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Fergie Ass Performing of the Day

Here are some pictures of Fergie performing with her big ass. I kinda miss the crystal meth days when she was picking her scabs off her arms and eating them in hopes of getting a fix and crawling through the gutter collecting cans to take back to the grocery store for money for her next fix. It’s one of those success stories where you go to the people from the past and say “look at me now motherfuckers” as she cruises by in her Bentley, only in this case everyone from her past is dead because meth is just that good.

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  • Billdozer

    that story kind of reminds me of a homeless guy who would piss and shit in the bushes beside my grandmothers house and my cousin and I would throw rocks at him because he stunk up whole area. Then this one day somehow he got a bb gun and shot my cousin ear. I heard he got hit by a train a few years ago so I guess he wasn’t so smart after all

  • jake

    i would fuck that ass all night long

  • Adrien

    She should quit singing and go to porn.

    How awesome would it be to see her taking c**k up her ass?

  • bob

    damm i would fuck her ass so hard lol