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Brazilian Wax Demo Video of the day

I am an advocate of bush. The bigger the bush the better. I’ve loved bush since the 80s, and I’ll love bush until the day that I die…because bush is highly erotic, it’s natural…and it’s great to cum on….

I know there was a blip in the bush matrix, where people assumed that bald pussy was what everyone wanted. There were even homosexual closet case men who would say things like “hair is gross on a woman”…and really believe it…I don’t know where they got that from, real men fuck anything…so I guess their intentions for that vagina were weird…

I used to want to stage protests outside waxing studios, as a joke, I even wanted to infiltrate one as a waxer, you know get certified as a waxer, to make girls feel creeped out getting waxes, while seeing a lot of pussy in the process…and I guess that dream is still alive, because this demo video from a waxing company is fucking erotic to me…

I used to google waxing and look up videos on youtube all the time, and never was it this erotic…

Now I still love bush, I am a bush til I die, but Im not about to boycot a bald pussy, because I love all pussy, and I do still think the need to wax is idiotic, the insecurities hair girls have is idiotic, but seeing the process…of the wax…is amazing….at least when the model is this girl and not some fucking monster you don’t want to see the asshole of…

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College Kids are Idiots of the Day

This is a great video that I saw on WWTDD , a site written by someone who seems to be equally frustrated with the state of the world as me…

We’ve been hearing all this politically correct nonsense, people like me are called bigots, or misogynists, or cyber bullies….as the world gets softer and softer.

People forget that survival of the fittest is the human condition, and trying to alter that in an overly accepting, easily offended world….a world where the same person will say Mexican Food is racist, boycot Mexican Restaurants…then 5 minutes later say Support the illegals in their new life…then a week later when alone with their friends…crack some Mexican joke…even though jokes are bad….

We are in this world of “holier than thou”…write nice things, fight for the rights of everyone, but in doing that inclusion, you’re actually segregating people….by compartmentalizing them…not to mention you’re a fucking hypocrite…because when not making a facebook post, you’re just as racist as you are genetically programmed to be..

This world of “you can’t fail a kid”…or “you can’t award someone first place”…is just an idea of utopia that has gone totally off the rails and out of hand…

To the point where a filmmaker like this guy, can go to Yale…one of the most presitigious schools and convince 50 people to sign an petition against the First Ammendment…

This is the future….

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

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Los Angeles Crazy Lady and Other Videos of the Day

Crazy Police Shooting….Filmed From Car

Texan College Student Shot With Hatchet in Hand

Cop Pepper Sprays the Hulk on the Train

Shoplifter Gets Busted in the Funniest Way

Gas Station Attendant in New York Fends Off Robber

Patient Plays Saxophone While Having Brain Tumor Removed

Crane Fail of the Day

Kid Running Away from Dog Gets Slammed by a Car

Police Car Chase Ends with a Crash

Weird Dude Shooting Across the Road to Scare Drivers

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Sara and Shannon are Twin Strangers of the DAy

Years ago, probably in the Myspace era, there was a site where people would upload a picture of their face and find a celebrity lookalike…it was pretty fucking dumb, but people loved it and would post their celebrity lookalikes all fucking day…normally the people didn’t look anything like them…primitive technology and I guess the talent pool of actual celebrities isn’t too deep, so every dude looks like either Leonardo DiCaprio or Johnny Depp and very little in between. Doesn’t matter.

I guess there was a shift from people giving a fuck about celebrities, because they don’t, they give a fuck about their own likes on instagram and production of compelling content, so it would only be natural in this self obsessed, selfie generation world, to want to find someone who looks like you…

What speaks to the ego more than finding your twin, who isn’t even from the same part of the world, so the idea that your dad cheated on your mom is thrown out the window…

I’ve always thought the idea of doppelgangers was funny, I also though the idea of people with the same name as you is funny, you know how many Jesus Martinez’s are there in the world…how many wrestling mask men are there in the world…kinda thing, only I actually don’t care about myself…or people cursed with my disfigurement…

But when it involves a Swedish blonde and an Irish blonde looking eerily like every single blonde girl ever…things get real.

Seriously, they look like every single blonde girl ever. I could find them 30-60 more doppelgangers to help market their find your twin website…


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Morning in Florida and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Throws Coffee on Customer

I heard about this Zombie Nativity Scene Last Week and It’s Amazing

Californian Cop Shoots Unarmed Drunk Driver in the Neck after he Flipped His car in an accident that killed his wife…

The Well of Death

Hilarious Police Training Video

Nothing Says Christmas Like a Driveby Shooting

Car Accident View of People Not Wearing their Seatbelt…Crazy

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10 Reasons Why WOman Prefers Sex With Her Dog over a Man of the Day

Almost a million people have watched this video that was posted 3 months ago…but I never saw it because I avoid surfing the internet and clicking on clickbait that pollutes our souls and that makes a lot of people, not me, but a lot of people very fucking rich…

But this is some clickbait, brought to you by Whitney Wisconsin…and it’s fucking weird.

