives…to look at this perfectly captured moment Taylor Swift was nice enough to share of us…of her face scrunched up…in what could be her uncomfortable with the smell of Black people, as some people from Tennessee would be…or maybe it’s just her reminding us that she’s quirky as fuck and has zero sex appeal no matter how spread her legs are…or how many dudes she’s let cum inside her….because I have a feeling that this is what she looks like when she’s focused and about to cum….all like the kid allergic to everything in your elementary school having an asthma attach because he sat next to someone eating a peanut butter sandwich…and if that’s not erotic to you…you’re dead on the inside…even though Taylor Swift is never erotic to me…because I am dead on the inside…but gay guys love her…and so do the Christians…so her sex appeal, no matter how hard she tries…still drives her boyfriends to erotic massage parlors…that don’t give prostate massages but that still jerk you off…because either Taylor is shitty in bed, or they don’t even have sex and it’s all business…or she’s a freak and made him do it…because her people are her puppets…who knows…

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 12.14.24 PM

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Taylor Swift Possibly Single in Vogue Australia of the Day


The rumor of the day is that Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift have broken up, even though they played so in love, as Taylor Swift was trying to increase her cool factor by dating a club DJ and the club DJ was trying to increase his rate by dating an A-Lister, all while opening him up to producting hit pop songs, which is really where the big money is for this clowns now that people don’t really care about actual music….

Who cares…she’s a lie…her love life a lie…everything…a lie…

They were probably swinger, open-relatiobship, let’s fuck everyone because we’re both rich and famous and people want to fuck us, and she just used him for the media to give her another public relatiobship to distract from the backend where she’s getting her back end filled…

It is safe to say Taylor Swift is the fucking worst…not even talented…who writes flimsy and obvious songs…and the world wants to believe her so bad..in this porno world..they want to really fucking beleive her and in turn make her famous…

I guess in a lot of ways, she’s like the Christmas tree farm she grew up on…just in the form of pop music..because a tree is just a tree…but when it becomes of Christmas tree…all of a sudden it is magical and makes dreams come true for little Christian kids everywhere…basically the same think Taylor is…just less seasonal..instead of one day..it’s everyday…

Either way, she’s trying to sex up her image, blame the model sluts she’s stealing the souls from, and I guess that’s why this shoot fro Vogue Australia looks nothing like her…and almost makes her quirky zero sex appeal…worth…jerking off to…but she’s not quite there yet…at least she’s trying, what else is she do to with her time…she has a team that handles every single aspect, possibly even wiping her ass for her…something I assume Selena Gomez applied for…but could be wrong..because I am always wrong.

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Taylor Swift Gets Slutty for GQ of the Day


I guess this is her attempt to be a sex symbol…

Even though her whole career is based on her having sex…and writing love songs about it…

I guess she’s just decided that she’s got sex appeal…

Maybe it was hanging with all the slutty fame whore girls she collected as her real life barbies…who model for a living and know how to use their sex appeal…coaching her awkward ass…

Or maybe she had no where else to go in her sex life, than to start taking slutty poses, because she’s getting arrogant…cocky…literally and figuratively..because she feels she can do know wrong, she’s played this so safe, the Christians like her, the parents like her, even though under the surface of how she’s polarized everything, she’s dated a lot of dudes, some of which have herpes…and none of that is wholesome…unless you play victim…

It’s annoying…

But not as annoying as staring at her, appreciating her tall long legs, with that face most people want to punch, yet she still sells billions a year….and seeing nothing I want to jerk off to…it’s like she’s got a pussy, but she’s just so awkward that even if she was fisting herself, squirting everywhere, begging me to fuck her…I’d offer her a towel to cover up…

But maybe the GQ issue she’s in, but that isn’t released, because they’ve only released her cover shoot…is the beginning of her being something you want to fuck for the right reasons…like that she turns you on…

So I don’t have the GQ pics, they are out next where…but here she is in NME being Slutty….doing the same hustle….

