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Toni Garrn See Through of the DAy

Toni Garrn is Leo’s German post Jewish Bar Refaeli girlfriend…because I guess once dating the Jewish Princess….he was ready to experience the other side of that equation…you know…the German side…because maybe he found her hertiage relatable…


The good news is she will always will be connected to him thanks to herpes lasting forever…herpes that were worth getting thanks to your body slowly building an immunity making the outbreaks far less painful as time goes on…a small price to pay to get the media attention for being with such an a-lister…it is the stamp of approval on her twat…LITERALLY – that the other dudes she date find of value – like some collectors edition herpes they can put on their rich person wall. The modern hunting trophy….in this animal friendly place…


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Models in Swimsuits of the Day

One of my least favorite photoshoot concepts or series is the staged catalog bikini shoot.

I don’t know why, it just bothers me. The pictures are fucking cheesy and contrived. There is no soul, it’s just cookie-cutter nonsense, plastic, superficial, not creative, interesting, inspiring, exciting…it’s been done, it’s repetitive, it’s fucking stupid…but it’s still hot bitches posing in make-up, under good light, on the beach…in bikinis….

Zero raw, fully sterile, posing like idiots….Toni Garrn, Blanca Padilla, Georgia Fowler and Ophelie Guillermand (I posted her tits yesterday) in bikinis…

Because it is still models in bikinis….even if everything about the pictures are the fucking worst.

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Toni Garrn Titties of the Day

Toni Garrn is Leo’s German post Jewish girlfriend….or was…but always will be thanks to herpes lasting forever…herpes that were worth getting thanks to your body slowly building an immunity making the outbreaks far less painful as time goes on…a small price to pay to get the media attention for being with such an a-lister…it is the stamp of approval on her twat…that the other dudes she date find of value – like some collectors edition herpes they can put on their rich person wall. The modern hunting trophy….in this animal friendly place…

Well, she’s showing her tits and I think we can all agree that Titanic was an amazing movie that still brings tears to our yes…

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Toni Garrn and EMily DiDonato in Bikinis of the Day

I live in a world where everything is so fucking gutter. Girls, even the fancy ones, are shameless self promoting hookers. The exhibitionism…the slutty photoshoots…the playing up the whole “I am a model”…bullshit….is just shoved down our throat…even the fancy rich bitches are Kardashians and rathcet, vile, stripper like…and the strippers and sex workers I hang out with are ratchet, vile, stripper like….and even professional women are ratchet, vile and stripper like…just get some Xanax and Wine in them and next thing you know they are showing you how they twerk…it’s the worst…or the best….but I remember a time when the hot girl was the quiet girl, the turtle neck girl, the tame girl, the shy girl, the girl in her J.Crew Khakis who you’d find out once in the bedroom was a virgin, but really into ANAL…you know….because GOD doesn’t count anal as sex…it’s just masturbating with poop…that’s why the priests are into it…Yes…church girls…who aren’t broken and into fucking their mom’s crucifix…Tennis club girls who aren’t ass spread on social media…you know classic classy class…

So here’s J.Crew porn…featuring some models to tap into that…

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Toni Garrn SEE Through Top of the Day


I wonder if this is the face Toni Garrn made when LEONARDO DICAPRIO – Her boyfriend for a minute, who was obviously fucking other girls during that minute, because none of these dudes commit to these models, and if they are famous and rich enough, these models put their dignity and self worth aside, to ensure they get as much press as they can for fucking LEONARDO DICAPRIO – even if AIDS (not a death sentence) come with his cum….

She’s showing her model nipple at a fashion party – because she’s a fashion model – and the whole thing isn’t a new concept – we’ve all seen her nipple – I’ve posted it before – you can google it…but I’m not going to bother…I like to pretend it’s the first time…like it was her first time putting herself out there…despite the story her likely herpes tell…you know that’s she’s been there and done that…

But in my defence, everytime I eat out a prostitute I am a mind over matter kind of guy, who delusional sure, but very good at tricking myself into think that sour taste is just her natural crack whore fluids…and not 6 – 10 other dudes’ cum…dripping down my damn face..

