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Porn Channel in Lisbon Airport And Other Videos of the DAy

FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY – on Live Canadian Election TV

Dude Sucker Punches Bouncer

Cigarette Fail of the Day

Big Fight on the New Jersey Train

Teens Beat an Old Lady

Drunk Indian Cop in Piss

Barge Gets Split in Half

Girl Loses Bet….Answers Door Topless…

Road Rage of the Day

Giants Fan Gets Hat Snatched

Bully Learns a Quick LEsson

Mom Of the Day

Bouncer Gets Stabbed

Girl On drugs of the Day

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Naked Woman VS Subway and Other Videos of the Day

Seagull Gets Killed…at a Motorcycle Race

Driver VS Pedestrians

“Patriots” With Topless Chicks on Their Bikes…

Florida Diner Strip…

Naked on a Motorbike…

Naked Woman On the Street

Construction – Fail…

Chick Fight…

Woman Pisses Pants When Being Beaten….

Girls Dressed Too Scandalous for Arabs…

X-Rated Audio in Target

Fight on Golf Course..

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Girls Hiding Booze In Panties and Other Videos of the Day

Fat Guy on the ZIpline – is Genius

Topless Pro Abortion Protest in Argentina

Kids with Guns in Brazil

Photographer Stuck in the Mud gets Saved…

Cheating Brother in Law Gets Punished

Bear Stuck in Windwo

Smaller Kid Beats Taller Dude

One Punch Knock Out in Kiev

Racist Black Woman

Landing Gear Fail…

Guam Local Doens’t Like Japanese Tourist

Gays Burned Alive in Haiti….WAHT THE FUCK

Street Fight of the Day

Daughter Gets Busted

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Naked Woman High On Drugs Trashes Subway and Other Videos of the Day

Freak Out at In and Out Burger

Bus Stop Masturbator…

Baby Found in the Dumpster – Alive – What the Fuck

Off Duty Cop in Action

Husband Caught Cheating On Wife By Her Brother…

Human Pyramid that Collapses

Dude Masturbating Outside Girl’s Dorm

Man Stabbed in Hospital – in Vietnam WTF

Dude Jumps from Building to Escape Fire

Cement Truck Kills Family…

Terrifying Video of the Day – Naked Guy Beat After Murdering Father at Funeral….What

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Canadians Take On the Gun Crisis in America of the Day

Apparently, a couple of Canadians decided to stick their noses where they don’t belong…and make a song and music video about the US gun crisis…war on GUNS,…NRA….Constitutional right…that isn’t really any of their god damn concern…but that I guess they figured would get views if they made a powerful enough video…

The people are JS Houle ft. Virginie Fortin and they are peddling their song on iTUNES…with this video…mocking the real life gun issues…that don’t involve them, affect them, and that are enough to get a trespasser shot…

People like to think is a gun crisis because that’s just how it’s marketed when people kill each other with guns…when clearly if you want to kill people you can use more than just guns…provided guns were less accessible to get…

I am not a gun toting republican, but I probably would be if I was American…because someone needs to start targeting hte right people when they do these mass shootings…like the celebrities…and not little kids at school…you sick fucks..

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Serial Butt Grabber on Loose in Canada and Other Videos of the Day

Classy Chick Fight

Florida Arrest of the Day

Bull Pulls Pants…

Teacher Negotiates With Students…Fails…

Floor of the Day

Tourettes Dude

Waterfall Accident

Cement Truck VS WOman – Spoiler Alert – Women Always Lose…

Woman Gives Birth on China Air

Church Masturbation of the Day

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Surly Gay Flight Attendant Kicks Girl Off the Plane of the Day

I just assume “Tim” was a surly, angry, gay who possibly woke up on the wrong side of the anal sex this morning…because he is a flight attendant or as I call them “Stewardess”…and this story is ridiculous…

After this girl didn’t hear Tim (flight attendant in aisle) ask her to move to let someone by near the front of the plane, he raised his voice, which surprised and upset her. She apologized to him, took her seat in front of me, but then called another attendant over to say Tim had been rude to her. Tim saw this and had her thrown off the flight!

Afterward about 20 of us grabbed the pilot at the gate to complain, this shear number shows Tim was way out of line and was just being an ass. USAir/American Flight 408, October 11, 2015. The girl was in seat 20F.

Don’t fly these airlines!!

Tim is a power tripping chubby bitch….but keep in mind US AIR is the worst fucking airline in the US AIR..