Here are more from NME

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Taylor Swift Collects Nelly of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 12.50.15 PM

Taylor Swift reminds me of a bad rich person’s bar mitzvah. You know, the kind of rich person who has the budget to hire anyone she wants from the last 50 years of music…to get on stage with her and perform some song and dance that looks like it’s some low level, discount cruise, nightly performance…you know the kind you see at the 3 star resort you saved up for 4 years to go to…only to realize nights are boring, but luckily they hired a group of cuban refugees to sing hit songs from the last 2 decades…it’s ghetto…which could be the reason Nelly Participated…

Or Maybe, Nelly, is just desperate as fuck, has realized he’s a one trick pony, and like all one hit wonders, will go through life singing the same song for some money because it’s easy and there’s nothing else going on in his life…

To be a rapper, willing and excited to be on Stage with Taylor Swift, is strictly to get her audience into your shit, and /or a cash grab…because I find the whole thing…humiliating…

But I guess not as humiliating as Taylor Swift singing “Hot in Here”..

What is wrong with people, how can anyone think this weird variety show is cool, quality, or anything but a marketing stunt…a weird fucking marketing stunt…that is trying to get Taylor Swift to eat fucking everything…

She is kinda hot though…even if she’s the devil…

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 12.49.56 PM

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Taylor Swift and Mick Jagger Ruin the Music Industry of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 10.51.29 AM

Taylor Swift is collecting more and more people everyday. It’s like her concerts are just a who’s who of who Taylor Swift knows. It’s like she’s so fucking rich and ridiculous, like the weirdo spoiled girl, who listens to her “Apple Radio”…because she fucking loves “Apple Radio”….and calls her management and says “I was just listing to Rolling Stones, let’s get Mick on stage with me, make it happen”…you know like a weirdo kid with no childhood, playing make-belief, only real life, because she’s rich..

I find everything about her awkward, especially when she dances sexy, even though she fucks more than a street hooker, in a similar approach that she has to concerts…in a “I want that guy’s cock hitting me against the back of my throat, management, make it happen”…but more private…

I do like how how skinny and long and lovely her legs and body are….and since I only focus on what is important, which is her appearance, her sex appeal, and not her content and marketing programs…the legs, even dancing awkward, in various squats work for me….but don’t actually work for me…I would have to be more of a K-Fed for that.

Universal Music Group is deleting this video…so let’s call it “Banned from Youtube”…we’re not allowed to post videos from concerts we go to and pay money to see…we can give these assholes our money….fuckers.

I’m a fan of the Rolling Stones…I like what they did for Black Chicago blues from the UK…I understand their fame and fortune…but at 75 and rich as fuck, we can only assume this is Mick Jagger doing a favor for one of his hundreds of grandkids around the world…because otherwise it’d be so desperate…for someone…who doesn’t need to be desperate…Either way, it’s weird.


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Taylor Swift Doing the Splits with Black Men of the Day


Taylor Swift decided to casually show the world some of her moves she uses while getting her heart broken as she banks out as many dudes as she can to fill the void in her soul that she originally thought fame and money would fill…only to realize it is requires something much more primal than that…a good fuck…so this girl has gone through some of the dirtiest cocks in Hollywood….making her as polluted as a porn star…but unlike a pornstar, she didn’t spin it as being feminist, but rather…as being broke hearted and taken advantage of a man who just wanted to get her doing the splits on her dick…when you know she’s the kind of girl who wants to be gagged by her panties while begging for the mother fucker to split her in half…and that this broken heart is just her quest to find the perfect fitting massive cock…cuz this pussy can take some objects….large objects…to satiate her insatiable appetite…that she will spin into a sob story for people to believe so that they relate and buy…


All this to say, fuck this ho not just because she’s rich, but because her long lean body can do the splits…

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Taylor Swift’s Body is Banging When Dancing with a Retard of the Day

I think I follow this 7 year old handicapped kid on facebook, I have no idea, I assume the devil’s work, as these redheads are the spawns of satan…sent from hell to terrorize the world through song and dance…while being a platform for Taylor Swift to seem wholesome, down to earth, less of a cunt probably for PR…all while having a rocking fucking body…I mean shit, those legs, those tits, that shirt, that midsection, I want to rub my flacid impotent microcock all over it…until I realize there’s a freakish kid dancing with her and just assume this is some kind of horror movie….

But then seeing her raped by a dog in a bikini makes it all ok…you see cuz even when you hate a bitch and her garbage, fake, sensationalized, lie music…you can still ignore all that and stare at her slutty tits.

