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Morning Hangover Dump of the Day

My nights may be filled with nude texts from hot girls – who want me to see them naked…but not everything is magical and amazing.

I just accidentally saw the closing scene from some Dirty Dancing live musical performance featuring some fat chick as Baby – and a Jewish accountant as a terrible dancing Patrick Swayze.

What kind of world do we live in where they feel the need to do a televised musical of Dirty Dancing…with people who can’t fucking dance..

Out of all the original stories, or actual real stories out there, what lazy exec said “let’s throw millions at this…

I hate society in general, I mean humans are killing the world, planets, each other,and Dirty Dancing revivals shouldn’t even be on the radar…but it is…

So shit on dead Swayze while further burying the TV relevance. It’s fucked weird.

I only saw one clip, but as someone who has watched Dirty Dancing obsessively, I have no idea why, maybe it’s the abortion scene….for the last 2 decades…this garbage shouldn’t exist..

It was like watching fat tourists performing Dirty Dancing…for jokes…but this was paid heavy….and on tv…yet still less interesting than fat tourists performing Dirty Dancing….I don’t even want to post a clip because I am just feeling raped..

I guess this is why Social Media contiues to win…

So see, I have my struggles from my couch also…and here are some Mornin’ Links…

Katy Perry Risks Getting Blown Up in London

Elsa Hosk in a Bikini Hot as Fuck

Scared Russian Newscaster

Kids Tell Their Parents when they Lost their Virginity..

Top Gun 2 is Happening – Because America has No Original Idea

Nicki Minaj is Fucking NAS

Baywatch is the Worst Movie Ever – Don’t Go See It..

BMW 850 is a Great Car

Taylor Swift is a Slut

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Subway Finger Bang and Other Videos of the Day

Monk VS Porn

Jewish Man Beaten Outside LA Synagogue

Manchester United….Singing Drinking Songs Against ISIS

Argentine TEGU of the Day

Dude Steals the last Payphone in New Jersey

89 Year Olds Shouldn’t Drive

Insane RApe Attempt of the DAy

Woman VS Skateboarder….

Vagina Weightlifting is Everything

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Jessica Simpson is Weird or Drunk and Busty on Ellen of the Day

Jessica Simpson makes fun of herself and her billion dollar clothing brand while drunk on Ellen, where she mocked lesbianism, herself, her uterus, her marriage, her husband’s masculinity and her audience of people dumber than her that buy her nonsense..all while rocking a bloated fat chick face and fat chick cleavage making it pretty incredible to think she’s managed to get this far…without remembering that there are 30 handlers behind the scenes helping her get dressde in the morning…and doing other basic things half retards can’t do.

I like her…I think she seems likes a good time…and not just because she’s a billionaire, but because of the tits.

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Hannah Ferguson Humping the Air of the Day

Hannah Ferguson is a Sports Illustrated bikini model, she’s living the bikini life, doing bikini things, like fucking rich dudes, or maybe she herself is a rich dude, who just happens to look good in a Bikini, who can tell really..not me, not here, not now…

What I do know is that she’s humping the air in jeans, something that could be hot, but isn’t quite hot, especially when she’s not in a bikini.

It’s like she’s trying to trick us into liking her clothed, pretty presumptuous really….because we can’t learn to love again, when we’ve seen her big model titties not in big model mom jeans….seriously.

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Woman Gets Stripped by Many Wives and Other Videos of the Day

Guy Shouts at Metro Operator

Fake Homeless Woman Exposed…

Crazy School Bus Driver

Cop Shoots Himself in Head…

Line Painter of the Day

Drunk Lyft Passenger…

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Ariana Grande Concert Explosion of the Day

I am well aware that Ariana Grande, fat American hating, narcissistic little Disney cunt, is terrible, and that her concerts would be the fucking worst…but I didn’t think it was this bad….

RIP Ariana Grande fans, when we all know it should have been her taken out, as if it wasn’t she’ll be milking this for a long fucking time….or maybe it will make her feel guilty have have her spiral out of control…

I am sure I’ve said “her fans should die” at least once in my life, but that was strictly a figure of speech, because she’s terrible and her fans allow her to survive…

I didn’t mean it, and think dying in concert, even terrible concerts, is bad…and the only fatality should be your dignity for being a fan of trash….

But I don’t think humans should be exploding other humans…that’s just fucking nuts..

It’s a sad day….knowing that you can’t go to a shitty concert and not get killed.

I mean Ariana Grande’s fans are probably 15 year old girls. What the fuck…or maybe they are sexual predators, like the time I went to some Teen Action movie to look at the 18 year olds in tight clothing….it happened..it’s real…and really Ariana is kinda hot, especially knowing how naughty Disney Trained her…

I guess she’s da bomb…

19 people dead…50 injured…just fucking crazy….makes you not want to leave your house..seriously….

