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Terra Jo Wallace for Beach Riot of the Day


Terra Jo Wallace is an LA looking model, who like all LA looking models, is probably from LA, or living in LA, running after the American Dream of hopefully being seen by a producer at a party, to live her life as the next Jessica Alba…or whatever girls aspire to be…

I have no problem with this, I assume that it’s been going on since the 1930s when Hollywood was first coming together.

I don’t care if all these girls are interchangeable, I just care that they are hot..in fact I like the sheer volume of them, it means there is enough to go around…one for all of us.

It also makes LA one of the more interesting places to walk around, all these girls trying to get famous…perfect place to pretend you can make girls famous, read the site slogan…it’s my life philosophy…

Now I hate catalog bikini pics, but I dig girls who get half naked while trying to make it…..

E-commerce pics are not the new porn.

All this to say, this is more interesting than Kim Kardashian’s second pregnancy, unless her second pregnancy ends with complications that leave her dead….

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Terra Jo Wallace for Wildfox Swimwear of the Day

Who is this Goddess Terra Jo Wallace…and why has she been hiding from me all my life…

Let’s turn to her MODELMAYHEM profile to find out….

Terra Jo Wallace is the name

I have many ways of expressing myself, modeling is one of them. It also happens to be my job and I love it! I am only on MM for testing purposes. Sometimes when Im working, I lose a little freedom with expressing myself for my job is to sell whatever it is the client is selling.. Thats why Im here. To be able to collaborate with new people who have new ideas! As you know, it is hard to keep up with every site. I am not on MM all that much as traveling limits my use for this site and I rarely find enough time to test. So please know that if I do not get back to you that it is not personal! I just may not be able to shoot at this time and as I try to get back to everyone, messages unfortunately are easily overlooked. I try to keep this page updated as much as possible. My photos are rarely updated, so make sure to check out my blog for further photos & updates!


She’s so inspiring with her prose…words of an angel…an angel who should stick to being on camera and expressing herself with modelling…

Not that that doesn’t mean I am not in love with her legs. Check them out on vine.


Here are her Wildfox Bikini catalog shots, that would be boring and typical, if it wasn’t for her amazingness…

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