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Jenna Haze Shit Herself in a Bikini of the Day

Jenna Haze is one of the more popular pornstars around from what I remember someone in the industry telling me and I guess it has to do with her having natural tits and possibly lookin’ young compared to the other haggared bitches who fuck on camera for money, but I like to think it has to do with her anal sex scenes, which as you can see have damaged her enough to lose all control of her bowels…..

Here she is in her fucking bikini, which none of you really give a fuck about because you’ve seen her have dirty fucking sex of all varieties.

What I do know is that she looks like a serious fucking crack addict and I am surprised she even has all her teeth or that she’s on the fucking beach in Malibu, when she looks like she should be on the beach in your hometown lookin’ for empty bottles drunk teens threw in the river, like a crafty crackwhore who doesn’t like going up against the old lady who has dibs on the recycling bins, and who doesn’t want to wait til sundown before being able to give 5 dollar blowjobs since blowjobs aren’t easy to sell during the day and it is all in hopes of collecting enough to buy another fucking hit,.

She looks horrible, her ass is horrible, her face is horrible, everything about her is horrible but I guess when it comes to finding girls willing to fuck on camera, the hot ones usually say no and get real jobs, unless they are Kayden Kross, in which case they just give me boners…Kayden if you’re out there baby, remember our marriage vows…ok enough of that.. here is Jenna Haze….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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  • I remember pics way back in the day (like 2 years ago) and she actually looked smoking hot. It’s a shame, I think she did too many ATM scenes.

  • Crazy4HotGirls

    Jenna Haze looks smoking hot and beautiful with no make up. Best looking porn star. I think you guys smoked all the crack around for talking crap about her!

  • JWF

    She’s cute, has a hot little body, and loves big black cocks! What’s not to love??

  • Jacko

    What are you a flaming homo Jesus? Shit, i think Jenna looks pretty fuckin good myself. I’d fuck her before i ever stuck my dick in Lohan.

  • name required

    bad enuff that she PEED in the ocean…

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  • Neb

    “I guess when it comes to finding girls willing to fuck on camera, the hot ones usually say no and get real jobs”
    You don’t know shit about the porn industry do you ?

  • Remi

    Couldn’t possibly be sand now could it, tard

  • kosio

    Here is free blog of Jenna Haze

  • Darren Hazehead

    cheap shots and blurred vision are obviously your thing. Jenna is hot.

  • Moreblack

    Seems like you’re the one on crack, or just a blind idiot DS. Next time you do a blog make an effort to know what the fuck you’re talking about.

  • Patricia

    Dude! You have SERIOUS issues! Seek counseling!!!

  • Johnny

    Imagine being the worthless fuck who made this shit blog? Fucking pussy.