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Kelly Ripa Rock Hard Bikini Body of the Day

I always liked Kelly Ripa. She made me laugh. She was little and kinda hot and she liked to get fucked. At least that what I assumed after she had all those kids because getting pregnant involves fucking. See, I am not as dumb as you thought.

What I don’t like is that her her body is so fuckin’ rock hard, sure I always shit on mom’s post pregnancy, for being ruined, and Kelly is no exception to the fucking rule, because instead of being doughy, she’s jacked on fuckin’ steroids and the way her tits are pulsating with testosterone off her chest is some weird fucking look.

That said, I wouldn’t mind watching her pussy flex its muscles. But that’s cuz I like pussy.

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  • She’s got an insane cut for a chick who popped out 3 kids. I don’t even think my abs are even as hard has hers.

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Nicotine and purging does wonders for all womens abs, I heartily recommend it.

  • Danny Ocean

    much better from the back then she looks like from the neck down in the front….try implants, christ you’re on TV

  • Sookie

    what is going on with her bellybutton?? And you can see her clavicle! Nice from the back but not so much from the front!

  • Shaun

    She’s all fucked up.

  • Perv

    That bellybotton sticks out further than her nipples. Almost like a small dick. The abs are a little overdone too.

    I wonder if Regis has ever hit that?

  • Tommy T.

    She should be called Kelly Ripped.

    And she would probably kill Regis if he ever got to bang her.

  • nunya

    she can bench press regis…she is fucking gross looking and incredibly annoying