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Emma Watson’s Ambitious Premiere Outfit of the Day

Emma Watson must have got confused when they told her she had to go to the Harry Potter premiere, cuz she it looks like she got in costume for the live-action version of Big Bird’s biopic, where she plays big birds grey granny bird, or some shit that makes equally as little sense, cuz I can’t imagine anyone willing to wear something that looks like this feathery mess to their big money making night, since Harry Potter is all bitch ever did and all bitch ever needs to do, cuz it’s just that big a deal, unless they were getting paid….It’s like prom night gone bad. The kind of thing she’ll reflect on in 15 years while sitting on her royalty checks thinking to herself, “If it wasn’t for this prescription pill addiction that makes me numb and feel like I’m on a cloud with no worries or no sense of where I am, I’d totally wonder what the hell i was thinking that night it all went down hill”…at least that’s my prediction….call me Miss cleo.

My other prediction is that a whole lot of virgin losers are jerking off to these pictures right now – cuz Emma Watson can do no wrong, she’s a wizard….and you’re married to her….I guet it..

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