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Naked Protestor and Other Videos of the Day

Armed Robbery with a Twist….

Hit and Run of the Day

Fight of the Day

Crazy Minor Accident Turns Major

Guy Picks Up Trannies

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Car Hits Pedestrian on Purpose and Other Videos of the Day

Guy With a Gun Gets Beat the Fuck Up

Tiger Eats a Kid

Drive-by Fuck Her Right in the Pussy

Some Instant Justice…

Weird Monkey Performance of the Day

Couple Gets Whipped for Having Sex in Public.

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Girl Gets Fingered at McDonalds and Other Videos of the Day

Russian Woman Does a Dance

India Baby Born With Two Faces..

Naked Man in the Background of the BBC Studios

Cops Shoot Crazy Person in Atlanta..

FBI Versus the some Gamer…

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Crazy Drunk Girlfriend and Other Videos of the Day

Jet Skier VS Humpback Whale

Road Rage of the Day

90 Year Old Arrested in Ferguson

ALS Victim and Ice Bucket Challenge…

Cop Tazering Unresponsive Man

Man VS Taxi

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Sportscaster Distracted By Booty and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Tiger Run…

Woman Loses it After Accident

The Man Who Uses the Bus as a Van

The Most Disgusting Thing to Happen in a Public Bathroom…

Fat Drunk Peeing in Stairwell

Tourist Swimming in Flooded Road…

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Kristen Stewart in Drag for a Shity Music Video

I don’t know who this faggot Jenny Lewis is, but I know her video is a pile of shit set to a shitty viral song….

Up on some Mackelmore, let’s target single middle aged sluts who too the Sex and the City approach to life, fucking as much they could, only to realize dudes marry and knock up wives, not career obsessed cunts…with dirty pussies…especially after they turned down babies and family for career, only to be menopausal on a pile of money – feeling empty as fuck…

I’m posting this because Kristen Stewart and her inbred eyes is in it in drag…being one of the guys…because based on her sex appeal…I am pretty sure she is…

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Music Videos of the Day

Here’s a song that should get your through the summer…

I can only assume it was styled by Vanessa Hudgens still riding her Springbreakers glory…or maybe this girl is just a super fan..

Either way, Awesome song…

Here’s another song, that I watched on mute, but that features girls making out…

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Topless Woman Getting into a Random Car and Other Videos of the Day

Dude Does a Fuck Her Right in the Pussy in Canada for World Cup

Disabled Man at the Worldcup

Bourbon Street Shooting…

Some Angry Man On Someone’s Car….on I-77 near Charlotte….weird

Cop Abandons Investigation to Harass Kid Videotaping…

Wife Throws Gas on Husband’s GF and Lights her Up

The Coolest Man with a Pink Guitar

Little Kid Ghost Rides the Bike for a Bitch Slap Drive By

News Anchor Pervert!

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Pregnant Famous Girl Watch of the Day

Hayden Panettiere Demonstrating What She Should have Done to Not Get Pregnant because no one likes pregnancy, not even the girls who try to convince that they like pregnancy, since breeding is unnatural even if our shitty species depends on it…we should just outsource that shit to keep our vaginas and bodies intact, like some puppymill for human shit…and I figure I might as well post your favorite pregnant celebrities in action to inspire you to wear condoms – since no one wears condoms.

Stacy Keibler Mocking Mexicans while Pregnant…

This post has been a fail…but so has their uteruses…those fuckers let us down.

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