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Beast Feeding a Calf…and Other Videos of the Day

White Men Restrain a Black Man in Nashville Because they are Racist…..and Because he Tried Robbing a Woman….

Careless Wedding Guest Shoots Kid in the Face…what?

Motel 6 Explodes

16 Year Old Murder Suspect Revisits Crime Scene Where He Raped and Killed a Girl….The Dad Wasn’t Into It…

Karate GUY Vs Car

Balcony Fisherman

Kid Stuck in a Chinese Escalator

Truck VS Height Barrier

Girl On Drugs

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Tantrum by a Recently Dumped Girl and Other Videos of the Day

The Dude Who Fucked 3 Dogs and a Horse…

Old Lady Robbed at a Church

The Creepy Cop Who Got Arrested for Harrassing Women…He Takes the Passenger out of the Car to take pics of her tits…only to find her on Facebook where he hits her up for 2 months…

Snake at the Chinese Restaurant…

Failed Suicide of the Day

Man Tasered for Throwing a Brick at Police Headquarters…

Dude Jumping in Front of the Train….

Downhill Skateboarding

Little Kid VS First Day of School

Drunk Driver VS Head-On Crash..

Canadian Cops Shoot a Dog and I Hate Them For That…

Racist Australian

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Just a Topless Girl on FLakka and Other Videos of the Day

Teens Throw a Homeless Dude in the Water

Pakistan Airlines has No Air Conditioning – Bet it Smells Good

Cat Gets Brain Freeze

Fitness Fail –

Naked Human Bowling

Egging a Car

Girl Carrying Cash Gets Killed….

Girl Tases Dude Gets Knocked out

Hooker Vs Crazy Asian with a Knife

Girl on FLAKKA of the Day

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Naked Woman Crossing the Street and Other Videos of the Day

Cop Body Slams Dude Singing Beach Boys

Dancing Dogs

Terrifying Koala of the Day

Parrot Loves to Slide

Unruly Lady on a Flight

New Jersey Bros in a Double KO

Fight at the Tube…

Cop Watches People Fight…

Grave Robber

Drunk Driver VS Family…

Classy Street of the Day

Dancing Thief…

ATM Doesn’t Give Dude His Money

Horny Old Couple…

Wife Kicks Husband in the Balls

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Camera Test Video of the DAy

Apparently this is how some blog demonstrates the slow motion feature on a camera…using some average looking girl with big but uninspiring tits…getting water balloons thrown at them…because wet uninspiring tits…are better than dry ones I guess…

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FEMEN Against Amnesty and Other Videos of the Day

Dog in a Car Bumper

Just a Dude on Drugs

Ambulance and Firetruck Collide

Wrong Way on a One Way Highway

Hot Girl Gets Robbed

Huffing Paint Thinner on the Train

Dude Kills His Friend with an Iron Bar…

Bridge Crash Insanity

Man Loves His Wife So Much – He Commits Suicide in Front of Her….ROMANCE

Weirdest Pet

Cow VS Muslim

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Tennis Player Tells Other Tennis Player he Fucked His Girlfriend of the Day

Nick Kyrgios is some tennis player that told Stan Wawrinka during a match at the Rogers Cup in Montreal that “I fucked your girlfriend”…

He’s getting fined 10k because the mic picked it up, and figure I’d post pics of the girlfriend he fucked..

Donna Vekic…19 and Croatian…and apparently into fucking all the tennis players…and when you date aN Eastern Eurpean you should know better…

A video posted by Donna Vekic (@donnavekic) on

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Gas Station Mayhem and Other Vides of the Day

Bus Stop Princess

Drunk Polish Dude Hanging On a Fence

Australian Crocodile Rider

Naked in Russia

Insane U-Turn of the Day

Vegas Shooting

Lap Dog Lizard

Motorcycle VS Bus Shelter

Woman VS Armed Robber

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Australian Reporter Bit By a Bull Ant of the Day

I think i just found my new fetish…

Australian reporters being bitten by ants…not aunts…that would be a whole other fetish, filled with incest, unless it was an aunt through marriage….not that that matters because this ant is a bull aunt, not your uncle’s hot wife aunt, and this ant brings pain….live on TV…

I am not a fan of the “Fuck Her Right in the Pussy” movement, or the Kiss the Reporter while she’s live on TV movement, because feminists think everything is abusive and derogatory to them, so I just prefer when nature attacks…Or when people give the live broadcast the finger, or the jerk off gesture…

Maybe I just like Australian women. They are so cute.

