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Alessandra Ambrosio Thong Flash on Set of the Day


Alessandra Ambrosio flashing a very tiny pair of panties on set for some photoshoot…works for me…it’s actually some of the best of Alessandra Ambrosio’s recent work…which we can assume is some of her last work, not because she’s going to die, according to her birth certificate, she’s already dead as a model….a mom of two in her 30s,but her ass still fit, her ass still making all kinds of emergency money in case her husband goes broke and the big corporate brands who don’t seem to care that she’s old, keep giving her work, and figure why bother using young hot girls, when we have this bitch in contract still and have no choice but to get their money’s worth…

So take in this subtle ass flash in skimpy panties because she’s not getting any younger…before it’s too late…even though it’s pretty much too late.

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Chanelle Hayes Topless in Spain of the Day


Chanelle Hayes is another stripper who never was, because stripping is immoral and for trashy UK girls, while getting topless for magazines that walk the fine line of porno, is just marketing and self promotion…

She may not have made it as an actual celebrity or model, but she was a Glamour model who made it onto UK TV like Big Brother…but more importanlty she made it to the grocery store, the fast food restaurant, the all you can eat buffet….something that would normally destroy a woman who was seen as a “hot model”….but instead – that she owns…

This is her in 2007 – I guess you could see the fat coming – but nothing like this:


It’s the era, fat models are celebrated, and I guess with big tits like these, how could they not be stared at like the zoo animal they probably weigh as much as…


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Haley Bennett for Interview Magazine of the Day


Haley Bennett is an actress you’ve never heard of – but she just landed the cover of Interview, so I guess she matters, or has a friend at Interview who believes in her – since she’s not that famous on instagram – with only 15,000 followers, but she’s got 4-5 movies about to come out and I guess this is how it works…

I’m old enough to remember seeing Scarlett Johansson in Ghost World, knowing she was going to make it – and a few years later checking her IMDB, this was probably 2003 or 2004, seeing that she had 4-5 movies lined up, despite no one anywhere, even those who saw Ghost World, would have remembered her, known her, or cared about her…and all of a sudden…viral success…not just the herpes but the A List status..

So apparently, that’s what’s about to happened to Haley Bennett, and I guess that’s not a bad thing because she’s got some tit and we like girls with tit, thanks to hormones in the food and early puberty, because tits are making a comeback and defining a woman’s worth…yay. Like the good old days before women had the right to vote.

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Maryna Linchuk Belarusian Model Posing Hot of the Day


Maryna Linchuk reminds us all, as so many models before her – that communism works…

I don’t know what this Maryna Linchuk photoshoot is for…I don’t know where Belarus is, but it brings up an image of concrete, grayness, and poverty or struggle…political graffiti and blown out lives….

I like that when I google Belarus – Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic comes up…it just reaffirms how great communism was for creating so many models that are tall, strong, thin, and hot as fuck…it makes me think of this world full of beautiful women, like I am some kind of Christopher Columbus out to discover the free world…all when it was built off not being free…

The nice thing about Maryna Linchuk is that she’s hot and brings hope…the nice thing about war torn Russia is that when you buy a Linchuk of your own off the internet, you can print out pictures to show your new wife when she acts out of line…romance.

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Tove Lo and Others Taking Part in the Braless Movement of the Day


I love that blogs eagerly post braless celebrity, personality, model, instagram bitches, in their braless pics…

It seems so fucking bro, lame, loser, guy who can’t get laid – to get excted about braless women in an era where many girls don’t wear bras, something that isn’t new and if you were a kid in the 70s and even early 80s like me – you’ll remember – braless women.

It’s really not edgy, innovative, fashion forward or exciting, especially when they woman who is braless has tits on par with a fat man…

Her name is Tove Lo. She sings that popular song..and that’s about it…and here she is BRALESS…if you find this hot, not like a bull dyke at Gay pride she may be, you’re probably gay, but definitely creepy with over excitement when you come across what may be a nipple…

Alexa Chung was also Braless because Bras are out of style, uncomfortable and cause breast cancer…not to mention they are deceiving when stuffed or padded and pushing up, and we’re all going back to natual…and she’s more exciting than Tove Lo’s bralessnes…


And if you’re not into cute girls with hard nipples braless, here’s some old as fuck Vanderpump, which sounds both regal like a royal high scoiety family, but also like gay sex on the downlow in a van….or maybe that’s just because Gay is in the news ,and really it reminds me of any sex in a van, even sex with a street hooker in a van…not in a bra…they call her Lisa Vanderpump….LEATHERFACE…


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Doutzen Kroes for Glamour of the Day


Get fired from Victoria’s Secret for being a greedy cunt, or whatever they fired her for, and get really fucking fit and hot…that’s the life plan of mom of many mix raced DJ babies – DJ whore and model Doutzen Kroes…

I know what you’re thinking, and that is that Doutzen doesn’t matter, she is insignificant, interchangeable, proven by the brand that fired her – they are still in business, they have replaced her, they haven’t lost sales because of her leaving the company, they probably don’t even remember her bratty and annoying bullshit….meaning she is fucking replaceable….