I mean what kind of guy goes down on a street hooker…a pretty terrible one..but the nice thing is there’s a lot of similarities between these million dollar models and street hookers so I feel like I can relate to their kind while staring at their slutty outfits…


Oh…and she’s German…so she must be loving this Neo Nazi approach to American politics….that and being shit on…Germans fucking love being shit on…on and Jews…love the jews…

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Toni Garrn and Sara Sampaio Caribbean Vacation of the Day


Toni Garrn and Sara Sampaio are either best fucking friends ever and they vacation together – or they are on a shoot – but whatever it is they get topless together and put their asses in the air with a little duck dive…cuz it’s cute to show off your PUSSY PRINT….

It makes sense that they are together because they have so much in common as both have been exploited but well paid by the underwear empire that turns models into promo models….but pays them huge money so it’s OK, not to mention it gives them the work visa, it gets them in the right circles and Leonardo DiCaprio will fake fuck them since he’s more of a GRINDER kind of guy than a model fucker he’s marketed as…at least that’s the RUMOR….

So Toni Garrn is the German Leo Ex, Sara Sampaio the Portuguese skinny as fuck, who I’m sure has fucked her fair share of rich and famous people, but I don’t feel like googling it because who cares – all these basic bitches are the same….

Here’s the video –

Here’s the videos:

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Toni Garrn By Richard Kern for Numero of the Day


Toni Garrn is some Leonardo DiCaprio fucking model – who probably never fucked Leo – but it was good enough for business, just not that good enough for business, seeing as she’s still doing hipster instagram style shoots – with her nipples out for attention…but I guess these people just fucking love attention and even the most famous are still thirsty – it’s in their core and they fear losing everything….

Richard Kern, who took these hipster nude pics, is actually an old creeper who has been in the scene of nude pics with random young girls for a long time, I knew him from vice and have promoted his work on the site, even a few years ago – his people asked me to find him local pussy to shoot…because he tours town to town getting anyone over 18 naked…

So he’s got a lot of practice in posing bitches, making them look good, and that’s why I’m down with these pics…I mean that…and nipples…and the fact that they aren’t talking about TRUMP or CLINTON or the absurdity of it all like social justice warriors of the internet – when all we should focus on, is the tits…the real cause of the dumbing of America…

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Toni Garrn Bare Ass VS Eva Green Cleave IN GQ Germany of the Day


GQ Germany exists…because every country deserves a version of an American privately own magazine based on being a Gentleman, or someone who jerks off to gentlemen, with the guise or illusion that you’re reading it for the chicks, because they are half naked chicks, but not the good kind of half naked chicks, but rather the kind that you see in fashion magazines designed for women…not men trying to be men and the whole thing is confusing…but there’a Toni Garrn butt shot…if you’re into things that Leonardo DiCaprio pretended to have sex with while banging dudes….there is also Eva Green, who was awesome in that youthful porno movie she was in years ago…but both shoots, by the European leading country, are dull….and that’s why I am posting it…because like GQ, I don’t care about giving you things you like…



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Toni Garrn See Through of the Day

Toni Garrn wore a see through outfit – because that’s the style for models – at fashion week – being fashion and exclusive – doing fashionable things – with nipples – which is a good trend – but kind of takes out the fun when we see their nipples we’ve already seen over the years – because every bitch shows her tits to “not sexualize” herself – even though it’s sexualizing herself – and even if we’re bored of the nipple – we can still jerk off to the nipple – we are men – it’s what we do…

She’s from Germany…she was on the farm team for Victoria’s Secret..I don’t know if she ever got a contract from them – but she did work as Leo’s beard – because he’s gay – and likes to have models around her to distract from that fact – and to help promote the model – because he probably has a piece of their careers…or maybe he’s rich enough and just having them around him is enough…this is something not worth analyzing…I’m just posting this for the see through, because she’s a titty vessel and exploring her inner workings is a waste of time…unless we’re taking her vaginal canal and cervix…explored by our tongues..who knows…

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Toni Garrn Nipples for Madame Figaro of the Day


Toni Garrn is a top model, which means internation escort, but I’m sure her agency that rented her to LEONARDO DICAPRIO – doesn’t like to say that to anyone, because that would make them escort agency or pimps.

There is just such a fine line when you’re in the business of selling women based on their looks, height, weight, hair and eye color, like some vapid barbie doll being recruited to fill a void, or in some cases to be filled…usually for a lot of money – or by people with a lot of money.