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Times Square Tourist Video and Other Videos of the Day

Mother VS Billboard

Nipple Biting Fish

Cop VS Scooter…

Just a Drunk Guy Who Knows Karate

Prison Guard Attacks Inmate…

Interesting Dump Truck…

Walmart Shoplifter Escaping Court…

Dog With Its Own Trailer…

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Dance of the Day

Everyone needs a mid-week dance…because your life is miserable…and half naked dance routines aren’t miserable at all…they are fun, exciting, erotic, and in this case really fucking weird….possibly retarded…but it seems to be going viral on facebook, probably because we are a politically correct people who don’t point and laugh at each other, because that’s bullying, and we’re not bullies, we just encourage each other and bring each other up..

So I’ll just assume that millions of viewers are into this…because they appreciate her talent..because I appreciate her creative vision…

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#FreeThePeen in Brooklyn Gets Tased and Other Videos of the Day

Paragliding Death of the Day

Psycho fucking Driver of the Day

Female Soldier of the Day

Tranny Gets Beat

Cop Disarms Suicidal Man

Hotel for the Dead in Japan is Weird…

Woman Stealing an Ipad…

Arrest of the Day:

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Dumb Viral Bitch of the Day

So an unattractive, aspiring instagram model, used her tits, in a video to mock instagram models, went viral….last I saw it had 6 million views on Facebook and people are celebrating her like she’s a fucking genius…

When an aspiring Instagram model makes a video about Instagram models being pathetic because she thinks she’s more than an Instagram model – even though every instagram model thinks she’s more than an instagram model and this one, who keeps grabbing her tits to distract from her ugly face, isn’t even as successful as instagram models who she’s trying to mock, because she really wants to be them….so she’s using them, by stating the obvious about them…

But I would say this is ironic, or hypocritical, or just fucking obnoxious and loud and deserving of a punch in the face or even a mud wrestle, because when a girl makes fun of another girl, she breaks the sisterhood, or the support system girls are supposed to have, in efforts of being empowered…

She’s calling other girls whores, who don’t get paid for being whores, even though she’s being a whore, not getting paid for being a whore, only in her case, the video went viral and I bet she does a media tour over this, gets a tv show deal because of this, becomes touring comedian in movies over this – and all it took was less than average high energy rant calling out other girls and the best joke in it is written by Ronda Roussey….who is mentioned twice in what is more concerning than the rest of the video. Cut it is this easy…

Everyone already knows what we know about instagram models, most instagram models I know make more than promo models, something she probably was at one point in time, you know handing out toilet paper at the Costco, before figuring out her “comedic” hook…that isn’t even funny, well thought out, or interesting..

I find this girl misogynistic…useless…but people are idiots, and 98 percent of people probably think she’s awesome and has a good message…

I think we can all agree, I’m talking racists, sexists, feminists, eveyrone…is that we need to stop judging other people and each other, especially when trying to get ahead.

We need to let people post ass shots and hang with rich dudes on yachts if they fucking want to.

Who is she to decide what is Insta whoring and what isn’t… Because she’s not as hot as they are – but trying to pull the same numbers they do by being “funny”? Fuck that noise….

Let’s hope this leads to a sex tape, when her “celebrity” dissipates, because her talent is low level, flimsy, and after her one-hit-wonder youtube video loses relevance in 4 days from now and some other idiots takes over viral hits for the week…

I don’t support this trash. I hate that she exists and jealous girls are buying into her rant.

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Hot Naked New York Crazy Woman Tits and Other Videos of the Day

Hot Reporter VS Girl VS Pony

Rainbow Crew do Mob Shoplifting..

Man who Decides to not take bus – Lives

Woman VS Man who Seig Heils

Fast Food Employee Rubs Bun on Floor

Biker Hits Pedestrial…what…

First Women’s Only Beach for Girls in Some Hot Fucking Bikinis

Old Dude Knocked Out in Store

Police Arrest Guy in Underwear

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Dog Carrying baby Monkey and Other Videos of the Day

Minion Attacks Dublin

Car B-Q

Couple Has Sex Under the Bridge

Horrible Bike Accident

Drunk Dad and his Kid

Teens Rob and Old Man

Indian Groom gets mad at his Bride

Old Man in Asphalt Pit

Birthday Cake Fail

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