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Bikini Cat Fight Leads to Topless Pig and Other Videos of the Day

Car Goes Airborne – Aftermath

Hatchet Man Gets Pepper Spray and Tased….

Trump Protest in San Jose – Mr President

The Last Goodbye

Drug Dealer Wants to Get Paid – GetS Owned….

Camera Guy on MSNBC Says “What the Fuck”

Drug User of the Day

Naked Man Attempts Rape on Street

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Social Justice Warrior Fail and Other Videos of the Day

Horny Couple Fuck in a Not So Private Booth

Parking Lot Brawl Between the Classy Girls in the Same Dress

Dog Makes the Craziest Sounds when Kissed

Hot Tits of the DAy

Muhammed Ali Saves Suicidal Man

Lady Falls Asleep at Drive thru

Dirt Biker VS Drunk Driver

Guy Getting Slapped By His Gf – Beats the Fuck Out of Her – WHAT THE FUCK

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Friday Dance Video of the Day

I have no idea what this is about, I saw it on facebook and I thought it was an inspiring uplifting and even magical video experience that reminds us all that the world is vast and full of fucking weirdos battling for your minute of attention to watch them in action….

So many people doing it, just not that many are this legendary…

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Naked Woman in Zimbabwe for Harambe and Other Videos of the Day

Hawaiian Homeless Fight…

Flag Thieves get Karma…

Man Gets Face Plant

Brazilian Torch Fall…

Lizard Attacks Man…

Road Rage

Better Road Rage…

Bull VS People

Body Cam on a Pig…

Man Clears Customers…

Guy Turns into Superman

White Girl in China Tits…

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Woman Strips in Front of Courthouse and Other Videos of the Day

Big Breasted Blonde Protects Breasts from Perverts in China

Tattoo Artist VS Customer

Taking Drunk Friend Home

Wolf Kill in Alberta on the Side of the Road

3 Cops VS Man with Knife – 40 Shots…

Refugee Robs Store – Civilians Try to Take Him Out – Refugee Gets Mad

Scooter – VS – Scooter in Taiwan

Friendly Fish of the Day

Houston Truck Accident

Gun Fight of the Day

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Couple Has Sex On London Bus an Other Videos of the Day

Toronto Area Costco Brawl!!! Canadian Dreams…

Chinese Man Eats Off Tits at Work

Fridge Falls on Thief

The Elephant Massage

Crazy Jumper

Fight in Cranston RI

Drunk Driver Accident of the Day

Worker Hits back

Drunk Driving Nap

Angry Woman VS Truck

Kid Gets Electrocuted Playing Video Game

Florida Gator…Looks Fake

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Woman Gets Stripped by a Mob and Other Videos of the Day

Guy Breaks Sink Washing Ass

Drumming Through Residential Vegas

German Couple Gets Pranked

Cop Grabs Woman – Throws Her Down

Rally Car Crash

I choose the Gorilla Over a 3 Year Old with Bad Parents Any Day

Baseball Bat Fight

Schoolgirl Falls Out of Minivan

Robber Gets Shot

Donkey Slaughtered on the Street – What the Fuck

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88 Breast Feeding Moms in China and Other Videos of the Day

Man Confronts Woman Taking a Shirt in his Driveway

Young Girl Pics on Disabled Man

Dude Gets Caught ASking Friend’s 12 Year Old Sister for Nudes

The WOman Catching a Thief and Making Him Run Naked…

Brazilian Kids Robbing a Store at Gunpoint

Crazy Dude Hacks Random People in the Head

Woman Picks Up 5 Dollars that Fell from a Dude’s Purse…and He’s Mad About It

Live Ducks Made into Ground Meat – Gross…

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Man VS 5 Guys Burger and Fries and Other Videos of the Day

Dude Messes with the Wrong Girl

Homeless Natives

Land Rover Pushes Jaguar Out of theWay

Dude Gets Taken Out with a Roof Tile

Girl VS Pepper Spray

OLD MEN – Up To Some Shit…


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Man Has Sex with Drainage Pipe and Other Videos of the Day

Man Saws Off Penis In Front of Employees

Sex in the School Bathroom!

Super Predators in DC

This Testicle Training is Insane

Fight Fail…

Body Cam Shooting

Woman Takes Off on Police Chief

Motorcycle Panic

Punched and Kicked in London

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Naked Man Running Into Car and Other Videos of the Day

Rapid Response Police VS Road Rage

Be Careful on a Dirt Bike – This is Footage of a Guy Going Paralyzed from Waist Down

Hugging Husband in Poland – Flips his Shit and beats his Bitch

Terrifying Swan Dive

Student Driver of the Day

MSNBC Calls Bill Cosby Bill Clinton

Man VS Electric Eel

Bad Mom

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Chainsaw Murder Prank in the SHower and Other Videos of the Day

Crazy Russians

Liquor Store Jam Session

Cop’s 90 MPH accident

Theives VS Fridge

Cop VS Burger King Customer

Bus Driver Tries to Bully Wrong Driver

Just a Friendly Argument

Lady Boy of the Day

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Drunk Girl Assaults a Random Man in Texas and Other Videos of the Day

Chicago Grandfather Gets Hit Mowing Lawn

Cabby VS Truck Driver Vs NYPD Chicks

Coed Massage Parlor TITs!

Car Gets Launched…

Eggplant Condom Applied with Mouth Erotica

Man Chased Down – Run Over – Shot in Back – BRAZIL!

Oakland Booty Dies getting Arrested

Woman Loses Bet – Removes Pubes for Coworkers…

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College Professor and His Student and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Man in a Schoolyard

Woman Tries to Save Her Car from Hail.

Houston Road Rage is Brilliant

Neighbor Vs Smoking Woman – Because Smoke Was Going in Baby’s Room

3 Year Old VS Taxi in Hong Kong – She Lived

Cop Beats Handcuffed Man in Chicago

Weird Street Cook…Stunts…

Restauran Brawl…

Man’s Pants Fall Down While Being Chased by Cops

Mother’s Day Brawl

Fuck Her Right in the Pussy in LA

Caribbean Dance Party

Spiderman of the Middle East

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Target Shopper of the Day

This is a pretty amazing obese mother of 12 walking through Target with a bible…in what is everything wrong with America…that these people who think “The Devil is Raping Children” because of homosexual agendas…is pretty fucking terrifying because so much white trash uneducated evangelical weirdos exists in small town America. This is the majority…

I guess what she’s forgetting is that her bathroom / trailer park outhouse, a place her fat ass spends a lot of time thanks to her eating is for all genders…

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