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Best Woman and Other Videos of the Day

Motor Cycle Ends Up in Truck Bed

Bus Driver Loses His Shit!

Truck Plows Down People

Woman Hit by Lamp post

Ferry Crashes into the Dock

Clueless Sea World Protest

Truck VS Bridge

Runner Gets Elastic Band Attack…

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Sex on the Side of the Road in Rio and Other Videos of the Day

Topless Protestors in Argentina

Old Man Shits Himself in Grocery Store

Mother Tries to Give baby To McDonald’s Clerk before Dad Abducts baby

Store Clerk Gets Pistol Whipped

Female Cop Shoots and Kills Hostage Taker

Man Plays With Penis on the Subway

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Etam Lingerie Video with High Priced Model and 800 Views of the Day

Constance Jablonski is one of those well known models no one actually cares about, but she gets fucking paid, stealing your American jobs, using her American work Visa, not interested in making America great, just leaching off the system and paying more taxes to the system than you’re broke Walmart working ass..

She’s the type of model who puts her tits out there, you can google that shit, I’m too lazy…but today she’s in a video for Valentines day, one of the most boring videos, for a massive lingerie brand…using an expensive model, shit probably cost them 100k to do…and yet when I pulled it from their youtube it had 800 views…

I can’t even get paid 10 dollars to do a video that will get at least 2,000 views…thanks to you…my loyal followers….who complete me but who never send me money to pay my fucking bills…asshole mooches…

Here are her tits from the past…because tits are great…

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Finger Sniffer and Other Videos of the Day

Man Throws Cup of Semen on Girl in the Store

Man Plays with Woman’s Nipple at Train Station

Dude Busted having Virtual Sex

Male Stripper VS Woman

Man Ignites Fireworks Store

Texas Sized Clerk VS Robber

Horrible Ski Accident

Man Hole Explodes

Neighbors Have a Knife Fight

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Pervert Pushing Up Against Women and Other Videos of the Day

Kids Doing Wheelie’s On Four Wheelers….

Crazy Naked Man who Stole a Cab and drove through peoplr

Insane Chick Fight

Cat Steals Bacon Out of Feeder

Drunk Dude at a Sobriety Checkpoint

Ass Gets Cute Help

Drunk Old Guy Stabs His Arm…

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Old Lady Pees on the Train and Other Videos of the Day

Lady Gets Robbed in Atlanta

ATM Stealing Criminal Win

Stray Bull VS Person

Furniture Thiefs of the Day

Guy Gets Head Butted

Otter Slide

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Little boy molester and Other Videos of the Day

Police Spanking in Africa

Sad Dog of the Day

McDonald’s Brawl

Failed Van Drift

Dude Gets Thrown into the Train

The Dump on Trump Protester

Thief Caught in the Act

Car on 3 Wheels

Idiot Learned the Hard Way

Man Tries to Kill Ex Wife and Ex Father In Law

Double Russian Knockout

Sleeping with Husband

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Naked Woman in Public of the Day

I don’t know anything about this video – other than that it is amazing….and that’s all I have to say about that…

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Crazy Mayo Woman of the Day and Other Videos of the Day

Sexy Bitch on the Live Scorpian Eating Kick

Fed Up Drunk guy in the Hood

Moose Rescue

Koala VS Koala

This is DArk – Little Kid Killed While Peeing in the Street

Woman Thrown Out of a Carnival Ride

Cheating Husband of the Day

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Dude Finds a Guy Fucking His Daughter and Makes Him Twerk and Other Videos of the Day

Just a Girl VS a Car…because Girls are Crazy

Model Eater Crushes 4000 Calorie Burger

Naked on Escalator

Lesbian Prankster Fail – Damn Lesbians – I Didn’t Know they Knew How to Laugh

Man Drinks a Drink That Makes Him Jump

Zebra VS Zookeeper – GOOD

Bald Eagle Tries to Kill Himself because America

Tiny Hands – Massive TWAT on CNN

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Drunk Girl Fake Fall During Ma Carina of the Day

Here’s an America’s Funniest video that never actually went viral – at least not that I know of – of what looks like a drunk girl at the cottage doing a little Ma Carina on the couch with her friends for her dad…you know it’s what dad’s make all their 18 year old daughters do for them after getting them drunk…

But then again, there is no dad in the sidelines of the video, so maybe my story is entirely fabricated…who can tell…but someone had to hold the video camera…of girl right when the ROOFIES kicked in…so that she doesn’t remember what happens next….

Hey Ma Carina….

The 90s song, turn Bar Mitzvah and Wedding choreographed dance, turned fail video….legendary…

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Weird Pussy Eating on the Streets and Other Videos of the Day

Sex On the Side of the Road

The Man Screaming BIBLES at Some Christian Event

Suicidal Cow Jumps Off Building

Mom Drops Baby off Escalator

Roman Candles on a Drone

Dude Races Home at 320 km an Hour

Australia Day Insanity

Fight Turns Into Murder

Truck Crashes into Auto Parts Store

Ohio Store Shooting

Kid gets Kickback

Man Throws Baby from Sinking Car

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Grandpa Sex and Other Videos of the Day

Pregnant Woman Survives Being Thrown Out of an Ambulance

Man Runs Over His Ex GF and Her Boyfriend

Man VS Security

THis Man is ON Fire…

Weird Michael Jackson Dance Features a Great Fail

Ambulance Accident

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Girl Humping the Street and Other Videos of the Day

Girl Fight – Guy Sees Tits for the First Time

Rickshaw Drags a WOman

Road Rager Punches Girl in Face

Bar Fight in Philly

Dude Gets his Pants Blown Off…

Teen Stabbed in Face with a Pen

Tiger Mauls Chinese Person…

Railway Wagon Knocked Dude Out

Old Mercedes Crashes into a Pole

Motorcycle Crash

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Woman Gets Angry and Strip at the Gym and Other Videos of the Day

COP Pulls Gun on a Person

Hotel Crashes into the River

Workers Fall in Ditch

Dog Shit Sling Shot

Plane Crash of the Day

Crazy High Speed Crash

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