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Victoria’s Secret for Superbowl Promo of the Day

Victoria’s Secret is like a thirsty instagram model, only instead it is a billion dollar brand, with million dollar models, but everything they do is so low hanging fruit, but the world buys into the shit..

So it only makes sense that they’d jump on any trending topic like they were Buzzfeed, or whatever the fuck else is out there that jumps on anything “relevant” and produces ontent around that, so sites like this piece of shit I call home, post it…

I guess it’s a good strategy…but I prefer their models half naked…seeing girls dressed in football gear and liking it is pretty fucking homo, like my friend who would only fuck girls in men’s underwear…which I also found weird….homos with sexual fetishes everywhere….

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Victoria’s Secret has a New Infomercial of the DAy

I guess Victorias Secret realizes that they have a good thing with the CBS fashion show around Christmas time, which is perfect to use as QVC style late night interview, marketed as a legitimate TV show, reminding us of the 60s and 70s when TV content was blatantly corporate run and controlled…and the TV networks probably appreciate the hype they generate from releasing the Victoria’s Secret fashion show…keeping their TV channel on the map in an era where TV is dead and doesn’t fucking matter…

So they’ve decided to do one for their SWIM line, in March, because that’s pre-summer, to get people ready to shop for their bikinis or at least to plant the brand name on the public that they only have a few months before buying their bikinis…and the whole thing is pretty hilarious when you factor in that the models are hookers they are packaging as models who are more than just models but also CELEBRITY….and the product is made in sweatshops in China, often times not even designed by the brand, just labeled VS…and the show that is meant to be original content event…is just an advertorial…because native content works with retards who don’t have brains….making all these people rich…while giving bikini content to people who don’t realize the bikini picture is played out and dead thanks to instagram…

It’s all so weird. A mall brand has an hour long TV event. What? It’s just crazy.

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Victoria’s Secret Swim Catalog of the Day


Victoria’s Secret does bikinis…and I’ve heard they are planning a summer season infomercial / fashion show…like their december lingerie one…to increase bikini sales…for the morons that are all of us…who pay attention to their brand like it is anything more than a sweatshop running, taking jobs away from Americans, ripping off Americans, with product they don’t even design but just repackage from asia, while overpaying these sluts, giving them egos as they make other girls feel inadequate about themselves because they aren’t VS models, forcing them to try harder all for nonsense…

Well, this is their catalog…featuring old lady Elsa Hosk, Lais Ribeiro, Taylor Hill, Sara Sampaio and Josephine Skriver and at least the styling, or creative direction is more interesting that it used to be…

Finally looking at the instagram models and saying “oh, we can do this fake artist shit too, people love it”…

And here it is…

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Victoria’s Secret Models Sing 12 Days of Christmas of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 12.39.45 PM

I hate this mall brand and their simple and effective marketing campaign….use hot half naked girls and you don’t need to do much else….why throw in concept or design, when they already sell a ton of fucking money worth of panties that they are just buying in bulk in China and swapping tags on….they are like “don’t these people know they can go onto Alibabb and buy our bras and panties under another name for 10 cents on the dollar or less”….but people are retards, so make a stupid christmas song because they aren’t retards and no most of America, despite popular belief still fucking love Christmas and account for probably 40 percent of their yearly sales… and here it is..

Featuring a bunch of terrible singing models including Elsa Hosk, Jasmine Tookes, ALessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Stella Maxwell, Martha Hunt, Behati Prinsloo, Lily Aldridge, Taylor Hill and Romee Strijid….

They’re hot…and I guess manipulative because I just promoted Victoria’s Secret to the 3 of you this Holiday season and you’ll probably end up buying a gift there for a chick you fuck or want to fuck or want to creep out…like the neighbor’s 18 year old daughter…and I’m not even getting paid to promote them…because I am an idiot…

Tis’ the Season for promoting horrible brands all because they have hot promo models…

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Candice Swanepoel in St Barts for the Final Holiday Push of the Day


Candice Swanepoel is still pretty hot…but I find her boring..

I just feel as though she could have done so much when she was at her prime, you know before turning 30. Seriously, she’s done nothing beyond her half nakedness at Victoria’s Secret…and really she’s not doing much beyond her half nakedness at Victoria’s Secret on this shoot in St Barts, or what I like to call the strategic last push before the holidays to get their models in the gossip magazines….

But then someone I met told me that he fucked her, while she was dating the homo she’s now engaged to, and I guess that made her moderately more interesting…sure the guy I was talking to was a crazy person…but for some reason I believed him…at least more than when a homeless guy told me about how he had a threesome with Marilyn Monroe and JFK…all while smelling like urine.

SHe’s in a bikini…being fun…because she’s won at life – obviously..

She’s got an ass…like most people who aren’t amputees, hers is just better.



