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“Models” Have a Catfight and Other Videos of the Day

Free the Nipple 2015

Girl Does the Fuck Her Right in the Pussy

The Woman with a Bladder Infection Gets Arrested

Kids Fall Hard with Selfie Stick

Cops Charged This Guy for “assualting” them

Grooms Father Taken Out at Wedding

Dominican Women VS Cops

Idiot Falls Down Elevator Shaft…

Chick Fight of the Day

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Topless Bernie Sanders Protestor Losers and Other Videos of the Day

The Russian Who Threw Himself in Front of a Car – Only to Survive and Throw Himself into Another Car

Man Tries to Carjack a Motorcycle During a Car Chase

Dude Robs a Dog…of it’s Bowls…What…

The Best Stupid Robber Trying to Get Cash Drawer Out of the Restaurant Ever

Naked Protestor of the Day

Drunk Dude in Morrocco Gets His Face Sliced at a Wedding – for Fun…

50 Year Woman – Mugged in Detroit

Teacher VS Special Needs Student

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Body Painted Model Promotes Red Cross and Other Videos of the DAy

Cat Gets Saved With an Oxygen Mask

Horrible Chick Fight Turns Deadly

Grabbing the Lady Boy’s Breasts

Boyfriend Kills Girlfriend who Dumps Him at Work…What!

Muslim WOman VS Israeli Flag at the Brussels Memorial

SUV Falls Off 4th Floor of Parking Garage

Security Guard Sucker Punches a GUy

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Guy Fucks Magazine Box While Handcuffed and Other Videos of the Day

Windy Day in Russia

Waitress Catches Fire in Restaurant

Pro Bag Thief

Front Loader Gets Rid of Cars

Middle School Student Fights Teacher

Weirdest Hood Fight Ever

Man Pulling Naked Girl is Terrifying

Woman Smuggled 1 KG of Coke in her Tits

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Adele Twerking Disturbs me of the Day

I saw this video of Adele twerking the other day and had no real interest in posting it – mainly because I don’t like fat chicks, especially since Adele is one of those real fat chicks who can’t even find pants that fit her, so instead wears large pieces of fabric wrapped around her to cover up…

She’s the best selling “artist” around, but that doesn’t me her jiggling on stage, something she’s calling a twerk, isn’t anything more than just bending over…and moving slightly for the wave of fat to follow.

If anything, she’s just like your lonely never married aunt at a family wedding with one too many drinks in her…grinding up against one of the groomsmen because she hasn’t had a dick in her for decades, not that Adele doens’t fuck or have kids, it’s just that she probably shouldn’t fuck because it’s a terrible visual, one that hits closer to home when she’d doing this. Terrible…

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Romanian Weather Girl’s Tit Pops Out of the Day

Here’s a video that I assume is making the rounds on Reddit, since every single “men’s site” clickbait with shitty editorial site has posted it, making me feel like I am late to the club, if I actually believed anything Romanian TV was newsworthy…

I mean I get that frat boys, bros and closet cases get excited when they see tits, like a bunch of primates in the cage jerking off each other waiting to date rape the next ape that walks in, but as someone who spends time in strip clubs and actually fucking hookers, tits just don’t really matter..

Big tits, little tits, all tits, mastectomy tits, all tits are just tits..

But I guess seeing Roxana Vancea, this Romanian Weather girl doing jumping jacks on some bootleg low budget shit, in an era where I just assumed Romania didn’t even own or have TV technology yet, is better than nothing…because when you’re competing with Weather APPS, the only way to get people into watch weather is with tits.

Fascinating…because she’s not even hot..she looks like a trans man…

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Ceiling TWERK FAIL and Other Videos of the Day

There’s Been Terrorist Attacks in Europe – in the Belgian Airport The End is Near…

Elephant VS Human!! YAY ELEPHANT!!

