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Man Gets Hard On at Worst Time and Other Videos of the Day

Fight Between Teacher a Student

Cop Shoots and Killed Hammer Weilding Hobo in Montreal

Man Sleeping on Bus…

Dogs Caught Humping…

Van Slams Little Girl…

The Backflip Kid…

Kiss of the Day

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Plain Clothed Ebola Handler Other Videos of the Day

Woman Goes After a Driver…He Runs her Over…She Almost Dies…

12 Year Old Thai Tattoo Artist – Because Thailand Starts Them Young

Drunk Backflip Off a BMW

Guy on Drugs of the Day

Angry Russian Storekeepr…

Fishermen Catch Sea Lion…

Guy Saves Cyclist…

Femen Topless Protest in Spain

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Pumpkin Dropped on a Van and Other VIdeos of the Day

Car Accident of the Day – There Were No Casualities But The Accident is Nuts

Dog Breaks Up Fight

Hong Kong Police Beat Protestor Who Wants Democracy…

Footage of a Tylphoon

Chinese Politician Fondles a Shoe Shine Girl’s Breasts…

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How to Stop a Fight and Other Videos of the Day

Jet Powered Porta Potty

The Aftermath of a Morning Accident

The Truck that Ran Over a Dozen Sheep

Drift Fail…

Wife Beater Tries Escaping a Police Car

Weird Crackhead Dude Freaking Out of the Day

Throwback to Yesterday – WTF is this Woman Doing on the train

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The Grossest Thing You Will Ever See on Public Transit (I gagged) of the Day

The Asian Black Cock Washer

Rugby Player Punches a Guy in the head

Teens Try to Push a 41 Year Old Man off the Train – WTF

Biker Babe of the Day

Camel Getting Slaughtered (sad) Picks Up and Throws It’s Murderer

Jealous Lemur

Warehouse Mishap – Causes Damage…

Purse Snatchers Take the Lady With the Purse

This was all over Facebook – Racist Drunk Australian Who Must Die

This was all over Facebook – but as a pug whisperer it is my duty to post all things pug

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Cops Shoot at a Guy with a Cane and Other Videos of the Day

Live Shark Dragged Through the Streets – what?

The Duct Tape Challenge…

Dog Causes Accident….

The Girl Who Sings 2 Notes at Once

Cops Take 1300 Dollar from a Guy

Topless Activists!

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Selfie Girl of the Day

I am going to assume that this video is shot on purpose by a couple of girls just trying to make a social commentary on how narcisstic and self obsessed people are…because people are that narcisstic and self obsessed.

I always ask girls who post amazing pics from the right angle, how many other versions there were of the pic that they didn’t use. They always smile, knowing that there’s probably 100 fucking pictures snapped just to get the right angle. It’s like they spend hours trying to get a perfect shot of themselves for their social media where people they don’t know judge them…like they are little low level celebs in their own right…

When you think about it, it’s absolutely fucking insane…

So real or not, this should speak to all of you….

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NYPD Knock Out a Kid for Smoking a Cigarette and Other Videos of the Day

High School Rap Battle

Dude Hit By Two Buses

Kids Taking Over the Train with a Dance

Rampaging Bull

Kurds Attacking British Police

Duck Dynasty Dude is a Joker

Poor Man’s Garage

Naked Man Found in the Woods After Tomorrowland

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Half Naked Fight and Videos of the Day

Baby Carriage Run OVer By Motorcycle

Cops Break Window and Tase a Guy

Woman Gives Birth to a Flashlight…

Idiot Shot By Cops – Tries to Run

Homeless Guy VS Muscle Guy

49ers Fans VS Chiefs Fans

Cop Shot 5 Times in Georgia…

This is Rough – Girl Kills herself at School Due To Bullying at School nd No One Even Notices..

Creepy Hummingbird Man

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