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Chloe Sevigny’s Rockin’ Cock of the Day

We’ve seen CHLOE SEVIGNY SUCK DICK IN A HORRIBLE MAINSTREAM MOVIE , now we get to see her rocking a dick for the third time in a mainstream TV Show in the UK.

I like that the mainstream is going more twisted, perverted and creepy thanks to competing with the internet, it is good for my future….but I don’t like seeing my women rocking dicks…

Luckily for me, Chloe Sevigny isn’t my woman….if anything I am not even sure if this raver hipster fashionista party kid is a woman or not, and I didn’t need this “Prosthetic” dick to make the whole thing confusing…..I was confused enough after seeing her get AIDS in kids….it is the Gay disease….

She was hyped in the 90s, I never got it, and I still don’t….but I’ll still look at her naked…even when doing his tranny shit….that I bet she’s taking a liking to and ends up bring shit home with her to practice on her homo fashion raver hipster friends….

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Madonna’s Ass Flash in Rome of the Day

Madonna’s either forgotten that she’s 53, or she thinks she looks hot for 53, or she’s lost her fucking mind as 53 year old women tend to do with the whole menopause thing that makes them realize they aren’t women anymore and in not being women it is ok to show off their naked bodies…why fucking bother hiding what they have in some weird level of security that scrapes the bottom of the barrel of male attention…..doing all they can to have one last hurrah that they can enjoy partcipating in…even if it offends most straight men who prefer the asses being flashed at them to not be 53.

Here’s the video….

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Sky Ferreira in her Underwear and Covered in Lipstick and Spider of the Day

Sky Ferreira used to be my internet homie….we’d talk often enough then something called a record deal happened and like all internet homies we had to part ways…not because I was against maintaining internet homie status, if anything now there was a reason to be internet homies, since she could link me to hot model pussy, instead of just talking to me about nonsense, but now it is official, she has become too cool for me by her standards, or maybe by her PR teams standards and that is so fucking weak…..she got more and more magazine covers, hung out with Katy Perry more and more often on her quest to being a popstar…..and figured lets delete Stepfather from Facebook and twitter like we never used to chat all the fucking time cuz he’s not respected or a wrung on my social climb. Weak….but typical…

That kind of behavior makes me hate a bitch….and luckily her shitty song gives me hope karma is around the corner for her….you know when her 5 fans turn on her for sucking….

Terry Richardson was hired to direct the video, her big move she’s probably proud of and she probably spent her entire budget on….and she’s in her underwear in it, not all that hot for a 20 year old, but then again I never found her hot, but she does have a spider crawling around her twat… something for you goth weirdos to appreciate….

I don’t know why I am posting this – but I’ll blame a broken heart.

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Brooke Burke Models Lingerie of the Day

Here is a video of Brooke Burke….former Wild On, Stripper looking bitch who partied internationally, current mom of a dozen kids…..talking some bullshit about how she loves when people take pics of her in lingerie, how she loves wearing lingerie, how she’s really into the brand cuz they gave her money to say that, all while wearing pretty tame outfits, considering her fucking slutty claims and slutty past and slutty clam that has to be slutty to pump out so many fucking children with different men….but she’s in lingerie, she looks better than my wife, which isn’t saying much because my wife is disgusting, too fucking far gone to even consider a woman….

but it is saying that Brooke Burke mom of a dozen kids, is hot bodied, so if you know a woman who talks bullshit about how she can’t get a hot body of flat stomach after making babies, as she eats a piece of cake and drinks a 1000 calorie frappicino, show her this video to remind her of the lies and that she just doesn’t fucking try hard enough….or you could just fuck a hotter younger girl….

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Alexis Bledel Sideboob in Mad Men of the Day

Alexis Bledel – a bitch all the virgin losers I used to know were into back when Gilmore Girls was on TV – a show that I don’t think they were really supposed to watch or be into….cuz it was weird for them to watch and be into it….but not as weird as collecting the box sets of DVDs along with shows like Buffy and Felicty…but I guess it was all to support the cause of being a virgin loser….

The fact that 10 years later, the main character from that show, the Alexis Bledel these virgin losers loved a is on Mad Men getting naked, must be too much for these same virgin losers, who likely have had sex, maybe marriage and families now, since a lot happens in a decade, but more importantly, there are a lot of fat 30 year olds who want to get knocked up…willing to settle with social awkward dudes…espeically now that their viring loser hustle has made them rich…..to handle….and that’s why I am posting it.

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Lady Gaga Getting Hit in the Head of the Day

Too bad it didn’t knock her the fuck out – making her stop her horrible song she was polluting the youth with….or more importantly hit her in a way that comes back to bite her in the ass like she was Natasha Richardson a few hours later….

All this to say, the man with the pole is a hero, even though he failed us but not getting the job done…at least he tried….

Lady Gaga is the devil….next time he should use a gun….

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Kate Upton Hides her Tits for a Clothing Campaign of the Day

When all you have going for you is tits….I strongly advise you use them to your full potential…because it is far too soon for bitch to think anyone wants to see her not showing off her tits….you know cuz that’s usually when all starts to crash…a level of cockiness that just gets the best of a bitch before it really should….

Her career is a 5 year window at best, and she’s already pulling this kind of diva shit posing fully clothed with Kellan Lutz in Dylan George and Abbot and Main’s fall 2012 advertisements like she’s fucking made it.

Fuck her for doing so much wrong in this campaign.

