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Taylor Swift Doing the Splits with Black Men of the Day


Taylor Swift decided to casually show the world some of her moves she uses while getting her heart broken as she banks out as many dudes as she can to fill the void in her soul that she originally thought fame and money would fill…only to realize it is requires something much more primal than that…a good fuck…so this girl has gone through some of the dirtiest cocks in Hollywood….making her as polluted as a porn star…but unlike a pornstar, she didn’t spin it as being feminist, but rather…as being broke hearted and taken advantage of a man who just wanted to get her doing the splits on her dick…when you know she’s the kind of girl who wants to be gagged by her panties while begging for the mother fucker to split her in half…and that this broken heart is just her quest to find the perfect fitting massive cock…cuz this pussy can take some objects….large objects…to satiate her insatiable appetite…that she will spin into a sob story for people to believe so that they relate and buy…


All this to say, fuck this ho not just because she’s rich, but because her long lean body can do the splits…

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Alexis Ren Nipple for Planet Blue of the Day


Alexis Ren is a tumblr, turned Instagram, sensation who has millions of followers because her and her boyfriend took pretty legendary pictures of themselves in really incredible tropical settings…giving lame women and pretty much everyone out there…this whole “Blue Lagoon” content…that they could fantasize about in their shitty lives and existence behind a cubicle..

IT was like “How could this great body 18 year old, live this amazing life, with this chiseled possibly mixed race dude…a fantasy that made them famous, got her work, made them money, and now she’s showing her nipple for a mall brand that I guess has gone a little racy…showing nipples…and as long as there are 18 year old nipples in this world…and mall brands use those nipples to sell product…when those 18 year old nipples are traveling the world fucking some dude in 5 star hotels…while I sit here hating my life…we’re in a good place..

Fuck all these idiots..it’s all so fucking boring…I don’t care about these useless it girls…who don’t deserve anything but a job as a cocktail waitress…seriously..

At least she’s not a Jenner…

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Hilary Duff Doggy Style with a Dog of the Day


Hilary Duff, possible scientologist but definite thick puck slut turned mom…who I assume fucked her boyfriend up the ass with a hockey stick…like it was Hockey Initiation…because dude was a billionaire and only played hockey for the lockerroom antics….is posing with her ass in the air with some puppies..

And she’s wearing a tight black dress….showing off those thighs…what the fuck is this…

I wonder how many of her core fanbase of perverts are jerking off to this shit liek she was still Lizzy Maguire.but not really…because I just assume all dudes jerk off all the time…I see it sent to me on snapchat because they think I’m a fucking woman…for some fucked up reason….and thinking about perverts jerking off to anything, including but not limited to Stuff by Hilary Duff…is pretty fucking homo.



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Kate Moss is Still Amazing of the Day


It’s like it was just yesterday that she was a single mom, dating some heroin addict rockstar, releasing videos of her doing blow at all the cool parties, when not on a yacht topless, for the world to see her mid 30s long, well traveled nipples…

It’s like it was a week ago that she was the Calvin Klein heroin chic it girl at 18, being shat on by everyone for being to skinny, while being cummed on by Johnny Depp and pretty much everyone..

It’s like it was just today, that she is in this photoshoot for some October issue magazine, called Vogue Paris, still looking amazing.

I’m a Kate Moss fan, basic maybe, but at least I’m consistent…

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Claire Danes Goes for a Jog of the Day

danes (4)

I have a workout short fetish…it’s actually the reason I joined a gym a few years ago…I just couldn’t get enough of the shit…and by joined a gym I mean stood outside and watched girls working out on an elliptical before being asked to leave on day 4 by security….It’s not my fault they have windows on street level to look into…or that they set up the equipment to put on a show…It was intentional to get people to notice and sign-up, I just overstayed my welcome…oppressive fucks..

I also have a jogging fetish, and not in a “I’ll follow her home and have my way with her” kind of way, but more a look at that girl run…her ass and pussy look so nice…as her titties bounce…I sit in a park most days, I mean I don’t know where you expect me to draw inspiration from…

I’ve seen all kinds of girls jogging, hot and hot hot, and I still managed to like it…enough to keep staring..

