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Guy Pushes Girl Off Train and Other Videos of the Day

Subtle Couple

Detroit Cop Dances

Las Vegas Robbery

Just a Day in Hartford

Conspiracy Theory of the Day – Bus / Bus / Dump Truck

7 Year old Caught in the Cross Fire

Angry Groom….

SWAT VS Car Chase…

Motorcycle Couple…Accident

Bangkok Tourism Video of the Day

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Naked Guy on the Freeway and Other Videos of the Day

Detroit Road Fire

Hitler Cat

Failed Robbery of the Day

Naked Woman VS Powerlines

Homeless Arson Fail

Drunk Memorial Day…

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Just a Babe on a Scooter and Other Videos of the Day

Dog on the Freeway…

Boss VS Sleeping Employee

Florida Reggae Fest Seems Fun

Just a Dude Throwing Acid on a Girl’s Face Because He Thought She Was Cockblocking Him from a Relationship with her friend….in Italy.

Old Lady VS Escalator

Naked Girl VS Memorial Day VS Campground…

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Spiderman Eats It and Other Videos of the Day

Russian Billionaire Kid Pays People to Drink is Piss

Where’s Waldo During the Napal Earthquake

Vine Swing into a Cave

Lightning Strikes…

People in Guadeloupe are Insane…

Waitress Slaps Customer

Bully Gets Beat

Meth head on JIm Morrison

Asian Parenting

Man VS Airline Staff

Little Girl Hooks Boat…

Bully Gets bottle to the Face

Naked Russian…

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Portland Girl Pisses Herself and Other Videos of the Day

Girl Flashes Her TITS For Free Food

Guy Breaks Up Fight From His Window

Double Scooter Slam…

New Jersey Cop Pulled Over for Drunk Driving and Doesn’t Get Charged

Thief Vs JiJitsu Fighter

Thief Shot Trying to Rob Pizzaria…

Russian Woman Strips

Cop Karate Chop…

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Naked Man and Other Videos of the Day

Toddler Gets Dragged by Bike…

Building Collapse in China

Drunk Driver

Dude Flips Off Cop…Gets Pepper SPrayed

Dude Arrested for Asking Badge Number…

Off Duty

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Woman VS Mistress and Other Videos of the Day

Australian Fast Food Brawl

Rolling Tire Takes Out Old Lady

Apparently Cop Unloads 109 Rounds on Suspect….

Gary the Goat for Breast Cancer

Texas Bachelor Party of the Day

Spanish Fans…

Immigrant Cop VAN VS Stairs in One of the LEast Eventful Videos of the DAy

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Hooker Fight and Other Video of the Day

Cat Gets Brain Freeze

Base Jumper Dies After Lighting his Parachute on Fire for a Stunt I call “Suicide”

Racist Black Supremacists

Woman Gets Run Over at the Gas Station after a Fight

Bad Construction

Lamborghini Catches on Fire

Restaurant Owner Disciplines Employee

Cop Pulls Over Funeral Procession

Teacher Vs Student..

Suicide Watch….

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The Louis CK SNL Monologue of the Day

I don’t watch comedy shows because I don’t believe in laughter..which is probably why I am not very funny, but I’ve been told countless times that Louis CK is the most interesting to watch because he shits on the human condition which is something I like doing…but with far less success…

But I saw this video in my Facebook feed last night…and it was some scandal around SNL monologue and figured “how bad could this be”…since SNL is a pile of shit that hasn’t been funny…since the 70s…

That said, the scandal was that he did a bit on child molesters in the 70s, which everyone who grew up in the 70s can relate to, where the child molesters were obvious about child molesting, whether they were teachers or bus drivers…parents were just different then and didn’t believe you if you told them your teacher tried to shove their cock down your throat…or they would say you deserved it if your teacher spanked you…it was insane..

Also, the girl or guy who wasn’t molested when their friend or sister was by the molester…did get a complex…

And lastly, child molesters…do really love child molesting, that’s why they molest kids because they know the outcome of molesting a kid when they get caught…and their vision is cloudy like when you fuck a hooker without a condom and you know “I shouldn’t do this but I love doing this…

So what’s the fucking problem…it is what it is..and if anything this is one of the best thing I’ve seen televised…so stop your fucking holier than thou bitching…it’s like people who freak out about AIDS jokes and Rape jokes in public but you know behind the scenes love that shit…

Point being..this is great.

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Female Crackhead Wants Her Vagina Waxed in DTLA and Other Videos of the Day

Topless Protesters

Wedding Dress Almost Drowns the Bride

Guy on Drugs on Bus…

Ridiculous ATM Theif

Dog VS Shower

Armless Archer VS Kellogs

This Will Blow Your Mind – 51 Year Old Kills 15 Year Old for Not Having Sex with Him…What the fuck

Bull Fighter Gets Mauled For Being an Asshole

Girl With the Longest Tongue

Drunk Driver Ejected from his Car

Weird Gang Shoot Out

The Sex Doll Repair Man is Back from 2007

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Walmart Employee Against Racism and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Man Gets Arrested

Cop Pepper Sprays Handcuffed Kids


Asshole of the Day

EMT Volunteer VS Traffic

Hammer Guy Gets Shot

Weird Accident of the DAy

These Guys are Such Idiots

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Classy Lady VS Store and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Stripped Topless for Sleeping with Another Woman’s Dude

Truck Explosion in Russia

Rally Car Jump

This is Why You Need to Use Uber

102 Year Old Blowing Out Candles Can Probably Suck Good Dick

Failed Sneaky Asshole

Toronto Reporter Confronts FHRITP Dudes

Kids Dancing with Dead Cats…

Dude Mugs a 7 Year old…GOALS

Digusting Beard Shave…

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Crackhead Dance and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Gets Tased by US Border Patrol in Upstate New York and she’s not even Mexican….

Swedish Students Hit By Cops

Stage Collapse of the Day

Guy is Wiped Out Exploding Tire….

Nurse and Wheelchair Man Go Downhill

Kid Rides Toy

What the fuck is this….

NYPD Search Gets Dealt With in Record Time

13 Year Old Fights Off Sexual Predator…

Topless Homeless Chick….

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Man Has Sex with a Porsche and Other Videos of the Day

Here’s a Dude Fucking Car Exhaust

Burger King Dumping Hot Oil in Sewer

Young Thug Escapes Police

Racist Georgian School FOunder

Street Boxing that Ended in Death of 16 Year Old….

Driver VS Flood

Roof Ripped Off School in Tornado

Failed Suicide of the Day

Ambulance Drive of the Day

Crazy Lady of the Day

Motorbike Slams that Pussy

Granny Tormented By Laser Pointer

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Blue Steel (wh)ORE Haus for Treats Magazine of the Day


Here’s a model turned furniture designer who owns something called (wh)ORE Haus, a furniture company, that she welds for…

So she’s a welder..and I’ve met girl welders…not all lesbian beefcake welders but never models getting naked welders…and TREATS did a feature video on her wedling…which is interesting, erotic, and pretty fucking awesome…but that could just be my hangover liking girls who are more than just instagram hookers…but that have skills I don’t have, which isn’t saying much because I have no skills…

She also calls her company (wh)ORE Haus..which is just clever enough for me…

Here’s the video…

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