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Rachel Bilson is a Vision in White of the Day

This is like a dream….a vision of an angel when I’ve taken one too many sleeping pills…you know in efforts to excape this miserable life…only to realize that I’m obese and thus too big to take down with a shitty over the counter sleeping pill….leaving me forced to continue to self destruct via unprotected sex with hookers and alcholism…not that I actually ever want to die…I’m too self absorbed for that…not to mention watching all the idiots go by and dealing with such low level day to day problems, like having to eat out my gross wife once a week in order to get my 100 dollars from her….and never making money to afford the good life…is like a comedy act…and I hate comedy….

I also kinda hate Rachel Bilson for being boring as shit most of the time…but today…this is all virginal and lovely and sometimes the world needs less exposed skin, and more wholesome tenderness….that said…I’d prefer these pics if there was a little more spread pussy lip…

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