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McDonald’s Drive Thru Fight and Other Videos of the Day

Sex on the Rock

Mother of the Day – Dropping her New Born Baby into the Trash…

Crack Whore and her Mouth Skills

Terrifying Sky Dive Video…

Dude Drinks Poison and Lights Himself on Fire

Bus Driver VS Passenger…

This is the Worst Thing You’ll Ever See…Naked Woman Stoned To Death and Caught on Fire in Africa…What the Fuck

Suicide Squirrel

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Girls Rockin’ Out in Burger King…and Other Videos of the Day

Bro Doesn’t Like Being Told to Fuck Off

Apparently, this is a dude who hijacked a family’s IP security cam….

Weird Video of Little Girl Puking….from too much Whipped Cream…vile..

Person Steals All The Candy from a Family who let a Sign that Read “Only a Handful”

Huge Joint Rip…

Student VS Teacher

Referee Gets a Surprise

Student attacks Teacher

Jew on Jew Stabbing

Eating Live Worms…

Orlando Twerk Contest…

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Weird Car Wash Video and Other Views of the Day

Couple Having Sex In a Car on a Guy’s Farm…

Shoplifter’s Hilarious Escape

Doctor Makes Fighter’s Wound Talk…

Party Grandpa at 6 am

Naked African Palestinian

Kazakhstan Teacher Punishing Kids

Halloween Brawl in Baltimore

Halloween Brawl in Orlando

Old Man Almost Hit By Axe

Man in NYC Shitting

Fight in the Computer Lab

Street Performer – VS Thief

SUV Vs Tanning Salon

Just Nice People on NYC Subway -0 Is this Goonies?

Short Thief

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Stepfather Presents ‘Motel Hell” Teaser of the Day

This is a teaser of Motel Hell – a movie that will be out next year…

I may be a terribly lazy person, who likes sitting on my couch and drinking, hating everything hollywood, but I managed to partner up with director Dom Cappelletti and sell a fucking movie….called Motel Hell.

This is the Teaser….

That’s right….I’m going to Hollywood motherfuckers..don’t worry I’ll film the casting couch….desperate girls are my favorite too.

No one takes me seriously, I’m one big joke, blocked by everyone on social media, but that’s all about to change….

If I had emotions, I’d be more excited, but I will say that I’ve been wanting to do a horror movie pretty much my entire life…they are cheap, terrifying, full of tits, and the only movies worth watching, so what better day to announce the big news….than on Halloween.

Yes. I am going to be the next Ben Affleck and Matt Damon meets Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp if they were broke, Mexican dudes who have a blog…and sex will be bought with all the money I make.

I’d like to thank you all in advance for making these dreams come true….the support is what managed to allow me to focus on my dreams and make them come true….I do it all for you. I’d also like to thank Jesus Martinez my lord and savior…

So brace yourself, get ready for next year. It’s going to be huge…this is your warning…

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Man Disguised as a Woman Prostitute Gets Arrested and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Blue Hair in NYC

Dude Kisses a Guy’s Girl in Front of Him…Gets Beat…

Daily Commute in Shanghai…

Man Gets Beat for Touching a 12 Year Old

New Zealand Cop of the Day

Dude Tries to Hang Himself in Public

Guy Makes Another Guy Apologize to His Wife For Makign Rude Comments

Orange Vendor VS Inspector

Robber Tries to Get Money from Clerk, Clerk Says No, Robber Takes Chips

Hangover in China

CCTV of the WACO Texas Shooting…

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Bieber Storms Off Stage of the Day

Want to watch Justin Bieber have a tantrum at some event….I didn’t really read the story, I just heard him saying “yo” every second word, which would make people assume he’s a half retard who hits rocks together in the playground…up on some low functioning autism kid…”Yo ugh food yo…ugh…”…all while chronically masturbating…but the fact is that “yo” retard from Canada is worth over 100,000,000 dollars, so if motherfucker wants to cry like a little bitch..why the fuck not cry like a little bitch for all your fans to look, laugh and/or ask themselves “why am I this guy’s fan again, it’s a joke on myself right”….not to mention being a little bitch makes sense, partially because of how Usher loved him in the early years…but also because 98% of lesbians look and dress exactly like him….so many Bieber looking lesbians…there should be a sub-genre of lesbian called BEIBERS-FOR-BEAVERS-WITH-BEAVERS or some shit….ties in Canada, Pussy…I should be hired by his team…yo.

Here’s his apology…for being a little bitch….and even the fans laughed at him…but at least he has money

Sadly it’s Been a rough week for me, long days no sleep, while having to be “on” as they would say for cameras fans etc. In no way did I mean to come across mean, but chose to end the show as the people in the front row would not listen. Hopefully people will understand where I am coming from. I don’t always handle things the right way but I’m human and I’m working on getting better at responding not reacting. Unfortunately people were affected by this as am I. For the people in the back I am so sorry and for anyone I may have disappointed im sorry. Sorry for wasting the tv people’s time I’ll be sure to make it up to you next time on tour.. With love Justin.

Not one Yo!..

