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Victoria Silvstedt’s High Class Escort Bikini Pics of the Day

Victoria’s Silvstedt is a whore in all senses of the word…she dates a married billionaire and gets taken on trips with him, living the good life he pays for…but she’s also a cunt about it and sends her legal team after nice guys like me who post pics of her getting eaten out by him on the beach years ago…causing a massive amount of headaches for me…when a whore needs to just embrace being a whore and run with it…there’s nothing worse than a whore who plays it up as being a liberated woman, or a career woman, or whatever…you know masked in designer clothes and luxury hotels and vacations and shit….just embrace the fact you sucked dick to get there and the world will be a happier place…

The one thing that confuses me about this bitch is how solid the body is…I mean she was in Playboy over a decade ago and she’s fucking still rock hard and hardly drooping, but then again….her vagina may tell a whole other story….one I’d like to read if it is written in brail…..and I can use my tongue. OMG I’m so vulgar..

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  • I’ld like to read braile on her bewbs. A lot.