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Jenny McCarthy Staged Old Lady Bikini Pics of the Day

Jenny McCarthy was on the beach in some staged pics for attention cuz everyone loves bikini pics…they are like being cast on Dancing with the Stars only with less commitment….

So here are her fake tits….on her older body that she’s maintained nicely that you probably jerked off to back she was in Playboy…because that was her whole purpose…until the system fucked up and put her on TV, getting her working as one of the most annoying people in the world…

But she got what she deserved by selling her soul to the fucking devil…at least that’s what you’d assume she did based on her success with such low level talent and that’s probably how she got her autistic baby producing uterus….

I’ve seen Rosmary’s Baby…I know how these things work…

I prefer when her publicity stunts involve more nudity – toplessness – even when it isn’t playboy related….

Either way, she’s looking hot enough for me in this bikini, but then again that could just be the bikini talking…it happens.

To See The Rest of the Pics

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  • beavis

    She was the poor man’s Anna Nicole.

  • roscoe

    fake tits cause autism! fact!

  • S.P.

    Hey Roscoe…fuck you. They say a lack of sex and living in your mom’s basement playing world of warcraft all night while you masturbate to pictures of bill gates can cause stupidity….guess you are the poster child.

  • roscoe

    hey SP you needed to get your rabies shots, but I guess your mommy didn’t believe in them.

  • expletivebmp

    You know the lot of you wants some of that old lady cunny dry, so don’t be coy fellas. Got to love that mature look Jenny is spouting these days, makes her twice as bangable. Sorry about the autistic kid, what a terrible condition that is. Hopefully her kid is autistic with the photographic memory and the innate ability to figure out complex syntax. Rather than the autistic kids that just acts bat shit crazy 24/7. Those are the one’s I wouldn’t wish on my worse enemy; for my worse enemies though, I’d just wish their kids were gay.