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Jenna Dewan Bikini Pictures of the Day

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I don’t know who this bitch is but I do know that she’s in a bikini. I didn’t look too closely at the pictures so I don’t know if she’s worth fucking and the truth is that all vagina is worth fucking. We are all part of God’s flock and that makes each and every one of us beautiful in our own way.

I am running a little behind schedule of all the great things I have planned today, like sitting on my couch. Watching my friend the spider make a nest in the corner of my living room and then watch Youtube dance videos to practice my moves so I become the star of every wedding, bar mitzvah and sweet sixteen I get invited to, which to date have been none, but you can never be too ready.

Word on the internet is that his Jenna Dewan chick is a dance instructor or professional dancer or some shit and with a body like that, I am sure she’s had a solid career as the entertainment at some all inclusive club that I am not on right now, where the local girls dance like fucking pornstars and bend down with their asses in the air for the local dudes to mount them and hump them for everyone to see from every fuckin’ angle, grinding harder then I grind my teeth at night when I get nervous while I try to chime in with my mocking moves that offend the locals because I can’t dance if I wanted to all in hopes of getting some tight spanish ass up against my crotch….

* Access to material has been disabled in compliance with DMCA *

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  • peter

    NICE! A friend of mine recommended me a HOT place *** wealthyromanceS.Com *** It’s a place full of hot stuff and also a place where Charlie Sheen met his wife Brooke Mueller!

  • Pete

    Jenna’s rockin’ that bikini, and that’s one ugly fuckin’ hat!

  • Candi Apples

    Jenna Dewan is a nobody.

    She was in an NSYNC video yrs ago,and dated
    Justin Timberlake after he broke up with Britney(before Cameron Diaz)

    SHe was in one movie that I can recall,it was Step it up,but I never seen it,cause I hear it was a real stinker.

    Who knows what the fuck she is up to now,I don’t imagine she is up to much.