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Drunk in Public Eats Shit and Other Videos of the Day

The Man Who Cuts His Own Hair…

Man with Road Rage VS Passenger

Naked Girl Thrown from a Car in Some Immigrant Country

The Kangaroo Box in Suburban Australia is So Typical

Weird Lesbian Cries About Her Chicken…in a Restauran…This Can’t Be Legit…

Naked Protestors in France

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Oh Canada Fail and Other Videos of the Day

This is my dream…

Topless Protestors in Colombia

Las Vegas Cop Showing His Showgirl Moves with a Cancer Patient

Ukrainians Throw Politician in the Trash

Gangster Ukrainian Soldier Stays Cool While Being Shot At

Drive Through Convenience Store in Ohio

The Woman Who Ate Lye from a Drink Machine in Utah

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Steel Panther’s Pussywhipped is the Song of the Day

My friend Dean Cameron, who you may know as the most important man in Hollywood that Hollywood doesn’t really realize is the most import an man in Hollywood because otherwise they would have given him starring roles in every movie to happen since Ski School and Summer School and the other cult hits Dean carried on his superstar back – while his costars went on to be Kirstie Alley…because Hollywood has their heads up their clueless as fuck, unoriginal, bar mitzvah asses…

Directed this video for the band Steel Panther, that is obviously a throwback to Glam Rock I hated in the 80s and still hate…but like Dean Cameron and support him still chasing the fucking dream….

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Drunk Junkie Fight and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Man at the Airport

Kid Fights With His Grandmother over a Toy..

Russian Log Roll

Man vs Quicksand

Moralist Lash Strippers in Peru

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Ghetto Fight and Other Videos of the Day

Fuck Her Right in the Pussy Still Exists…

Idiot Cyclist Takes a Nap in the Street – Gets Fucked Up

I Love these Teachers who had a threesome with an underage student…

Shitty Way to Ruin your Lunch

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Teabagging Video of the Day

My friends over at MyPakage, the best underwear you can buy on the internet…if not the planet…put together this tea party video that is pretty fucking genius…probably probably one of the best underwear viral videos in the history of underwear videos..

It’s called TeaBaggging, and a bunch of ladies have an sleazy Tea Party, after getting excited by the mail man delivering his “Pakage”

Clever and amazing…now if only there was an unrated version with more labia…you know the kind of labia you’d want to invest in underwear to not humiliate yourself when you finally get the chance to have sex…

You see, my soiled, ripped, discoloured underwear don’t impress….but in my defence, I pay the girls I have sex with -so they have to deliver regardless…

Get you own pair so you can scream at girls to “Lick MyPakage“….


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Dude Doesn’t Like Muslim Woman with American Flag Hijab and Other Videos of the Day

Nude Farmer Calendar

Naked Guy in Traffic Gets Shot 3 Times…

Brazilian 70 KG 3 Year Old Reminds Us to Love Our Body – No Matter What the Media Tells Us…Fat is Wonderful…He’s the Kate Upton of Brazil…

4 Cops Tip Over Suspect in a Port-O-Potty

Girls Fight in the Ghetto…

Granny on Crack

People Want to Legalize Incest due to Human Rights

Man Caught Under Bus – Probably Feels Like Anyone Who Fucks My Wife

Insurance Scammer of the Day is AMazing

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Crackwhore Deepthroating a Rose and Other Videos of the Day

Chick Fight in the Garage

Employee Tackles Armed Robber – Gets Shot

Old Lady Fights Off Attempted Car Theft

Weird Police Foot Chase

Old Man Takes a Shit in Walmart Parking Lot – Because When You’re Old – Who Cares

Woman Setting Car on Fire With a Dead Body inside…

People Make a Kid Smoke Pretty Disturbing…

John Oliver’s Interesting Take on Drones Someone posted on Facebook – and I thought it was pretty interesting and well put together. I mean the idea of the Government being sketchy for their own personal agenda and not really for the benefit of the nation they are voted in to protect – is pretty fucking expected….

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Naked Protestors and Other Videos of the Day

Dog VS Piglet

Girl Doesn’t Notice Brawling Thug – Because She’s Texting

Gang Brawl in Thailand

News Reporter Talking Shit About Poor People Not Knowing Mic is On

Crazy Car Jacker in FLorida

Insurance Scammer Goes All Out

Flashback Friday to Yesterday – In case you missed it yesterday – this middle finger Karma is amazing

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