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Couple Fucking in the Back Seat and Other Videos of the Day

Elderly Woman Shits on the Floor

Naked Rant by a Naked Activist of the Day

Idiot Runs Herself Over

Man Kicked Off a Flight for Using the Bathroom

Student Driver – Hit and Run

Drunk Driver of the Day

Crow VS Rat

Topless Woman with Mace VS Cop

Mother Smokes Weed first Time

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Hijabi Public Blowjob and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Man on a Car

Truck Close Call

Car RunningOver People

Skateboarder Scared of Dogs Wipes Out

Dude Dies Live on Indonesian TV Singing Religious Shit…

Fat Guy Taking a Shit in an Earth Quake

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Woman Masturbates on Subway and Other Videos of the Day

Sex in the Stairway

Charred Body on TV During Highway 5 Accident

Snake in a Dash

Driver VS Crosswalk

Guy VS Ferry

Boat Towing of the Day

Idiot Tries Drifting Tractor

Asshole Human Slaps a Monkey in India….I Hope He Fucking Dies

Idiot Drops Cocaine in Court for a Traffic Ticket

Man VS Pitbulls – Trying to Save a Jack Russell

Just a Dude Robbing a Store

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Crackhead Talks About Fucking 9 Year Old And Other Videos of the Day

Naked Dude Walking

Bungee Jump Death

Couple Busted by Farmer

Topless Protestors…

Zombie Woman – of the Day

This Monkey is Just Like You

Deputy Beating Suspect

Russian Axe Barber

How to Catch a Snake….

Palestinian Stabbing few Israelis

Chinese Opera Shows Punishing Women Who Commit Adultery

Bus Vs People….

Drunk vs Class…

Pickpocketer Gets Caught

Scamming Tits….

Sickle in Head

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Bikini Snowboarding…and Other Videos of the Day

Frenchy VS Snake

19 Houses Sink Into River

Woman Driver of the DAy

Idiot Acrobat of the DAy

Man Bites Woman – She Punches Him

Girl on GIrl Knife Fight

Girl Tries to Kill Cat Doing Yoga

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Just a Dude Putting Bees on his Crotch and Other Videos of the Day

Pre-Op Tranny of the Day

Truck Driver Falls Asleep at Wheel

Couple Having Sex in Apartment Near Tennis Match

Random Guy – Beaten and Robbed in Philly

Dutch cops Shoot a Motherfucker

Cop in Head On Collision

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Drunk Lady Flashes the Crowd at at Cubs Game and Other Videos of the Day

Crying Crackhead…

Mounting a Trailer in Russia….

Guys Rescue Dog….

Car Getting Dragged….

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Kirsten Dunst for Calvin Klein in Lingerie of the Day

Apparently Kirsten Dunst is in this Calvin Klein ad wearing her underwear…

I didn’t watch it, because I don’t like the oppressive nature of advertising. You know trying to seduce me with outtated big titty ex crackhead celebs in their underwear dancing around. Selling me a lifestyle or image that I can only obtain if I buy Calvin Klein lady underwear, that I will wear when I get fucked by producers and execs, to secure a job in entertainment, which will in turn get me paid and make me matter….so that I ccan get cast in underwear videos…the fat man….like Ashley Graham….because it’s the era of exclusivity…

So I hate ads, unless they are paying me. Which Calvin Klein isn’t. But if they were. I’d tell you the top 10 reasons to buy Calvin Klein…you see…we are all whores…and if my whoring allows me to sit on my couch updating this shitty site that costs me a ton in server costs to run….I’ll do it…for myself and for the 1 dude who reads it..

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Drunk Dudes Fall Asleep in Car Sucking Dick and Other Videos of the Day

Idiot Gets Run Over By his Friend in the Craziest Way

Afghan Men Fucking SHeep

Snake Attacks Dude on Motorcycle….

Idiot Tries to Help Old Lady

Tire Has It out for these People

Weird Funeral Procession

Domino Axe Attack

Construction Worker Jackhammer Race

Three Wheeler in China….

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Doctor Fixes Dislocated breast and Other Videos of the Day

Pedestrian fixes Traffic Light

Public Library Gets LIT

Man Gets Bitten By an Anteater

Kangaroo with Itchy Balls

Great White Shark Near Jacksonville…Sharknado is Gonna Happen…

Idiot on a Scooter

Bear Diarrhea

Family Gets Taken Out

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Streaker Fail of the Day and Other Videos of the Day

Pantsless Homeless Chick of the DAy

Crocodile VS Elephant

Idiot VS Cow

Livestreaming Facebook Killer Dude

Girl Does Not Like Being Video Taped

Crazy Guy Attacks Cop with a Pole

Crazy Filming Accident…

Fitness Granny

Porn on a Big Screen

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Victoria’s Secret Bralette Commercial of the Day

Victoria’s Secret is so fucking cheesy.

The girls in Victoria’s Secret are so fucking cheesy.

They are just some mall brand bullshit quality nonsense that the mainstream buy into – and really that everyone buys into – because it’s functional, affordable, and stylish, despite raping China cheap later – to save money they can put into this shit like their team of models…the cheesiest fucking models.

Yes, they are hot, but fuck they are lame…they marry people like Adam Levine and shit…they go to all the parties and are famous and know they are hot…and people want to associate with them because they are famous and hot…and it’s this weird cycle of garbage..supporting garbage…

I like my models edgier and more interesting, but I guess when you’re offered a million dollars to stand around – you take it…But at least they are half naked when they do it…and naked in other work they do to remain edgy, but they are still just promo models to me…really hot promo models.

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Superman Dat Homeless and Other Videos of the Day

Hilarious Couple Calling People at Turks and Caicos Restaurant Niggers because they left their Phone There…He is the CFO of Tobacco Superstores, Inc in Arkansas

Giant Rat of the Day

Racist Couple of the Day

Massive Bomb of the Day

Woman Loses Clothes in a Brawl

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My Favorite Public Sex Caught Video and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Strips Herself on the Bus

Caught Stealing a Bike – This is What Happnes

Mini Van Dude with Road Rage Tries to Run Over Kids

Hit and Run Driver Chased Down

Little Kid Sucks at the Train

Naked Man VS Paramedic

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Naked Woman in Dublin and Other Videos of the DAy

Motorcycle Driver of the Day

Drunk Guy in the Supermarket

Snake Bites a Dude – Dude Dies – Snake Charmer Goes to Jail – Happy Indian Story of the Day

Smart Driver!

Container Truck VS Overpass

Weird Thing to Get in there and Photograph

Sewer Hole Explosion

Pissing on the Motorway

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