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Phoebe Price Thinks She’s a Model of the Day

I still haven’t figured out what Phoebe Price does or who she is, but she’s got some serious fucking ego who thinks we actually care about what she does or who she is. The only thing I can assume about her is that she has orange pubic hair and I have a serious history with orange pubic hair that started with me gagging at the thought of orange pubic hair when I was a teenager, leading to me mocking every ginger I came across, until realizing that I was actually fascinated by the shit before giving it a chance and turning every ginger I came across against me, like my name and picture was sent out on some kind of ginger information network, so in all my years of fucking, I have never had a taste of it. I figure it’s just punishment from God for giving all those girls a complex when they were easily influenced, probably one bad enough to keep them totally shaved at all times, if they weren’t too awkward to fuck dudes until they were pushing 30 and only did it cuz the dude was also ginger, because I was an asshole who couldn’t appreciate something so unique and different and could that I’ve been banished from every stroking my fingers through….not that you care about my orange pubic hair fetish…but then again you don’t really care about Phoebe Price either….

Pics via Fame

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    Yikes, I want to gouge out my eyes after seeing that face.

    What the fuck happened to her? Bad burn? Acid?

  • lilypie

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  • stilly

    i’m a ginger .. i like you. i must have missed the memo.

  • Drunken Pig

    Id fuck her….in the ass!!

  • nunya

    another attention starved useless ugly ass cunt