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Ray Rice Knocking His Girlfriend Out of the Day

I don’t watch sports, I think the whole concept is idiotic. The idea of grown men running back and forth with a ball, or more importantly, watching grown men running back and forth with a ball,is a ridiculous way to pass your time…there’s absolutely no purpose for it…and that’s not even factoring in how much money these assholes make…

I guess I do watch videos of sports people beating the fuck out of their women, a trend we’ve seen forever, because as you know athletes are often hopped up on testosterone, are ghetto uneducated monsters, and most importantly, they run through different women in different cities, whether they have a main bitch or not…couples with the money, the ego, and all that…makes them feel pretty invincible, or whatever…

That said, seeing any girl getting beat, or hurt or mistreated disgusts me. I like to celebrate women, I like to stare at their tits, I like everything about women, they entertain me and make me laugh, even when they are being crazy…

I do not like seeing them get beat the fuck up, dragged out of elevator, the whole thing – insane.

When I read that Ray Rice only got suspended for two games, I wanted to draw more attention to it, hoping there’s more of an uprising, getting him Ocho Cinco’ed and sent to Canada…

Pretty unacceptable behavior..right..

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NYC Road Rage and Other Videos of the Day

Friend Pisses on Friend for Ice Bucket Challenge

Censored Naked Guy Fighting Police

Kids VS Kid Who Did His Homework

Naked Black Man Destroying A Store

Littering in a River is Bad Karma

Fuck Her Right in the Pussy in Australia

Deer on the Golden Gate Bridge

Grandpa VS 3 Armed Robbers

Motorbikes VS Train…

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Russian Woman and Other Videos of the Day

Drunk Couple Fighting

Putin is a Cry Baby

A Group of Unprovoked Black Kids Beat Up a White Couple

Kids Fight Security Guards

UK Primeminister Handshake Fail

Criminal of the Day

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The Girl Who Falls Off the Loading Dock and Other Videos of the Day

A Guy Gets Beat Because He’s Wrongfully Accused of Beating Up his Girlfriend

Today in Dancing

No Leash Dog Walker

The Car With No Tire

Dog Rescue of the Day

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Best Road Rage and Other Videos of the Day

Stunt Gone Wrong

Asshole at the Game….

Girl Catches on Fire….

Kathy Griffin Naked Ice Bucket Challenge

Drunk Chechen VS Window

Men VS Greasy Pole

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Drunk Norwegian Taking a Pee and Other Videos of the Day

Drunk Guy Falls Off the Porch…

Dildo on TV News

Cat with a Laser Pointer on Its Head

Suicide with Regrets

Punched After a Racial Slur

The Girl Peeing in the Elevator

Weird Spanish Event

Girl Dancing Amazing

Japanese Girls Give TIts for Charity

Reporter Troll…

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Labour Day Videos for Labour Day of the Day

There’s something magical about Labor Day – and that something is videos on Youtube of women in Labor…here’s a top 5 or birthing videos because that’s the worst kind of labor…that may turn you off of vaginas for a few hours…in the wake of all the celebrity sexts and noodz you’ve been masturbating to the last 24 hours…in what is the most insane hack of the century…

This is unfortunately a yearly tradition…







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Monkey Rapes a Bird and Other Videos of the Day

The Man Who Eats His Beard

Black Man Tasered By Police for Sitting in a Public Place

Bar Brawl Broken Up by Landlord’s Pool Cue

97 Year Old Dancer of the Day

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Police Disturbing Dude Getting Head…and Other Videos of the Day

Bus Driver

Wolves get Cuddles from People…

Fuck Her Right in the Pussy Lives….

Shit Bucket Challenge.

Fishy Freeway

Homeless Dog Gets Saved!

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