It’s TRUMP’s favorite part of his business as a Modeling agency owner, something so many presidents before TRUMP have been into…but usually in a more discreet way…not that Toni Garrn is with TRUMP models, but she is a model, and she is modeling and there are nipples because that’s the direction she’s taking her career…magical…

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Toni Garrn by David Bellemere for Elle France


I thought I already posted these Toni Garrn pictures from Elle, by David Bellemere, because I remember writing some insane David Bellemere praise because I think dude’s taking the most interesting / edgy commercial photos and because his last name is stepmother – while I’m the stepfather…soul mates – Pause – No Homo – you know what I’m saying…dude gets top models naked…and makes big brands pay for it..

Not that Toni Garrn is a top model, but I’m sure her agrency that rented her to LEONARDO DICAPRIO – yes “THAT” Leonardo DiCaprio – where she played his girlfriend / beard – depending on who you talk to about Leo the Oscar winning lover…thinks she is…and I guess being in ELLE magazine topless, with edited out nipples, is pretty up there in terms of relevance as a model…it’s way more substantial than being in a fake instagram account that calls themselves a magazine…true story…

She’s in bikini, looks good, and if you’re wondering what puts his dick inside her german womb / asshole – his name is Chandler Parsons and is a NBA player for the Mavericks..because hoes like athletes and their money..

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Toni Garrn Applies Sunscreen for David Bellemere and Elle of the Day


David Bellemere is my favorite photographer. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Bellemere means stepmother in French…and if I’m the drunkenstepfather and he’s the stepmother, we are connected at the extended family reference…and I don’t know about you, but I am a very spiritual person who believes in more than just PUGS and TITS and PUSSY, but also in the higher power, so I’d like to thank GOD or Jesus chirst our lord and savior for this moment in Toni Garrn, Leo Dicaprio ex, top model naked and applying lotion that I am in turn sharing with you….

They are a gift given to us all from the internet, but that speak to my soul and I feel are a a gift from my stepGODS!

I mean…David Bellemere, even when he does super boring corporate shit, is fucking brilliant…the sluts, like Toni Garrn…are interchangeable…just ask any rich guy who fucks models..

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Toni Garrn Ass From the Front Bikini of the Day


Toni Garrn’s the girl who Leo pretended to have sex with in his “trust me guys I don’t fuck dudes, I fuck models, no seriously I fuck model, look at all the media stories on me, how could I fuck dudes if am with so many fucking models… I’m Leo and that’s what my PR team want me to present to the world, because a model womanizer for a man with many women fans is better than faggot”…

I just think it’s over the top, trying too hard, never ending “I fuck models”…it gets boring, which is probably why he fucks dudes, or is rumored to fuck dudes, when you can get EVERY single pussy in the world, maybe fucking a dude’s ass is the only way to really get excited…

Since no girls want to fuck me, that’s not really where my headspace is, but I don’t mind looking at what I assume is unscathed ass from the front on one of Leo’s pussies, he probably just talks about dudes with…but who knows..or cares..when there’s ass from the front…


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Toni Garrn Ass for Leo’s Oscar Nomination of the Day

Toni Garrn is a model that Leonardo DiCaprio probably manages, because why else would he fake date these girls for the media, since he’s gay. It’s gotta be for business reasons, you know to make a career…but I guess it could also be diversion and since he pays well and the girls think he’s so great to talk about shopping with…they never rat him out, he’s a good contact….and girls generally only hate dudes who fuck them…

Well, the ass in a thong is a good way to celebrate his Oscar Nom, because it’s safe to say , this is his year….it’s his time….he’s just been at it too long that if he doesn’t win, the Oscars, who nominated ZERO black people, are just a easily manipulated sham…outdated…to celebrate people who already won…

TO SEE – Toni Garrn Topless Sunbathing….

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Toni Garrn for H&M Lingerie of the Day


Her name is Toni Garrn…she used to fuck Leonardo DiCaprio…after he was fucking Bar Refaeli….

Toni Garrn German…her family was probably Nazis…Bar Refaeli…Israeli created because of the Nazis…so in a lot of ways…Toni Garrn’s DNA almost wiped out Refaeli’s DNA…and Garrn’s DNA created the country Refaeli is from…yet both their DNA is now tainted by DiCaprio DNA…as there is no way…and not just because he’s a faggot…that he doesn’t have HIV…

I guess the point of all this is that H&M doesn’t pay me…and like Bar Refaeli, who only exists because Toni Garrn’s family failed at their plan to wipe her out, I like to get paid…especially when H&M pays Toni Garrn…but I guess she gets naked for them…so it’s ok..

What I am trying to say, is fuck you H&M…and that the life and times of Leonardo DiCaprio’s penis and its adventures are so complicated…

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