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Drunk Guy on the Street and Other Videos of the Day

Lady Who Wants Sausage Not Steak

Arab Camel Catching

Guy on Drugs Hallucinates There is a Swimming Pool and Jumps

Freaky Arm of the Day

Traffic Cop of the Day

How They Tread Pedophiles in Brazil

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Classy Girl Gets Naked Ass Fire Challenged and Other Vides of the Day

Butterfly VS Kid’s Face

Russian Hockey Player Breaks Stick Over Player’s Head

Orangutan Does a Mock Suicide

People save pit bull…

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Drunk Girl Runs Into Bus Shelter Glass of the Day

Drunk girls are amazing. They are fun.

In fact they are the only girls I have ever really known or had sex with. Sober girls are just dull, boring, uptight, angry and not down to sit on my face on a park bench because I’ve convinced them I’m shooting an MTV pilot using my iPhone…you see drunk girls…along with running into things…are also very easy to convince to do things…naked things…and not feel like a predator…because I’m broke as fuck, it’s not like I bought them those drinks…they have to take responsibility for themselves…and their actions…and their intake…I’m just an innocent bystander with my own agenda that they don’t have to participate in if they really don’t want to…all I do is ask.

Either way, funny video.

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Mom I Don’t Want to Fuck and Other Videos of the Day

The Upright Walking New Jersey bear – I Think It’s Probably Just Snooki

Shark Throws Up in a Guys Face

Some Guy Gets Suck Between Train and Platform – 50 People Rock The Train to Free Him

I don’t want to post this – but it’s hardcore – Burn Victim Telling Fire Challenge People They are Idiots

Russian Mom Won’t Move for Taxi

Driver of the Day

Gas Pump Hit and Run

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Insane Jet Ski Accident and Other Videos of the Day

Assholes Pranking the Cleaning Lady

Surfing with a Seal

English Speaking Man Mad at the Bus Diver in Taiwan

Parents Leaves Kid at Chucky Cheese to Babysit

Thief Falls Through the Roof…

Rapper Shoots his Rap Partner over an Argument during Rap Video Shoot – Ghetto

Naked Man in a Sock Troll

Crazy Woman Taken Off the Plane…

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Yes, I saw the Hosing a Drunk Neighbor and Other Videos of the Day

Scooter Accident of the Day

Fat pole dancer who isn’t even good at pole dancing…

Weird Asian Restaurant Waitress

Dog Chases Bear Up Tree. Dog’s Owners are Idiots…because Dogs Can Get Killed By Bears….

White Drug Dealer Chased Out of Black Community…

Idiots of the Day

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Woman Takes off Pants at Police Station and Other Videos of the Day

Woman rescues Run Over Dog in Mexico – Makes me Happy…

One Armed Farmer VS Dirt Bikers…

Crackhead Mom at her Kid’s Event

Out of Control Bus

Little Kid Gets Run Over by an Idiot – Survives

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Another Fire Challenge Fail and Other Videos of the Day

Idiot Cyclist Gets Hit

Drunk Guy on a Scooter

Drunk Ukrainian Sales Girl in her Panties….

Footage of a Model Protestor Spreading her Vag in an Art Gallery

Obese Girl Chin Dancing…

Car Flies off Bridge in Thailand

Another Car Drives Off the Bridge

Dude Trying to IMpress a Chick – Fail

Dude Videos Michigan Security Tasing someone…and They Steal his Phone

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Drunk Girl and Other Video of the Day

Grannies ‘jumping rope

Gaming Addict Foaming at the Mouth

Robbery of the Day

Cow Drinking Milk

Bird Makes Sex Noises

Hood Fight…

Spiderman Fight….

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