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Kirsten Dunst is Still Alive of the Day

The other day, I posted her first topless scene , cuz topless scenes happen when girls can’t get work and realize their self-worth lies in their tits and if that’s what it takes to pay the mortgage and the coke habit then that’s just what bitch is gonna do. That’s why rejection and failure is fuckin amazing….

Kirsten Dunst was in Montreal filming a few months ago. I didn’t run into her because apparently she was too busy locking herself in bathrooms with much older men…and it was unfortunate I didn’t have more drive…cuz I totally would have tried to measure my dick using her pussy as a ruler…if you know what I mean.

Here are her really bad teeth in some tight pants to celebrate her comeback…

Remember watch her topless scene if you missed it cuz this was pretty much a historic moment in anyone who jerked off to her in the 90s and we need to encourage her to do more…

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  • mr. super-duper

    what the fuck? someone actually finds this snaggle-toothed abomination attractive? devoid of muscle tone to a degree approaching tara reid/nicole richie-esque territory is something to be ashamed of. she is not attractive even accidentally.
    just fugly.