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Naked Protestors and Other Videos of the Day

Dog VS Piglet

Girl Doesn’t Notice Brawling Thug – Because She’s Texting

Gang Brawl in Thailand

News Reporter Talking Shit About Poor People Not Knowing Mic is On

Crazy Car Jacker in FLorida

Insurance Scammer Goes All Out

Flashback Friday to Yesterday – In case you missed it yesterday – this middle finger Karma is amazing

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Girls Comparing Thighs and Other Videos of the Day

Girl Escapes her Homeless Robber – On the Roof –

A Man and his Tent Go Flying…

Crazy Knock Out…

Kid Calls His Ma After Eating Ghost Pepper..

NYPD VS Pregnant Chick

Thief Cash Grab

Slip and Slide Fail

Middle Finger Karma

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Sex on the Street and Other Videos of the Day

Robbers Get Shot

Dog Plays in Water Fountain

Snake Surprise

FEMEN Protests ISIS Topless

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Leonardo DiCaprio Rapping and Other Videos of the Day

Bicycle Ice Bucket Challenge

High School Football Player’s Speech

News Reporter Quits Her Job

Vendor Selling Fake Shit Gets Shot

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Late Night Customer in Lingerie and Videos of the Day

Rat on the Escalator

Artist Who Finger Paints With Toothpaste…

iPhone 6 TV Drop

I Am In Love with the Girl Who Drove Into a Hole in Russia

South African Street Performers….Weird..

Log to the Head….

Old Man on a Motorcycle…

Cameraman Fail…

Ferrari Fail…

A Fuck her Right in the Pussy

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NYPD Assault Street Vendor and Other Videos of the Day

Micaela Shaefer Titties Out Serving Beers

Car VS Crowd

Police Catch Pickpocket Stealing from Sleeping

Drunk Guy Rides a Sheep

Korean Mayor Gets Egged,.

Big Boy Can Dance….

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Girl Streaker and Other Videos of the Day

Attempted Robbery Caught on GoPro

Crushed By a Faulty Elevator – WTF….

Police Shoot Out on Video

Wheelbarrow VS Ram

I Think This is Old…but Dude Just Wants to Dance…THE REMIX

Girl Gets Stripped for Being a Homewrecker

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Homeless Bro Who Uses Women and Sex for Shelter and Other Videos of the Day

I call fake..on some Catfish, Unhung Hero, trying to get a reality show level….hire actors and release a shocking piece on how you may be having a one night stand with a sociopath homeless person. I am sure the caliber dudes girl get manipulated by on tinder are just as bad. I did want to write a book called “The Homeless Man’s Guide to Getting Laid” before starting this site…but my homeless man wasn’t a frat boy in flip flops…

Worms in the Local Food-4-Less You Deserve if you shop at Food-4-Less

Black Teen Tackles Guy Trying to Escape the Cops…Even Though Cops Hate Black People

Stunt Plane Crashes into the Sea – But Pilot Lives

Guy in his Underwear Gets McDonalds…

Skater Fight…

Baby in the Train Tracks is a Solid Late Term Abortion

Columbian Woman Flashes Her Pussy at the Camera…

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Kim Kardashian and the Titty Flashing at the Kanye Show of the Day

Everyone is talking about how Kanye yelled at a guy in a wheelchair to stand up, probably planted in the audience for controversy…but who I am sure he would have made stand up if it was for controversy to take a lead from the Evangelicals to convince the masses he is sent here for some spiritual higher purpose…

But the real highlight of the Australian concert is how Kim dealt with trashy girls, because everyone in Australia is trashy, just based on accent alone….as they flashed their tits…

Kim seemed pretty into it, only because she was once the girl flashing her tits, getting fucked by black dudes, doing whatever it took to get the attention in the room, and now that she’s made it – she can let her inner catty bitch take a break, and open the floor up to the new generation of “Look at me” girls to take their place….

Not to mention, her being there means that there will be no groupie sex by Kanye and that these girls Kanye probably would have fucked so they aren’t a threat as she polices the situation…

Either way, great video sent in by Bob.

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