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Shakira Squats in Concert of the Day

Here is Youtube sensation and International Popstar Shakira…pushing 40 and shaking her Colombian ass, because like Sofia Vergara, cocaine money, or at least the pure Colombian got her where she needed to be…a place where shaking her ass to irritating sounding music on youtube would generate 100,000,000 views….cuz shaking ass is always fun to watch…especially when she was an International popstar….not that it matters…

She was in concert in Madrid…in a variety of outfits…none all that hot…but I don’t care….she’s squatting and I love seeing bitches squat so I’m posting it anyway….

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  • oink

    wow~!! let this honey at my next party…..i want some loving…..

  • my past 2 guitars have been from there: a BC Rich Warlock , and now a WI65 Washburn the place is very nice and the guys are frdileny and always helpful. You can’t walk out of there except with a smile on your face . now, we gotta get Dream Theater to play in Leb .