It kinda reminds me of this rat killing a pigeon…

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Naked Woman with a Stick and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Steals Booze and Dances

Fireman Catches on Fire…

Kids Try to Rob Store with a Rifle..Get Scared Off With a Broom

Dog Rescued from Sewer…

Cop Tries Saving a Black Guy – By Choking Him Out

Sheriff Slams 14 Year old on Rollerskates – Don’t Worry You Don’t Need to Riot – He’s White….

Drunk Driver Uses Periscope…

Stubs vs GUNs

Man Intimidates Old Man….on Bus….

Waterspout vs Postal Truck..

Grilled Meat Vendor Doesn’t Give a Fuck About Explosion…

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Girl Gets Naked in South Beach Restaurant…and Other News of the Day

Girl Shits Herself in Las Vegas

NYC Fight

Woman Stripped and Beaten in CHina For Sleeping with a Married Man

Don’t Move a Street Sign Next to Live Wires…

Sewage Sprayed on a Politician Office…

Drunken Brawl in a Restaurant

Man Walks Down the Street with Wife’s Severed Head in India

Cellulite Crash…

Jews Running Over an Arab

Racist Swedish Bus Driver

Cancer of the DAy

Here’s a WOman Getting Beat

Dude Goes Up in Flames

Indian WOman Stripped Naked By Police…

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Topless Lunatic Tries to Kick Cop And Other Videos of the Day

Naked Hobos…

Cruise Ship Fight in the Cheeseburger Line….

Public Shaming By Pantsing People…

Bridge Collapses….

Crackhead of the Day

Palenstinian Terrorist Woman Shot…

Truck Drives Off Bridge….

Gang of Teens Terrorize Store Owner..

Immigrant Trailer…

Thief gets Hung…

Girls Fighting…

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People Love This Couple of the Day

This ridiculous couple has gone viral….with some millionaire German couple who craved the American life because the dude used to watched Facebook and though”I want to be American…and marry a girl with tits that don’t fit his trashy girlfriend…and the whole thing is ridiculous that it is even a story…or going viral…isn’t this how every American already lives….

“I had a vision which I have now made come true – I have created my own Baywatch and my girl is hotter than Pamela Anderson.”

Looks like they are ghetto, inspired by Kardashian…trash…that are trying to get their own reality show….but the

A few years ago I was poor, fat and unhappy. My life was my enemy. But one day I made a decision: I took responsibility and created a vision of myself. I decided that whatever it needs to get there I will do. Yes it was hard. Yes I was afraid to fail. But I always kept moving forward and forced myself to believe!”

These people are ridiculous, possibly all that is wrong with Hollywood…so many fake tits…and random words of wisdom on how you can live the fake titty, “mansion” life….over at their instagram YOTTA_LIFE

Looks like scam, and or like he’s a pimp to me…

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Frat Boys Go Down on Stripper While Frat Watches and Other Videos of the Day

Sexual Predator Rubs Boner on Girl in Train

Danish Guy Raving ont he Train…

See Ya Next Time – Judge

Politician VS REporter Cuz he’s Black

Kayak Fishing…

Train Passenger Fights People Who Keep Him Up

Terrifying in Flodida…..Dude Shoots Security Guard and Himself in Head.. They Aren’t Dead in THis..but WTF

Scooter Driver of the Day

Crazy Public Sex…

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Ha Ha Mantra with Gita Fendelman of the Day

Someone just sent me this video from 2011, I am assuming that it went viral a long time ago, but I’ve never seen it until today, so I figure 4 years old or not…it’s still worth posting it because it’s totally insane….

The kind of cult leader I would want, even though I don’t believe in laughter, but I like the kind of lunatics that would be sad enough to go to this…encouraging this woman to continue her insanity…

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Sex in China… and Other Videos of the Day

I am a believer…

Girl Who Jumps from Building Saved

Two Women Beat Up and Rob a Dude

Subway Robbery….Prevented…

LAPD Staking Video of the Day

Wife Beats her Man

Arab Pitbull VS Tire….

Crazy Car Accident of the DAy

Home Owner Disarms Home Invader

Flamethrower Stripper Pussy

Flash Mob Robbery

I don’t speak brown – but apparently this is 2 guys beating up a girl for refusing sex…what the fuck…

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Livestreamer Burns Down His House and Other Videos of the Day

Ticking Irish Beard

Motorcycle VS Hummer in Vegas…

Just a Man at he Bus Station in Korea

Clerk VS Thief…

Cops Remove Tattoo..

American Airlines Pilot Dies Mid-Flight

Good Old Fashion Burglar Through Roof

Person Being Smuggled…

Backyard Boxing…

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