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Kristen Stewart in Drag for a Shity Music Video

I don’t know who this faggot Jenny Lewis is, but I know her video is a pile of shit set to a shitty viral song….

Up on some Mackelmore, let’s target single middle aged sluts who too the Sex and the City approach to life, fucking as much they could, only to realize dudes marry and knock up wives, not career obsessed cunts…with dirty pussies…especially after they turned down babies and family for career, only to be menopausal on a pile of money – feeling empty as fuck…

I’m posting this because Kristen Stewart and her inbred eyes is in it in drag…being one of the guys…because based on her sex appeal…I am pretty sure she is…

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Music Videos of the Day

Here’s a song that should get your through the summer…

I can only assume it was styled by Vanessa Hudgens still riding her Springbreakers glory…or maybe this girl is just a super fan..

Either way, Awesome song…

Here’s another song, that I watched on mute, but that features girls making out…

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Topless Woman Getting into a Random Car and Other Videos of the Day

Dude Does a Fuck Her Right in the Pussy in Canada for World Cup

Disabled Man at the Worldcup

Bourbon Street Shooting…

Some Angry Man On Someone’s Car….on I-77 near Charlotte….weird

Cop Abandons Investigation to Harass Kid Videotaping…

Wife Throws Gas on Husband’s GF and Lights her Up

The Coolest Man with a Pink Guitar

Little Kid Ghost Rides the Bike for a Bitch Slap Drive By

News Anchor Pervert!

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Pregnant Famous Girl Watch of the Day

Hayden Panettiere Demonstrating What She Should have Done to Not Get Pregnant because no one likes pregnancy, not even the girls who try to convince that they like pregnancy, since breeding is unnatural even if our shitty species depends on it…we should just outsource that shit to keep our vaginas and bodies intact, like some puppymill for human shit…and I figure I might as well post your favorite pregnant celebrities in action to inspire you to wear condoms – since no one wears condoms.

Stacy Keibler Mocking Mexicans while Pregnant…

This post has been a fail…but so has their uteruses…those fuckers let us down.

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Jamaican Dance and Other Videos of the Day

Fort Lauderdale Cop Tackles Cyclist at a Critical Mass Ride..

The Helmet Wearing Motorcycle Riding Animal

Neighbor Catches a Burglary at her Neighbor’s House

Staff Security at a High School Beats Wheel Chair Bound Kid on Video

The Optical Illusion Gay Video of the Day

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iPhone Slow Motion Bikini Video of the Day

Nothing like a little beach video shot in slow motion on the iphone to make you question why you don’t live on the beach, when there are plenty of third world countries you could probably afford to live at with a beach, instead you choose your middle american, mall shopping, family restaurant chain eating, in debt, middle of the road with a fat kid, fat wife, all high on GMOs and high fructose corn syrup life…

But at least one motherfucker is out there capturing the good stuff that can happen in a bikini…like this guy…

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Girl Freaks Out on the Train of the Day

This is hardly a story…..but I liked watching the video of some girl in the UK who was threatening and hitting dudes on the train….

The video may be going viral….with tens of thousands of likes on Facebook…..but apparently it was uploaded two years ago…at least that’s what you’d think based on how she’s dress….and the unfortunate thing is that I prefer my woman losing their shit in a far more naked way….You know stripping down, smearing period blood on her face like she’s some kind of warrior and going shoving her tits in random people’s faces while inserting their umbrellas inside her…

The angry UK trash version…up on some Jersey Shore shit…but far more nobel in her accent…even if she sounds like she’s from the gutter….is kinda just annoying….but I’ll post it anyway…

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Thanksgiving Miracle of the Day

Here is a funny video of a fat kid realizing what a set of awesome tits are…after getting his candy fix….and his face is fucking amazing…I give thanks for this…happy thanksgiving…

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Phil Varone’s Vegas or Bust Exclusive Clips of the Day

Here’s an exclusive clip sent to me by my friends at VIVID of Rockstar Phil Varone’s Swinger porn….

I know swingers…you know the kind of couples who fuck other couples with consent because let’s face it being monogamous fucking sucks and if you’re cheating when together it isn’t cheating at all…even if GOD is judging you…..but that’s just cuz GOD, or the church who invented GOD is boring….cuz I say fuck all you can and as many people as you can…but maybe that’s just cuz I am a romantic…..

I have tried to get into a swingers club at least 10 times in my life, alone, while wasted, unshowered and convinced it was a good idea but was always asked to leave by the door man in his tuxedo cuz I was riding solo, ready to jerk off, and I told them that my plan was to see how fat the swinger bitches were, cuz I heard they were nasty, and if they weren’t fat enough I would creep in the corner like I was a fly on the wall, or a creep on the fire escape peeping in…..

Phil Varone, from Skid Row, who has been on Celeb Rehab, and has turned to porn, has been a swinger for a long time, and this is his movie, featuring real life swingers, we’re talking non pornstars doing porn, and they are fucking hot…..


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