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Kendra Sex Tape Review of the Day

Yesterday I had the great honor of being the first to bring you a clip from Kendra Wilkinson’s Sex Tape Kendra Exposed ….it was one of my first exclusives and the whole thing was pretty exciting for me as I am normally really useless..but not as exciting as the fact that KendraExposed is available online right now…and I know how much all you fuckers love celebrity sex tape…no matter what level of celebrity the bitch in the sex tape actually has….

I bought the Kendra Sex Tape last night using friend’s credit card when he passed out drunk….Here are my quick notes….

She starts off with a stripshow…her hair is thick and horselike, clearly bitch was a stripper or spent a lot of time at the stripclub. She does all the standard stripper moves. From the ass flex, booty shake all set to some updated porno beats that are still cheesy as fuck, but that’s really what you want, especially when it flushed out Kendra’s voice…

Like any 18 year old in 2003, she does not like him to zoom in on her, maybe because she’s got a vagina complex, which I understand, because her pussy is pretty meaty, discolored and uncontained, dried up prune and wise beyond its years that may be 18 but looks like it could be 80 and in need of a wax, but most pussy is, making her no different than everyone else, but unlike current nude pics of her, there was no photoshop used…and thankfully unlike the current state of her pussy now that she’s had twins….

They fuck on a white trash bed with some cat comforter waterbed shit you’d expect many bottles were returned to pay for…cuz we all gotta start our porn career somewhere – whether it is in the trailer park, our dad’s workshop, or the back alley….or on a ghetto bed….

She tries hard to pull thru, she knows she’s filming a porn, she puts some serious effort into it…sure I’ve had better sex than this, less awkward conversation and joking around about PRECUM….the precum of a dude who sucks at directing, but more importantly looks fucking retarded, like some serious white trash with some real dumb looking teeth, who fucks like a lazy slob, and keeps Kendra working….

So girls, let this be warning – film a sex tape when you get the chance – cuz you never know when you’ll need it to pay the bills….or when you’ll want to release it to remind people of what you had when you were younger….

The big question this sex tape brings up is what other quality dudes she has had inside her… and the good news is that unlike the movies you’re into she doesn’t die at the end…weirdo….

The movie is awesome. I loved watching it. The ending is on another level of weird. Kendra’s not that hot. But fucking on tape is fucking on tape….

So to See the Awkward Ending of an Pretty Good Celeb Sex Tape…Follow This Link….

Here are some NSFW screen caps….but the whole site is mildly NSFW according to most so if you’re hear already…then you should be fine…

Via KendraExposed

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  • Drunken Pig

    Ho-Hum…3rd string celebra-whore getting down/done by some Guh..Guh..Gomer..still can’t belive there’s loser’s out there willing to pay for this shit??!!

  • Expletive:BMP

    O No Kendra’ s fucking on film, some one do something, this is so wrong…….fuck it, ha, I’ve seen so much shit, not only am I jaded by these celeb tapes but the only good thing i can gather is her sleeping with a small dicked man, there’s hope for me yet.

  • stfu

    Seriously? What do you expect from a whore that used to rub olive oil on Hugh Hefner’s taint?

  • Bob Smith

    Based on how ugly that guy is, she’ll pretty much fuck anybody for money.

  • manuel

    She had cute titties but a had, and has, a pretty unimpressive ass.

  • HornyLohanWanker

    How can she be so boring looking, I mean, her intellect is more interesting than her looks, and god, what does that say about me?

  • Thats pretty cool though. Kendra fucks dudes missing a chromosome.. good for her

  • H8er

    “her pussy is pretty meaty, discolored and uncontained, dried up prune and wise beyond its years that may be 18 but looks like it could be 80 and in need of a wax” … So, you only like girls who haven’t hit puberty and/or have had a labiotomy? Her puss looks great. You are either gay or a pedohile-or a flacid, sad man with an Internet connection.

  • hero
  • i just watched the sex tape…wow, how embarassing for hank…some overweight, ugly cocksucker with a tiny dick fucking his chick…i mean, come on, kendra must have been on crack to fuck that lowlife gollum-looking motherfucker; i’m not saying my dick is the biggest in the world or that i’m the most handsome in the world, but i know my dick size is right at 9? inches, not 4 like that? douche’s, and i don’t look like sloth from the goonies. I watched it at WatchKendraSexTaprFree.com

  • Kendra you sold your own sex tape, dont try to fool us.

  • Okay, I don’t actually know a lot about it, however it reminds me of a fable my manager at Intel once shared with us: supposedly, this thirteenth century French alchemist endeavored (in vain) to produce precious metal out of lead. He analyzed these elements so methodically, he grew to become a specialist on the two, and eventually got wealthy as the consultant to the empress. Data was hard to come by in the past, compared to nowadays with computer ease of access, and dedicated drivers and so on. in the past, if you learned something good, you could keep advising for life. But I digress. What I’m saying is that on occasion you stumble upon riches just by trying (in addition to remaining invested in) something different, and this is just what happened to me when I incidentally got here. I was in fact searching for some technical information on driver updates when I began web browsing, and got carried away….

  • Great comments! You are so nice, man! You never know how much i like’em!

  • Yesterday a 10-instant cut short from Kendra Wilkinson’s teen wind up television smash the cyberspace
    (it’s NSFW only you’re on your own to Google it).
    And what I byword was exasperating to me.
    I’m non enraged because I bear any problem with watching wind up on magnetic tape – for the record,
    I watched the Pirates porno finis week, and it was meliorate than 75% of the mainstream movies I’ve seen this twelvemonth.
    No jocularity. And normally these celeb sex activity tapes don’t vex me either, but this
    one and only in special pisses me murder.
    Kendra doesn’t in truth need to be videotaped. She says so on rather a few occasions.

    “Please don’t do it,” she says. “Please?”
    “Kendra,” he says, riled. “I’m barely zooming in. Just go.”
    “Can you not?”
    “You’ll like it. Trust me. Watch. Go.”

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