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Topless Protest in China and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Beats Snowman

Crazyy Naked Woman and her Hair Vagina in Traffic

Woman Survives a Crazy Accident

China SMog is Good for the Environment

Man Bites Woman’s Ear in Unprovoked Attack

Just a Naked Dude Walking Down the Street

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Naked Woman Pissing on the Street and Other Videos of the Day

Topless Woman Protests KFC

Pervert Checking Out Tits

I think Mariah Carey is Wonderful…

Car VS Ferry

Shitty Accident of the Day

Woman Driver of the DAy

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Angry Woman Bringing Husband Home and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Homeless Man on a Truck

Reporter Gets Hit in the Balls During an Interview

Big Man on a Mini Bike

Weird Group Suicide – of 8 People Drinking Pesticides

Drunk Pilot Checking In

San Franciso Attempted Murder

Mother and Daughter Taken Out By a Bike

Just Some Men Fighting to Get to the Top of a Wooden Pole

Great Design

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Never Sneak Up on a Bear and Other Videos of the Day

Greyhounds Hunting Coyotes is Distrubing

Fork Lift VS ATM

Russian Suicide Run

The World’s Tallest Bridge in China is a Bridge I don’t Want to Cross

Grandpa Terrifies Kids with his Dentures

Biker VS Taxi

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Babe on Bench Does a Scratch and Sniff and Other Videos of the Day

Porn on Billboard

Snake In Toilet in Thailand – Worst Nightmare..

Dude Catches Wife in Bed with another Man – Is Not Happy

Woman Gets Robbed – Chases RObbers on Foot

Man on Stage Dies of Heart Attack

Kids Smoking Weed

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Elsa Hosk for Love Magazine Bullshit of the Day

Love magazine produces some real dog shit videos for their Christmas advent – even though Christmas was days ago – and advent isn’t supposed to be every singe day of decemeber – but they are so edgy, so innovative, they use top models, heavily followed models, and pander to their audience all the hopes to end the year in style, with lots more followers of their own, to sell ads against…it’s almost brilliant, the problem is that the creative direction like everything on the internet is lame, boring, repetitive, stupid, a miss use of eager to participate whores…and when you have talented or successful directors producing the videos – why the fuck is this low level shit what we are left with…it confuses me…but then again…I am either drunk or hungover and sometimes basic things like wiping my wife’s ass because she’s obese confuses me…

So here is titty model – who used to only show tit in photoshoots, before turning into a VS model because Candice Swanepoel wanted to breed – and she had the same look….not showing her tits…not even looking as good as she could thanks to that bull ring….and not being nude…

But it happened, and I’m lazy, so I’m posting it….dog shit or not…I’ll roll around in it.

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Sex in Front of a Hotel and Other Videos of the Day

Boy Slapped in the Face by Teacher

Driving into a Tunnel

Little Dog Pulling a Rickshaw

Norwegian Man Skating on Thin Ice with a Chain Saw

Jaguar in the USA

Son Surprises Parents By Pretending to be Homeless

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Dude with COCK Christmas Lights Asked to Take Down His Lights and Other Videos of the Day

Mall Christmas Tree Climb

World’s First Christmas Movie – Seems Like a Horror Movie

Drunk Driver VS Airport

Two Kids Steal Scooter – Crash into Truck

Dude Tracks Phone Thif Using Spyware

Interesting Boat Drop Off…

E-Cig Explosion

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Street Hooker Fight in Vegas and Other Videos of the Day

Cop Smacks a Chick

Omg – Dog Jumped Out of Moving Car – Broke Leg

Drive By Egging Fail

Handy man of the Day

Gas Cylinder Explodes in Russia Metro Station

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Delta Airlines are Racist of the Day

So we live in a world where a group of white people can complain that someone is speaking a language they don’t like – because it is Arabic – the language of terrorists – and the airline will kick the people speaking Arabic – the language of terrorists off the plane – even though they went through security like everyone else….it’s the land of the free if you’re a white english speaking hick…..

Turns out the joke is on Delta, because the dude they kicked off is a Youtuber….with 1.5 million subscribers – 288,000 twitter followers…the kind of person brands pay huge money to do videos and bullshit for….brands like Delta…who if you’ve ever flown Delta you will know is a nice Mid Western staffed airline of some of the ugliest looking white women…

So now Delta will have to pay as they should, cuz people should be allowed to speak whatever the fuck they want to speak wherever the fuck they want to speak it…and some fat white people shouldn’t have the power to dictate that…but I guess you’re living in the TRUMP regime and this is the kind of love he spreads…

Sure I find it offensive…but I don’t really care either way, I just want to see Delta scramble, because big brands are the fucking worst and seeing them get called out on this level is so fucking good…the internet wins.

Read his tweets HERE …it’s an interesting story and possibly part of the attitude as to why Arabs want to blow your country up…I mean that and invading their countries and killing their people…

Don’t fuck with Social Media Stars….

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Drunk Russian Woman Tries to Rape a Guys Face and Other VIdeos of the Day

Frozen Lake Golf Swing Fail

Drunk Fight in the Train

Don’t Jay Walk on the Highway

This is so fucking crazy to do to your dog – I want these fucking people DEAD

Tow Truck – VS Car

ATM Withdrawal of the Day

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On Field Security Guard Jerking Off a Chargers Cheerleaders and Other Videos of the Day

Pantsless Dudes Fighting in the Street

Kung Fu Trucker Gets his Phone Back

Unloading at the train station..

Bungee Jump Death

Delivery Boy – Drop Kick

Man Accused of Kidnapping thought he Saw a Midget – When He was Found in an Apartment Holding a 2 Year Old…”Oops thought it was a midget”….what this is a two year old I’m finger banging…OOPS..it’s dark…

Hot Murder Suspect Stabbed a Bitch in the Heart – and Is Pretty Hot and Laid Back Anout It….

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The Love Magazine Advent Calendar Round-Up of the Day

Alessandra Ambrosio too old to be showing her ass for love magazine…but still doing it – because Love Magazine is the only thing doing anything for Christmas that has nothing to do with Christmas – because that would be politically incorrect….but not as politically incorrect as getting a 35 year old mom producing flashing her ass in lingerie voyeur videos – in what is probably the best Love video to date – but still not very christmas, unless you’re like me and you creep on people’s Christmas by following them home after their Christmas party and waiting on their fire escape to see them fuck their boss…or co-worker they brought home…you know tis the season…but let’s be real…voyeurism is always the seaason…

Stella Maxwell is in a second video for LOVE, because why not do as much as you can now that you’ve fucked the entire system into thinking you’re a hot model, because apparently she is a hot model, but she wasn’t a hot model when it all happened…

Lastly, Alexa Chung – Who?

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Spoiled Girl Screams at her Grandpa about an iPhone Appointment and Other Videos of the Day

Twerking – Shits Herself Twerking

The Family that Fights Together…

Man Beats a Robber

Trump Supporter – Dragged by Car Theif – Thrown Onto Street – Walks Away

Oklahoma Running Back – Joe Mixon – Punching a Chick

Dude Stealing Fuel…

People Getting Robbed on the Bus…

Drunk Driver Takes Out Cop

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Couple Have Crazy Public Sex and Other Videos of the Day

Old Woman Gets Knocked Out and Shoved Into Trashcan

San Diego Cops Let K-9 Unit Attack naked Dude – Probably a Mexican #Trump

Worst U Turn Ever

Hollywood Metro Station Beating…

Casually Jerking Off

Texting While Squeezing into Train

Pretty Dumb Fucking Hobby

Shitty Fucking Pedestrian Death Due to Winter

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