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Victoria’s Secret Holiday Cheesiness For Holiday of the Day Victoria’s Secret, SFW


Victoria’s Secret non-Christmas, even though Christmas is the biggest month for them, but like all good companies, is run by Jews…put out some holiday pictures featuring their new gang of girls who are overrated but will forever have the Victoria’s Secret stamp on their chest…or next to their pussy…so they don’t need to photoshop the branding out if they decide to rent these whores out to other brands…

The pictures are cheesy, the outfits are cheesy, the product low quality, fast to the mall, for the masses to consume and gift, in this maybe we’ll be VS models too, at least feel like one, for our men as we explode out of these made in china things that still smell of child blood…sweat and tears…

Here’s Stella, Romee, Martha….martha martha…and Elsa…the new line-up…in some real garbage..

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Victoria’s Secret Push Up Bra of the Day

The terrible people at Victoria’s Secret, and their overpaid models, who don’t deserve the celebrity that they have…because they are just bodies in underwear…like all women…who wear underwear…only a little taller and more fit…but definitely not worthy of 50,000 dollar day rates…but I guess that’s an expense the brand is willing to pay, it is tax deductible and think off all the savings they make by producing their mall brand, low quality, cheesy design and concept, mass marketed product in sweatshops…

They’ve put together this Push Up Bra video, that probably cost them over 1,000,000 dollars, to help sell product and generate some buzz into the holiday season, that they won’t actually call the Holidays season, because along with ISIS, the war is also on Christmas…we are all god’s people, it’s about inclusion, and being politically correct, but the cunts in this campaign, don’t full agree, just ask them the last time they let a homeless guy eat their pussy…their answer will be that it kind of happend to one of their billboard, because homeless guys are perverts and need to jerk off to something…sometimes…they have nothing else going for them..

Either way, this is just more content to continue the crisis that is Victoria’s Secret…terrorizing the minds of our youth and wives..

But it makes for a pretty easy gift, and really if you gotta fuck your pig wife, this garbage is like putting some lipstick on her…

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Victoria’s Secret Girls Topless of the Day


We’re rolling into the Holiday season, so Victoria’s Secret marketing is getting more and more aggressive. From booking a couple of fame whore famous rich kids who aren’t models, but pretend to be because they have instagram followers….to all the press they got from it for their stupid fashion show that is more of an infomercial, where they plant a seed in the brains of trailer trash everywhere that getting shitty underwear is exactly what Jesus Christ and Christmas is about…

Part of the promo, is getting the girls as much press as possible, so why not get them naked for some artistic portraits, museum worthy….featuring…Sara Sampaio, Stella Maxwell, Barbara Fialho, Flavia Lucini, Gracie Carvalho and Kate Grigorieva….and some of their nipples.

It’s all bullshit, you’re all comsuming idiots, but I guess it does make for a good gift that requires no thought to shut an overly excited bitch up because they love Victoria’s Secret mall brand quality product, and they may wear it for you when you fuck, making for a good time…especially when model tits are involved.

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Social Media Whores Ruin Everything – The VS Fashion Show Edition of the Day


I don’t know if the marketing decision makers at these brands are 23 year olds who are fresh out of college, telling the higher up execs that “this is where the market is at”…but it seems so weird to me that the fashion industry, or in this case, the commercial mall brand industry, has bought into the whole social media, reality star, fame whore movement, and cast the girls who aren’t models, but who pretend they are models….in their production,

I am sure there was an era when it was actually prestigious to be cast for this kind of thing, but now they’ve turned it into almost the equivalent of a high school play, where the powerful family everyone hates…whore mom and tranny dad..probably envious of their baby in panties…remembering how hard they worked to make this happen over the span of their lives…

But now, it’s a “how many followers do they have, they’ll do it for free, perfect”…and it’s created a joke…I can’t take seriously…not that I ever too the VS show seriously…but you know what I’m saying…if all it takes is for your sister to have a sex tape..for this “dream to come true”…like it was make a wish foundation, based on rich parents and instagram followers thanks to those rich parents…and I guess with their power, they are pulling the fucking scam..


And it’s not just GIGI and Kendall..but all the girls they cast are just big on Instagram before the brand got involved…and I get why they do it…but hate that they do it…because these people are the fucking worst..and really Victoria’s Secret would do just as well, if they cast no names…who need the work, and who aren’t as lame as these LA brats…

This is not a model…

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Victoria’s Secret snapchatted the Fashion Show to Reach the Youth and it Sucked of the Day

Here are the screenshots in took of the Victoria’s Secret infomercial taping – that seems terribly boring and exactly the same as every year – because why change a great marketing event going into Holiday. Their busiest time of year.

They can throw in Kendall and Gigi Hadid to get the social media coverage – since those girls have fans…and idiots will watch the nonsense and buy their products but in an era of porn and Instagram photoshoots with actual hot girls…why bother with this…

That said…here are the ghetto fucking screenshots….yes…I did them myself…and spent all of 2 minutes on uploading…you know nothing but top quality here…

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 12.14.40 PM

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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Social Media of the DAy

@devwindsor @barbarafialho1 fittings 2015. #devonwindsor #barbarafialho #fittings #victoriassecret #vsfsupdates2015 #vsfashionshow

A video posted by Victoria's Secret Brasil (@victoriassecretoficialbrasil) on

Vitoria’s Secret is pushing their fashion show on social media…to generate the first round of buzz before the televised event that I call their hugely successful infomercial..every Holiday season, the people who watch TV, get very excited about a brand that sells them garbage and a dream…while making them feel insecure..

