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Model Changes in Store and Other Videos of the DAy

Racist WOman on the Train

E-Cig Blows Up in Pocket

Man Shits on the Bus

One Dude – VS 4 Guys

Dude Gets Sucker Punched

High School Brawl

Thug Cries When Someone Asks About His Granny

Man Hacked in Belly…

Mexican Prison Riot!

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Girl Gets Peed On and Other Videos of the Day

Amusement Park Ride Fail

Man Dies While Praying

Meth Head at the Gas Station

Morning Shit in San Francisco

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Hot Female Shoplifter – Taken Out and Other Videos of the Day


Old Guy Knock Out

Toddler VS Truck – Kid Survives

Father Saves Kid

Just a Normal Day in Japan

Trump Supporter in a Dress / Sailor Moon Costume…

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Naked Woman Walking Around and Other Videos of the DAy

Woman Flashing her Pussy Cuz She Don’t Tuck Shit In…

Woman Uses Photobooth as Toilet

This Dude is High AS Fuck

Monday Morning Suicide Attempt

Another Monday Morning Suicide

Dead Fish Does a Shot

Chinese Escalator

Look Both Ways While Shopping in a Store…

Cross Winds Landing

What’s This?

Bus VS Bridge

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Man Drinks Pee from Shoes on NY Subway and Other Videos of the Day

Hero VS Robber

Robbers Choke Man for his 22k Rolex

Man Rescues Woman from a Burning Building

Man VS Bull

Drunk Kuwaiti Karate Kicks Cop

Crazy Driver at the Marriott

Naked Man on the Roof

Naked Runner

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Straight Women TOuching Straight Women Vag for the First Time of the Day

The internet is a crazy place filled with stupid social experiments that I guess aren’t always that bad – but still annoy me – because they are fucking dumb even if I like, no, love vaginas and everything to do with vaginas…..

So this is some pervert girl letting straight girls touch her nasty manhandled vagina – and I hope she made them hand sanitize….

So this mechanical, zero sexy video where girls made the weirdest references like that she feels like summer,or a baed good, and it is all kinds of really fucking awkward….

Even though everyone knows that girls are all fucking lesbian vagina lovers….and girls all want to suck each other’s pussies…and based on my experiences girls can very easily not be turned on by having their pussies touched…if you got turned on by the actress her name is Tara Barry and THEIR FACEBOOK and I want the outtakes because I need proof vaginas were touched, this is too easy to fake

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Brazil Beach Sex and Other Videos of the Day

Random Building Collapses

God Hated this Performance

Wife Didn’t Like her Husband on Valentine’s Day

The Old Mannequin Head Prank

Drunk Monkey on a Rampage

Woman Gives Birth and Abandon’s Baby inBathroom

Naked Girl Gets Arrested!

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Naked Dude Jumps Out of Building After Busted Banging Someone’s Wife and Other Videos of the Day

Cop Shoots a Dude – who Shoots Him

Man Sets Water on Fire…

Mother of the Day….

Runaway Bride – This Is GOing to be a Great Marriage

Dude Stabs a Sleeping Man

Naked Robber Just Wants Clothes…

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The Worst Guy at the Bus Stop and Other Videos of the Day

Just a Hooker in a Tree…

Naked Man – Proving his Love to his Girl

Dude Getting beat Up Gets Bit By His Own Dog…

Dude Forced to Walk Home Naked

Dont Fuck with the Train

Truck Drives into a Home…

Woman Hits Armed Rober with a Calculator

Weird Truck Accident

Nightclubbers Mow Down People

Man VS Dentist

More Shit on the Train

Thai Ship Accident…

300 Lamb Skewers

Drunk Dude of the Day

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Time TO Shit…and Other Videos of the Day

This is Why YOu DOn’t Get Out of the Car on a Freeway

The Cutest Girl in Portugal

How I Feel Most Day…

Morning Road Rage of the Day

Terrible Car Surprise

Crazy Footage of three Machete Totting Robbers VS a SHot Gun

Care Worker VS a Granny – Don’t Worry No One Will Believe her if she’s Old Enough

Oh Shit Balls…

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Dude Periscopes His Own Death at the Strip Club and Other Videos of the Day

Booze Shoplifters

Drunk Girl VS Pigeons

Saudi Saves Friend from Close Call

Hot Air Balloon VS Building

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Keat Mel Twerks of the Day

KEAT MEL is the kind of girl you’d want to hire to perform at your kid’s birthday party, you know to distract you from the fat and old moms, and to give you an affordable performance, because twerking contests or pro twerkers isn’t really that big of a business, like amateur magician or the guy with the petting zoo, only in booty shorts….and these people need the work…and I guess in Keat Mel’s case, they may also need the greencard with the whole being Russian and by default a mail order bride, just ask Irina Shayk….

This girl is a professional twerker and that alone will revolutionize your day…

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Arrested Dude Pissing Himself and Other Videos of the Day

Philly Cops Don’t Cover Up Naked Dude

Neighbor Destroys CCTV Cam

Crazy Person of the Day

Beware of Snow

Loser Thief

Dude Singing in a Shipping Container


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Naked Guy Beat Up By Security And Other Videos of the Day

Drunk Guy on the Bus…

Superbowl Brawl…

Robber Gets Punched in the Face in a Robbery Attempt

Saudi Boy Accidentally Fires Off Gun…

Spider Dance Freaks me the FUck Out….

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Naked Woman Crawl and Other Videos of the Day

Pig Drinking Cow Milk…

Brazilian Canival in the Bus

Leopard in School Fucks Kids Up

Fucked Up Scooter Accident

Terrifying Parked Car Accident – You Just Never Know…

Fat Man Mounting Horse

Dude VS Bees

Electrician Sticks Head in Ceiling

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