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Taylor Momsen’s Try Hard To be Slutty Rock and Roll Show of the Day

So Taylor Momsen was in Barcelona playing at the Razzmatazz, and she got a group of girls, who all look like teenage girls into their bras, screamed at them and made out with them, wearing a hipster rock t-shirt and panties, only to end up making out with one of the bitches, cuz Taylor Momsen’s a fucking attention seeking piece of contrived shit, who knows in a couple of months, she will turn 18 and be forgotten….

I mean the shit I can’t grasp is how the bitch went from being a bubbly gossip girl to being this disaster rock and roller, I mean shit is as legit as my sexual attraction to my wife….which is not legit at all…but then again I don’t pretend it is…making it a bad example….

What it really comes down to is that slutty teens, half naked and acting bisexual, flashing panties, and being “Bad”, although irritating as hell cuz it is so fake, is still kinda awesome…cuz it is girls being sluts at an age that you can assume they will grow up to be sluts…and just knowing every one of her almost 18 year old fans is going home and dyking out, taping her tits, and doing all this stupidity makes for the hope of an arousing future.. and no matter how lame or contrived it is, a whole lot of it is real fucking authentic…..

Thanks for doing your part Momsen you spoiled, useless cunt…now turn 18 and really exploit yourself already…it is time.

I’m not interested in posting the pics -cuz it is so contrived and not jerkoffable – but if you want to see them

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  • Venom

    So obvious she is a virgin.
    Way over the top.

  • and? i already know this.