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Country Singer Getting Flashed and Other Videos of the Day

Life can Be Unfair

Old Trick…

Cat VS Climbing Wall..

Lion Attacks a Man…

Hockey Player Hits Referee…

Roof Fail…

Cop VS 17 Year Old

Runaway Tire..

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Tough Guy VS Girl – WTF – and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Models – Hairy Bush

Man Chopping Off His Own Finger…

Weirdest Breast Feeding Video Ever….

Dan Bilzarian Titty Breasts…

Motorcycle Chase…

Prison Mannequin Challenge…

Man Steals a Bucket

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Teacher Bitch Slaps Student and Other Videos of the Day

Creepy video of Brazilian Soccer Team Before Plane Crash

GIRL Peaces the FUck Out When Her Dude Gets Shot Outside a Club

German Pedo in Thailand…

Dolphins VS 49ers Fan Brawl! What the Fuck…

Turning Car Around Fail

Expert Collapses on TV

Woman Crosses the Street like a Gangster

Reindeer Tested for Pizza Delivery in Japan – They Must Be Trolling Us

Gay Pride in India Sounds Like Customer Support….

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Black Friday Lives Matter the Video of the Day

I don’t know about you but JCPenney has the effect on me, and not just on Black Friday – but on EVERYDAY…because it’s such a fucking pile of shit – it makes me want to mall brawl…

I feel like it would be a disservice to Cyber Monday, the day you can shop from the comfort of your own home, that may not be comfortable, like in my case it is filled with mould and a fat bitch who ruins my life and fills the toilet that doesn’t flush up with feces….but that I still prefer over the outside world….to not show you black friday brawl video – to remmeber what was – three days ago…

The best black Friday Joke I heard was “black Friday, but they already have a month”….oh internet…you salty devil….

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Creepy Creeper and His Tickly Fingers and Other Videos of the Day

Interesting Truck Driving

e cig Explodes in Man’s Pocket

Weirdest Man Fighting Woman in Shanghai Subway – I Guess They Aren’t Martial ARtists

A Couple of Idiot Hipsters Steal a NEw Orleans Manhole Cover

How to Crash like an Aussie

Typical Trump Supporter of the Day

Just a Monk and his Strong Crotch

Two Drunks Harassing Women

Lil G in Chicago

70,000 Zombies at a Mass Zombie Wedding

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Get Your Girl a Tighter Pussy for Christmas of the Day

Girls get older, they make babies, and their pussies just don’t stay the same age. Like anything shit needs work…diet and exercise – which is why we partnered up with our friends at LoveLife who sent us up a few samples of this KEGEL training device that has pressure measuring control and personal training programs – strictly designed – for women to insert in themselves to train their PC muscles to get stronger, tighter, and capable of grabbing things when her hands are pre-occupied doing laundry, the dishes, making dinner, and all other things wives, moms, girlfriends, do when they aren’t cheating on your pathetic misogynistic ass….

I gave the samples to a mom, I put one in my ass to test it, felt good, and the other to some girl who always talks about how big her vagina is….and all were very excited to get their pussy fitness on….

Now the real winner in a PC MUSCLE KEGEL app and device is the person your wife or girl in your life who you’ve neglected for so long is actually having sex with, but it will make her happy and as they say a happy wife / happy life – so you might as well get her something that improves her life today – Black Friday – The first day of Christmas Shopping…

I don’t know about you – but I like tight pussy….so


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Girl Puts on Pants with No Hands of the Day

Every once in a while gold rises to the top of the creamy garbage I am exposed to on the internet.

From Memes, to Fame Whores, to the struggle of celebrities to stay or be relevant….stuff I don’t giv a fuck about…that is really just trying to capture and exploit my attention span like it was a sex worker in the eastern block….and like my feelings don’t matter to me…but my likes, follows, click to buy do…the creative space of the internet is all the fucking same…artists aren’t real…nothing is real…it’s all just digital marketing…and it’s fucking terrible…

When all that actually matters is a chick putting her pants on with no hands…the little fucking things in life…you know..

