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Katherine McPhee is in a Bikini of the Day

I remember when Katherine McPhee was coming up on American Idol. She had big tits, was decent to look at compare to Clay Aiken or whoever the fuck was on her season, I’d have to ask Ryan Seacrest but dude’s been ignoring my online sexual harrassment, so I’ll just go with Aiken and I didn’t mind thinking about doing dirty things to her.

I remember when Katherine McPhee had some eating disorder because she was a fat bitch with control issues or insecurity or whatever that magical formula that fucks girls up and causes them to stop eating and get skinny the way I like them.

I remember when she got married to some older dude because she had daddy issues and I figured I could relate, at least with the older dude, because I am all about bringing young busty girls under my wing to take advantage of.

Now despite my prediction that she’d fall off the fuckin’ map you know since she’s some reality star and shit, but apparently all my theories are wrong and she’s filming some movie in a bikini.

That was my relationship with Katherine McPhee recap. Stay tuned for more useless information that isn’t funny.

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