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Taylor Swift’s Fire Alarm Scare of the Day

Apparently there’s a fire alarm going off in the background at this Taylor Swift concert, where Taylor Swift decided to show the world and her fans just how terrified she is…

The highlight of the video, probably know her red lips that look silly, but instead her mom or friend yelling at her to get dressed to which she says she’s in a robe and covered….meaning that despite being a safe, boring, over exposed while not being exposed at all bitch, she’s actually got genitals….

But I guess we kind of already knew that, thanks to the whole fucking every dude to get material for her shitty, commercial, very successful, pretty much top of the charts, besides Beiber because we have no taste as a people, but she just pretends it’s love, and not filling herself up to cum to get through life….

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Disturbing Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez Pic of the Day


I think this is some illuminati, eating your soul for your powers shit….you know like Taylor Swift in her awkward from having no childhood and being a total fucking weirdo in that childhood, a weirdo that built an empire on her weirdo thanks to having parents who believed in their alien child….rockin’ some socially awkward humor because she is fucking awkward….probably not so much in bed, since she’s fucked a lot of dudes in the writing of each of her albums…but still awkward through life…but not too awkward for these other lost starlets to turn to for her guidance, her ever shining light, even when they are competitors and if this was wrestling, would be trying to do everything to ruin each other…

I mean this is pop music, not singer songwriter hippie shit…why are they all friends…I get it, to stick together so the intstagram models don’t overthrow their monopoly / kingdom…leverage each other to stay on top because the internet is catching on…but it’s all so weird…

Too much cross-pollenating…I don’t like it…

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 2.00.35 PM

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Taylor Swift Sex Scene in New Video of the Day

I don’t know when Taylor Swift decided she was Lana Del Rey…but I guess being a hack, pandering to the most basic emotions in teen girls, with simplistic garbage songs that have made her the most powerful act in Hollywood, the kind of non threatening, basic, act that all of Hollywood, who aren’t as confident in themselves as she is, are flocking to, because they want a bit of that glory, you know like having dinner with God…only in this case god is a highly marketed, singer/songwriter, who just made accessible content and won…

Now, like Miley dropping an album about her dead fish as soon as the VMAs ended, Taylor Swift dropped this video, where the proceeds go to animal conservation thanks to her being rich as fuck and not needing money…also a great marketing angle to get people to watch and to get producers to cast her in serious hollywood movies, which we know they are already in talks about, and the highlight was the PG-13 sex scene…a little make out session like Taylor has every night of the week with different dudes because that’s her thing…

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.38.50 PM

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Taylor Swift Takes on LA and Old People Showed Up of the Day


Taylor Swift is a cult leader, who has managed to brain wash girls everywhere into thinking she’s some empowered woman taking control of her own heart after constantly being mistreated by dudes she probably never dated but just fucked in her quest to find the perfect dick, since everything in her life is perfect, that’s how she has it set up…

In being a cult leader, other girls want to associate with her and her broken heart ministry, by standing by her side and entertaining her, because she’s evil leader….

I guess the LA show brought out girls who want to join the Taylor Swift circle, despite being too old for Taylor Swift..

Including but not limited to:

Salma Hayek and Mary J Blige / Oprah were There

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 5.55.52 PM

Maria Menounos…and Nina Dobrev

#taylorswift w/ @valeriefatehi and @ninadobrev

A video posted by maria menounos (@mariamenounos) on

Hilary Duff in Not Very Period Friendly Pants



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Taylor Swift Plays the Word Association Game of the Day

If you’re interested in self involved, overly famous, most powerful performer in the world, because the more information people have, the dumber they seem to get, and people still get to this massive level of fame, when really we should be spreading our time, money, and everything else on other more talented and obscure acts…I mean isn’t this the hipster generation, the mainstream hipster generation, who just look at act counter culture, but who eat up everything pop culture, and not even to be ironic…

YOu’re all fucking idiots….

So here’s some Taylor Swift in Vanity Fair discussing VERY interesting things like turning 30 in 2020…

All this to say, shut the fuck Taylor Swift, and all her puppet friends and lovers on the Taylor Swift train…the worst…but at least she’s skinny and has long legs and pretends she’s a model…it’s not bad.

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