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Girl Freaks Out on the Train of the Day

This is hardly a story…..but I liked watching the video of some girl in the UK who was threatening and hitting dudes on the train….

The video may be going viral….with tens of thousands of likes on Facebook…..but apparently it was uploaded two years ago…at least that’s what you’d think based on how she’s dress….and the unfortunate thing is that I prefer my woman losing their shit in a far more naked way….You know stripping down, smearing period blood on her face like she’s some kind of warrior and going shoving her tits in random people’s faces while inserting their umbrellas inside her…

The angry UK trash version…up on some Jersey Shore shit…but far more nobel in her accent…even if she sounds like she’s from the gutter….is kinda just annoying….but I’ll post it anyway…

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Thanksgiving Miracle of the Day

Here is a funny video of a fat kid realizing what a set of awesome tits are…after getting his candy fix….and his face is fucking amazing…I give thanks for this…happy thanksgiving…

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Phil Varone’s Vegas or Bust Exclusive Clips of the Day

Here’s an exclusive clip sent to me by my friends at VIVID of Rockstar Phil Varone’s Swinger porn….

I know swingers…you know the kind of couples who fuck other couples with consent because let’s face it being monogamous fucking sucks and if you’re cheating when together it isn’t cheating at all…even if GOD is judging you…..but that’s just cuz GOD, or the church who invented GOD is boring….cuz I say fuck all you can and as many people as you can…but maybe that’s just cuz I am a romantic…..

I have tried to get into a swingers club at least 10 times in my life, alone, while wasted, unshowered and convinced it was a good idea but was always asked to leave by the door man in his tuxedo cuz I was riding solo, ready to jerk off, and I told them that my plan was to see how fat the swinger bitches were, cuz I heard they were nasty, and if they weren’t fat enough I would creep in the corner like I was a fly on the wall, or a creep on the fire escape peeping in…..

Phil Varone, from Skid Row, who has been on Celeb Rehab, and has turned to porn, has been a swinger for a long time, and this is his movie, featuring real life swingers, we’re talking non pornstars doing porn, and they are fucking hot…..


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Arianny Celeste 2013 Calendar Shoot of the Day

Arianny Celeste makes UFC less homo erotic and I am sure a lot of jacked, angry homophobes who like to fight appreciate that, because coming to terms with their man on man enduced erection would get some wife’s beaten, while focusing that erection and pretending it is thanks to Arianny Celeste makes it all make sense…. at least that’s what I assume happens at a UFC fight since I hate the shit…

Whatever the reason, she’s famous because of it, a stripper who’s made itnd now in a calendar shoot for the 3 percent of the population who don’t own computers, or iphones, the rednecks wrestling lawn furniture who need this on their outhouse wall…..

And here are some pics from the shoot….

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Guy in Ferrari Runs Over Cops Foot of the Day

I have a feeling most of you bitter losers are going to love this video because for some reason….we like seeing people fail…especially when the person failing are young millionaires, either self made or trust funders, rich enough to have a Ferrari and a model looking girlfriend…you know the kind of guy you kinda wish you were, but would never admit you did, because it is pretty pathetic that deep down you aspire to be some lame rich kid, with a model girlfriend, who may or may not be actually lame, but who is pretty hysterical when he runs over a cops foot and gets himself arrested to avoid a ticket, one of those logical moves that his lawyers will get him out of, that are so not gangster, but are so ridiculous….but not as ridiculous as seeing him struggle on the ground like a little pussy that cops will make a lesson out of, cuz every hard worker hates punks like this, even if they are self made, they are still fucking annoying….

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Kylie Minogue All the Lovers Video Sneak Peek of the Day

I posted pictures of Kylie Minogue sexing it up despite her breast cancer and age making sexy a challenge….a challenge I guess she was willing to take…the video has a pretty genius concept behind it…which seems to be group public nudity, or group public half-nakedness and ever since seeing Spencer Tunick’s pictures…that’s been something I’ve wanted to get behind….because naked bitches are a hell of a lot more interesting than bitches hiding behind clothes especially when it is with an overwhelming number of girls…cuz seeing one bitch walking down the street naked has nothing on every girl on the street walking naked….

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Christina Aguilera’s New Sexed Up Video of the Day

I get annoyed when I see people do obvious things to shock and awe and get noticed. It’s like bitch studied the Lady Gaga video and said “shit, if I do the exact same thing in a church, people will really think I’m wild, they won’t thing I’m trying too hard, or hanging on too hard, or being too obvious at all”….

I don’t get annoyed when I see popstars from my past half naked and trying to impress us all and captivate us all after years off by getting half naked and doing the gaga cuz at leasnt she’s not fucking Gaga and has some pussy I wouldn’t mind looking at or playing with even though her baby beat me to the fucking shit…cuz there’s nothing worse than a nasty weak chinned sloppy bodied popstar…

Either way, watch it. It’s a good comeback for the bitch. I am just happy people are talking about her and not Lady Gaga or Katy Perry who moved in when this one retired….and the visuals gives us hope of where the entertainment industry is going….and that’s deep into the depths of fetish porn.

