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Britney Spears Gives Pauly D a Lap Dance of the Day

Pauly D got a lap dance from Britney Spears for a second time. I don’t know what the deal is with their relationship…maybe he is on tour with her as her DJ, maybe he is the opening act, maybe they are fucking, maybe she saw him on TV and wanted on of her own, so with a little Britney Money she locked him in….I am not just amazed she’s still performing, I’m amazed she’s alive…I thought she’d be totally suicided thanks to the crazy that stems from being a child star….but here she is money making in Puerto Rico all half naked and ass out…Goodtimes.

Here’s the video…..or at least a segment of the video….

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  • imtheloserbehindyou

    I would of thought she would be doing this to her daddy looking boyfriend not this douche bag, and if I was her boyfriend I would want to get on stage and get a free-ish lap dance from her every night in a different town while 13yo girls and their dads watched.

  • Just when you thought she couldn’t go any lower than Kevin Federline…