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Pink and Bai Ling Are Friends in Bikinis of the Day

It’s always so exciting when you find out that two celebrities your don’t give a fuck about are friends or lovers. What is more exciting is when you try to figure out exactly how they met each other and make a game out of it with your friends because you are a fuckin’ loser with nothing better to do with your time than worry about this menial bullshit. It’s like – was it backstage at one of Pink’s concerts because Bai Ling has always been a fan of Pink’s music because it really speaks to her even though she doesn’t understand any of the words or maybe it was at a red carpet event where Bai Ling’s nipple was hanging out of her shirt and Pink just needed to suck the fuckin’ thing because it reminded her of her over-sized erect clit that was piercing through her leather pants. I like to think both have the same shitty tattoo artist and are members of the shitty tattoo club, but have a feeling that that club doesn’t really exist because people with shitty tattoos usually love their shitty tattoos and think they are amazing, despite being shitty.

Either way, we know after they sea kayaking, these bitches are going back to Pink’s house, to play with each other’s pink, which in Bai Ling’s case my not be entirely Pink and in Pink’s case may in fact be a penis.

BONUS That’s Not Really a Bonus – Here’s some more pictures of Bai Ling Feeling Herself Up and Showing Some Tit on the Set of the Crank Dat Soulja Boy 2….I take Offense to the Last Picture.

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