But for some reason, when My So Called Face, Claire Danes does it, I feel like I’m watching Caitlin Jenner..

I guess what I’m saying is…save the short fitness shorts for the young tight girls buying starbucks…and not the 40 year old moms running for the paparazzi intentionally because clearly she’s got some shit to promote…

Shit that we can assume are more than just her cankles…

What is she running from? Safe to assume from any sex appeal she might have had..


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Ashley Tisdale’s Self Produced Instagram Shoot of the Day

Every personality, from famous to garbage slut bottle service girl, has a “lifestyle blog”…where they talk about themselves, their trips, their favorite restaurants or meals, and their favorite outfits…because it’s the best way to leverage their social media fans who jerk off to them…to sell campaigns to brands…so that they can make more money than they already do…all while being Narscisstic pieces of fucking shit…

So these idiots are flooding instagram with them same shoots, the same boring fucking content, the same piss colored images, featuring themselves..

Meaning they hire hair and make-up, they hire a photographer, so that they can model their broken down faces, in stupid model poses, to appease their fucking egos..

When all Tisdale should be working on is hiring a new plastic surgeon to fix that nose.

This is beyond obnoxious, yet they keep doing it…because I guess people keep consuming this shit..

What a fucking loser..this is so bootleg and desperate…just do the fucking sex tape you idiot….that’s what people want to see…not her broken down face in dumb outfits…these people are so insane…

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Selena Gomez Released a Song…So Notice Her…of the Day

Fuck all these garbage people…

I don’t know why I distract myself reposting pictures of Selena Gomez trying to get attention to herself in this saturated world….of too much noise….but it’s probably the same reason you do it…it’s better than working a regular job and it’s become an obsession…even though you don’t actually care about these people, but feel like if you don’t post on them, you’ll fade away into obscurity…even though you’re already obscure and no one knows who you are…

That’s why you look at Selena Gomez’s chimpmunk pudgy face and possible fake, possible fat, possibly on the pill cuz Bieber knocked her up and she miscarried that’s why she hates him…tits……isn’t it?

All This to Say – I Wonder How Many Harnesses She Has On to Give her this Waist to Hip Ratio..



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Katie Holmes Dressed Like Super Mario of the Day

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is Super Mario brothers, which is a natural progression or evolution from being a fucking robot for Tom Cruise..It’s always the robots that turn into video game characters….becuse they speak the same binary code…and when trying to get dressed this android’s files get all mixed up…because Cruise stopped funding her development and since the divorce she’s had no software upgrades….leading to her bugging the fuck out…

Or maybe she’s just wearing some fucking overalls, and didn’t plan it out, because she’s lived in a fucking cave for all these years before being released…

Either way, where is the real Katie Holmes?

I love the way these overalls pull her pants up into her ass accentuating her middle aged mom body…so fucking hot…


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Holland Roden from Teen Wolf of the Day

roden (3)

Holland Roden is 28…

She’s from a show called Teen Wolf, that I assume doesn’t star human vibrator Michael J Fox, but is a show that sounds like a good place for weirdos who go to comicon type events to hang out…and well..jerk off to Holland…

I don’t know anything about her, or about this shoot, but she’s in a bikini and has a strong rib cage..and that is all we really need to know…

Check out these implants…I bet she makes for a great instagram model with a low level acting career that is going no where..

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Jessica Simpson’s Nipple #TBT of the DAy

JS (3)

I think the biggest thing that happened yesterday – was Jessica Simpson’s nipple…and since were all pretty basic dudes who love huge tits, no matter how much feminists want to make tits de-sexualized, even though feminists make you tweak and suck their nipples while they hate fuck you, and even though their pussies get wet while feeding their kids, and even though nipples even for the sake of one year of work still get us hard at our core….all the other days of the nipple’s lifetime….


