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Labour Day Videos for Labour Day of the Day

There’s something magical about Labor Day – and that something is videos on Youtube of women in Labor…here’s a top 5 or birthing videos because that’s the worst kind of labor…that may turn you off of vaginas for a few hours…in the wake of all the celebrity sexts and noodz you’ve been masturbating to the last 24 hours…in what is the most insane hack of the century…

This is unfortunately a yearly tradition…







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Monkey Rapes a Bird and Other Videos of the Day

The Man Who Eats His Beard

Black Man Tasered By Police for Sitting in a Public Place

Bar Brawl Broken Up by Landlord’s Pool Cue

97 Year Old Dancer of the Day

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Police Disturbing Dude Getting Head…and Other Videos of the Day

Bus Driver

Wolves get Cuddles from People…

Fuck Her Right in the Pussy Lives….

Shit Bucket Challenge.

Fishy Freeway

Homeless Dog Gets Saved!

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Weird Roadside Entertainment…and Other Videos of the Day

Ice Bucket Challenge Fail…Slams on her Head…

Ice Bucket Challenge Fail…Dude Shits Himself

Some Street Performer Gets His Pants Pulled Down…

Road Rage Cat Fight..

Some Sick Fuck Tied a Dog in Plastic Bag – But it Got Saved…

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Micaela Schafer Nude Ice Bucket Challenge and Other Videos of the Day

Random Nude Guy Walking Down the Street

Russian Cab Driver of the Day

Subway Creeper

Teacher Catches Everything on Fire

Homelesss Man on the Train

Boater of the Day

Big Girl Does Ice Bucket Challenge

Dog Helps Carry Groceries..

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Beluga Whale Teases Kids and Other Videos of the Day

Weird Fight in Vietnam…

Pick Pocket Gets Greedy

Polish and Ukrainians at War

Riving a Heroin Addict in Vietnam

Good Ice Bucket Fail

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How Did I Miss The Nicki Minaj Anaconda Video of the Day

I don’t like Nicki Minaj, because she’s the most irritating Lil Kim impersonator there is. I don’t really buy into her bullshit, because she came out as a black lady gaga to talk to a specific market…and now she’s a gutter hip hop slut? I mean really…she doesn’t even hide the fact that she was in acting school and went to a casting…

Not that it matters that the whitest black girl, is playing a black girl, to speak to white girls…

What matters is that her hyped Anaconda video dropped 2 days ago, and 19 million people have seen it…and I totally didn’t…even though I posted behind the scenes, and build up to it, because I guess build up and hype didn’t work on me, I’m too busy not caring about garbage like this…but I do like celebrating ass as much as she does…and I guess how the whole world likes celebrating ass..

I mean this is the most ass filled video ever…and worth watching….on mute…

Because legit or not…the ass game is real.

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Models Do the Ice Bucket Challenge of the Day

This celebrity cool kid, you know them letting you know who they know and who they are friends with, you know because the whole world is like a giant horrible high school and they are the cool kids, and you’re all the fucking virgin losers in the corner not invited to any of the parties…

I am all for creating awareness for a disease, but I don’t think ice buckets are representative of the disease….

Jourdan Dunn

Suki Waterhouse

Alessandra Ambrosio

Sara Sampaio

Gigi Hadid

Behati Prinsloo

Lily Aldridge

Kate Upton

Brett Palvin

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W Magazine’s How To Take a Selfie Like a Supermodel of the Day

W Magazine put together this video of models doing selfies, I don’t know what models are in the mix, because I had to turn the fucking thing off in the first 10 seconds because let’s face it, it fucking sucks. The idea was poorly executed, especially when we all know model selfies involve way more vag that they are sending their producer boyfriends when their producer boyfriends are off with other models…

It’s like this made me hate models, even though I normally think they are amazing – the top tier of escorts – who let you do whatever you want to them as long as you can afford their day rate….

The funny thing in all this is that this video probably cost 20,000 dollars to make and was probably paid for by a phone company to generate 1000 views…garbage…

The world is a scam, and this video lacks anything good, so that’s why I posted it…for you because you deserve the worst.

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