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Anna Faris’ Left Breast in Your Number of the Day

You know what makes me feel like a virgin loser fanboy with no potential to get laid by an actual girl because life has been a series of strike outs thanks to no game, insecurity, a love for computer programming, living in my mom’s basement, rocking asperger’s and the only real girl pussy I’ll get is when I save 8,000 dollars and buy a real girl made out of latex cuz hiring hookers is beneath me even though it would mean breaking the cycle of my virginity……writing captions like “Some bitch no one cares about but was in some tight clothes in a nerd movie’s possible left breast in a movie no one should give a fuck about because it probably sucks”…..

But then again, I write this site and to the average person, that’s pretty much the equivalant of printing up pics of these bitches and taping them to my wall even though I do it in hate.

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  • imtheloserbehindyou

    sad thing is most women who hang out with gay guys are also banging them on the side even if they have a boyfriend or not. So think about that straight guys wondering why your girlfriend hangs out with her gay friends more then you.