Not to mention, her touring DJ baby daddy, probably replaces her all the time when on the road, because masturbation for DJs usually involves fucking girls….who like the DJ…and there are lots of them, even Victorias Secret models….

There are countless other models willing to get naked to get ahead…but I still think this DOUTZEN shoot is a rockin’ magical body worth looking at…because it is…

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Edita Vilkeviciute, NAKED ENOUGH for Vogue Germanly of the Day


I love immigrant models in lingerie for fashion magazines….it’s like Playboy doesn’t even do shit this racy anymore, yet VOGUE GERMANY is posting nipples….but then again germany is pretty intense when it comes to porn, and unless there is bound and gagged in some weird latex suit, being shit on, it’s considered SFW…

This is high concept fashion “Art” that involved three minutes of planning “show her tits”…because EDITA…is grea ttis…

This is not to masturbate to, obviously, you’re so desensitized that masturbation has gone to such a dark place, we don’t need to really think it hasn’t or pretend it hasn’t…

But they are still Eastern European nipples that could have been a sex worker, but that are instead good as a beacon of hope to all the other hot Eastern European girls that their tits can get them ahead…so that I can see their tits as they try to get ahead.

Communism worked. It brought the soulless work ethic we need to see tits.

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Nadja Bender for Costume Denmark of the Day


Nadja Bender some model with a great named, because I like benders, so much that I like to make them more a lifestyle than an actual bender, but they’d be a bender to normal people, because they’d either die or end up homeless because managing life on a permanent bender wouldn’t work…unless you were unemployed like me….

I don’t really give a fuck about this bender, but I will say that I love her as much as I love all models and not that’s not very much, but I don’t mind looking at their photoshoots, even if they are cheesy, pretentious or lame, both naked and clothed, because it’s a good way to waste a few hours of your day to remind you that your life sucks because you don’t fuck girls like this, it helps the benders you go on, but remember you know that if you had money you could, because models love people with money and fuck them…

She’s Danish, doesn’t look like her strong headed Danish counterparts, but I’d like to eat her Danish just the same – you know the one that is her asshole…

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Lara Stone and Freja Beha Erichsen for Vogue Italy of the Day



Here’s some pretentious, cinematic, artistic, and mosst importantly annoying lesbian fairy nymph silliness for a fashion magazine….

The “top models they used for the shoot are Lara Stone and Freja Beha Erichsen and I guess they are “collaborators”….because they did a lesbian shoot before – a little romance novel with the same photographer Peter Lindberg – for W magazine over 7 months ago…

But maybe, W magazine didn’t want the nipple video, and Vogue Italy was the only one who would take it….

It’s dramatic, it’s silly, but there are nipples, and Lara Stone, despite hating me and trying to sue me, has great tits….

This is from May, I probably already posted it…who knows…but more importatnly…who cares..

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Liv O’Driscoll Hot Model in Glamour Paris of the Day


Her name is Liv O’Driscoll – this is her INSTAGRAM ..but more importantly, here are some images of her from Glamour Paris…because she’s showing her tits and is hot..

I’ve googled her, I figured out pretty much nothing about her, but when it comes down to it, what would we really discover about her, her family background, her location, her age, her experience, her past shoots, when really we’re looking at her tits and that may be all we need to know…

This is the first time I’ve posted Liv O’Driscoll…so I’d like to say it looks like she’s made it – because I am that relevant – the Simon Cowell of the internet’s model tits…because model tits are more interesting than me than overrated actor gossip…but the reality is – me posting this will do nothing but possibly get me a take down notice from their legal team…which I like to interpret as flirting…it keeps me going and makes me feel that at least one of these fame whores just doing what is coming their way notices I am here…even though they never seem to give me a blowjob for the free press…and they always seem angry – even though I never say anything bad about these whores…I am just into what they are good for…them tits.

