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I am – Rapping for Mayor: StepTV of the Day


I was just told by some people that StepTV sucks and that we shouldn’t bother showing the clips on this site, even thought I like it. They think the clips just aren’t funny. I think they have no sense of humor, but I am not here to dictate what is funny or not, because I hate everything and I never laugh, so what the fuck do I know about what’s funny and what isn’t. So I keep my fucking mouth shut. I would love for you cocksuckers to do the same here, because honestly, you aren’t an authority to decide if what Steve does is good or not…he sends in little clips, you watch them cuz your bored, we’re all fucking happy. I think that’s the way we should keep it. Here’s Steve’s email about this submission:

Yo Dick,

I am sending you a clip of an interview i did with a guy named Kevyn Clarke. Kevyn is a crazy guy that is running for Mayor in Toronto. He is a fucking nutcase, but funny as hell. I found him rollerblading around the city, dressed as a wizard, rapping for change. Seriously.

The actual interview is about 20 minutes long. He goes on to tell me about how he is the cities most arrested man, has hepititas A through C, lets homeless ppl sleep in his apartment…then shows me pictures of people on his cellphone (yeah, his cellphone……). Anyways, most of it is pretty funny, minus some religious outbursts and crazy ranting. I think he may of spit on me, so i may die within the week. In which case, i want to be burried butt naked with a boner.

Talk to you later,



Now watch the clip.

Click on the PLAY button. Or, RIGHT CLICK here and SAVE AS to your computer, and then OPEN after the download completes.

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