So first wave is announcing the cast. Second wave is social media prep for the filming of the show, which takes place November 9, then they’ll release all the VIP red carpet pics…of the filming of the event…then they’ll release all the pics from the event…so that by black Friday…people are ready to buy their nonsense…and by TV air date..people are just fucking cumming VS….

It’s a scam that works…

Here are a few of them doing fitness before the show…even though we all know they are actually just starving themselve before the show…who are they trying to fool into thinking these girls are about health and fitness…when clearly they are into starving, being skinny and fucking rich dudes…

Here’s some other model babe who I’ve never heard of who got cast…I like this one….she’s good…

A video posted by Daniela Braga (@bragadany) on


Here’s Elsa Hosk in Catalog Pics – Bound CLICK HERE

Here’s Candice Swanepoel in Catalog Pics CLICK HERE

Here’s Monika Jagaciak in Catalog Pics CLICK HERE

Here’s Lily Aldridge at some Fantasy Bra Event CLICK HERE

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Elsa Hosk Spread Legged in Victoria’s Secrets of the Day


Elsa Hosk is in her underwear, spread legged for Victorias Secreet, which is edgier than what they are used to…so as Playboy gets rid of nudity, everything else is celebrating nudity…in a weird “they used to photoshop nipples out” turn of events…and now they are doing pics that instagram would delete…because even the Christians they used to try to keep at bay so they wouldn’t get banned from door to door mail order catalogs…are down with nudity…thanks to the internet and porn fucking up our moral code dramatically…turning us all into half retard primates masturbating all day…horny all day…watching porn all day…

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Victoria’s Secret Models for Fitness of the Day

Stella Maxwell, Jasmine Tookes, Elsa Hosk, Martha Hunt and Romee Strijd proved that they are puppets for Victoria’s Secret…getting paid when they read some Victoria’s Secret product detail script pretty much squirting in female ejaculation all over the product…because like their sugar daddy’s…these sports bras dangle money in front of their hooker faces…

Not to mention, they are getting that stamp of approval from society with that Victoria’s Secret tag tattooed on their robot, vapid model asses….

There’s something pretty hysterical about watching fully made-up girls working out, popping their booties, is just silly…and for some reason erotic…because I’ve been to gyms before and all I saw was fat older women who looked like the smelled struggling to use the elliptical…rather than this…

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Here’s the Victoria’s Secret Commercial of the Day

This is a commercial by Michael Bay for Victoria’s Secret, it is 15 seconds long and it features their new hookers that they call angels because calling them hookers…would give them the wrong idea and make them think “oh fuck maybe this company views us as replaceable hookers”…instead of “OMG I’m an angel”…who gets paid very little, but who get a whole fucking career…makes sense.

The models are…

Elsa Hosk, Jac Jagaciak, Jasmine Tookes, Kate Grigorieva, Lais Ribeiro, Romee Strijd, Sara Sampaio and Taylor Hill

This commercial is garbage. It is as anti-climatic any of his shitty fucking movies, but more interesting and doesn’t even have the special effects…

The girls look like shit. The product looks like shit. The 15 seconds is shit. They could have done something with their 10,000,000 dollar budget, fucking close minded idiots.

Fuck Victoria’s Secret.

Here’s Candice, their old timer, pre-retirement, being replaced, which is almost sad because VS is all she knows…

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Buzzfeed Staffers do Victoria’s Secret of the Day


I am not sure what the staff of Buzzfeed is trying to accomplish here, but it is safe to say that editorial staff, interns and whatever else these girls do at Buzzfeed, are definitely not bikini models…

I know they are trying to say “This is what real girls look like”…but the reality is that this is what real girls who aren’t committed to a clean diet and fitness program, who aren’t models look like…

Maybe they are saying “Don’t objectify women”…or “don’t give us unexpected images to look up to and feel like shit about our selves for”…but I think it is safe to say…the mirror can do that just as efficiently…

I like real girls, but I hate when real life girls, who I have eaten out and fucked, go up against professionals and hate them for being professionals..and hate brands for using hot bitches to sell product, because if this was a VS campaign, no one would buy shit…

Don’t get me wrong, I’d fuck them all, even Grimmace…but I’m disgusting and so are you, I just think people need to say “Hey, I’m not a professional skier, maybe I won’t drop down this vertical”….or “Hey, I’m not a professional surfer, maybe I won’t drop jump in this 30 foot swell”…or “Hey, I’m not a model, I’ll save my bikini for my instagram and friedns, and not the media to think we’re making some amazing statement”.

A statement I think the whole world could see just loking at them…feminism has gone the wrong direction…I blame you internet…

Unless this is just jokes…either way…girls in bathings suits are fun.







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