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Valentine’s Day Dos and Don’ts According to Pornstars of the Day

If pornstars know one thing…it’s romance…you know because they get fuck for work, a lot like anyone with a job that force them to whore themselves for a pay check only with actual getting penetration on camera…meaning they are pretty much sexually set in their ways, nothing can seduce them because they’ve had so much cock, seen so much cock…leaving them with just the raw emotion of love…right? Porn stars can love too you know…

Anyway, it’s Valentine’s Day, people are lonely, it is amazing, I’m sure a lot of people will be jerking off to porn thanks to failed dates, and maybe if they take some porn advice, those failed dates, would have a lot more fuck in them…since fucking is one thing porn people know…

If you missed her’s Porn Stars on Love

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RubberClub Presents: Girls Putting on Condoms with Their Mouth of the Day

I used to be a condom hater, I was like “Condoms are for Sick People”…or “condoms are for Pussies”…or “Condoms are for Gay people, because AIDS is for Gay People”…but then I started talking to sexed up under 25 year old people, and that entire generation was raised on porno…and they don’t even know what the fuck a condom is…

So I’ve been getting these tinder girls, who have never used condoms, coming back a few months later, saying how they have herpes and the whole thing is a fucking disaster, reminding me that maybe every dude out there should wear a fucking condom, because these girls ain’t lawyers…and people are fucking disgusting…

So here’s some instructional video on how to put on a condom with your mouth…brought to you by RUBBERCLUB.COM

This post is brought to you by RUBBERCLUB.COM

But what should really be brought to you by RUBBERCLUB.COM is your favorite brand name condoms in the same factory sealed box you’ll find in a pharmacy. Shipping is always free at RUBBERCLUB.COM !

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Naked Man in a Convenience Store and Other Vides of the Day

How To Steal a Car Using a Truck

Shirtless Dude Losing his Shit on a Plane

Road Rage Dude Punches Out Car Window

A Man with an Axe in his Shoulder

Chicago Public High School Lunch Room

Bus Fight!

Naked Man on the Highway

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Texas Chick Headbutts Woman and Other Videos of the Day

Stupid Driver Causes Gas Fire

Hail Storm Leads Smashed Windshield

Unarmed Guy Gets Gunned Down

Topless Protester of the Day

BMW Gets Sandwiched…

Russian Hitchiker of the Day

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Topless Protestor and Other Videos of the Day

Real Life GTA

Drunk Guy Falls Under the Train…

Ambulance Slams into the Back of a Truck

A Builder and His Hammer Skills

Turkish Man Stabs His Wife Because She Wants a Divorce

Scooter VS Truck

Swedish Security Guards VS 9 Years Olds Who Don’t Pay their Train Fare

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Drunk Chicks Fighting…and Other Videos of the Day

Dolphin Abuse at Marineland

Drugs are Bad….

Frozen Lake Ski

Big Girl Gets Mad

Man Caught Jerking Off at the Mall

McDonald’s Worker Gets Fired…and Mad

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Kicking Beer Off Girl’s Head Fail and Other Videos of the Day

Brazilian Escort Partying with Police and Playing with Their Guns

Escape artist Dog

The Man Who Pisses on the Public Bathroom

Granny Avoids Dying

Out of Control Truck

Maniac Gets Shot By Police

Beer Drinking Cockroach…

Karoke Queen in Barbados

The Dude Jerking Off in a Restaurant

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Fire Shot Fail and Other Videos of the Day

Failed Demolition

Retard Kid of the Day

Guard Dog VS Dude Fucking With Him

Zimbabwe’s President Falls

Dude Gets Slammed By the Parking Barrier

The Tuk Tuk that Couldn’t

Slap Off Contest Fail

Granny Bowls a Strike

Naked Man in Intersection

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Hot Tits and Other Videos of the Day

Terrifying Footage of the Taiwan Airplane Crash

School Girl Gets Leg Caught in Elevator

Lucky teen putting on a psychotic play almost gets killed

Bird imitates couple arguing

Dog abuse ends with karma

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Russian Woman Fights a Man and Other Videos of the Day

Groundhog Bites the Mayor

Half Naked Russians in the Snow

More Half Naked Russians in the Snow…

Trying to Unclogged a Drain in the Road

Gas Station shower

Back That Truck Up…

Drunk Driver Through Hotel Lobby

School Bus Accident

Robber Gets a Spanking…

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Drunk Guy Beating Wife Loses and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Man Walking Down Freeway in a Blizzard

Sore Loser at the Beauty Pageant

Biker Gets Airborne

Australian Toddler and her Spider

Man Tries to Kick a Dog But Fails

Russian Woman’s Road Rage

Bus Driver VS Unwanted Passenger

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Pornstar Karla Kush Sings Oasis of the Day

Here name is Karla Kush, she’s pretty amazing, and this is a video of her singing a little Oasis as a midday musical interlude, and there’s something beautiful and eerie and even sad and tormented, maybe even vulnerable about a porn girl singing her favorite song on set…especially when the song lyrics are Oasis..

Maybe I am reading too into this, blame my drug addiction and sadness….If you don’t like that, here’s a pornstar telling you a joke…

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Naked Man Destroys Car and Other Videos of the Day

The Weatherman Who Deals the Apocalyptic Temperatures

Pilot VS Wind

Tweeker Counting Change!

Woman in Store with Samurai Sword

This Will Freak You the Fuck Out…Woman Gives Birth in Wheel Chair on the Way to Delivery Room…Baby Falls Out of her Vagina and gets Run Over by Wheel Chair…

Texan Woman VS Muslims

Armed Man on Dutch TV

Cop Pepper Sprays People on the Sidewalk

Dude Breaks his Spine in an Air Bag Stunt

Cab Ride of the Day

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Pornstars Predict the Super Bowl of the Day

It is the Super Bowl…so naturally you need to get porn perspective of who will win…because if porn stars know one thing…it’s football…and maybe what it is like to be molested by your absentee alcoholic father before developing a sex addiction that you use porn to fill…in hopes of finding fame and fortune…but you never do…

If you don’t like that – here’s a porn star singing Karaoke!

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Naked Psychotic Man in GMC Dealership and Other Videos of the Day

Woman VS Moped Throttle…

Russian Ice Fishing

UPS Driver of the Day

Trucker Takes a Chick

Cops Shoot Teen

Guy’s Laugh of the Day

Ball Boy Gets Hit

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