Now I am a dog lover. but not that kind of dog lover, and I actually consider dog/human sex to be very fucking twisted and wrong…and the people who cross that line, like Whitney Wisconsin here, are fucked up on so many levels, so naturally I wanted to find out more about her…

So when I looked to see who is Whitney Wisconsin and why is she making these weird dog sex fetish videos for her fans…I landed on her tumblr, that I didn’t bother reading because I don’t care that much, but I pulled a bunch of her work over on stepSMUT

It seems like she’s using snapchat for porn, she’s not posting the sex with her dog, but she loves shoving things in her pussy and I guess in her defense what else is there for a broken girl in Wisconsin to do….this is one way for fame…when you look like some inbred dog fucker who was probably raped by her farmer dad….

But then again, I’m just making assumptions, maybe this is just the state of affairs with this generation of kids who grew up on porn – trying to next level it and carve their own niche while sharing their deep dark secrets publicly on youtube…

Either way, some people go viral with a song, other people go viral fucking Charlie Sheen, other people go viral talking about sex with their dogs…

The world is fucked up…it’s not Whitney Wisconsin, the Wisconsin State Fair Winning Pig’s fault…and the creepy thing in all this is – how many girls do you know who let their dog’s lick their pussy, because I can assure you that they aren’t telling you about it.


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McDonald’s Festive Staff Street Fight in Georgia and Other Videos of the Day

Guy Grabs Womaan’s Ass _ Get’s Thrown

How To Get Rid of a Burglar

Man Runs Over 85 Year Old WOman

Mad at his Hotel Bill…Old Man Drives Truck Through Lobby

Woman Fainting on Slingshot Ride

Gospel Singer Signs to Police to Get Out of a Ticket

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Christmas Shopper of the Day and Other Videos of the Day

Dad Tells Daughter He is Going to Stab Her Pussy….

Drunk White Girls…in Kansas….

Couple Fucks in an ATM

Half Naked Twin Sisters in a Fight



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Naked Woman Climbing on Cars and Other Videos of the Day

Pervert Filming Up Women SKirts

Chef Hacks His Female Co Worker…What The Fuck

Aboriginal Fighting

Guys Beat Gas Station Clerk

Truck VS Train

Female Store Worker Deals with a dude

Crazy Guy Dangling from Crane

Walmart Shopper Tries to Steal Police Cruiser

Weird Insurance Scam Fail

Roof Collapse!

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Trumps Botox Face VS an Eagle and Other Videos of the Day

Pregnant Wife VS Husbands Car

Chinese Men Beat a Woman with a Chair

Dude Steals on the “hover” Board

Cops Returning Shopping Carts

Spit on Face Massage is Fucked…

Car Accident of the Day

Rats VS Restaurant…

Smart Camel

Zombie Nativity Scene is Genius of the Day

Husband Does Wheelies when Driving Wife and Kid

Drunk Guy Slams Himself with Beer Door

Megan Fox, SFW
School Girl Megan Fox for TMNT Terrible Sequel of the Day

Naked Man on Drugs

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Topless Feminist Stage Show Nonsense of the Day

This video is called – Fertility Cult as/is NOT A “CHILL” GIRL…it is laughable…

You may not know what a fertility cult is….But you know these annoying, intellectual, take themselves too damn seriously in a quest for change in the inequality of the world, because they have nothing better to do, so they do it topless and in underwear in run down lofts for their likeminded, usually college aged friends…in what is so obviously stupid, pointless, but you know the person running it things this is some higher message that needs to be said…it’s just fucking laughable…

This what they wrote about it on YOUTUBE…obviously the artist statement is a fucking novel of nonsense…these people like to talk…..be heard and apparently play the recorder topless on stage covered in period blood…

I am going to assume this took all of 4 minutes to put together…with a 10-15 dollar budget…and if people are out there encouraging this as a practical approach to feminism…or equality in the patriarchy…without realizing this girl is a hack…you’re an idiot..

This piece was performed at Bohemian Grove for the 1st, of hopefully many!, Goddess Parties on Oct 7th 2015. Not a Chill Girl is a continuation of Fertility Cult that attempts to destroy the seperatness of body-music body-emotions private-public ritual-performance narrative-scripture and the taxonimization of ways we move through the world and the inter dimensions . These are MaMa musicals, MaMa as a methodology of sublimating and transcending, transmuting fathers, gods, masculinity and our subordination to them through a total embrace of the repressed irrational divine chaotic (as in the everything is) feminine.

