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Australian Junkie Gets Australian Blowjob on Train and Other Videos of the Day

41 Second Rubik Cube Romanian 6 Year Old – Training for the Circus

Couple Defend their Paper Towel During a Home Invasion

Dude Jumps off a Tower…for 80k Viewers…

Tram VS a Woman

Man and Woman Rob Compton Gas Station

Topless Store Clerk

Car Robber…

Cop VS a Robber

Teacher Makes Students Destroy Phones in Water…

Naked Woman Busted for Sleeping with Husband

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TITTIES on QVC of the Day

I don’t watch TV, but I like stories that involve a permanent infomercial channel that makes billions of dollars a year off people I assume are living in trailer parks and have access to a credit card to consume as much material goods they can possible consume…to feel like they are complete…or that they are contributing members of society…because why save your money, it’s not like you can bring it with you to the grave, and even if you make 10 dollars an hour, or if you’re on welfare, you deserve the luxuries of see through bras…which is the real reason I like this story…the fit model they use to sell to the masses who haven’t heard of the internet…with her massive tits…with hard nipples that are totally exposed on ddaytime TV…is fucking awesome…even if she’s chubby, she the good kind of chubby where the camera man focuses on her tits…the Kate Upton of QVC…magical…

They also sell Cameltoes…

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Junkie’s Daughter Tries to Revive Overdosing Mom and Other Videos of the Day

Argentine Women Undress in Protest

Pervert Called Out by Crowd

Mechanic Run Over by Tractor

Russian Drinks a Bottle of Vodka to Avoid Drinking

Pedestrian Fail

Reporter Assaulted…

Man Pulls Out Dick Out in Elevator…

Dude Kicks a Woman off Bike

Teacher Kicks Student out of Class for Being a Trump Supporter

Jeep Drives Through Crowd…of Black Live Matter

Female Employee Beaten During Robbery

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Homeless guy Attacks a Truck and Other Videos of the Day

Jerking Off in NYC Traffic

Rapper Named Famous DEX Beating a Woman

Student Fights Teacher

China Genius Way to Remove WASPS

Cow Kills a Man After Kicking Him….

Woman Walks Between Police Shot Gun and the “perp”

Cop Talks Football to Get Suicidal Man off the Bridge

Excavator Fail…

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Random Booty Shake Video of the Day

I find that this video is the best way to deal with the sadness you feel when an iconic couple – that really isn’t that iconic – but that were loved by the media we hate – Angelina and Brad Pitt finally filing for divorce because their fake business relationship has ended and they don’t need each other, or maybe the terms of their prenup have come to term, or maybe…just maybe they were a fake relationship of two horrible egotistical humans – built on adultery – fueled by narcissism…and excess…disgust…white washed with adopted babies and being ambassadors for the UN while they rebuild New Orleans…between being disgusting famous people….

Because this video is everything…

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The Labia Doctor and Other Videos of the Day

Sloppy Latina VS Cabby

This is Crazy

Man Plays With Breasts in Elevator

Dog VS Kangaroo

Suicidal Kid

Car VS Post

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Sex in the Classroom and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Junkie

Homeless Guy Getting a Blow Job

Racist Woman at the Airport

New York Performance Artist of the Day

Mom Rear Ends Her Son

Woman Who Wants the Meatball Sub

Guy Takes Laptop to Face

Man Tells Fortune by Touching a Woman’s Breast

Woman Runs Over 3 Kids in a Parking Lot

Laguna Beach Pool Drop

Kid Gets Slammed by a Bull

Close Call Cop

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Naked Junkie VS Traffic and Other Videos of the Day

Nice Guy Saves Kitten

Driver Saved from School Bus Crash

Brilliant Road Crossing

89 Year Old Man Gets Robbed in Atlanta

Idiot Films a Drive By Prnak

Interesting Trespasser vs a Tree

FLy Sex – With Good Black Commentary

Beer Pipeline

Emergency Plane Landing

Car on the Ferry

Police Shoot Dog…Horrible

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The Woman Taking Ass Pics of the Day

The Woman Taking Ass Pics is probably a troll, probably a stunt, probably a joke…like “hey we should stage a fake video of a girl taking an ass pic next to a tree being caught by someone on a balcony and not noticing because she’s so into the selfie that she’s oblivious to”..

