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Sleepy Dog and Other Videos of the Day

Kid Breaks a Cops Leg…

Alabama Principal of the Day

Plane Crash Avoidance – When One Plane Tried to Land on a Runway another Plane was Crossing of the Day

Best Man Electrocuted by the Mic – The Way Many Wedding Speeches Should Start

Pugs Reenact Idenpendence Day

Joan Rivers VS Horrible CNN Reporter

Naked for Art Basel…

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Happy July 4th, From #stepGIRL Talula Wilde and Chris Vongsawat of the Day

Video genius Chris Vongsawat who you can find on INSTAGRAM put together this little Fourth of July, Independence Day, July 4th, Firework show starring the lovely and talented #stepGIRL TALULA WILDE …topless and in her lingerie in New York City’s Times Square…because sometimes all you need is a Canadian to show you just how free you really are..

It’s our own take on FREE THE NIPPLE

I am sure you’re celebrating it your own way somewhere, probably a trailer park filled with canned corned and discount hot dogs, maybe fireworks that will kill at least one of you because you made it out of dynamite to impress everyone, but I hope it is just as naked, but definitely not as hot.

I think this is probably the best Independence day video of all time. Take that Will Smith.

See it on Vimeo

One more time…

Model Film: Talula Wilde @ stepGIRLS from Chris Vongsawat on Vimeo.

Show your grandmother and other friends how patriotic you are by sharing it

See it on Vimeo

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Fourth of July Drinking Game of the Year

So apparently this happened in a Spanish resort town for some radio sponsored free drink event, where a girl sucked 24 dicks and got egged by a DJ all for some free drinks…

I wouldn’t go so far to say that this is my kind of girl, if my daughter or girlfriend participated in this shit, I’d fucking hate them, but I love when drunk, girls just out to have fun do it…it is the wet t-shirt contest of the porn-ed up, sex-ed up generation…

Not sure where we can go from here, but I am happy I pulled this from mainstream sites…it means SMUT is winning…Everyone is a dirty fucking codomless porn slut…in a gang bang…whether on set, in a bar or not..

Do this for July 4th…make some fireworks, but more importantly, make your internet legacy..

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The Man with a 10 Inch Penis Made it Bigger of the DAy

To fuck with the masses of men who feel like they have too small of a cock, because despite what the media tells you, size does matter and every girl I’ve talked to has loved every big dick she’s had, and laughed about every small dick she’s had…mainly my small dick…that’s how I know it happened…

This dude, who is cheesy as fuck, straight from 1992, because I guess that’s where Ireleand is at, was born with a 10 inch peen, which in Ireland is like having a 42 inch peen, it just doesn’t happen to those white dudes, that’s why they fight so much…small penis rage…decided to make it bigger because…he wanted “a monster”…

That makes me laugh, and I can assume he’s already had numerous porn offers.

As for the rest of us with small penis, the only hope is young chicks who don’t know better, fat chicks who are so lonely they will take anyone, broke chicks who are so broke they will take anyone, single mom’s who have horrible shredded vaginas that they are willing to not fill so that their kid has some security, there are hookers, and BONER PILLS THAT MAKE YOUR DICK ALL THE DICK IT CAN BE EVEN IF YOUR DICK IS PATHETIC AND THAT’S NOT SAYING MUCH

This dude is ridiculous…

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Blonde in nothing but body paint and other videos of the Day

Weird Teddy Bear Dance I don’t Get..

Some Topless Protester…Scared to Show her Face But Not Her Tits

Failed Robbery IDiots

Cricket Match VS Seagull

New Yorker Gets Arrested for Sleeping on the Train

Man in a Hoodie Fucks with a Girl

Girl Gets Knocked Out…

Fuck Her Right in the Pussy Continues

Nude Made Bathing in the Fountain

The Rob Ford Hating Jogger is a Joker

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Naked Man on Drugs at a Rave and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Man in Traffic

Man Sucker Punched a 77 Year Old

Racist Cop VS NFL Linebacker Sam Montgomery

Road Rage of the Day

Annoying flamboyant rich kid….

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Topless Girl Videobombs TV and Other VIdeos of the Day

Drunk Guy Gets His Face Run Over When Taking a Nap like an Idiot

Really Stupid Waterslide

People Don’t Like Having Their Pics Taken by a Guy Taking Selfie

The Man who Farted At the World cup

Naked Swede Buying Milk

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Man Confronts Cops Who Killed His Dog… and Other Videos of the Day


Nudists in San Francisco

The Man who threw himself in traffic 6 Times

FLorida Man in a Ditch Jerking off

Nigerian Arm Break

Bad Driver of the Day – This is Just Crazy

China Bus Passenger of the Day

The Dudes arrested for saying Nickel Back

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Nancy Grace and The Man with the Missing Son and Other Videos of the Day

The Reporter who gets Naked for Ronaldo…

I’m still trying to understand the naked Korean Lady vs the Car

Hot Old Lady of the Day

Bad Driver of the Day

Black WOman Beats White Woman While 2 Year Old Watches

Dude Throws Water on a Reporter

Slip and Slide Fail

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