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Kelly Brook in Nothing but Lipstick of the Day

I hope this becomes a style trend, cuz I’d be happy leaving my house if bitches wore nothing but lipstick. I have this thing about wanting to see every girl on the streets’ vagina. This would help that happen…

I gotta say I’m glad to see Kelly Brook naked, but more importantly that she has some bush, cuz really, bush is the future, all these bald girls are just lazy, bush takes maintenance and effort…

Either way, here are her big tits doing something that matters…

On a sidenote, these could be new or old – I don’ think it matters..

Now say hi to her clit hood…as her pussy looks like it’s tickin’ its tongue outat you – saying “You can’t have me, na na nan anan ana ”

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  • Mike

    Thats not a bush, its a landing strip. Its better then a bush, but I still prefer bald.

    Thats just a breeding ground for nasty stuff to grow. Pubic lice, crabs, and whatever else.

  • Justin Bieber’s shaved vagina

    Who is Kelly Brook?
    Does she get her squinting little rectum pounded by giant horse niggers?
    Then who gives a fuck…

  • beavis

    I don’t know who this is either. I am reminded of Kelly LeBrock but she is hella old now.

  • Al

    Such a womanly body!

  • I love photo #69377…