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A Still from Shakira’s New Music VIdeo of the Day

Shakira’s last video was masturbated to everywhere. Seriously, it had so many views on Youtube that there was no way a gang of fucking perverts didn’t have shit on repeat. I think more people saw that video than are actually on the interent daily, it’s lik every Internet user saw the shit 18 times and that’s just not fucking normal, so I can assume that since she’s slutted out to get our attention again after years of being off the radar and already having us hooked, her next video will be some romantic bullshit for the girls to jerk off to, cuz girls look for different things in their masturbation, like emotion, while all I want is to see her South American booty bounce….and she’s already done that….

Either way, here’s a still from the shoot with Rafael Nadal. He plays tennis and I am not even sure that’s Shakira….but they say it is so let’s just pretend….

Pics via Bauer

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New Black Eyed Peas Video of the Day

Here’s some new Black Eyed Peas video where Fergie plays a robot in a metal pantsless outfit and I am not posting it because I like the Black Eyed Peas or think they are cool, or think that they produce quality. I met them over a decade ago before Fergie and they were normal dudes just getting wasted at a local bar after being an opening act to some obscure hip hop act I had free tickets to see, before they sold their soul to the devil and I have had very little respect for sell outs but realize having money is more rewarding than having integrity, but I do like Fergie and I have held her hand before her security tried to rip my arm off last year, and haven’t washed it since, but that has nothing to do with Fergie, but more to do with my bad hygiene.

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Necro’s New Video of the DAy

I just woke up – It’s got something to do with drinking until 7 in the morning and not really worrying about my website that steals my fucking soul…So watch this to distract yourself while I slowly crawl out of the death that I’m feeling….

It’s Necro’s new video. I’ve been listening to Necro since the late 90s. So make this guy the next Drake, because he’s blacker and harder than Drake will every be. Before he took speech lessons on how to sound black, because before he met Lil Wayne the only black dude he met was when he’d cross the street to avoid them…clenching his purse and shit like the white Jewish woman he is….at least Necro touches on the real issues in life.

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One of the Unsexiest Webcam Videos of the Day

Here’s a video of a webcam girl with a gut and hairy armits stripping down to her pajamas to shake her tits and booty and the whole thing confuses the fuck out of me, was this shit a spur of the moment kind of thing, was it for her boyfriend who doesn’t care that she’s got rank ass armpit hair because he likes the inner animal in her, or is this for some hairy armpit fetish sites…I just don’t get it…..and I guess I don’t really want to or have to, I just get to watch and laugh at the shit and you should too….

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Canadian Thanksgiving Video of the Day

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving dinner for most Canadians, but not for me because I am broke and hate family time,, but I am planning a trip to the homeless shelter for a free meal if I’m not too lazy, but that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to give thanks…and today, I’d like to give thanks for this video…

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Hayden Panettiere Lesbian Kiss in VIdeo of the Day

I posted the screenshots and no I have the video of Hayden Panettiere kissing a chick on Heros. I am just posting it for anyone who got excited over the shit, because I knew when it came down to it, the video would be a total let down, not only is the girl doing the kissing ugly as fuck, but it’s not even feeding any lesbian fantasy, mainly cuz Hayden’s got a dick, but also because I’ve

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Jayde Nicole and Joe Francis Fight Video of the Day

Canadian piece of trash from a single parent home Jayde Nicole, also known for her work as Playboy’s Playmate of the Year, or the Vagina Brody Jenner has sex with, who I have had the exciting pleasure of standing next to once, but didn’t notice because she’s really nothing special to look at, if anything she’s just a short bitch with implants who dresses badly, but if I had noticed, I would have totally spat in her face or pissed on her, because she deserves to be treated like the gutter trash she is to scale down her fuckin’ ego….

That said, she’s suing Joe Francis from Girls Gone Wild for $1 Million Dollars, because she’s a money grubber and because he did what her father would have done if she had one, and that’s pulled her fucking whore hair and punch her in the eye to keep her in line.

The video shows her pouring a shot on Joe Francis and him reacting like any normal person would react and that’s by pulling her hair like he not only exploits drunk vagina, but like he’s got a vagina of his own…

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Katy Perry Gets Wet on Set of the Day

The good news is that Katie Perry is getting wet and at risk of drowning while wearing a tight dress for people who like her and think she’s hot, something I will never understand mainly because of that face, but also because I can tell she’s a fat chick denying her fate, which isn’t too hard to spot from her GUNT that her choice in tight dresses shows off nicely to remind us all that she doesn’t have it going on, the bad news is that she’s filming a new video, which means there’s another song.

Here are a whole lot of pics, hoping that you’ll get your dose and won’t bother watching the video, so that this bitch stops polluting our lives…because if this becomes a hit and I see her video with millions of Youtube views, I will be mad at you.

Here she is with some Hanson Brother lookin’ Motherfucker who dyed his hair to not be recognized as some Hanson Brother motherfucker…mmmmmbop

Pics via Fame

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