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I am – Katherine McPhee's Underwear of the Day

Katherine McPhee

All the trains were broken today (like your penis) and the buses were crowded as fuck. I shoved a nun to make room, reason #956 why I am going to Hell, but hell is probably full of some real fun assholes so I don’t care. What was really not fun was my night. I wore the world’s best short, boob dress with some pink bra exposed (tribute to Britney) which matched my hooker hot-pink heels. I showed up at my friend’s party and it was all skinny 22 year-old accountants with acne. I got wasted because there was nothing else left to do.

I tried to salvage the night by going to some bar this bartender i met in Chicago last November said he would be working at in January when he moved to the city, and told me i should pay him a visit. This bartender was fucking ripped and I wish I had remembered sooner because now it’s July, and surprise, he doesn’t work there anymore. To make things worse, everyone in the place fell out of Anne Taylor and J Crew catalogues and were all paired off like good little spoonfed WASPs. So I just sat there in my party slut gear, nursing a gin and tonic. The only guys that weren’t saddled with brides-in-waiting were really into the game, and I know nothing about sports, and sauntering up to them in my whore getup was just too much of a hooker flashback for me. Plus they were wearing chinos and loafers and I hate assholes in loafers. I finished my drink and went home, and got cat-called at by around 6 mexicans so I know I definitely looked like a hooker. I should have just gone to some bar in the East Village where I would have fit in better and gotten laid.

Here is Katharine McPhee flashing you her underwear on the set of some movie that is probably gonna be as good as that American Idol movie “From Justin to Kelly.” She is annoying and WASPy like all those cunts last night.

Obediently yours,
Sugar Nell (ex-hooker, friend of Jesus)

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  • GG

    I want that ass and pussy