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Topless Girl Tanning VS Elephant and Other Videos of the Day

Old Lady Strips When Going through Metal Detector…

Cops Beat Up Two Black Guys Waiting for a Ride to Work…

Man Beats Up Woman He Was on a First Date With….

Just a Good Old Fashion Street Shooting

Chinese Elevator of the Day

CHinese Escalator

Just a Guy Hitting Shoppers

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Naked Woman Caught in the Rain..Ranting About Adam & Eve and Other Videos of the Day

Dude Tries Tipping Street Dancer

Robber Chokes Out Woman

Fight on the LA Metro Bus

Fat Kid Shits Himself in a Store

Robber Killed After Shooting and Killing a Father Out Getting Ice Cream with his Kids

Migrants / Refugees Already Fighting in Germany….Welcome to Your New Home…

Bike VS Elephant!

Just 2 Girls on a Bench…

Memphis Fair….is for the Kids…

African Granny Fight on Transit…

Long Legged Neighbor Goes Crazy

Girl Throws Cat in Pool…

Raccoon knocking On Door for Food…

HUsband Throws Acid in Wife’s Face…

Upskirt Filmer of the Day

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Hookers Beat Up a Dude and Other Videos of the Day

Old Fashion Pole Dance Fail

Customer Throws Hot Soup on Pregnant Chick

Man VS Mercedes Because Dealer Wouldn’t Give Him Money Back for the Car

Motorcycle VS Train – Who Will Win

Femen Protesters at a Muslim Event

Clown Car / Migrant Transporter

Cat in the Butcher Window

Just a Russian and His Bear

97 Year Old Tree Climber Terrifies Me

Young Man VS Old Lady

ATM Dude Realizes Door is Open on ATM….

Dog Fucks a Pig..>Feels Like My Life…

Just a Dude and His Squirrel

Terrible Mother of the Day

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Girl Gets Catfish Stuck to her Leg of the Day

Part of me hates this..but I am the kind of motherfucker who looks at anything that involves girls in bikinis. It’s pretty much dumbed me down as a human. Instead of working, or reading, or writing anything of substance…I’ve been looking at bikini pics, like they fucking matter…Instead of traveling or making money to travel to places where girls are in bikinis in real life…I spend my adventures on the internet looking at pics of girls in bikinis…it’s all pretty pathetic…

But not as pathetic as knowing that to create a viral video or web series, you just need a busy girl in a bikini…doing pretty much anything…

In this case, they’ve confused the meaning of getting Catfished….or maybe they’ve reclaimed the word catfish, from being a fat girl who sends you bikini pics of other girls…to trick you into sex or to masturbate to them…just for fantasy…like the internet was designed for…it’s not catfishing, it’s internet…

THIS is catfishing…

Smacking your dumb friend with a dead fish while being dumb and getting it stuck…because it’s got burrs…idiots…and it’s not only amazing…because of the bikini…it’s amazing because it’s so fucking dumb…but better because of the bikini.

I have no idea if this is old or new, I just know it’s great.

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Skid Row Flasher and Other Videos of the Day

Pug Owner Throws Dog Shit at the Police

Police Shooting of the Day

Car Surfing is the New Drifting

Suicide of the Day…What the Fuck…

Blacks VS Whites in London

Puerto Rico Tourism Video of the DAy – Off Duty Cop Killed

Extreme Selfie of the Day – The Wingsuit Edition

NYC – SUbway Streaker

FLASHBACK FRIDAY = This is the best video I posted this week..Naked Fat Man in a Hotel

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Naked Guy at a Music Festival and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Jay Walker

Suicidal Guy Waits Too Long for Suicide and the Rescue Team Ruin his Plan

Motorbike Almost Flips a Car…

Bulldog Falls Asleep While Standing

Little Kid Bean Bag Fail

Inmate Stuck in Escape Tunnel

People Attack Man Who Stabbed His Girlfriend in a Mall

Nanny Abusing Baby…

Can’t Taze a Dude on Drugs…

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Current Mood and Other Videos of the DAy

If you don’t like that – here’s the longest town name in the UK

If you don’t like that – here’s a man killing a mouse I assume he tried sticking in his ass

