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Lara Stone and Other Models Topless in the Black Keys New Video of the Day

Lara Stone is a model who tried to sue me for posting pics of her honeymoon to some comedian/ comedy actor who had what I think may have been an HBO show in AMerica, because he was just that funny….

I found the whole “invasion of privacy” charge a little extreme, considering she’s a model who gets naked for money and who you can find naked all over the internet…and I guess in music videos like this one for The Black Keys…

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Teacher of the Day

KTBS.com – Shreveport, LA News, Weather and Sports

So apparently…A life sciences teacher in LA was placed on six day leave after she called a 12-year-old female student a “sassy slut” in front of others, because when you say it one on one, it’s ok.

I mean at 12 years old, it’s very possible that she is a sassy slut and in a lot of ways, being a Sassy Slut isn’t really a horrible thing in this generation, it means you take ownership on your slut, like a gay man, and you get yourself to the top.

I think this cyberbully shit, kids are always right and teachers are always wrong shit is making a generation of pussies…

I mean in my generation, the teacher wouldn’t call you a sassy slut, he’d show you how to be one on lunch break during detention…you’ve all gone soft…

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The Duke University Feminist Doing Facial Abuse Porn of the Day

Friends over at EFUKT did this edit of Belle Knox the Duke University Porn Chick….

I was one of the first to EXPOSE HER as a faux feminist, faux intellectual, bullshit girl who was probably doing porn because she hated herself or her parents, because porn chicks don’t even make that much, especially not Belle Knox who has done 6 scenes and made 6,000 dollars…

There is a movement of these New Age Feminists, who think getting violated by dudes for money is empowering. I’ve seen a few at parties who walk around topless, while hot girls who get paid to be hot, don’t…

It’s some cry for attention, obviously, that anyone can pretend they believe in, after taking a Women’s Studies class…but I think it’s safe to say she’s just some dumb girl trying to justify her bullshit…

Either way, awesome video and in the wise words of EFukt “a feminist doing facial abuse for women’s rights is like a rabbi going to Auschwitz for a free shower.” Via EFUKT

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Adèle Exarchopoulos Naked for Numero of the Day

I have always been into movies based on their sexual content…

I have always watched foreign movies because their sex scenes were just better…a lot of times…those sex scenes were actual sex…If I ever wrote a movie, it would have real sex in it, because hollywood soft core romantic comedy sex is fucking bullshit…and when you are paying actors a lot of money to pretend to be someone else…they might as well be someone else and fuck like someone else on camera…

So Adèle Exarchopoulos is some french actress who is amazing and hot…who was in a real sex movie last year and who has since done nude photoshoots for magazines…because in the rest of the world..nipples aren’t porn…and here she is for numero…looking’ lovely..

Here she is in INTERVIEW


Here she is in GQ

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Rebekah Underhill Naked for Dry Magazine by Alessandro Casagrande of the Day

Rebekah Underhill is a signed model, who unlike the nude “model” who was shooting amateur art erotic for Terry Richardson 4 years ago, before turning lesbian feminist and hating him enough to leverage that experience for her personal gain…. CHARLOTTE WATERS ….

This Rebekah Underhill is getting nude for a Magazine called DRY that would make me wet if I was Ellen and didn’t have Ellen’s penis…but rather the vagina she pretends to have…because I love models with bush more than I love life itself…and I am on a campaign to save the bush…because it is erotic…but more importantly, I like Rebekah Underhill’s look and the fact that she knows her role, and gets naked for that role, because modelling is a better job than working at Walmart as a cashier…

Either way she’s hot

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Irina Shayk Modelling Lingerie of the Day

As Russia gets ready to rape the Ukraine, I am always ready to rape Russian Irina Shayk…in the most romantic way you can possibly rape someone…not that you can actually rape a Russian, they have no souls and will do anything for 20 US Dollars and a pair of Levis…or a Michael Jackson CD….

But this Irina Shayk who has fucked the system and become one of the better or hotter models..instead of being a mail order bride, or cam girl like her friends, all because she found a john to save her who happened to be famous..gives hope to all the Russian women, and if they email me, I can sort them out with a place to stay…right here on my face…but only if they look like IRINA….


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Rihanna Drunken for Instagram of the Day

Rihanna, like Miley, is all new generation popstar, who is only really a popstar because she really fucking wanted the attention on her….so she sucked a lot of the right dick to get it…and now that it is all said and done, she feels either that she owes her fans a taste of her everyday drunken, lazy, not touring, fucked the system and every in between life…or maybe she just likes when they like her picture…because it makes her feel more worthy than her 100 million dollar a year revenue..

I don’t know, I’m into watching drunk girls in their panties…always…whether in staged weird photoshoots or not, so I don’t really care that this is Rihanna or anyone else, I just want more nudity next time around…

Keep it coming…and by it I mean me…

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Audrina Patridge Bikini Comeback Tour of the Day

Someone told me that Audrina Patridge is now broken up with her leech boyfriend who she finances while he tries to fuck other girls..I don’t know or care if that is true, I mean this is Audrina Patridge, she may be rich thanks to her TV hustle, but still totally irrelevant and non-existent as a person…especially now years later…

However, like all girls who break up with their boyfriends, she’s on a mission to get back out there, to get mail attention and to show off those fake tits her dad bought her at 16 as an insurance that she’d always be able to make a buck, because college wasn’t really for her, and fake tits were cheaper.

I’m into it, because I guess part of me wouldn’t mind leeching of Audrina while trying to fuck other girls, like her last boyfriend…because working sucks…not that I have a job but you know what I mean.

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Taking the Bus in Russia of the Day

In case you didn’t know…Russia is the center of the world…it is where everything good on the internet comes from…and who knows…the Russians…as primitive as they pretend to be…all free from communist and into basic human instinct…like drinking heavy, selling beautiful women, and making billions through corruption, with as many girls and being the hardest motherfuckers in Adidas track pants ever…

It’s amazing…but if you don’t like that – here’s a father hitting a kid with a ski on the ski hill after his kid gets smoked…

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