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Shakira’s Ass Performing of the Day

Fuck Shakira and her most viewed video on the internet. I think her 35 year old ass is boring as fuck…I mean until it starts gyrating in some hispanic/latino/amazingness….and the whole thing reminds me of last night in my regular crackhead park cuz they had a Latino fest and I saw pregnant chicks, obese chicks, young chicks and old chicks of all colors and shaking their asses in ways I didn’t understand but knew I liked despite how vile some of the bitches were…it was like I was seduced by the shit…imagining how it looks when it fucks….and unfortunately, I didn’t get to fuck one of them…I got too drunk to take advantage of the port-o-potty of seduction….

Either way, here’s Shakira in concert, ass in tights, doin’ alright in these almost romantic ass pics of the bitch…

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