It is the selfie generation, walk down the street, everyone is so sucked into their phones, themselves, they don’t know shit that is going on around them, in their bubble but out in public and it’s fucked…but what isn’t fucked is the slutty selfie…it’s the only porn for me…and girls just fucking love participating in it…because they temptresses, who like to seduce as many men as they can to feel good about themselves…whores..

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Woman Shits on Venice Beach Boardwalk and Other StepNEWS of the Day

Customer Killed in Hair Salon

Naked Man in Hotel Hallway

Apparently this is a Muslim Sex Predator – Getting Beat

Driver of the Day

NYC Tranny of the Day

Dogs Eating Heroin – After it was Thrown into Doggy Daycare…WTF.

Asshole Wall of the Day

Woman Punches Lawnmower Driver – Gets Run Over

Machete Fight Club

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Husband Beats Cheating Wife and Other Videos of the Day

Midwife Films Water Breaking

Father and Son Bond while Beating Dude with Baseball Bat

Car Rams into Gas Pump

Crazy Dude of the Day

Guy Kayaks Through Drainage Pipe

Cop Gets Road Head

Car Explodes

Scooter Driver VS Debris

Deadly OverTaking

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Swerving Cop in Indiana Getting a Blowjob and other stepNEWS of the Day

Facebook Lives a Deadly Shooting in Walmart Parking Lot

Insane Balcony to Pool Jump

Naked in Ukraine

Woman Steals Purse from an 85 Year Old

Naked Bikers

Man Hacks Woman in Head for No Reason

The Beer Juggling Contest

Fucked Up Motorcycle Accident

Female Prison Worker – Attacked by Inmates!

Dude Dies when Someone Jumps on Him Cliff Jumping

Charging Great White

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Peeping Tom and Other stepNEWS of the Day

Amazing Woman High on the Sidewalk

Base Jumping Into the Clouds

Monkey Wants to Eat Pregnant Belly – HARAMBE

Crazy Neighbor at the Corner Store

Snatching Money from a 91 Year Old’s Bra

Doggy Daycare Pool Party

Don’t Text and Bike

Village Woman and her Nunchuck Skills

Cop Using Excessive Force of the Day

RCMP Officer Luring Underage Girl

Dude Points Gun at Cops – Gets Shot

Peeper Looking into a Teens Bedroom

Hillary Clinton – Fainting…

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Teacher Opens Up About Affair with Student of the Day

This is a hilarious story….

A 24-year-old Iowa high school teacher was arrested for allegedly having sexual with her 17-year-old student opened up to Inside Edition about her love affair….

Her name is Mary Beth Haglin, she was a substitute English teacher, and she turned herself in for fucking her “student”…

Inside Edition sensationalizes the story by making a big deal out of it, trying to come across as a a big deal, calling the panty pics she sent the kid “raunchy photos”….during their 6-month relationship….

The reality is she’s barely a teacher at 24, she’s barely a teacher as a substitute teacher and he’s barely a kid at 17. Kids grow up on porn, they watch it all day, jerk off all day, and start fucking at 12…there’s hardly an age difference from 24 to 17….and 17 to 18 is hardly a big deal…not much changes…it’s not like the day a girl turns 18 she becomes something dudes want to fuck, she’s just an idiot because she would fuck him in public….or maybe because she got seduced by the student and fell into it..because men are the predators…

I wish I had teachers like this in my high school, I was more surrounded by old fat women who I’d never want to fuck….So watching her try to right her wrongs that are hardly wrongs…makes me laugh…and knowing that if she was a male teacher doing the same thing, she’d be fucking slaughtered…because men are the predators…

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Topless Girls on Bikes and Other Videos of the Day

Dog With Aborted Baby Fetus in its Mouth

Woman Freaks Out and Wrecks the Place

Road Rage of the Day

Idiot Almost Gets Run Over

Woman Cop of the Day

Plane Hit By Delivery Van

Guy at the Gas Station

SUV Vs Food Store

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