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Couple Attakced by Crocodile in Hotel Pool and Other Videos of the Day

Bachelor Party Tricks…

Woman Being Stripped in Hospital..

Man Stabs Girls then Gets Knocked Out By Boyfriend

Off Duty Cop Fights off Two Robbers

Old Man Stops Thief with a Kick…

Drunk Knockout…

Woman Falls Down Stairs Texting…and Walking…

Texas Halloween Party…SHOOTING…

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Russian Dancer Does Harley Quinn Dance of the DAy

Harley Quinn was the Pumpkin Spice latte of costumes this year…. EVERY white girl dressed like her..it was the thing to do…if you left your house it was Harley Quinn on Harley Quinn on Harley Quinn….but not as intensely s this Russian dance video, because soem Harley Quinn’s are hotter than others, and some are skinnier than others…including fatty Margot Robbie…

Here’s a round-up of Harley Quinn costumes…for you suburban basic bitches to get some last minute make-up ideas…so you can dress the same as so many other girls at the party and for you nerd Comic Book pervs…to jerk off to…

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Weirdest Bachelor Party Trick and Other stepNEWS of the Day

Naked Trump Protestors

Solid Homemade Costume..

Just a Creepy Clown at the Front Door…

Man Attacks TSA Officer with Wasp Spray

Karma for a Bad Singer

Don’t Piss on Dudes Car

Man VS PAnda…

Chinese Wife Stripped by her Guests…

Dildo Thrown Onto Field

Waiter Punches Woman inside Restaurant

Road Rage of the Day

I Like this Woman

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Man and his Real Doll and Other Videos of the Day

Girl Stuck in a Freezer

Brutally Hit in Head with Bat During Robbery

Just a Pervert on Public Transit in China

Don’t Point Fingers at the Police

Just Filming Upskirt

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Tiger Gets Beat By “Trainer” in Florida – “Trainer” Must Die and OTHER Videos of the Day

Store Robbery of the Day

Crazy Knife Wielding Attackers

In Case You Missed It – Downs Syndrome Guy Fucks a Car

The Trump Star Pickaxe Destruction

Vagina Crush…

Man Records Upskirt

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Dude Getting Head in a Liquor Store and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Man on the Side of the Road


Terrible Work Fail…

Dude Busted Having Sex with Hooker

Road Rager Tries to Run Motorbike Off the Road

The Dude Defending Fucking a 9 year Old

Pretty Terrible Dude Fuckign a Car

Bike Hits Car – Truck His Bike

Student Breaks Up Fight After Teacher Gets Hit

Farmer Shoots At Drone

Just Groping a Tit

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Tranny Fight of the Day and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Woman Caught with a Married Man by Wife

Intense Shoplifter Kills Himself after getting Caught by Slitting His Throat…

Swiss Man Chasing his Car

Texting and Driving of the Day

Dude Kills 2 Relatives and Livestreams his Escape

The idiot Who Put Scissors in the Socket

Dude WHo Passed out Driving Does Epic Burnout

Muslim Woman Dick Grabbing

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Chinese Thigh Touch and Other Videos the Day

Another one…

Romance in China…

Mondday Morning Suicide

Bird VS Golfer

Dead Man in the Hudson River

Girl in a Mini Skirt Gets Attacked by a 2 X 4

The Anti Climatic Leg Touch on a Train

A Group of Teens Beat an Old Man…

Apparently – This Road Rage Victim was Found Dead…

Apparently – This is a Dad who made his daughter sleep outside while he went to party….practical

170 Haitian Inmates Escape Prison

Old Man on a Little Moped

Instant Karma for an Idiot

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Donald Trump Roasts Hillary Clinton at Some Al Smith Event of the Day

I don’t follow American Politics, but I have watched the debates, and I’ve seen all the annoying statuses on social media for a long time…because people are so appalled by the things Donald Trump says as a loud mouth real estate monster rich guy turned politician…others are appalled by Hillary Clinton being a evil corrupt paid off puppet…because how can a public servant be so rich…30 years of public service…and she’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars….and it is safe to assume they are just in this together…

But the whole thing is pretty comedic…especially Hillary’s facial expression when he calls her out for laughing awkwardly…and so is this roast from yesterday is better than he has at any of his political events…wait for the “pardon me”….

I just listened to the whole thing…it’s ruthless…people booing him…ruthless…so hated…so controversial…what a guy…

Here is the less exciting Hillary Roasting Trump…

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Classy in Sacramento and Other Videos of the Day

Girl Jerks Dude Off in a Busy Taco Restaurant

Pedestrian Almost Gets Taken Out

Bull Stomping of the Day

Trump is a Joker…

NBA Video Bomb

70 Year Old Shot Dead During a Car Jacking..What the Fuck

Lifting Gate VS Drunk Guy

Woman Trips and Falls into Kiddie Pool….what

The Great White Shark That Broke Through the Cage

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Just a Man Masturbating in Public and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Pretends a Cop Groped a Woman

Cops Kill a White Person

Check Your Panties….

Alien Face Octopus

Bull VS Motorbike

Girl in 100 Pieces of Clothing Freaks Out

Man VS Anesthesia mid Procedure….

Just a good old fashioned child abduction

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Munchkin the Teddy Bear is the Best Thing Ever

In a world filled with hate….Munchkin the Teddy Bear is all that matters…

When presidential elections that are weird smear campaigns and not actual politics – because both contestants are garbage and annoying to listen to….but a nice distraction to all the actual issues in the world…reminding us that clickbait and stupidity of humanity is just as high and relevant as ever…making for a very scary tomorrow…because the government realized that if you give people access to information and tools to make change and even overthrow the government…people will spend their time taking selfies and laughing at bad sex jokes, tit pics and all that..other MEME shit…

So give Munchkin the Teddy Bear the love he deserves…as the legend, more relevant than anything we’ve done….

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Chick Swallows a Stick of Butter and Other Videos of the Day

Angry Women Over Naked Clinton Statue

More Anger over Naked Clinton

Terrible Driving of the Day

People Try to Catch Suicidal Woman with Cardboard

Jungle Training in Malaysia Involve Throwing Snakes at the Students

Pervert on Public Transit

Drunk Driver Stops in Middle of Highway to Piss

Humpback Whale Calf Freed from Shark Net in AUstralia

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Throwback Video of Miley Encouraging Fans to Touch Her Vagina of the Day

I guess it’s not Throwback Thursday, but it’s Tuesday which starts with the letter “T” and that’s enough for you moron, mindless retards staring into your phones looking and laughing at stupid MEMEs all day like the idiots you are…all you need is a silly image and a silly caption…over and over and over to keep you stimulated when you aren’t taking selfies…

It’s a little concerning, because the whole world is about to blow the fuck up, but the powers that be are pretty happy about controlling you on such a basic human level…

So why not contribute to the tabloid, the fodder, the dog shit content that has no point…with some MILEY CYRUS having fans touch her pussy on stage when she was still touring – like an angry single girl…before getting back with her fiance and making their first public appearance back together…that people are actually talking about like it matters..because going back to being the real Miley Cyrus…a boring money making machine who knows how to manipulate you – thanks to being Disney trained…puppets…

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Man Buys Used Stockings from Girl for 20 Chinese Dollars and Other Videos of the Day

Surfer Saves Family in Flipped Boat

Guy Beats Up a Chick…

Woman on a Roller Coaster

Flexible Girl…

Weird Staged Pull-Up Fail…

Ralph Nader Interviews Noam Chomsky About How He Was Censored By Media

69 Year Old Woman Knocked Out

Pump Pirate!

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