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More Kate Hudson in her Thong Bikini Pics of the Day

I already did a post on Kate Hudson in her bikini today , but here are the thong bikini pics that are doing the rounds. Don’t ask why I bothered doing another post on her today, I feel like it was easier.

Either way, she does look a little fat in the uterus, but my expert opinion is not very expert since I have never knocked a girl up either because I am shooting blanks or I just never heard back from the girl since pregnancy and abortions were all part of her job description and were a cost of doing business, so even if she did get knocked up, she still wouldn’t have called me to let me know because she got with so many men in any given day, anyone could have been daddy….

All I know, her uterus looks fat, but it could be because of her period or maybe it’s just the way she’s standing or maybe she’s drank one too many beers and eaten one too many plates of nachos. Who knows or cares, what you should know is that despite finding her ugly and not worth a fuck, I had no idea that her ass was this fuckin’ great….so pregnant or not, she’s worth a round as long as she’s gettin’ it from behind….

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  • dgstan

    Let me be the FIRST to say that I don’t have a problem with that at all.

  • White


  • That is one sweet ass. I’d lick it!

  • johnson

    i’d put a dent in her baby’s forehead

  • monkey

    I had no idea she that nice round ass back there. I agree from behind only holding on to her little bubble.

  • BC

    a little pale, but a nice cute butt.. that id fuk

  • John

    That looks sexy. NOT! A proper bikini would have covered up that saggy, pale ass and done everyone a favor!

  • Robert

    Kate looks fucking amazing!!! That is the hottest ass I have ever seen!!! I would give my left nut to fuck her in the ass!!!! GODDAM!!!

  • gene kammen

    kate hudson is sooooo fine that she would look fab even in granny panties…

  • Creyes E

    She gets that ass from her mother. I wonder if she likes big cock in her white booty…

  • Creyes E

    She badly needs a big black cock!