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Daveigh Chase Fake Hipster Panty Flash of the Day

I feel like an idiot calling someone a faux hipster, when every hipster is a fake try hard idiot.

We get it, you take yourself too seriously, you are a cynic who just doesn’t give a fuck, all obscure and artistic and against the grain all high on second hand clothing fumes, cheap beer and random drugs, even though they are rich and can buy designer clothes but don’t because that they just don’t care enough to since apathy and unshowering is their thing….

What a joke.

But seeing a bitch who was the voice of Lilo and Stitch rollin’ around on a moped like some hipster faggot is a fucking joke, but I start paying attention when I see the panty flash…

Sniffing bike seats and watching girls in skirts mount and dismount bikes is one of my favorite summer activities, so whether this cunt is legit or not,

Yes she’s totally irrelevant, except maybe to who 15 lame groupies who think it’s a good social move to hang with a bitch who does the voice of Disney Characters who rocks American Apparel….she’s so cool….that’s why only 2000 people follow her on twitter….

Hipsters should be shot. Even though everyone is a fucking hipster these days. It’s the mainstream. How obscure.

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  • Manc17

    Fucking cokehead dog abuser.

  • Wo Kao

    Despite the fact that i share a hatred for hipster trash, I love fapping to this bitch every once in a while, i’ll admit it… she’s got a fuckable face with marvelous blue eyes, and the rest seems fairly passable too.. would blackmail into a quick fuck/10

    i hope she ends up in one of those facialabuse videos one way or another, maybe they slap some sense into her lol