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Burger King Brawl and Other Videos of the Day

Couple Has Sex in the Grocery Store

How to Not Getting Eaten By Escalator Instruction Video

Jeep Hits Barrier – Bounce Back

Cop Gets Bit – Shoots Shots in the Sky

Irish Girls VS Slingshot

Clerk VS Homemade Shot Gun

Cop VS Truck Driver

Pepsi Truck Crashes, Filipinos Take ADvantage

25 Year Old Israeli Jumper…What theFuck

Dude Attacking Cops with a Knife

Hong Kong Girl Kicks Dude in a Head

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Baby Pugs Sleeping is Everything of the Day

I am pug obsessed, which for some reason seems to annoy or confuse the 4 people who read this site, because they want tits, or hateful commentary on all that is wrong with the world, making fun of pop culture, calling girls hookers, and linking to weird as fuck fetish videos….

But for some reason, a reason I call not being too impressed by humans, but feeling nothing but love from my dog, who I have kept alive for 7 years at this point, and that in and of itself is amazing…but not as amazing as the fact that the fucker, with his stupid alien looking face, gave my life purpose…and the purpose is to use him to talk to young girls who love pugs…

Either way, this video of pug puppies, is better than anything else you’ll see here today…you know tits on nobodies, that are celebrated, for no reason…amongst the other shit I spew..

This is everything.

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Dude double parked buying fried chicken in NYC gets Beat By Cops and Other VIdeos of the Day

Driver Gets Beat Up for Running Over 4 People

Israeli Army Training Kids to Fight…

Employees Saw Broken Escalotor Before it Ate a Woman…

Chair Fight in Vietnam

Rodent Feeding in a Restaurant

Footage of Sandra Bland Alive in Jail….

Happy Bus Driver

Aliens of the day

Badger and a Fox

Topless Arab Cyclists of Canada

Possible Cheating Video – But Who Knows…All This Shit is Fake…

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Florida Girl Getting Arrested and Other Videos of the Day

PUBLIX Manager Deals With Wife and Girlfriend Cheating

Walgreens Don’t Like No Theives…

Interesting Use of a Red Light..

Asshole Gets What He Deserves from a Bull

Man Fell Into a Garbage Truck

Dude in Traffic Rocks the Flute

Confederate Flag Supports VS a Black Kid’s Birthday

Naked Guy in the Streets

Little Kids Playing with Guns

Bus Driver or Horror Movie…

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Brawl at Disney and Other Videos of the Day

I Guess Girls Do Shit…

Bridge Collapses

Dude Waits Around to Punch Arrested Dude

Bank Beatdown

Street Vendor of the Day

Subway Worker Hits Dude Who Pulled Out His Dick

Angry Woman in the Bus…

Grocery Shopping in Venezuala LOoks Pretty Overwhelming with all the Options

Cop Throws Himself Under a Suicidal Man to Break the Fall

White Guy Tells Black Guy He Can’t BBQ Because of the Smoke..

Mob Robbery…in Ohio

Mother Saves Child…But Gets Eaten By Escalator…WTF

Chinese Man Pulls His Dick Out when Fighting With Neighbor….what…

Redneck Fight…

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Just a Girl and a Bull and Other Videos of the Day

Driver Sprays Gas Station Guy with Gas – Lights it and Get Burned…

Electric Unicycle Explodes to Teach Owner a Lesson

Rickshaw Driver – Charges People 200 Pounds for a 4 minute ride…

Robber Shot By His Own Gun During Robbery

Teens Save Old Couple…

Vintage NASA Crash Landing

Naked Cowgirl for Trump

Rescue of the Day

Door Kicking Angry Sean Astin Impersonator….