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Bambi Northwood-Blyth Titties for Iceland of the Day


Bambi Northwood-Blyth blocked me on social media A LONG time ago…

I find that hurtful, like she’s never given me a chance, or never taken the time to read the beautiful prose I write about fame whores, social climbing whores, hipster model whores, and really just all the whores combined into one pile of 40,000 posts on whores…whether they are model whores, or actor whores, or just aspiring whores…they are all still whores…

Now this one, BAMBI, is an Australian whore, who coupled up with a guy who was running the biggest, coolest brand out of Australia, because being a whore to a relevant dude, makes you relevant as you whine your way into his photoshoots, and he gives into you, because we’ve all been boyfriends or husbands before and know how annoying women can be…

The fact is that Bambi and I could have been great friends, but like a bully, she just cut me off, so quick to judge these cunts who think you’re bad because you’re so quick to judge…it’s like all these Social Justice Warriors…constantly attacking anyone who disaggrees with them, even though their platform is inclusions…
it’s so fucking backwards…and I guess so is Bambi, at least backwards enough to see her booty…giving herself a wedgie…edgy….jack them leotard in your cooter like it was someone bringing you opportunities…whore..

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Willa Holland Nude in a Hotel Room of the Day


Willa Holland is the very celebrated, hot sister on the OC, who got into the industry because she’s fully connected in the industry, with very important family friends but that doesn’t take away from the fact that she’s hot…

Her fans have probably got much weirder since being the babe in one of those Comic Book made in Canada shows, which is pretty convenient or good timing because she’s married or dating a nude photographer named Nate Walton, who produces really solid nude pics of her, and other girls that I’ve probably posted on this site before, despite the fact that he’s blocked me on social media like a little pussy, but I guess he doesn’t want to compromise his scam, or lottery win that is finding an actress who gets paid to finance his life in exchange for good fucking….because actors look for artists and artists look for money to support them when they make their art…

So even if they are just subtle nude pics of her, she’s gotta be conservative, she’s on TV, like this nude pic of her…all artistic and nicely framed in a cool location, like it was made for instagram, her fans of creepy perverts with social awkwardness can can dive right in it…like you – so dive right in it….

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New Rita Ora Outtakes from the Terry Richardson Shoot for LUI of the Day


I posted these amazing pictures of Rita Ora by Terry Richardson for LUI magazine a while ago, they came out in February. TO SEE THEM CLICK HERE

I am too lazy to cross reference these pics – with those pics to see if these pics are actually outtakes – or if they are just Rita Ora or other websites trying to bring them back as a conversation piece because tits get hits – even if Rita Ora doesn’t get hits – but all she wants is hits – it’s all part of her being the next Rihanna – and not just some Rihanna impersonator….her tits are still great…

I may hate on her, make fun of her, but I am not all negative, her tits are awesome and that’s all that matters. Any excuse to show her tits. That’s it.

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Anna Ewers is Naked in Bed of the Day


Anna Ewers Rhymes with naked in bed in some pretty bright and commercial pictures that aren’t piss soaked like Instagram…

She’s a model, she’s topless in bed as models do, for a professional photoshoot that I guess is meant to be intimate, personal, artistic, honest, erotic and fun…it’s like a staged selfie but not the kind you send your sugar daddy, ,that requires more clit in it…

That said, clit or not, sugar daddy or not, Anna Ewers Rhymes with Sewers or not…I like tits in bed, all black white so you know it’s art.


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Micaela Schäfer Heart Shaped Nipples for Euro of the Day


The EURO is happening, that’s a soccer event that European closet case homosexual fucking love, they watch, they scream like girls, they get hard ons when they score and they cuddle, hug and embrace when they win…and when they lose…

I have been around people during the Euro, I think it happens every 4 years, one year I worked with a bunch of Bros who were also Ginos / or Guidos as they were called in an era before the interent, when they wore tight pants, skimpy shorts, leather shoes and though demin was for commoners..and being surrounded by these greasy fucks during the Euro was up there with the worst time in my fucking life…

The best thing about the EUro is that these people accidentally kill each other in their riots and brawls, it’s also the only thing interesting about soccer…because the sport itself, beyond something your 10 year old does…is so boring…stupid and the passion hilarious…

So Micaela Schäfer – is a silly German whore, who pretends she’s a personality, who attends all events like a circus freak or clown, where she gets topless for the media, because it gets her published, and it all started when she was 30 and realized it was over for her…and her hard face, or the fact her nipples have been tattoted into a heart…as she stages shit like this – kind of proves her struggle…or at least that people can be satisfied and motivated by really low level showing clown tits for the press kind of press…


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