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Reese Witherspoon on the cover of Elle UK in a One Piece of the Day

Reese Witherspoon is on of those chicks who other chicks really find hot but who leaves guys wondering what the fuck all they hype is about. It’s like sure she’s not horrible looking, sure, she’s horrible cuz she trapped her first husband by being horrible and getting knocked up, like insecure doughy girls have done for decades before her, and she’s horrible with all her church going Southern bullshit, and she’s horrible for being seen jogging all the time, but always managing to stay fat and sloppy like she’s had one too many biscuits…down at the plantation house…

Here she is on the cover of Elle UK, in a one piece, even when she should be wearing pants, where I am sure she talked a whole lot of bullshit about her relationships and recent marriages, cuz that’s just the kind of useless twat starving for attention but not starving at all, she is…. if you know what you mean…FOLLOW ME

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