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Car Wash Dreams and Other Videos of the Day

Dude Gets Naked for Jahovas Witness

Sex in Public of the Day

School Employee Lifts Kid Off the Ground

Girl Catches on Fire at a Wedding

Street Dentist in India

Woman Beater of the Day

Worker Jumps over Wage Dispute

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Girl with a Broken Uterus…and Other Videos of the Day

George W Bush Trolling


Boyfriend Kills Girlfriend Due to Romance

The Full Times Square Crash

Dance of the Day

Riding Dirty

Escaping Death…

Wedding Procession Fail

This is hard to make out – but basically – a couple killed their baby, the mother tried to stage the baby’s death on the bus to cover it up…and some innocent woman tried to help save the dead baby….in UPLIFTING news

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Couple Has Sex in Public and Other Videos of the Day

NYPD – VS Bikes

Clearing Trash….the Right Way

Worker Falls 26 Feet onto his Back

Homemade Dildo Removal

House Gets Taken Out by Bridge

Ending Bullying

Mace VS Cop

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Bella Hadid’s Tits are Hard Drinking of the Day

Plastic surgery ridden, annoying rich kid, who coattail rode her sister, while riding the Weeknd’s big dick destroying her broken and sad damaged rich kid womb, because the family bought her career….and people followed….and who is now a VERY important model is somewhere fancy, probably with her fancy friends, because this is what youth is about….

So people like her and her family, they like the storyline and with that comes her fake tits….and who am I to hate them for that, I mean they are good tits, and a rubuilt face, mocking the world doing all that fancy shit…because what the fuck else would you do when you’re a rich kid…work an actual job? Why…that’d be the worst when you can do this cockteasing….tits!

I guess what it comes down to is that Plastic, despite being cancer causing, can improve a bad thing and more importantly….THE CUM DRIPS OFF THE PLASTIC MORE EFFECTIVELY…….so she can get banged out by more dudes lined up to bang her more efficiently..you know without a shower in between..make it count girl…

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Fuck on a Car and Other Videos of the Day

Drunk Girl Fight Naked

Man Arrested after Punching Female Security Guard

Cameraman Gets Shot by Sniper….

Naked UFC

Tattoos in China

Collapsig Water Tower…

Woman Fakes Accident

Driver Hit With Bricks

Women with Needles….

SUV Rams Into Building….

Cop Stabbed in Police Lobby

Speeding Tanker Truck

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Kendall Jenner Fakes Eating Shit on a Bike of the Day

Here’s a video of Kendall Jenner cock teasing harder than she’s ever attempted to cock tease which is pretty hard because she learned it from her dad, mother, half sister and everyone in her life that taught her what whoring is….

This is better than any of her nudes, any of her tit flashes, any of her nipples for high fashion or bikini / panty pics…better than any of her Calvins…

Whether it is terrible acting or not, Kendall Jenner falling off a bike is her most erotic work to date because it could have gone terribly wrong…and she could have been mutilated, noting her family plastic surgeon wouldn’t be able to fix…or better yet…paralyzed.

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Gigi Hadid is a Real Model Going to Space of the Day

I find Gigi Hadid and overrated, muppet faced, now more than ever thanks to the face injections she’s had to attempt to be a naturally hot and current look, that just makes her look like a tranny, or 45 year old divorcee done up for her daughter’s prom….all medicated…

She is zero on the scale of compelling or interesting, but she did go to SPACE for Harper’s Bazaar…

It is safe to say that it’s too bad they didn’t have issues, a little mission control problem, maybe an alien attack…it’s always the good astronauts who die too soon, while this bitch is just mocking them, being playful and useless…because that is what she is…useless..like garbage…rich garbage the people like for some reason…I call PR and scams…

The worst. Unfortunately nerds love everything space…

Here’s the Video…

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Alexis Ren Eating Burgers of the Day

I sent this picture of Alexis Ren eating a burger to a girl I know who doesn’t even have instagram….

I know a rare breed of woman who isn’t narcissistic enough to put out content of herself to be validated by likes and comments and followers…or maybe too narcissistic for instagram…who knows…but for some reason she knew this was Alexis Ren…

She said…”Is that Alexis Ren”…and I was like “is she your friend, how the fuck would you know this is Alexis Ren, who happens to be a virtual no one despite all her followers on an app you don’t even use”….

And as it turns out, Alexis Ren is the accessible hot chick that other chicks look at and think is so hot and amazing, envying her awesome life, despite being pretty much a nobody…

So I couldn’t recognize or identify Alexis Ren….in a line-up…but…appparently people can..

I just like her tits pulled out, despite being fake tits, as she eats her burger like a good girl.

It makes me want to be there with napkin in hand to wipe the mustard off the corners of her mouth….with my dick.

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Shameless Em Rat Cow DKNY Ad of the Day

Rat Cow is so important that she gets into a magazine’s editorial video – as long as the brand that stupidly hired her to be their face – since only dudes who jerk off to big tits follow her bullshit social media – because she can pretend to be a feminist whether she knows what the word means or not – but she’s just a titty model who relies on her tits and even this video is based on her tits…

At the time of posting, it had 5,000 views, are you fucking kidding me, it’s Elle Magazine, their official youtube, that has been pushed on their shit…and that DKNY probably paid 100k to produce and 5,000 people care, because Em Rat Cow is a lie, she’s a scam, she’s garbage but she’s got great tits….and that’s what is important…

She’s bird faced….but those tits…never get old even when she does…

I am still laughing that shit only had 5,000 views on Elle Magazine’s youtube…that has 90k subscribers after being posted for 6 days….and that DKNY paid 100k or more for…that’s hilarious to me….

Influencer…sure she is…haha…jokers…I repeat….Elle magazine DKNY ad, presented as an interview with Em Rat Cow, but that is an ad they paid for, posted 6 days ago, pushed to their channel, 5,000 views…and BITCH is half naked in it….proving NO ONE cares about her and her rat cow face…but those tits…

This wasn’t even shot for Elle, it was shot on the day they did the campaign….SCAM….What a garbage bitch…scamming

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