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Naked Woman in Dublin and Other Videos of the DAy

Motorcycle Driver of the Day

Drunk Guy in the Supermarket

Snake Bites a Dude – Dude Dies – Snake Charmer Goes to Jail – Happy Indian Story of the Day

Smart Driver!

Container Truck VS Overpass

Weird Thing to Get in there and Photograph

Sewer Hole Explosion

Pissing on the Motorway

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Drunk Couple Caught Asleep Mid Act…and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Falls Out of a Harness on Some Ride

How United Airlines Treats their Customers – OLD video but whatever.

Dear Takes Out a Dude

Man Attacked by a Snake in a Videogame Shop

Ex Mayor Drives Ferrari Through the Mall

Road Rage Gets Out of Hand

Dude Who Set Fire of the House of the Girl He Raped and Killed her and Her Grandparents – Commits Suicide

Cop Kicks Face of a Detained Black Man

Kids Try to Steal Car Mirrors – Dude Shoots at them From His Balcony

Newsreader Drops F Bomb

Idiot Drops Cash After Robbery

Drunk Dude

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Hot Bitch in the Club And Other Videos of the Day

Fucking in the food Court

Newsreader Caught Daydreaming…

Landslide in India…

Sewer Explodes

Tire Almost Hits Mom With Stroller

Suicide Bomber of the Day – Fucked Up…

Indiana Jones Fail

Another Day in Detroit

Some Idiots from Boston

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Woman Caught with Pants Down and Other Videos of the Day

Woman of the Day

Gang Blowing Up Machines

Naked on Drugs

Woman Crossing Crosswalk Taken Out….

Woman Nearly Hit a Train…

Couple in Public Sex

Race Horse Accident

Pick-up truck of the Day

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Girl Fight! and Other Videos of the Day

Kung Fu Boobs…

Girl Beats Up a Dude Who Grabbed her on the Beach…..

Road Rage Girl is Hilarious.

Boobs Out at Walmart..

China Prank of the Day

Police Arrest Ambulance Joy Rider…

Magic Trick Gone Wrong

Dude Who Thinks He’s the Joker…Gets Sprayed

Customer Mad Credit Card is Denied

Never Trust a Dude in Sweat Pants…

Idiot Hits Himself with a Bomb

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Naked Woman in the Streets of Iran and Other Videos of the Day

Cop Being Interviewed VS Guy with a Beer Bottle

Woman Taken Out in Police Chase

Armoured Truck Gets Blowed the Fuck Up

Woman Accuses Uber Driver with Rape – This is Hilarious

Old Lady Pranks her Husband with a Water Bottle..

Owner Tries Saving Dog from a Cat Attack in the Weirdest Way

Burnout With Unexpected Ending

Rogue Tire Takes Out a Dude

Angry Kazakhstan Actress VS Producer’s Car OVer Nude Scenes in Some Random Foreign Country

Dude Gets Taken the Fuck Out by Some Sort of Tree

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Gender Bending in a Gender Neutral Genderless we are All one Gender the Human Gender World of the Day

So the world has agreed that gender is an abstract construct of modern man, and that Man and Woman doesn’t mean Man or Woman…like it did with traditional gender roles…and that if you have a penis you’re not necessarily a man, you have male genitals, but that doesn’t mean you’re a man and you can wear a dress…and if you are born with a vagina, that doesn’t mean you’re a woman, but rather you can live your life as a man, even though the idea of living your life as a man, when you have a vagina, or a woman as a man…after arguing about gender neutrality…is saying that traditional gender roles makes sense…they just shouldn’t be GENITAL based….

So as they take their hormones thanks to childhood trauma, or get their surgeries like psychos to be other genders, while saying we are all one gender, the human gender….and all these social justice warriors get on board and fight for their gender neutral rights…because they need something to champion….and stick their dirty entitled fingers in…

Instead of just letting people live whatever fucking life they want, who fucking cares if it’s weird or not, it doesn’t phase me….

I do like knowing if a homie’s got a pussy though, because I like to know if it’s gay if I fuck him after a few too many drinks…or none at all..but because vagina is good…because after watching this video – I think it may be….

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Mountain DEW Party Trick and Other Videos of the DAy

Public Shower

Couple Has Public Sex….

Groom Eats Snacks Out of Bride’s TIts

Master Being Kicked in the Crotch

Boss Forces Employee to Suck her Nipple

This Bitch is Mad at the bank

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Mom and Daughter – Get their Clits Pierced Together and Other Videos of the Day

Topless Activist VS White Power

Just a Retard Jerking Off in the Subway

Arabs Freak Over Couple Fucking in a Car

Drunk Driver VS Stairs

Mini Van Hits Biker – Twice…

Feeding a Cobra Water

Current Mood…

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Woman Walking on Road Naked and Other Videos of the Day

Cop on Hood

Dude Jumps of the Day

A man Selling Chicks

Naked Woman on the Street

Dad Tries Inversion Table

Sausage Party!

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Sex in an Uber and Other Videos of the Day

Grocery Store Dude Looking Upskirt

Python Cut Open to Find a Dead Man…..

Dude Rubbing His Dick on a Sign

Panty Thief

Doctors and Nurses Dancing in the Operating Room

Man VS Iguana

Happy Bride!

Dump Truck Drifting

Demolition Gone Wrong

Dude VS Owl

Scooter Steals from Woman’s Car

Deadly TUK TUK Road Rage

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Naked woman Running on the Street and Other Videos of the Day

The Woman Puts Her Meth in her Ass…

Maggots in CHinese Food

TSA Feels a Kids Dick

Dudes Fighting forget to let their friend in as they drive off…

Car Crashes Through Animal Hospital – no One Died

Panda Falls Out of Tree….Poor Little Guy

Leg Day Leg Break

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Balcony Fuck and Other Videos of the Dat

Pretty Girl Strutting…

Just a Dude who Shat Hipself

Drunk Driver Hits Barrier

Weird Bike Accident

Cop Slams Woman to the Ground –

Old Man Rescued from Frozen Lake

Abused Goat and Monkey

Mistress – Gets Stripped

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Nude Models Carrying Women’s Purses and Other Videos of the Day

Tulsa Shooter Gets Hit By the Cops and Locked Under the Car

Teacher Bites a Sleeping Student

Brazil is Fucking Nuts

Trump Hater

Trump Supporter – Titty Grabbed

Big Texas Tits

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Video Reminder that Kylie Jenner is Not Hot of the Day

Every once in a while, pretty much once a day, every time Kylie Jenner posts, is a friendly reminder that she’s not hot, if anything she looks like a muppet that was stapled together in some weird dude with a weird fetishized version of a white girl with black booty in his creepy basement….before he decided to cut off his motherfucking dick…and change his name to Caitlin…becausae that’s what this family does…they troll so hard, and for some reason the people they are trolling believe in them and buy the bullshit products they are selling…it’s terrifying…

Like her dad /mom she’s a fucking mutant designed to make money for the family, or herself and it’s disgusting, shameless…and people like it…so here it is..

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