Detroit Girl Shooting – What! Motor City…

11 Year Old Driving a Stolen Cement Truck

Bus VS City Worker

Ultimate Roat Rage – DUMP Soil

French Spiderman

Brazilians Disposing of Brazilian Women – WTF

Woman VS Sales Woman

Arrest Warrant for this Football Social Media Idiot:

“Hey Kameron, We found you. Great arm. Bad decision. An arrest warrant has been issued for you. You can turn yourself in at the Gulf Shores Police Department.”
Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=6cc_1458590299#tehIrw88V01vlD4p.99

Drunk Driver VS Utility Pole

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RIP Motherfucker the ROB FORD Edition of the Day

Rob Ford – Not Tom Ford – Succumbs to Putting Toronto on the Map Again / Crack Addiction / Cancer…by Dying…

I don’t live in Canada, but I am Canadian, and this is something everyone expected to happen, seeing as he was 400 pounds and went pretty fucking hard and was hilarious.

I know Toronto people hated him, at least all the Toronto people I know, but I am convinced he did more for Toronto by making a joke out of Toronto, than Drake did, seeing as a Mayor of a top tier massive city, admitting to smoking crack like it aint a thing, after being caught smoking crack amongst so much more craziness…was almost revolutionary..

RIP Rob Ford…a mayor’s mayor….

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Peeing in the Street and Other Videos of the Day

Man Pees on Beggar

Man on Drugs Naked in Store..

Weird Scooter Crash

Never fight a Ninja…

Man Assaults Woman…gets Stabbed


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Weird Tranny Fight and Other Videos of the Day

Asians Go Shrimp Crazy

Asian Strip Girl fro Stealing Another Woman’s Man

Stealing Nun

The Video of the American Removing the North Korean Poster

Lucky Electrician

Dick on a Naked Sky Dive

Insane Scooter Rider

Cops Run Over Civilian During a Police Chase

Fight at the Chicken Coop

Pizza Shop Drive Thru

Store Clerk Saves Baby

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Naked Walk in France and Other Videos of the Day

Drug Zombie!

Driver Drives into Trump Poster – Gets Charged After Posting to Social Media

India Magic Show..

Donkey VS Train

Truck VS People – How is this Possible

Dude Beats Mexican and Hispanic White Screaming Trump

Dude Beats Shoplifter

Truck VS Old Lady…

Mexican Robbery

Saved by a Jammed Gun

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Girl Flashes Trucker and Other Videos of the Day

Competitive Eating Model Eating Sausage

Craziest Container Truck Hitting Cherry Picker Arm Video Ever

Quad Bike Idiot

Drunk Guy Leaves

Pickpocket VS Woman

Poop Fail

Drunk Naked Thing….

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The Old Scratch and Sniff and Other Videos of the Day

Thug in Woman’s Panties

Sex in the Truck

Father Teaches Kid How to Smoke

Classy Knock Out

Dumb Woman VS Bull…Poor Bull

Nazi Loving 7-Eleven Employee

Filipino X-Ray Security on the Job

Drunk Driver VS Concrete Wall

Husband Beat by Wife’s Brother for Cheating

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Pissing on the Corn Flakes at the Kellogg’s Factory and Other Videos of the Day

Free Topless Hugs in NYC with TITS

McDonald’s Brawl!

Drunk Donkey Ride

Girl VS Whale SHark

Husband Throws Acid on His Ex Wife’s Face….in front of Her kid

Snake in Car…

Man Sets Himself on Fire…

Pedophile bike Ride!

The Man Who Saves Possum’s

The Man Who Rushed Trump…

Wedding DJ Wins!

Drug Dealer Shot in the Asshole…

Black Man VS Black Cop He Accuses of “Cooning” – The Act of Pretending to be Black…

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Boob Face Swap and Other Videos of the Day

Hot Nude Arrest

The Furry Convention is a Terrifying Way fro Refugees to Enter Country

Taco Bell Employees..Brwal

Idiots Survive being Slammed By Train

Best Dressed girl in Asia

Robber Caught on Fire for Trying to Rob Someone

Billboard Ad Fail

Driver Stops to Beat Passenger

Woman Driver of the Day

Car VS Chinese Restaurant

Puerto Rican Make Open Casket Fucking Weird

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