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Kate Hudson New Mom Body Can’t Distract From her Haggard Face of the Day

Kate Hudson looks so old and haggard…I’m talking her mom looks more youthful and fresh than her….

I was actually forced to watch her latest movie and I blame very hot vagina coupled with my weakness for hot vagina for that…and the entire time, I couldn’t believe anyone would ever fight over her…I mean other than two Johns looking for the cheapest street blowjob and she’s the only discount whore around….

I can only assume that with being raised in Hollywood, in a broken home, with a famous mom, led to having too much access to cash, too little parenting, lots of drugs and hard living….and now it’s all coming out in her face….not that it matters…this is Kate Hudson…a real no body.

But at least she’s not fat and bounces back from pregnancy pretty face, cuz you know, hard drugs are a good way to replace eating…speed up metabolism…if you’re willing to sacrific your face…

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