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Victoria Beckham’s Ass on the Beach of the Day

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham are celebrating their anniversary on the beach. She is wearing some variation of a bikini that I don’t fully understand but assume have something to do with not wanting to show off her violated stomach from having babies, but I could be wrong, not that you care about what she’s wearing while David Beckham is standing next to her in a white speedo, because nothing says homo like a white speedo, and nothing says almost gay like 98 percent of European soccer fans I’ve met over the years who claim to have a non-sexual crush on this motherfucker, they just respect his fitness level, his talent in the sport and his chiseled good looks, and I am sure can’t help but wonder if they get see thru when wet, I mean it’d be just a small taste of what life in the locker room with him was like, something all those dudes would just love to experience but just for a day.

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  • Bob Smith

    Time to beat it like Beckham.

    Or was that bend?

    Who cares.

  • anony

    Does anyone care about Pigface Spice anymore?

  • Amber Taylor

    I love them both for several reasons, none of which will be of any interest to anyone in these parts.

    I just wonder what they talk about.
    All the deep philosophical conversations they have…

  • i love the bobcat hair-do of Victoria Beckham, kind of reminds me of the Spice Girls era.;:,

  • Victoria Beckham’s bob cut is the best in this world~’,

  • bob cat is always the signature hair of Victoria Beckham, she is also a very sexy woman“`