There’s more….because they don’t know how to shut up..

This piece specifically was a public healing of my own subordination to the Manopticon (the male gaze, public approval, the haunting chains of truama) in a public setting which defies western psychiatric notions of when and where the proper place to process our shit is (conceivably inside a doctors office, or in the rewired neurons in our brain via pills and ECT and not in the basement of a show house in new york city) and how to do it which is a methodology of She-manic De-maning. Through reconnecting to myself i am more capable to reconnect to others and so i call to all other Chaotic Witches who bring love into death aka NOT CHILL GIRLS so that we can all heal together and destroy patriarchal alienation from our magic which is everything.

This is amazing….

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7/11 Shopper and Other Videos of the Day

Pogo Stick Faceplant

Christmas Shopping of the Day

Racist Dude Films Dude Sitting Next to Him TO Imply Terrorism…

Naked Girl Walks into a Church…

Hostage Taker – Offs Himself…

Women Arrested for Sex with her Nephew

Store Owner VS Robbers Uses Walking Stick

Machete VS Stick Fight

Horny Pomeranian…

Couple of the DAy – Arrested at the Strip Club

Chick Fight!

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Chick Fight Titties in the Mud and Other stepNEWS of the Day

Girl Sucker Punches Downs Syndome Dude

Naked in Casablanca

Kid VS Trampoline Cage

Car Mirror Thief Gets Instant Justice

Kids Beating a Dog in Bag

Bgggar Counting His Cash

SUV runs Down People and Unscatched Woman Takes Bite of Pizza and Walks Away

Security VS Shoplifters in Walmart

Strip Club SLap

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Naked Lady Dancing to Church Music and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Shows Her Bush on Top of Car

Stripper Gets Slapped Outside Strip Club in Houston

Truck Crushed By it’s Own Cargo

Wine Bottle Face Smash

Passing a Kidney Stone…the Musical

Man Tries to Kill Himself By Slamming his Head

Store Owner Suplexes Theif

Girl Gets Punched in the Face During a Fight

Big Girl VS Little Girl

Art Basel Miami Beach Installation Piece – THe Bank Robber Shot…and Killed

Two Guys in Baltimore Caught on Fire – For the Festival of Light

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Kris Jenner and Day 5, 6 and 7 of Love Magazine Advent Calendar of the Day

Love Magazine did it…they went Kardashian…because the world is a pile of fucking fame whores..

Day 7- Kris Jenner By Doug Inglish

I understand why Love Magazine would bother with Kris Jenner in their ADvent Calendar. She’s an old timer hooker, and she’s got a huge brand under her hooker watch…meaning they’ll get press..

I don’t understand why Love Magazine would bother with Kris Jenner, if they are really interested in art and fashion and creating quality content…feeding into the Kardashian movement, even if it is ironic and they are mocking Kris Jenner, doing her synchronized swimming act you know she probably learned in her 20s to get into the rich people parties before marrying the rich people…it’s still Kris Jenner.

I find it irresponsible for any media outlet to try to cash in on social media ad dollars, and doing it by using anyone in this terrible family of bottom feeders who are now at the top…

I get it, they did instagram modeling, famous for nothing best…and they command huge budgets because of a huge audience…but for a magazine of “forward thinkers” to say “let’s use her”…in any way that doesn’t make her look like an asshole that she is…maybe have her standing in execution stance and shot with rubber bullets or something..but to glam the trashy up and do this…deserves all the little hipsters to stand up and revolt…

The problem is that all the little hipsters are famewhores, obsessed with the people with a bigger following…and would be more into trying to get a selfie with them…

The world is fucking doomed…just watch this fucked up, early softcore porn shit….

Love Magazine saves the weekend of the no names…

Day 6- Immy Waterhouse by Boo George

This is Immy Waterhouse smoking in bed, in black and white, because it’s artsy and dramatic…I assume Immy Waterhouse is related to Suki Waterhouse, as these sisters of models often try to be models too…and the whole thing is pretty uneventful…

Day 5- Caoline Flack by Sam Faulkner:

Caroline Flack is a chubby girl with bit tits in some high waisted lingerie dancing awkwardly, as chubby girls often do, ….because they are far better at sitting and eating than anything that gets their heart rate up long enough to possibly have a heart attack…but then again, I’ve had sex with fat girls who really fucking bring it, but they were far more coordinated dancers than this..but then again…maybe they are just trying to be jokers…who cares..

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