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Top Stuffing Fetish Videos on Youtube of the Day

If you don’t read the site and I assume you don’t since I don’t have staying power, even though every word I write is fascinating….I do this thing where I find random fetish videos on Youtube to prove a useless point that Youtube is a fetish site, and fetish, mainly jailbait fetish is the core of their traffic and where they make their money for their shareholders….

Since it is Thanksgiving in Canada I figured I’d put the top girls stuffing videos, even though each of these videos are fetishes of their own….

1- Horny Girls Stuffing Hot Feet in Each Other’s Mouths

2- Stuffing My Plump Lil Belly With Pizza Hut

3- 5 Hour Stuffing Session Results…

4- Girls Stuffing Marshmallows

5- Girls Stuffing Balloons

6- More Sexy Stuffed Girls – Cuz THis is Fascinating Fetish

7- Chinese Food Belly Stuffing

8 – Belly Stuffing 3 – With Bikini

9 – Diana Stufing

10 – Really Stuffed…

THere are so many of these fucking videos – and they all have so many views – I didn’t know this fetish existed as a man who hates fat chicks and I kinda liked life better before I knew it existed…

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