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Karina Pasian Is 16 and Def Jam’s Next Big Thing of the Day

I was sent this video over the weekend and read the caption that this girl is Def Jam’s new meal ticket. She’s 16, sings in 7 languages and plays the Piano. So I decided to listen to the song which is her repeatedly saying that she’s 16 over and over again and it reminds me of this girl I once got with who looked like she was at least 18 and after getting in her pants she told me she was 16 and shit echoed in my head for the month before finding out she got her period and I wasn’t going to be a teenage pregnancy baby daddy.

Either way, watch the new it girl, I think she’s too ripe to want look at sexually, and her song sucks, but then again what do I know about pretty much anything.

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  • Billdozer

    yeah, that song sucked donkey nuts….but I can dig what she’s saying, she wants to be a normal teenage girl and hang with her friends on an inner city street corner without all the homeboys trying to run a train on her, A-men to that soul sister

  • uncle joe mccarthy

    inner city street corner??? her father has been pimpin her to industry moguls since she was 12…she doesnt hang out on street corners…but after she burns out at 18, thats probably where she will end up

    and what 7 languages?

    she can barely sing in english

  • Billdozer

    ^^^^I was refering to over all message of the song, I wasn’t trying to write her life story…..?

  • Jerry

    How old is she?