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Nicky Hilton Sucks on the Beach of the Day

Nicky Hilton is one thing out of LA that I will never understand. She’s the latch on sister who never wanted to be in the spotlight, but who wanted all the benefits of her sister’s humiliating behavior, and who pretty much escorted her everywhere she went around the world, pretending that she was some kind of Business Woman, when she was just a reserved piece of shit riding coattails….but that’s not what offends me…I am offended by her lack of a personal trainer, she has a responsibility being a socialite in the media, despite how much she’s into taking the backseat, because according to her body, and her beach apparel, she’s a dumpy sack of shit….sure she’s probably a size small, something you’d all want to be if you were a woman in theory, something that makes her think all is OK, but not all size smalls are a good size small, cuz she’s a sloppy mess.

We call her kind Slim Fats and here is the slim fat on the beach.

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    Bitch needs to smoke more.

    It gets rid of the fat. Makes her look at least doable.

  • Travis

    While this beast is nowhere near skinny, the term is “skinny-fat”.