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Mandy Moore in a Shitty See-Through Shirt of the Day

Mandy Moore has had sex with DJ AM, that should pretty much be enough of a reason to not want to fuck her, but then again I am from the school that highly judges girls on who’s penis they have let inside them, like if they fuck old dudes or young dudes, or if they fuck rich dudes or poor dudes, it all means different shit and lets me decide if I want ot join the “i’ve been in this cunt” club. I another reason to not want to fuck her for most people would be the fact that she’s big and busted lookin’, but not you, big and busted never stopped you, ya’ fuckin’ pervert, as long as shit’s got a vagina or you can presume has a vagina, you’re ready to get down and crawling up her big strong leg just as fast as you can….

This shit reminds me of the white shirt I was wearing yesterday, not because I like the world to see my manly fuckin’ tits and nipples but because my clothes are old and when they are white, they get pretty fuckin’ sheer after a couple decades and a couple of washes. Now, I was feelin’ good showing off my rockin’ fat man body that I had no choice but to show off because I had nothing esle to wear and within about 4 minutes of steppin outside, I spilled fuckin’ tomoto sauce on myself. Now not only do I have the humiliation of wearing a fucking tight see through shirt, like I was a fucking chick, but now I just re-affirmed everyone’s already negative feelings about me being a fucking hurt bag disgusting slob.

I guess what it comes down to is that no matter how poor, drunk, or fat you are, you still don’t like lookin’ like a total asshole….here’s Mandy Moore…..giving use more than we really want to see.

PS – I have a fever so if what I write makes no sense, it’s cuz I am dying, ya fuckin’ Pervert.

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  • Pete


  • Satan666

    1st biatches!

  • Satan666

    Damnit Pete!

  • Satan666

    Anybody that comment below me is totally gay

  • Glen Quagmire

    I’m only gay because I caught Jesus’ lesbian disease.

  • Satan666

    i would have slipped her some dick when she was still young…like 14…she’s too old now

  • Candi Apples

    Mandy Moore is in dire need of a makeover.

    Also,am I the only one who thinks Mandy Moore is one of the most boring celebs out there?

    Well,she ain’t foolin anyone……

    We all know that DJ AM only fucks skanks,so there is a whole lot of shit that Mandy Moore is trying to hide.

    And I really don’t care if I don’t see the real Mandy Moore,cause this girl bore’s me to tears.

    Fuckin twit.

  • God’s mules

    jeez, everyone so negative….well, I for one like and back her!! Never judge a book by its cover 🙂

  • Sprmcandy

    Vary true, the best blow job of my life was from a girl not vary pretty at all.