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Alex Trebek VS Nerdcore Nerds of the Day

One of the contestants on Jeoparty Jeopardy was talking about the music she loves or listens to called Nerdcore, which she goes onto explain is people rapping about being nerds, into comic books, unable to find romantic partners…basically what I call virgin losers who are the only people who read this site, and who occasionally break out of their mom’s basement with some dot com billion dollar company…where they are celebrated and pussy is thrown at them…they even let you grab them in the pussy…just to have a taste of your very valuable semen…so they can throw it back into their twat and get pregnant so that they can retire…but I generally think they just sit around playing video games – getting fatter and fatter – greasier and greasier and cum scented because all that masturbating gets into their pours and is hard to wash out when you don’t wash…eventually finding a really fat lonely chick in the same situation as them – who they can do sci/fi fanatasy – comicon things together…but usually they just die alone…

And who Alex Trebek calls losers…to their loser faces…because he’s rich off loser nerds he calls losers…cuz he’s winning!

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Touching Chinese Breasts for Money and Other Videos of the Day

Naked PETA Protestors VS Wool

Breast implant of the Day

Creepy Clown Arrest

Fishing in Flood Waters

Highway Arrest

Young Dude in an Interesting Save

The New 5 Pound Not Plays Records more than DJs do…

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Footage Woman in Sex Assault Trial Deemed Too Drunk to Consent to Sex with a Creeper who fed her Booze – GOOD and Other Videos of the Day

7-Eleven Clerk Freaks Out Over Dude Buying a Slurpee

Car Slams Police Cruiser Dealing with an Emergency.

Shoeless Bum Knocked Out by Employee

Artist Creates a Weird Illusion

Man Loses Control of Excavator

Man Stabbing Dog in the Face an Throat in Texas…Motherfucker

Turkish Guy Killed Himself after breakup on FB Live…

Pervert Touching Ass in Asia

Naked Woman in Alabama

Chinese Man Pressing Up on a Woman

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Naked Woman Outside KFC and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Hindu Monks

Girl Fight in Dayton Ohio

Asian Fitness

Parents Whacked Out of Heroin

Insurance Scammer of the Day

Weird Flexbile Soldier

Two Girls Busted for Shoplifting

Creepy Clown trying to Break In

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T-Rex in the Florida Hurricane of the Day

Apparently this T-Rex thing is a thing, so it’s only natural that the bros in Florida who aren’t on Bathsalts eating, homeless man eating, Black man shooting, weird sex offending sketchy Florida Crime, but rather the kind of guys who hang out in Golf Courses, who were date raping in midwest frats before getting a medical device sales job in Florida, living the suburban life when they can miss out on the cold weather, all white washed like the Fort Lauderdale strip where the HOOTERS is….are running around in the Florida Hurricane….which I guess is LOLZ…to many…but not to me, because I am dark and want to see them taken the fuck out…

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Old Lady Ass Wiping and Other Videos of the Day

Fat, Naked and in Alabama

Naked Biker Chase

Girl Gets Beat

Mall Stabbing

Fox Host Tells Hard Truth About Hurricane…

Truck on The Edge

How to Fuck a Car…

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Bullshit Victoria’s Secret Ad of the Day

Josephine Skriver, Taylor Hill, Sara Sampaio and Jasmine Tookes launch a new collection called “Sexy Little Things” Collection, because Victoria’s Secret is so fucking original, their concepts, their content, their models…just on the fucking innovative…

The reality is that the Victoria’s Secret marketing has swapped out their creative direction to look like slutty instagram photoshoots, lit and run through instagram-like filters, rather than the same cheesy bright poses…but still fucking cheesy because it’s an evil corporation that manufactures in China and that exploits women into thinking they need VS to be hot – by showing them half naked women with unrealistic bodies as their brand model…in an era where that’s pretty fucking hated by the people…but they keep doing it…make that man rich, using his concubines, the patriarchal empire continues…and like all the basic people who like half naked women…I’ll watch…I’ll even promote their campaign for free…like some kind of asshole…because this is what being manipulated by the media with tits looks like…

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Drunk Woman Undresses in the Street and Other Videos of the Day

Chinese Woman in Short Shorts…Creeper Cam Version

Mom Shaves Daughter’s Hair as Punishment for Making Fun of Bald Cancer Patient

Indian Kid Gets 7 Inch Tail Removed…

Judge Makes Woman Remove Black Lives Matter Button

Mexican Host Farts on Tv

Robbery in Houston

Cobra in the Window

Plane Struck By Lightening.

Post Bear Attack

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Bottomless Woman on a Vehicle and Other Videos of the DAy

White Woman Pepper Sprayed By Cops While Restrained is a New Fetish

Road Sign Celebrating the End of Construction

Terrifying Truck Accident

Crazy Jumper

Cops Kill Black Guy with a Gun – What Jerks

Airbag Fail

Contoversial Race Car

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Inspirational Video and Current Mood of the Day

Turn the audio on….I find this an inspiring video – that dials right into what this site, and in turn what I contribute to the world…only far less hot…

I am not a believer that women shit, until I am forced to believe it with shit on my dick after fucking their asses…

But I guess they can fart…and when it looks like this, it still smells like shit, but it’s not so bad…

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Miami Chuck E Cheese is Fun for the Whole Family and Other Videos of the Dy

Girl Gets Herself Arrested for Interfering with Arrest

Just Getting Stabbed in the Bronx station

Dead Mermaid

Speeding Car VS Old Man

Bus Runs Into Store

Lucky Girl of the Day

Grizzly Bear Messing with Security Cameras

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Angry Customer Smashes iphones and Other Videos of the Day

Dude in a Clinton is a Rapist Shirt

Angry Drive Thru Girl

Clown Car of the Day

Girl VS Drone

Science Experiment of the Day

7/11 Clerk Knocks Out Thug

Trump Mocks Hillary Clinton

Idiot on a Bike

Swimming with 16 Golden Retrievers

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HOT TACO VENDOR and Other Videos of the day

Heckler Gets Invited to Try the Shot…and Gets it..

Weird Tanker Truck Flipping and Crushign Car

Cop VS Black GUy


Just a Naked Black Guy in Public

Crackhead Stealing Chainsaw

FISH Attacks Dudes Dick

Woman Caught with Cheating Husband by Wife and Family

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Dancing Plastic Surgeons and Other Videos of the DAy

Wreckage from the Train Crash in Jersey This Morning

Car Gets Sandwiched

Japanese Company has a Party in a Chinese Restaurant

Chinese Engineering….

Golfer Attacked By Bird…

Sex Offender Tries to Shank Prosecutor

Dude Who Got his Dick Stuck in Wedding Ring for 2 Days

Bikini Model Taken Out by Wave

Naked Activists

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Tourists Grabbing Lady Boy Breasts and Other Videos of the Day

Bouncer VS Frat Boy

Kangaroo in the Toilet

Security Guard Stabbing

Drunk Dude’s Face VS Door Knob

The Baby with Three Genetic Parents

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