It’s like a cow, in a wig and a dress, ready to be milked…good old Texas Ranchero fetish shit…

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Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss Slutty Pics for Instagram of the Day


UK model Cara Delevingne has been hanging out with Kate Moss. We can safely say this is her idol, because both are from the UK, and Cara Delevingne, rich kid, is a hipster, who we can assume grew up on Kate Moss, and wore the Kate Moss T-shirt as hipsters do, and has crafter her party, lesbian, I don’t give a fuck, s pretty much a photocopy of her existence…so now that they’ve been put together in a campaign, they’re now best of friends, because Kate Moss, hasn’t changed since she was 20, and still parties and gets fucked up, and probably likes being around the youth, the it girls, because it makes it seem OK..

This is a lot like how Ryan Seacrest used to fuck Dick Clarke up the ass on his death bed…only the model version…and I guess Cara in her trying hard to be cool and not caring…involves giving herself street cred by posting a topless / censored pic Kate Took of her, and one I guess she took of Kate…and the whole thing….bores me…but is more interesting than other things going on…


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Sara Sampaio for Some Campaign of the Day


Sara Sampaio is boring…

But Victoria’s Secret has given her a stamp of approval…and now companies you’ve never heard of can overpay her for their campaigns, giving her a bigger ego than she already has, making rich guys think they aren’t sugar babies because they make 10k a day or more, when they are sugar babies…even though there are 1000s of hotter girls with better selfies on instagram that this shit..

This is zero fucking interesting, compelling, creative, if anything it makes me think the brand are fucking idiots for wasting money on this shit, money they could have used to save a dying child…or some shit..

Garbage..but I’m posting it…so I guess they got 4 dollars of free exposure…for their thousands spent…

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The Miley Cyrus Avoids a Banned MAC Ad for Publicity of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 12.19.22 PM

Here’s Miley Eating her Panties to talk about how Miley was named spokesperson for some Mac Campaign over a year ago…meaning these pics came out over a year ago…and now the ad is being talked about again…because it was almost banned in the UK, which sounds like a strategy to squeeze all they can out of this campaign…like a fake publicity stunt…

Advertising Standards Authority rules overall message of posters for cosmetics company was sexually suggestive, but rules it was not enough to cause widespread offence

Thank god that worked out…..

It’s safe to say that MAC cosmetics paid Miley a ton of fucking money to get Miley to endorse them…we’re talking million dollar deal..

It’s safe to say that they wanted to get their money worth in terms of visibility and exposure..they didn’t spend millions of dollars on Miley to not be seen or noticed.

It’s safe to say they paid Miley millions of dollars because they knew she’s open and willing to masturbate on cam for Fashion Magazines and attention, to perpetuate her bullshit scam that works because America is stupid..

It’s safe to say that this is hardly scandalous, and this “Banned in the UK” story…is a lie or a massive inflation of the actual story..

It’s safe to say the only offensive thing about this ad is Miley Cyrus…she’s the worst….but not really..because at least she’s not Taylor Swift…

Here’s she singing about getting high before getting MRI…..

Ok fine, she’s amazing…

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 12.18.48 PM

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Mouse Tormenting Cat and Other Videos of the Day

Delaware Cop Shoots Man in Wheel Chair…He Was Rollin’ Up Fast

The News Used a Nazi Badge of Shame while Talking About Yom Kippur – NEXT LEVEL

Not Road Rage – Road Manners

Kids TRain Surfing…

Bully Beats Up Blind Kid…

Armadillo Fucks a Bitch…

Robbers VS Safe

Naked Hippie and Her Eggs…

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Morning Hangover Dump of the Day


Girls are so quick to get mad at you for even suggesting punching them in the face…because “abuse towards women”….

But they are so quit to punch you in the face for suggesting punching them in the face…because “equality”…

I say, if you want to get paid the same for a job, you’ve gotta be able to physically win a fight for the job…without handicapping anyone…because “we’re all humans”…


It’s only fail…

Here are some stepLINKS in the morning…

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Shanina Shayk in Bathing Suits…

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Angry Birds Has a Movie Trailer…

The Dog Train…

Some Fake Model Posing with Water…because They are basic

Josh Brolin VS Ryan Gosling..

Learn the Most Useless Information about the Retractable Pen….because I hate you…

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