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Drunk Guy Makes His Scooter Getaway and Other Videos of the Day

Dude Taken Out by an Unmanned Scooter

Idiot Burning the FLag Catches Himself on Fire

Idiot on a Motorbike

Grumpy Cow

Drunk Ninja

Balcony Fail in India

Florida Man Ran Over His Brother

Hand Feeding a Coyote

Maggots in JUice

Iranian’s VS SNow

Motorcycle Accident

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Woman Gives Thanks While MAsturbating on the Train and Other Videos of the Day

Jungle Sex by a Peeping TOm

Car VS Truck’s Payload

Dude Jerking Off at the Hair Salon

Bro VS Stuffed Animals

Dad Pulls Son’s Tooth Out With AUdi

Thanksgiving Nightclub Shooting in LA

Grandma Shoots the TV Because She’s Mad at her Soap Opera

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Tokyo Angel’s Leads Pussy Print Challenge of the Day

Tokyo Angel is Blac Chyna’s mom – and she’s fucking terrifying. She’s some ghetto as fuck, and I don’t just mean ghetto as fuck, but I mean GHETTO as fuck radio host from Detroit I think….and based on her instagram she is a fucking mess that you CAN SEE HERE

She’s hood, she’s got twerking, and half naked pics all over the shit…and really embodies the state of the country…but interestingly enough, I learned a very valuable lesson from browsing the 50 pics she posted yesterday alone – and that is the PUSSY PRINT CHALLENGE….based on some Gucci Mane song called Pussy Print..that I don’t listen to…because I prefer the sounds of the voices in my head to stupid pop hip hop musc…

So this is basically a movement of girls giving themselves cameltoes…I am very mad at myself for not being on top of this trend…because fuck Mannequin Challenges, and our friend TOKYO ANGEL has some of those….or Ice Bucket Challenge..that she’s for white people…life is about PUSSY PRINT CHALLENGE…

I figured I’d put all the #pussyprint videos into one video because I’m pratical like that…so along with terrifying Tokyo Angel – Blac Chyna’s mom – because #Asia… are a bunch of OTHER PUssy Print Challenges I ripped off Instagram that have zero to do with Blac Chyna’s mom – btu that are everything…

This shit lives on instagram…and isn’t flagged for inappropriate…while I’ve been deleted off instagram 4-5 times…for nothing like this…

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Tit Slip on Italian TV and Other Videos of the Day

Racist Guy at the Grocery Store

Florida Man Driving Home from a Strip Club Falls Out of Truck and Runs Over Himself

Woman Gets Saved From being Slaughtered by a Crazy

“PEDO” Busted by Facebook Users…For Going to Hang with a 14 Year Old…

Girl’s Epic Bike Jump

Dumb Car Accident at the Gas Station

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Family Queefing Together on Christmas for Thanksgiving of the Day

Nothing says thanksgivng like QUeefing by the Christmas tree….wtf internet…you’re so weird.

Back when the site was more relevant – I would do a post called random google images, where I would do a google image search and post all the fucking weird shit that came up for that search…then out of anger for being flagged by google and not making the google ad money so many of these shitty sites made – I am talking millions off dollars off less traffic than me – I went on a mission to showcase how google’s youtube is just a weird fetish site, so I’d look up weird fetishes or random things I knew dudes were jerking off to hosted on youtube to call them out…

Today, for some reason, I did a search for QUEEF…and some weird, mainly the lead in video, of a family watching their daughter QUEEF was a reminder of how weird YOUTUBE actually is….

The hottest of the QUEEF videos, is one that YOUTUBE won’t let me embed… BUT YOU CAN SEE HERE ….

Here are some more QUEEF videos on YOUTUBE hosted and monetized by Youtube….Owned by Publicly Traded Company called GOOGLE….who make money off QUEEF videos…because they are a fetish site…the biggest fetish site in the world…

Here’s another one…

Here’s a better one…..who are these people….

Yoga Pose Queef….

With a Toy Mic….

Dog Sniffs Queef…

Little known fact, my original internet name / handle / message board name was VBF for Vaginal Blood Fart… I was so progressive back then…

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23 Gucci Bags Get Stolen in Florida and Other Videos of the Day

Australian Spider VS CAr

High School Brawl for Thanksgiving

Just Jerking off in Class

One More Time…

Tuk Tuk Wheelie…

Migrants Fail of the Day

Trans Woman Wants Millions of Straight Guys Into Trans Women to Admit It….

Russian Dude Stabbed Himself Out of Jealousy

Jet Aborts Landing Due to Wind

Disturbing video of cops killing a 15 year old on LSD

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Pussy Slap and Other Videos of the Day

Bouncer VS Drunk Guy

Tiger Takes Out a Little Girl…

26 Cars in France – Burned

Lion Attack of the Day

Shot With a Chicken Fajita in Slow Motion

The Fattest Man in Mexico Starts Training

Ain’t No Party Like a McDonald’s Party

Volkswagen VS Gas Station

Beating of the Day

Weird Construction

Drunk Driver Strips Topless

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Dick Drawn on TV and Other Videos of the Day

Best Command of the English Language

Woman Tries to Kill Herself – Ford Saves Her Life

93 Year old Scared of Flu Shot

Crazy Guy Gets Tazed

Dude Gets Puked On

Craigslist Deal Almost Ends in Murder

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