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Heather Graham’s Legs Aren’t Dead of the DAy

I’ve always like looking at Heather Graham both naked, clothed, or in a bikini….There’s just something that happened in the late 90s I call Boogie Nights, where her willingness to play a strung out, full-bushed, pornstar during the 70, great tits and all, spoke to me….and she’s managed to maintain…which is a lot better than the strung out sex workers I know…but maybe cuz they never went Hollywood, they stuck to their craft and didn’t divert off course…

Here’s some Heather Graham leg…

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  • LolleyGagger

    Looks good from here, could use a little more cushion her tits look like they’ve shrank a tad. Much like a plump Jessica Simpson, always more tits to bounce when they go up in weight a few pounds.

  • Nudgie

    She’s still gorgeous. Nice to see her again 🙂

  • cowbulls

    She deserves a Nobel Piece Prize for all the happy endings those legs have induced.

  • Heather’s #1 Fan

    She’s one of the hottest ladies in Hollywood, and has an awesome smile. Movie Producers should be clambering all over themselves to sign her up. I’d love to have the opportunity to meet this outstanding actress. (o:

  • Heather’s #1 Fan

    She’s the most gorgeous woman in the world. I love her smile and would love the opportunity to meet her.