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North West East South in Staged Paparazzi Pics because Her Mother is a Demon of the Day

Kanye and Kim’s STD was on her way to Ballet practice where she told the paparazzi “I said no pictures”…because she was a fame whore experiment in narcissism…designed by a negligent media whore to help the egotistical pig produce an extension of herself…which I am sure she loves as long as the nanny does all the work because she made it…but more importantly..that the egotistical pig loves because she offers a nice storyline in their show…that keeps going strong…

Everything about this poor kid, who should have miscarried itself in the womb, but who I guess will have a pretty insanely privileged life…can’t end well…and it’s not her fault…shit started out bad for her..but at least she’ll always have nice things to feed her soul…

It is safe to say that the paparazzi don’t stake out children’s ballet studios…because that kind of thing gets you arrested…pretty much everywhere in north America…so North’s team called the paparazzi to stage this fucking outing..and the kid is already aware of cameras…hates cameras because she was probably coached to say that…because she’s an accessory that has a voice..and that voice can be used to increase sales…or some shit…

There’s a lot of bad going on here…someone needs to stop this family…but they won’t…where will this end up? There’s another on the way…but where are Child protective services, if this was a poor family, this kind of thing would be unacceptable..but becuase they are rich…let the whore continue exploiting her helpless baby…tragic..

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Inspirational Christmas Video of the DAy

I just came across “christmas at the strip club”… a cinematic experience brought to you by Youtube and some dude named Thumper ..as a preview or glimpse into the Holiday Season that officially stars on Sunday, when all these girls dressed like slutty everything….from baked potatoes to tampons…that would be exciting if girls everywhere were sluts everyday…

I mean, when girls were conservative and Halloween was an excuse for them to be the half naked girl they wanted to be, but couldn’t be, because their family and moral code…so it was exciting..

But now, social media is an excuse for girls to get naked, or half naked – every day of the year, and they do…and I just keep asking “how many bikinis, panties, lingerie can this person own…and do they only own them for instagram pics, because there is no practical use for all this”…

So Christmas is the actual Holiday that these sluts get lonely and start realizing their slut life is lonely..because they are sluts…so that’s the one we should focus on…not this Halloween bullshit.

All this to say, I have a feeling the guys in this video are one of you.

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Dude Who got Pepper Sprayed VS the 7-11 and Other Videos of the Day

Beast Cashier VS Shoplifter

Female Inmate Gets It

Student VS Principal

Fork Lifting..

Cops Kill White Kids Too…

Worker VS Armed Robber

Suicide of the Day

Police Find and Save 3 Pitt Bulls

How to Inspect a Truck

Fat Man VS Storm

Kid VS School

One of the Best Naked Walkers To Date

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The Fattest Man in Mexico is Not Kate Upton.. and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Gets in Fight – Gets Dragged Onto The Freeway

Another Angle of Cop VS Student

Dog Attacks Journalist Doing a Story on the Dog

Terrifying Car Accident

Cat VS Tiger

Drunk Guy of the Day

Man Gets Tased and Thrown on the Tracks

God Lover VS Teacher Who Says God is Not Real

1931 Nude Show at Casino de Paris

Husband VS Wife

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Fat Lady Can’t Get Up and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Who Claims She’s a Bike on the Bus

Mother of the Year

Cyclist with a Wide Load

Man Hanging Off Building…Falls

Naked Girl son a Bike

Elk in Mud

Bike Gets Hit By Car

Couple Has Sex in the Car

Customer Gets Shot in Head by Bandit

Dude Catches Himself on Fire

Deer Scores a Soccer Goal

Street Fight of the Day

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The Kid Who Loses His Virginity in Amsterdam and Other Videos of the Day

Did you see this ratchet, ghetto, shit?

San Diego Cops Beat a Dude

Fight in the Classroom

Ninja Soccer FAN

Dude Gets Pepper Sprayed After Robbing Store – Black Lives Matter…

Conservative Parent Protesting Sex Ed…

My Kind of Woman….

The Mexican Donald Trump Halloween Mask is So Good

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Amber Rose With HIV Who Had Sex with Half the City and Other Videos of the Day

Car Accident of the Day

Interesting Bike Skills..

Deer VS College

US Customs Shoot a Mexican

Red Jeep Car Accident

WTF is this GHetto Shit..

5000 Ducks Rush To Pond Before Being Turned Into Dinner

This Guy Doesn’t Want Cars to Pass

This Miami Chick is Amazing

Classy Hood Fight

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Piercer Makes Bitch Clients Bite Dildo and Other Videos of the Day

Ladies Go Crazy For Nails

Cool Ass Toddler Smokin’ and Drinking

The Bio Ethanol Back to the Future Car for Back to the Future Day…

Racist Lady at the Gas Station

Gravel Boat of the Day

Immigrant Boat Found in Miami

Car Slams Pedestrian..Wow…

Students Beat Teacher..

Elevator Art

Dude in the Street with a Machete

Mexican Man Impaled…

Vegas Security KO

Girl Carries Drunk Boyfriend Away

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Porn Channel in Lisbon Airport And Other Videos of the DAy

FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY – on Live Canadian Election TV

Dude Sucker Punches Bouncer

Cigarette Fail of the Day

Big Fight on the New Jersey Train

Teens Beat an Old Lady

Drunk Indian Cop in Piss

Barge Gets Split in Half

Girl Loses Bet….Answers Door Topless…

Road Rage of the Day

Giants Fan Gets Hat Snatched

Bully Learns a Quick LEsson

Mom Of the Day

Bouncer Gets Stabbed

Girl On drugs of the Day

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