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Lindsay Lohan in a Vintage Bikini for some Short Film Called First Point of the Day

RICHARD PHILLIPS is some artist that got Lohan to pretend to be a surfer in some art project he did called First Point…and that she did cuz she’s got nothing else going on……

I guess in one of those things that makes us question what art really is….I mean not cuz Lohan brings up any real debates…but casting her in this and calling it art….makes me wonder how is gutter porn not considered art…but this Lohan in a vintage bikini is….if I was to get porn trash into vintage bikinis…would that be considered art…they whole concept of “art” annoys me…it is some bullshit pretentious intellectualizing nonsense… there is no original thought, just cuz you can paint doesn’t mean you’re a genius visionary, revolutionizing anything….fuck you…just make videos…stop the bullshiit you asshole….

You see, this is Lohan in a bikini…regardless of what con artist labels it….I label it perfection….when obviously it isn’t to anyone with taste or a fear of herpes…and that is what matters…art is in the eye of the beholder or some shit….

Here are the pics

Here is the trailer…maybe…I didn’t watch it…I care about content quality that much here…..Fuck Art. It is a lie.

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Kate Upton Sloppy Tits Teaches Some Idiot How to Cat Daddy of the Day

First I want to say that BLEACHERREPORT are good friends of the site…but that doesn’t mean I have to like their on air talent…I mean shit, use a hot chick people, no one wants to see an awkward dude on camera…

Second I want to say that Kate Upton is milking her Cat Daddy Dance for Terry Richardson fucking hard….cuz it was the biggest thing she’s done….bringing it back to life in what probably wasn’t the most creative thing these people coulda done with her, but that was ok, because it allowed us to really take in just how sloppy her teen tits are…real fucking saggers….that in time will blend in perfectly with her fat Anna Nicole Smith body….

Overrated…annoying…all hype…but busty….and busty is all it really takes to take the fuck over on the internet…..

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Katrina Bowden Cameltoe in Panties in Piranha 3DD of the Day

Weinstein Company Made Me Remove the Preview Clip Because They Don’t Want You to See the Movie….

I walked by the movie theater and saw posters for Piranha 3DD and I was kinda offended that this shit existed…only because the concept is so fucking stupid…that the first one should have never been made…but that succeeded hard enough for a second one to be made…making me really question humanity…..

Sure, I get it, scary shitty movie with nudity is always a winning combo…but sometimes the concept is so retarded it should be censored…and instead this Piranha 3DD is getting international distribution…mocking Hollywood and the Film Industry as a whole…calling it out as a joke….

Since I won’t be seeing it, I’m glad someone leaked the best part of it to the internet…and that is Katrina Bowden asking to have a dude cum inside her…while rocking hot coinslot looking cameltoe….maybe I get why this movie exists after alll…

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Miss USA 2012 Swimsuit Ready Abs for National Donut DAy of the Day

It is National DOnut Day…..

The last thing you fat american trash neeed is a National Donut Day….you need a “National Jog 5 Miles 3 times a week and eat vegetables and fruit instead of fast food 6-12 months”…until your fat, disgusting, fast food eating, trans fat sucking, high fructose corn syrup, sodium addicted, cellulite ridden size XXL ass turns into a fucking athlete.

It is a marketing hook for the billion dollar corporations killing you and your kids….and you all get sucked in like crack addicts…

You’re better off smoking bath salts and eating each other…

Either way, Miss Connecticut USA, Miss Iowa USA, Miss New York USA and Miss Washington USA demonstrate their favorite ab workouts to show how they get in shape for the Swimsuit Competition.

Now here is Preliminary Swimsuit Competition….representing your nation….one state at a time….not obese like the rest of you…and in bikinis…..

Alabama – Maine

Maryland – New Hampshire

New Jersey – Rhode Island

South Carolina – Wyoming

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Chloe Sevingy’s Tranny Dick – Episode 2 of the Day

Chloe Sevigny is still on that UK show Called Hit and Miss….that I haven’t really looked into to establish whether it is a hit or a miss….but I have posted her tranny prosthetic dick that I am sure some of you will get off to, cuz there is a reason tranny porn is so popular…and there is also a reason she was cast to play a tranny, that I call….looking like a Tranny….

Tranny’s disturb the fuck out of me…I’m old school at like the world to have 2 genders….none of these weirdo hybrids…stricken with serious emotional damage…

What is amazing in all this is that it is on TV. When I was a kid…all I had was Baywatch.

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Katy Perry Busted as a Hack of the Day

This is pretty representative…of the lies that are celebrities…and popstars…everything they do is bullshit…and they have no problem doing the bullshit because that’s how they get paid and because they have no souls…and realize they gave up authenticity when they signed onto this life…but when they get busted in their bullshit…it’s pretty fucking funny…I actually LOLed…and I never laugh…

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The iGallop of the Day

Someone emailed me this product that came out a while ago called the iGallop. It is designed to bring the horseback riding experience into the bedroom, or living room, or wherever the fuck you want to pretend you’re riding a fucking horse, without actually having to buy a horse, house a horse, and take care of a horse. Shit looks like a classy version of a sex machine because when you take off the dildo attachment, pretend it’s a high society, like an equestrian simulator, the orgasms it gives you feel a lot less humiliating than rubbing up against the dryer at a laundromat.

To think you thought your only horse fetish was Heidi Montag, Haylie Duff, Sarah Jessica Parker and that time you played farm with that manure smelling chick you met at the bar and you put a saddle on, a Horse Tail Butt Plug who you let mount you like this was some beastiality shit after taken her on a ride….oh right that wasn’t a girl…but you get the idea…

Either way here are some iGallop videos I found….

You Look So Gay….

I Doubt She’s 18….But It’s Not Inappropriate Since She’s Just Riding a Virtual Horse…Right?

Short Skirt Asian….

Mall Voyeur

Cat on the iGallop

Fat Man on the iGallop

Innocent Shoppers on the iGallop

Girl Gets a Yeast Infection on the iGallop

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