Here’s a Dude Getting his Medicinal Marijuana Stolen…

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Just a Woman Masturbating at a Coffee Shop And Other Videos of the Day

Hot Chick Caught Stealing…

Driver Gets Out of Moving Car….What…

Drunk Man in a Philppines Hotel…Amazing…

Brutal Fork Attack

Cop Smacks a Kid…

Girls Steal a Purse from an Accident Scene

Police Shooting of the Day

The Man Who Can’t Spell

Killer Taunts Family of the Victims…

Robber Gets Taken Out by a Dude

I love this Chick Fight…

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Store Clerk Jerking Off on the Job and Other Videos of the Day


Driver Going the Wrong Way – Head on Collision – Insane…

Armed Robber vs Girl Clerk…

Cop Dies Disabling a Bomb

Delray Beach Cop Lets Dog Maul Someones Face Off

Bungee Fail

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Top 6 Birthing Videos for Labor Day of the Day

One of the only way to find pussy on Youtube is with Birthing videos, because it’s natural, natural enough to jerk off to, if you’re weird and into head insertion / being shit out of pussy, or just pussy in any fucking state, so what better way to celebrate Labor Day, for it’s namesake, by posting some birthing videos,…here’s the top 10 I’ve found posted this year…because I’m a Buzzfeed Clickbait site…

Here are a few others…they are disgusting…





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Steven Tyler Sings with a Busker and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Shits in a Store

Cops VS Man in McDonalds

Naked Man Running

Meteor Falls Over Bangkok

Brazilian Prisoners Doing Cocaine

Thug Beating Up Homeless Dude

Tranny VS Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Robbers Beaten By COmmunity for Stealing a Phone

Rally Crash

Failed Stuntman

Father Catches Perv Taking Pics of His Daughter

Some Aspiring Politican in Canada was Repair Man a few Years Ago…Who Peed in a Cup…

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100 Years of Lingerie because Why Not of the Day

These Youtube videos are the fucking worst..but for some reason…I feel compelled to post it, even though 3,000,000 people have already seen it, old news, but since no one visits the site for the latest of anything, even though I surprisingly post a lot of this nonsense before other sites, while not even trying, which I guess is a testament to how shitty other publications are…

That said, I didn’t watch this video, but it has the word lingerie in it and that is just a direct connection to my brain and what I think is relevant..

I like big tits too…

I’m basic…

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Taxi Driver Not Uber Driver and Other Videos of the Day

Drunk Russian…

Drunk Guy Takes a Dump on Someone’s House

Back To School Shopping!

Soap Dispenser Doesn’t Like Back People

Dude Just Knocking People Out

Public Stripping of a Woman Who Banged Another WOman’s Husband

Dog Playing I Phone Video Game…

Syrian Refugee Gave Birth on BUdapest Street…Because She’s a Refugee…

Jeb Bush Exhausts Some Girl…

Teen Cat Fight

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90s Models by Peter Lindbergh for Nowness of the Day

Cindy Crawford, Eva Herzigova, Karen Alexander, Helena Christensen, Nadja Auermann and Tatjana Patitz star in one of the most boring, old folks coming together and talking about the glory days, bullshit with some Photographer for some Magazine…

90s models are awesome, even if they are 50, but this is hardly representative of them being fun, crazy or exciting, they aren’t even really talking about the shit they’ve done and you know each of them has seem some shit, and done some shit…

But this video, is safe, not even war stories, and none of them of having pyschotic episodes or flashing their tits…

But since I love 90s models…I’ll post it anyway…it’s just what I have to do…

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Dude Tries to Rob Girl MMA Fighter…not Knowing She’s an MMA fighter…and Other Videos of the Day

The Arab RC Fighter Jet…

Woman VS building after Husband Cheated

Teacher VS Sleeeping Student

Guys Fighting…ALmost Ends By Up Hit By a Train

Ladies VS Grocery Store

Beluga Photobomb

Idiot Robber’s Disguise Fail…

Idiot Shoots his Friend in the Face During a Robbery

Just a Motorcycle Catching on Fire

Just a Naked Man’s Journey in his Urban Habitat

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