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Dude Protester Flirting with a Cop and Other Videos of the Day

Arab 9 Year Old Smoker

NYPD Assault an 11 Year Old in February

Road Rage Regret

Drinking and Driving…

Giant Squid Found in Kim Kardashian’s Asshole

Texas Man Gets Tasered

Dog “Dies” While Having Sex….and these Assholes Just Laugh…

Insane Car Accident of the DAy – Don’t Watch It

Truck Carrying Lumber Tips

Car VS Bridge

Fire Cracker Prank…

Naked Man in the Parking Lot

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Mean Lesbian Wants You To “Learn How to Speak English” and Other Videos of the Day

Man VS Bus

Scene from Final destination

Chick Fight Ends With Ketchup

Golfer KIlls Seagull

Long Beach Man Hole Cover Explodes

Couple With Their “Shark Proof Cages”

Fucking With your Drunk Uncle

Couple Having Sex in the Restaurant…

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Dude Attacks McDonald’s Employee for no Burgers and Other Videos of the Day

TIpping the Back-Up Dancer

These Confederate Flag Racists Protesting Need a Hobby….I Like the Tuba Sound Track

Chainsaw Prank of the Day

Japanese Gameshow of the Day

Thug Bird

Molestor Gets Beat By a Woman

Motor Bike Rider of the Day

Wild Boars and their Babies

Crazy Naked Man!

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Happy Birthday Suprise for Cheater of the Day

I don’t know what the authenticity in this video is, but I figure if it is a staged bullshit, designed to go viral video, the dude involved would have shot it horizontal, but then again, this vertical shit makes it seem more believable…

I figure I’ll post it because everyone likes to get revenge, or shame their chubby girlfriend they caught cheating, you know to get payback revenge hoping it makes your broken heart and sads feel better…but I think I’m too dark, because I was assuming it was going to end up with murder, or maybe with her lover he caught her cheating with hanging off the rafters with limbs missing…bleeding,…or maybe he would have killed this one off…

But I guess…it wouldn’t be on youtube in that case…right..

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Dude Fingers His Friend’s Hook-Up and other Videos of the Day

Girl Pees Out of the Train Window

Dude Gets Leg Run Over at Best Buy

Road Rage Knockout

Girl Mad At Chicken Spot

Machete Fight of the Day

Skater Gets Arrested

Asian Gets Taken Out

Man VS Walmart Employees

Thug Life is Real Thug Life

Fuck Her Right in the Pussy –

Cheap SHot Fail

Hand in Shit Prank

Mad Chick of the Day

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Surf of the Day

I like surfing for the surf girl asses, but I guess I also like it for the shark attacks. The fear of every surfer, that seems to rarely happen, making me think maybe this is surfer Mick Fanning’s trained shark, being used for a publicity stunt…right?

Longer version…

Here’s some Anastasia Ashley surf ass…because that’s the kind of sharking I’m more into…

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Brooklyn Shitter…and Other Videos of the Day

Fight Turns Ugly With Machete…

Old Lady Grabs Tits For Kids..

Naked Tweaker Fight…

Naked at a Music Festival

Mexican Singer Loses Maxi Pad on TV

Irish Guy Crashes Helicopter into Pub…

Naked Austrian Swim

Drunk Girl VS Bannister

China Singer Almost Dies

Drunk Singer…

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Two Dad’s Fighting Over Daughter’s Cheerleading and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Chick at the Music Festival

Cop Beats the Fuck Out of a Handcuffed Woman….and knocks Her Teeth Out

Weather Man VS Taylor Swift

Idiot Tries to Kill His friend

Accident in a Flood

Hipster on the Train

Cops Arrest Naked Woman

Out of Shape Dude Runs from Cops…

Drunk Bitch Annoys the Wrong Old Man

Fight in the Deli

Shitting on the Bank

Chinese Explosion

Mannequin Pussy Quality Control





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Drunk Woman in Restaurant Doesn’t Realize She’s in a Restaurant and Other Videos of the Day

Another Public Masturbator…What the Hell is Going On in the World…This Time With More SNiffing…

El Chapo’s Prison Break

Autistic Singer of the Day

Cops Killing Unarmed Men in 2013

4 Old Guys VS Teenager

Drone VS Dude…

Garbage VS Garbage Can

Cop Handcuffs Kid to Bike

Naaked Kwik-E-Mart Customer

Naked Idiot VS SHower Door

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