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Elisha Cuthbert is Not Erotic of the Day

I wrote a post on Elisha Cuthbert in some photshoot where she looked nice and photoshopped…for the first time in a bunch of years because she has a network behind her…

But I’ve seen this cunt in person and knew that it was all smoke and mirrors for the sake of getting people to watch her show…

So I was happy when these pics of her dropped, looking like shit, all short legged and useless, to remind us of what this cunt actually is….a dumpy piece of shit…

Now I’m just waiting for her to get killed off her show, and for her to run out of money and move back home, cuz drunkenstepdaddy has a bed for her future crackwhore ass to sleep on.

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  • LolleyGagger

    She has absolutely no ass it just forms a thigh at the bottom with no cheeks.
    She has always looked like a bitch who thinks her pussy don’t smell.
    The only thing going for her is fans of her feet when she was a foot model and she sometimes looks like a girl next door.
    On the plus side she doesn’t have a face like a foot like Sarah Jessica Parker.

  • roscoe

    You have to post pics of her due to the Canadian content laws, eh?