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Lady Gaga Walking Around in Underwear of the Day

I guess Lady Gaga realized that every popstar who was in the game before her and who is far more talented and interesting than her have the ability to copy her sexed up pantsless “performing artist” bullshit act that she copied from other people….and prove that shit is bullshit, cuz they do it fucking better than her despite her claiming it is her act that she created, so she’s decided to walk around in her underwear, cuz she knows how to manipulate society, and yes, half naked is all it takes, it is that easy, but unfortunately, on Gaga it’s pretty fucking vile, but I feel like you’ll be able to love yourself to this, cuz you have no taste and I guess, neither do I….


Pics via Fame

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Britney Spears Half Naked and Untouched for Candies of the Day

Here are some pictures of Britney Spears half naked for Candies, it looks like they aren’t airbrushed or photoshopped and keeping her untouched shows off all the places she’s been touched….

They’ve kept all her scars, bruises or what I like to call memories of being rich white trash with a lot of psychological issues in the pictures….I still think she’s got it going on but then again, some of the pussy I’ve gone down on both drunk, high and sober, has been far more gutter, far more dirty, far more diseased, haggard, rotten, damaged, gaping, emotionally unstable, dripping out green shit, addicted to drugs, pussy that smelled like shit, that looked like roadkill, that people would never put their fingers in, but I was there twirling my tongue around it like it was a fucking jujube or like it was water I was lapping up like a dog after being stuck in the desert for 4 days after a plane crash….if you know what I mean…

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Jessica Alba Shopping for Underwear of the Day

Jessica Alba was out shopping for underwear and no one cared because no one cares about Jessica Alba anymore and she only has herself to blame, see she was a the top of her game, the girl everyone wanted to fuck who couldn’t act, who was easy to replace cuz there are many hot girls in the world, but had so much momentum behind her that no one could really catch up, until she let her personal life get in the fucking way, and single handedly made herself obsolete by getting knocked up to keep her boyfriend who was about to leave her before she polluted her womb…Career Sucide, like real suicide is nothing to respect and I guess that’s why no one bothers with her except me, but that’s only because we have that Mexican connection despite her pretending she’s not Mexican….I guess she thinks we’re dirty….cuz she’s a snobby delusional cunt like that….at least the public are giving her what she fucking deserves….

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The Venus William Brown Underwear Pictures of the Day

I was always a fan of brown underwear for obvious reasons that include me not owning a washing machine and finding the time to go to the laundromat annoying, especially when I have to use my hard earned stolen money on the shit, as well as me not really being the kind of guy who always has toilet paper or a shower close by and my health isn’t the strongest where sometimes my ass spits out random things I assume is shit but looks more like brown phlegm…not that you care….

Venus Williams on the otherhand likes brown underwear because it matches her skin color and makes her look like she’s mooning the classy tennis spectators because as the only black girl in tennis, she’s got a responsibility to keep things gutter like the Housing Projects…

I may not like her fat ass, but I like what she’s doing here, it makes tennis funny again, somethign its been missing since Agassi’s hair….and I know I posted the video of this last week and that it is old news…but I prefer it in picture…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Julie Bowen Crawls Around in Her Underwear on TV of the Day

Her name is Julie Bowen, she’s turning 40 this year and here she is crawling around on TV in her underwear and she looks a lot more solid than any 40 year old fat bitch I know, but unfortunately for her that didn’t work so well for her career, sure she’s better off than stripping locally where she belongs, but she’s still just the slut willing to get in her underwear on TV, which is almost the same fucking thing, it just pays better….either way watch the clip…

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Rachel Specter in her Underwear for Bald of the Day

It is thanksgiving and I give thanks that straight to DVD, shitty written movies always feature aspiring actors who think they have what it takes to be the next big thing, and strips them down and puts them in their place cuz they are eager after they’ve been in Hollywood for 6 months and tired of waiting tables and not getting auditions for much more than internet porn….

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Eva Mendes in her Underwear on a Billboard of the Day

The only difference between Eva Mendes and other disgusting hispanic girls who strip down to make a living is that she doesn't have to wash her underwear in public bathroom sinks at truck stops, because she whored herself properly to a company that allows her to afford new panties, instead of a to poor fat men passin' thru town to pay for her baby formula or drug addiction. But the general concept is still the same, and she's still nothing more than a common whore. Here are the pics...

Pics via Bauer

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Olivia Munn in Her Underwear on Greek of the Day

It turns out that Olivia Munn isn’t just an annoying host of some shitty TV show designed for virgin losers who feel they can relate to her and that she understands their inner workings and their interests, when in reality she’s like every other cunt, who only pretends to care because she gets paid, and because she knows who her audience is, but I guess she’s also an aspiring actress, and here she is on some show called Greek where she had the challenging task of standing around in her underwear, showin’ off her decent-at-best ass, someone get this whore an Emmy.

And here’s the clip of her small tits in a bra from showcasing her depth as an actress….again…get this whore an Emmy….

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Nicolette Sheridan’s Got No Bra and A Pair of Men’s Underwear On of the Day

Nicolette Sheridan was out wearing what you’d expect to see a man wearing in a Calvin Klein ad and not entirely something you’d expect to see a Hollywood whore rockin’ out in public, but then again, she is recently single, you know, no more Michael Bolton singing in her pussy like it was a Jazz Sax, oh wait that’s Kenny G, same shit….

Maybe this is some kind of walk of shame after a night getting fucked up the ass by the dude she’s walking around with, where her party dress got a mix of shit and cum smeared all over it and the only outfit they could come up with out of his closet was this. Everything else was too big for her and that would really be obvious, so squeezing in a pair of his boxer briefs and undershirt with no bra, just made sense….

I’m not complaining, I think she’s still hot for an old bitch who I am sure has fucked many many many men but who never polluted herself with kids…maybe because of a botched abortion,but probably because she’s too busy loving herself, but then again, what the fuck do I know, look at the pics…

Pics via Fame

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